Robert Spencer and a big-hat mullah, Russians bust more muslims: Links 1 on December 7 2016

1, Islamic State releases another John Cantlie video, where a “second-sphincter” (Zebiba) muslim is glorified for fixing a pipe and the coalition is vilified for taking out 3 of 4 bridges used for jihad.

The Daily Mail has a less colourful description here. 

2. People at Ohio State still do not call the act of Islamic jihad,” Terrorism”.

3. Hundreds of Italians Take to Streets Demanding Exit from EU

5. Looks like the FSB did another bust of a couple of dozen of muslim jihadis before they could to much real harm.

6. ‘We’re teaching university students lies’ – An interview with Dr Jordan Peterson.

(Anything with Jordan Peterson is worth watching/reading)
7. Some photos of the Afghan who murdered two German women, and things from his Facebook page, one of which, below, seems a little disturbing in context of what he did.

Thank you Xanthippa, M., Wrath of Khan, NorseRadish, Richard and so many more who again today, took the time and effort to post important things to the Reader’s links post.

More to come very shortly.

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14 Replies to “Robert Spencer and a big-hat mullah, Russians bust more muslims: Links 1 on December 7 2016”

  1. 6. “So Bill C-16 contains an assault on biology and an implicit assault on the idea of objective reality. It’s also blatant in the Ontario Human Rights Commission policies and the Ontario Human Rights Act. It says identity is nothing but subjective. So a person can be male one day and female the next, or male one hour and female the next.”

    His youtube :

      • Perfectchild, please find some way to forgive me (as if!), but the quality of your your prose far exceeds that of your, otherwise admirable, poetry.

        Here is my atonement for such an affront:

        Mohammed (as in brain-dead)
        Raised his puny sword—held on high
        Its edge was poised (without the least surprise)
        Between a woman’s thigh(s) and as it is with all lies
        His shriveled manhood stood without worthy disguise
        As the timeless falsehood of Islam shall die

        • Now let us retire, for a glimpse of Yucki,
          This Legend of Fire who primps from ‘tucky
          On the Omen of Muslims caught in the act
          To women-in-muslins taught to stay back.
          And if depth of your pew produces insight,
          She’ll step into view for the juices to bite.

          • Technical excellence can’t distract from the sense – something’s beyond my grasp…? Muslims acting up?
            …so what?

            It sings to me. Just slightly inverted.

            Curled up watching and listening. My pew’s deep in the balcony, the view’s all mine. Boys and men, they’re in my sight. They’ll feel my well-aimed candies rain down on them. Their delighted smiles, they know they’re The Chosen.

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