Some last second items for 2016, and Santas attack Turkish nightclub – links 1 on Dec. 31

Police make several arrests outside Cologne central grope station.

It looks like they have already set up a location for the Teddy Bears and flags in Cologne. Germans finally thinking ahead. (H/T Ava Lon)

1, Daily Top 5 at the Rebel for NYE:

(Lots of horror there. Some analysis as well)

2. The shop keepers in the Muslim section of Husby in Sweden, have closed their doors in protest because the police and authorities have clearly abandoned the area to the ‘criminals’. Here is some footage from Husby from early this past summer. 

This is no small thing. This needs and deserves 1000X the publicity it will ever get.

3. NYC sucks all the fun out of NYE in order to make it appear as if somehow its safe from Islamic terror attack.

(Which of course, is a 100% victory to Islamic terror right there. It means the celebration is doomed in the long run.)

4. Germany also is working hard to kill the mood for NYE

5. Cologne police on alert:

Security was tight in Cologne ahead of New Year’s Eve celebrations, Saturday, in response to the Berlin Christmas market attack, as well as the large number of sexual assault cases that occurred in the western German city last year on December 31, 2016.

Police presence was bolstered to 1,500 officers, with an increased presence inside the Cologne main station. Fireworks were banned from the area around Cologne’s Cathedral and visitors had their bags searched by security guards before entering the area.

6. Justin Trudeau’s Shared Values With Islam Require Ottawa To Erect Concrete Security Barriers For New Year’s Eve Protection.

Concrete Security Barriers are Islam’s latest contribution to our mosaic of diversity and a fine example of what Justin Trudeau declares to be our shared values with the Mohammedan Death Cult.

Ottawa Police confirm that recent terrorism in Europe has caused them to ramp up security measures in the capital ahead of New Year’s Eve.

(Well, we certainly are now much closer to life in the Islamic world. So Trudeau is kinda right.)

7. Romanian border guards have discovered 48 Iraqi citizens hidden away in a truck that officially was transporting boxes of chocolate.

Border police at the Danube port of Giurgiu on the Romanian-Bulgarian border said they discovered 22 men, 9 women and 17 minors including a young infant on Thursday evening after checks on the truck revealed a high level of carbon dioxide, a gas that humans exhale.

8. Istanbul nightclub attack: Several injured after gunmen open fire on New Year’s Eve

“Many” people were injured, according to Turkey’s NTV, with at least six ambulances transferring them to hospital for treatment.

Two armed men were involved in the attack, reported NTV, and an operation is ongoing to capture an assailant who is still inside the club. Those men may have been dressed in “Santa costumes”, eyewitnesses told CNN Turk.

9. The Calais “Jungle” has reformed and back in bigger numbers.

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A primer on cultural Marxism:


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7 Replies to “Some last second items for 2016, and Santas attack Turkish nightclub – links 1 on Dec. 31”

  1. One Dimensional Man.

    “During the 1920s and early 1930s Marcuse studied with Martin Heidegger in Freiburg, Germany and intensely appropriated the works of Hegel, Marx, phenomenology, existentialism, German idealism, and the classics of the Western philosophical tradition.
    While he later broke with Heidegger after the rise of National Socialism in Germany and Heidegger’s affiliation with the Nazi party, he was influenced by Heidegger’s critique of Western philosophy and his attempts to develop a new philosophy.”

    Here, Interviewed.

    • “7. Repressive de-sublimation

      Political theorist Herbert Marcuse was a big fan of Freud and lived through the social upheavals of the 1960s. He wanted to explain how societies could go through periods of social liberation, like the countercultures and revolutions of the mid-twentieth century, and yet still remain under the (often strict) control of governments and corporations. How could the U.S. have gone through all those protests in the 60s but never actually overthrown the government? The answer, he decided, was a peculiar emotional state known as “repressive de-sublimation.” Remember, Freud said sublimation is when you route your sexual energies into something non-sexual.
      But Marcuse lived during a time when people were very much routing their sexual energies into sex — it was the sexual liberation era, when free love reigned.

      People were busily de-sublimating. And yet they continued to be repressed by many other social strictures, coming from corporate life, the military, and the government.

      Marcuse suggested that de-sublimation can actually help to solidify repression by acting as an escape valve for our desires so that we don’t attempt to liberate ourselves from other social restrictions.

      A good example of repressive de-sublimation is the intense partying that takes place in college. Often, people in college do a lot of drinking, drugging and hooking up — while at the same time studying very hard and trying to get ready for jobs. Instead of questioning why we have to pay tons of money to engage in rote learning and get corporate jobs, we just obey the rules and have crazy drunken sex every weekend. Repressive de-sublimation!

      Or as we like to put it when we are in table thumping mood about what is wrong with society, “Bread and circuses, sheeple, bread and circuses! It’s all bloody bread and circuses!” Er …. nurse, our pills please. The little pink and white ones.”

      • So what is Cultural Marxism? .
        It is addressing humanity as though it didn’t have a soul.

        Everything that can ever be improved of a person – is civilization. The Soviet Man.

        “Repressive de-sublimation” descibes prisoners in jail who import drugs to cope with, and not challenge, the rule of The System. Marxists completely ignore all the writers who had used their prison-time as a joy to write of their own souls’ fledgeling voices.

        Mein Kampf and the Koran are self-indulgent explorations of their souls, to be found wanting and demanding to be elevated. Using intimidation to be held above the soulless as a light. Messiah Complexes.

        To be the biggest ghoul in the prison, the one-eyed man is king, even if they are only found in the pages of a book. They kindle something about the soul in a soulless environment. Therefore, demonstrating very clearly that Socialism spawns Fascism. This timeless restarting of warlords, and soon they run the prisons – leaderships of Communists and Muhammadans who create ignorance – with people licking the floor five times a day just for a taste of what is so very little – for a voice of direction, by committee or decree, that they do not have within themselves.
        The promises of wealth in this life or the next are the same shakedown.

        These “Useful Idiots,” cannot explain why Capitalism raises the standard of living of all. That there is a place for everyone, even a stable next to The Inn. Socialism would have made the stable ‘unlicenced’ and unuseable.

        Neglecting that we, living in our open prisons of Socialism, do not fornicate, self-harm, or turn ourselves into a new identities to cope. All their mind-solutions of “quit smoking,” “exercise more,” “eat better,” are then turned towards hedonism. They are the dead and the dry who give all the objects in the world only half-names. Thus, to say that people are included in the infinite variety of “LGBTQ+” is to them, thinking that they are coping with a runnerway express train. To catch with one single hand is to note they are all externally-driven “Sexsquirrels;” to an addict.

        This is beyond them. And their solution for the later-stages of post-coital self-harm, is the prescription that this is only something that would ever be fixed by ‘qualified’ counsellors who are ‘still practicing’ from their own behavioural backgrounds.

        Socialism. The churches run by mediocre intellectuals and gate-keepered by pseudo-psychologists.

        Allua Ackbar, is a cry of hope.

  2. 2 – Welcome to the future, once a no go zone is established the next move is to force out all non Moslems. The Shop owners will end up being forced to sell their property for one tenth of its value if they are lucky. Then a Moslem shop keeper will open a store and the Sharia police will protect them. Next move expand the no go zone.

    Lebanon in hte 1970s is not far away, probably some time next summer.

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