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15 Replies to “President Donald Trump speaks at the CIA headquarters”

  1. Radical Islam – this having sex with a nine year old with parental consent. Isn’t that what the Radical Left are also progressing for? Therefore, both sides of Socialism, the Far Left and the Far Right, International and National, Communist and Fascist, should the CIA be allowed to investigate all the way back to the abusers who address themselves as Prophets and Dear Leaders.

  2. Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyy !!!!!!!!

    Watch especially from Min. 10.23 – even I, a radicalised cynic when it comes to the media, fell for the story. Yes, there is some boasting by President Trump (which is actually so genuine as to be endearing I find) – but I am glad, that AT LAST we have a voice that cannot be ignored, giving it to the Lügenpresse, the Fake Media, the formerly 4th Estate that has morphed into the 5th column.

        • you’ll support my “fashion advice” won’t you Richard 😉

          Our yucki looks all pretty again ! 🙂

          Kudos however, as I have not even the faintest idea how to get myself an original avatar !

    • All of his speeches are saying that he intends to do what he campaigned to do, this will help the US and with luck stiffen the spines of people in Europe so they an resist the invaders. It will still be a long war but he is willing to set the goals and let the Generals win the war. We in the west have Generals as good as those who won WII and Men who if retrained (God knows how much I hate the way the modern training is done) are the equal of those who won WWII. The problem is we haven’t had politicians who were willing to fight the wars to win. As MacArther said in war there is no substitute for victory. If you don’t win you have lost and I am sick and tired of losing.

  3. I had wrongly assumed that a minor TV station in Los Angeles would be objective. This article includes the quotes that Rita is prob referring to, which take away from the policy thrust of his speech. DT, much as BO was, is thrilled to tells us that he likes being our CinC .
    “Former CIA Director John Brennan is ‘deeply saddened and angered’ at President Donald Trump after the commander in chief addressed CIA employees at their headquarters in Langley, Virginia, on Saturday, Brennan’s former deputy chief of staff says…“’Former CIA Director Brennan is deeply saddened and angered at Donald Trump’s despicable display of self-aggrandizement in front of [the] CIA’s Memorial Wall of Agency heroes,’ Nick Shapiro said in a statement. ‘Brennan says that Trump should be ashamed of himself.'”


    • Really–thank you for posting the original speech. The employees’ laughter is spontaneous and joyful–you can’t stage that. The KTLA article focused on the senior employees who have to refrain from applauding as part of the job . I wonder how they suppressed their reactions. We are blessed to be able to read Mr Brennan’s reaction (to the man who know how to say, “You’re fired!.”

      • Brennan’s reaction is a political reaction, he is one of BO’s men and one of the men who were changing the intel assessments to fit what BO wanted them to say. DT can win the war with Radical Islam and Brennan and his ilk will complain about how nasty we were to the enemy.

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