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  1. Lower Austria cuts social security benefits (thelocal, Nov 18, 2016)

    “The state government of Lower Austria has agreed to cut social security payments in a bid to be “fairer to working people”.

    In the future, families or households can only claim a maximum payment of €1,500 per month, designed to cover basic living costs for those who are out of work or only have low-paid part time work.

    However, people who have lived in Austria for less than five years (within the past six years) will only be able to claim a maximum payment of €572.50 per month. ÖVP club chairman Klaus Schneeberger said the new regulation shows “respect for those in work”.

    There have been calls from the ÖVP and opposition parties for a nationwide cap on benefits, but the Social Democrats would not agree to this.

    The changes to the law in Lower Austria means councils can also ask those who receive social security payments to contribute some of their time to community work, so long as the AMS job service has not found them any opportunities for paid employment.

    Schneeberger accused Chancellor Christian Kern of refusing to face up to reality, by failing to cap benefits.

    The fact that different states have different levels of social security benefits means that people can move if they think this would increase the amount of social security money they receive – resulting in an increased financial burden for some states.

    Rudi Kaske, president of the Chamber of Workers, criticised the changes in Lower Austria and said the state is effectively exporting “its unemployment and social policy problems to neighbouring Vienna”. To counteract this, officials in Vienna are now considering whether to introduce a rule that says social benefit claimants must have lived in the capital for a certain amount of time before they can claim any money.

    56 percent of people who are dependent on social security already live in Vienna, and this number is likely to increase. The capital has mounting debts, partly because of the rising cost of social benefits. In 2016 the city paid out €670 million for social costs, and in 2017 that figure is forecast to be nearly €700 million.

    The rising costs are down to high unemployment in the capital, a growing population, and the impact of the refugee crisis. Refugees and migrants have added to the rising costs of social security payouts, although city councillor Sonja Wehsely (SPÖ) said that the majority (57 percent) of claimants last year were Austrians.

    After much debate the SPÖ said that it agreed in principle to a benefits cap of €1,500, but said that asylum seekers and migrants should not be treated differently. Chancellor Kern argued that reducing social security benefits for asylum seekers and migrants would mean they could no longer afford their living costs and that this would “breed long-term problems in Austria, forcing people into criminality”.

    The ÖVP, on the other hand, said that it was representing those who think minimum social security payments should not be equivalent to a wage, or seen as “a reward for doing nothing”.

    The states of Burgenland and Carinthia have said that they are also working on their own model for social security payments.

    Employment lawyer Wolfgang Mazal said that he is concerned that the Lower Austrian model will be applied to all households, regardless of the number of people. This will mean that people living in shared housing as well as larger families will be at a disadvantage.”

  2. Kurz calls for Austria to ban Koran distribution (thelocal, Nov 18, 2016)

    “Austria’s Interior Minister Sebastian Kurz has called for an immediate ban on Islamic fundamentalists who distribute copies of the Koran, saying that the law needs to be changed to crack down on “Salafist campaigns – an expression of political Islam which we can no longer tolerate”…”

  3. Chicago Woman Develops Self Defense Course for Muslim Women (moroccoworldnews, Nov 18, 2016)

    “Following the slew of acts of discrimination that occurred after Donald Trump’s election to the U.S. presidency, Zaineb “Zee” Abdullad ecided to do something about it.

    Zaineb “Zee” Abdulla, a 24-year-old Chicago woman and Vice President of Deaf Planet Soul, a non profit for the Deaf and hard of hearing, decided to post a series of self-defense videos after seeing the recent spike in racially motivated incidents, reports BuzzFeed News.

    Abdulla, who teaches a self defense class for people with disabilities, decided to pair up with Misho Ceko, head instructor at Chicago Mixed Martial Arts, to develop a series of instructional self-defense videos geared towards Muslim women.

    The moves, what Abdulla calls the “Hijab Grab Escape,…..”

  4. US Lawmaker Seeks to Ban Muslim Burka and Veil in Public (moroccoworldnews, Nov 18, 2016)

    “American Representative, Jason Spencer, wants to amend an existing law to criminalize wearing Muslim burqa and veil in public places in the United States.

    The law, dubbed the anti-masking law, was passed in 1951 to prevent Ku Klux Klan from committing acts of racism while wearing masks and hoods. The Georgia lawmaker is seeking to expand the law to include women wearing burqas and veils in the US…”

  5. Terror suspect probed in Italy identified in Iraq (ansa, Nov 18, 2016)

    “A man suspected by Milan prosecutors of having ties with the so-called Islamic State (ISIS) organization has been identified in Iraq but not yet detained, State attorneys in Italy’s financial capital said Friday.

    Moroccan national Ahmed Taskour, 47, a fugitive from Italian justice, was identified following investigations coordinated by the anti-terrorism department of the Milan State Attorney’s office, which was led until a few weeks ago by Maurizio Romanelli and is now coordinated by Alberto Nobili, and by prosecutor Enrico Pavone.

