How does the media handle muslims who ran a mosque, closed for having weapons and jihad materials? links 1 Nov. 30 2016

1, Top Five from The Rebel: Major Muslim Group ordered to arm up to prepare to defend the religion from a Trump presidency.

2. Hungary sentences Syrian migrant to 10 years in jail for border riot.

SZEGED, Hungary, Nov 30 (Reuters) – A Hungarian court on Wednesday sentenced a Syrian-Cypriot man to 10 years in jail his part in a riot at the border with Serbia last year, when he hurled rocks at police in an attempt to force the border open, deemed an “act of terror” under Hungarian law.

Ahmed Hamed, 40, broke into tears as a judge handed down the preliminary ruling. His was the longest prison term in the recent migration crisis, in which Hungary emerged as one of the toughest opponents of mass immigration.

Hamed was part of a group that crossed illegally into Hungary on Sept. 16 last year and also spoke to the crowd using a loudspeaker before hundreds of migrants forced open the border gate and police fired water cannon and tear gas. (Reporting by Marton Dunai; Editing by Louise Ireland)


3. Our French language translator, Ava-Lon, tells us after much watching and analyzing French media, that Fillon, the Republican candidate for the presidency in France, has switched his rhetoric recently to the classical liberal and is virulently anti-Islam and pro the secular nation state of France, while Marine le Pen, the candidate for the Front National party, which was ahead in the polls, has started saying things like “Islam is compatible with France” and putting the notion of a FREXIT referendum in doubt.

Ava tells us they are both insincere. But its anyone’s guess how insincere they both are.

Here, the international socialist media, Europe’s version of CNN, speculates on Fillon’s foreign policy.

(If Euronews like him, he should be in an isolation ward.)

4. Allah doormats withdrawn by Amazon after Muslim ‘Islamaphobia’ campaign.

The mats – which were also being marketed as dog mats – were being sold through the Amazon website by a number of independent traders.

But they were taken down after the company was bombarded with complaints led by Birmingham City Council member Mariam Khan.

(Because globalism means always having to say your sorry to muslims. The Daily Mail has a good bit explaining why its offensive to muslims. But not why anyone else shouldn’t be allowed to have one. Trying to track down another seller now. They would make a good mat for under the dog dishes if they are easy to clean.)

5. Islamist party in Dutch Parliament. Which is interesting after yesterdays revelations that a  high ranking member of the German intel services was a MB operative.

6. The government of France closes a mosque cause it was full of weapons, and this is how the French media is selling it.

Thank you Ava Lon, M., Wrath of Khan, Xanthippa, Perfect child, and many more.

Still working on some videos, so more to come.


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10 Replies to “How does the media handle muslims who ran a mosque, closed for having weapons and jihad materials? links 1 Nov. 30 2016”

  1. Blame everyone else for Islamophobia ..

    What REALLY gives me Islamophobia is the plump turnipettes
    in their Islamic garb … 4 a’ them would make anyone wanna’ kill.

    • Feeding the Porkie 4 ~ugh.
      That should go into the dictionary definition – if “Islamophobia” ever gets defined.
      Which it won’t. They’ll want to keep expanding the thought-crime to cover whatever comes up.

  2. 2. Hungary sentences Syrian migrant to 10 years in jail for border riot.

    I remember seeing the videos of these “migrants” all reaching down to the track bed in well-rehearsed unison, picking up stones, and expertly throwing them at the police as if that was the most natural thing in the world, uncaring of the fact that stones can kill people. Finally! Some country has the nerve to proclaim throwing rocks to be a serious offense and not some sort of civil right we all have in a free and democratic society. Like Rudolph Giuliani said. If you pick up a stone at a protest, you get arrested, no questions asked.

    The Muslims/leftists would like nothing better than for stone throwing to become the new normal. Then they could get to work on making fireworks the new normal, then on to Molotov cocktails – the Marxist media always playing into their hands with their traitorous silence and their tacit approval and encouragement. Both leftists and Jihadists dream of a society in flames with them running around doing whatever they feel like amid the smoke and the panic and the chaos. Ten years in prison sounds like a damn good start for riot-starting, but considering you can kill with both rocks and fires, I’d say 15-years would be more reasonable, with no chance of parole if they refuse to quit their murder cult, admit they are in the wrong, and apologize thoroughly for their evil actions…

  3. The French politician

    Did you hear the crowd he was addressing? Any politician these days who thinks that he or she is in control should take a good listen to that crowd and then look to see if all the hairs on your arm and the back of your neck aren’t standing straight up. That’s a sound that would send a 6-ton bull elephant running like a frightened mouse. That’s probably the most frightening sound there is. That is the sound of a truly angry populace. It’s also also a great deal like the sounds that Hitler and Mussolini were responding to and resonating with back in the thirties. Be afraid, Mr. French politician. Be in awe. Be respectful and honest and careful and ever-so humble…

    • That sound is what is being heard in all of the populist rallies, this is the sound that the self proclaimed elites ignore at their own peril. Sounds they are trying to explain away and ignore, these are the sounds you hear shortly before the civil wars start.

  4. About that Ahmed guy who will enjoy the Hungarian prison system for the next 10 years! Yes Ahmed no jihad for you awhile!
    In the meantime Soros paid Rent-An-Activists are showing support and demand the release of Ahmed… because he said he loves Hungary and he is a father… Obviously then laws do not apply! Why not they started with that…

    • How about the concept that a father conducts himself knowing that he’s got some responsibility to stay out of jail or harm’s way for the sake of his kids? Asshole. But the commies won’t put it this way. The guy is a combatant and and thank God the Magyar judge wasn’t fooled.

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