CNN, former CIA chief accuse Assange of being a pedophile, Assange launches suit

The American left, the “Lugenpresse” (CNN) and the Obama-Clinton monstrosity really is hitting uncharted waters in American history. Not world history, this kind of Machiavellian tactics are SNAFU for most of the political history of the world. Just not modern, post enlightenment, Western democracies.

As the saying goes, the Clintons and Obama is trying to teach us one thing about history. And that is that people do not study history.

The video:

Pretty much instantly Assange has launched a lawsuit and well he should indeed.

There is good news though!

Check out this promise from Wikileaks!

Recommend we all follow their Twitter feed. I know I will.

It is linked above.

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2 Replies to “CNN, former CIA chief accuse Assange of being a pedophile, Assange launches suit”

  1. I am torn about what to think about Assange but this accusation has all of the attribute including the smell of a poorly planned trash job.

    This attack shows that the alt left is getting worried, as long as Wikileaks were attacking US foreign policy and releasing documents about what the CIA does to keep us safe the alt left was ecstatic. Now information about the Dems showing how corrupt they have become and are showing the way the Propaganda media to be working for and with the Dems to ensure that the Marxist agenda becomes the only agenda in the US. Because Assange has the moral honesty to report on corruption on both sides of the political spectrum he has not become a danger and must be removed.

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