    Milan magistrates told a press conference Friday that the suspect is a “high-ranking” militant and “an important element of propaganda” for the terror organization.

    Milan judge Manuela Scudieri has issued a detention order and a European arrest warrant on international terrorism charges…”

  6. New weapons cache uncovered outside Paris (ahram, Nov 18, 2016)

    “French investigators announced Friday the discovery of a weapons cache in a Paris suburb, including grenade launchers, a rocket launcher, bulletproof vests, guns and ammunition.

    The arsenal was discovered early Friday in Evry, in an unlocked private parking garage inside a shopping centre near a commuter rail station, a source at the public prosecutor’s office said.

    “Nothing in this discovery leads us to believe there is a link to terrorism,” the source added.

    Last year’s terrorist attacks in Paris, in which 130 people were killed, were carried out with weapons manufactured in Serbia.

    France and Serbia last month launched a joint effort to crack down on arms smuggling from the Balkans region, which is still awash in weapons from its wars in the 1990s.

    The prosecutors’ office described the seized items as: one rocket launcher, bulletproof vests, Mauser (pistols), Kalashnikov cartridges and two grenade launchers”.

    An inquiry has been opened involving the judicial police as well as a special interregional unit focussed on organised crime.”

  7. Some Turkish military officers at NATO seeking asylum: Alliance chief (hurriyetdailynews, Nov 18, 2016)–alliance-chief.aspx?pageID=238&nID=106292&NewsCatID=359

    “Some Turkish military officers posted to NATO in Europe have requested asylum since the coup attempt in Turkey in July, alliance Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg said on Nov. 18.

    Stoltenberg stressed that Turkey remains a crucial NATO ally and that he condemned the July 15 coup attempt, but also that Ankara must respect the rule of law even it seeks to remove suspected coup plotters from its armed forces.

    Turkish military sources told the Hürriyet Daily News that 38-40 Turkish soldiers working at NATO bases applied for asylum in Germany.

    The ranks of the soldiers seeking asylum vary from non-commissioned officer to colonel, the sources said.

    “Some Turkish officers working in NATO command structures, some of them have requested asylum in the countries where they are working,” Stoltenberg said on Nov. 18.

    “As always, this is an issue that is going to be assessed and decided by the different NATO allies as a national issue.”

    At least two Turkish military officials, who were at NATO until they were fired by Ankara in September, are seeking asylum in Belgium, where the alliance has its headquarters. Others have made requests in Germany, where NATO has an air base.

    A senior Turkish official said last month that Turkey had recalled some soldiers and diplomats after the coup attempt. Some of them declined to go home.

    More than 400 military staff and diplomats have been summoned back to Ankara, according to documents seen by Reuters, but some are choosing not to return. They say their colleagues have been imprisoned without charge and have had almost no contact with lawyers or family members.

    Colleagues of those recalled and arrested suspect they are accused of being part of the military faction that seized bridges and roads and attacked Turkey’s parliament on July 15. They deny any wrongdoing.

    The issue is highly sensitive both for Turkey and for the West, which relies on Ankara in the war against the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) militants and in preventing migrants from heading en masse from its territory to the European continent.

    Stoltenberg is to travel to Istanbul on Nov. 20 for a meeting of lawmakers from across the alliance, joining Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdo?an and senior government ministers for the NATO Parliamentary Assembly’s annual session.”

  8. Emirates Says Rolls-Royce’s A380 Engines Not Up to Standard (bloomberg, Nov 18, 2016)

    “Emirates, the world’s biggest long-haul airline, said it’s unhappy with performance shortfalls afflicting $6.1 billion’s worth of Rolls-Royce Holdings Plc engines ordered to power a batch of 50 Airbus Group SE A380 superjumbos.

    Feedback on the Trent 900 powerplants indicates “technical issues” that need to be resolved before the first plane is delivered to Emirates next month, Tim Clark, the Dubai-carrier’s president, said Friday in Frankfurt…”

  9. Donald Trump National Security Adviser Mike Flynn Has Called Islam ‘a Cancer’ (abcnews, Nov 18, 2016)

    “The man whom President-elect Donald Trump picked as his national security adviser has said he doesn’t believe that all cultures are “morally equivalent” and once described Islam as “a cancer,” comments that have many in the Muslim community worried about what his new job might mean for them.

    Retired Army Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn served as an adviser to Trump on national security and foreign policy throughout the presidential campaign. Flynn has said he agreed with Trump’s initial proposal to temporarily ban Muslims from entering the United States, but told Al Jazeera earlier this year it likely “wouldn’t work,” and that he supports the vetting of Muslims coming from Syria and places where terrorism is a major threat…”

  10. Amazon Winter Festival Advert caption competition.

    1. The cause of the American Embassy in Riyadh to be burned down. (Hillary claims they were Islamic Fundamentalists).
    2. Same sex attraction brings everyone together. (Forgive me Father for I have twinned).
    3. One knee good, two knees badder.

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