United Nations: the metamorphosis of woodlice 

An original translation by Ava Lon with MUCH thanks!

From this French news site:


Obama will have succeeded one thing: make the UN obsolete.

Will the year 2017 mark the end of the “spring” and the return to the realpolitik of empires? To see the overactive panic of the globalist political class, one might believe just that. The narcissistic presidents Obama and Hollande, defeated by Trump’s victory which destroyed thirty years of globalist work, and above all terrified [Obama and Hollande] by the rapidity with which the latter put on the presidential shoes, are reduced to leaving their mark … post-mortem.

With one target: Benyamin Netanyahu, the Israeli Trump. It would have been enough for Trump to announce his plan to transfer the American embassy to Jerusalem for a rabbit to jump out of the United Nations hat: resolution 2334, passed without an American veto, makes Israeli settlements outside the borders Of 1967 -before the Six-Day War- illegitimate.

And Bolton added: “Contrary to what Obama says, it is the end of the” two-state solution “… which basically cannot work” (Newsmax, 28 December).

Visceral reaction of the Jewish community … on Jerusalem. The eastern part of the city (known as the Jewish quarter) had been occupied by the Arab legion during the 1948 war, its population expelled. The “reconquest” of 1967 is now null and void.

And the fury of the Jews refers to President Obama, whom Bolton calls “denial of Jewish as much as American exceptionality.”

That’s not all. Obama and Holland are organizing, with 70 states (but without Israel), the Paris conference of January 15 (five days before the swearing-in of President Donald Trump) which, in Netanyahu’s opinion, is only a trick to get out a new broom-resolution that would supplement last week’s (2334) resolution to perpetually tie the hands of the new Trump administration. A first…

This last start, this metamorphosis of the losers, is above all an act of faith in the role of the “machins” in the world, those unelected luxury cartels which deify the concepts of “international community” at detriment of sovereignty … and peace.

Problem: Trump, Netanyahu, Putin, Farage, Orban, Erdo?an, Xi Jinping, Rohani, etc., multiply on the planet, managing their problems directly, without the viziers of globalism. And John Kerry will have to put his “Israeli-Palestinian solution” back in his pocket … and regret that the Ottoman Empire or the Persian Empire are no longer there to manage the puppet states of the Middle East, un-viable as much as un-livable.

Obama will have succeeded in one thing: making the UN insignificant. As for its cost: American taxpayers pay about $ 8 billion annually (about 23% of the total budget) for a piece of international cheese whose operating costs exceed 30% of those of an equivalent government bureaucracy (source: Fox News ).

It’s time Trump transforms the UN into luxury apartments …

[Editor: I think its time we introduced the word, “UNEXIT” to the popular lexicon. It should be said to sound like, “UNESCO” or “UNICEF. “You-Nex-it”. BREXIT happened, and so can UNEXIT. We just need to get used to the idea that it can.]

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8 Replies to “United Nations: the metamorphosis of woodlice ”

    • Richard, you totally overestimate the skills and intelligence of those who occupy Turtle Bay. The CIA and NSA have—from day one—found these idiotically loose-lipped “diplomatic” morons to be a source of invaluable foreign intelligence of incomparable worth.

      Whether it be through traffic patterns, attendance schedules, or the shopping and travel habits of these moronic diplomatic blood-ticks, the lot of them reveal contact behavior, interactive networks, and priceless intelligence grid-related activity that make UN-related lunacy seem to be the most cost effective work-effort imaginable.

      • Yes they have but the time is long past when that source of information was of more value then the damage they are doing. We are entering into a time when the war is going to get much more dangerous and the dictator’s club aka the UN is causing more damage then the info can offset.

        • I will certainly agree that the UN’s stance as primary cheerleader for Islam is revolting. What would be quite revealing is if the UN were relocated to, say, Zimbabwe. Let’s see how many sycophantic government officials from all these various countries would be clamoring for a UN posting then.

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