On grotesque reactions to the Trump victory and Islamic worrying the foundations of classical civilization: Links 1 on Nov. 13 – 2016

1, Highly entertaining analysis of why Trump won from someone who presents themselves as a leftist. (Video)

(In fact as time passes and I see more of Trump I personally find he is already exceeding my expectations. I think he may be really really good. We shall see when we shall see. But the video is good even though he is highly highly abusive of Trump and for no actual reasons in evidence.)

2. Turns out Trump has created jobs already!

All those protests going on around the nation have been proven to be 100% fake.

Job listings have been appearing around the country on job boards such as craigslist and indeed.

They are paying up to $18 an hour to hold signs and shout “Not My President” and “Dump Trumo” over and over.


3. Man in Sweden BEATEN UP BY MUSLIMS for LOOKING like Trump.

(Please just read this one at source. Really, how revealing can you get? We don’t need a Wikileaks for the meaning of this.)

4. Here is some footage of the demo last week in Copenhagen that For Freedom, led by Tania Groth, held against Hizbt ut tahrir.

The cameraman is saying: “Does that belong in Denmark?”

5. ISIS training militants to pass refugee application procedures in Europe – report

(Lets all do the Gomer Pyle)

© Dominic Ebenbichler
Islamic State specifically trains militants to camouflage themselves as ordinary refugees and pass necessary application procedures to be granted asylum in European countries, according to sources in German intelligence.

The terrorist group is teaching militants methods of infiltrating Europe as refugees while not attracting attention from law enforcement agencies, according to a Die Welt report citing Germany’s Federal Intelligence Service (BND).

In particular, the training is focused on creating the impression of a “classical” asylum seeker in case of interrogation by police officers or questions from fellow migrants, the BND said, choosing not to elaborate on the topic.

6. CBC interviews Ann Coulter on Trump.


Thank you Ilona Szilágyi, M., Xanthippa, Richard, Wrath of Khan, Nash Montana, Ava Lon, and many many more. As always, reading the comments under the Reader’s links post, highly recommended.


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24 Replies to “On grotesque reactions to the Trump victory and Islamic worrying the foundations of classical civilization: Links 1 on Nov. 13 – 2016”

  1. 1 – Highly entertaining all right but Hillary is on the right!! She is the typical big leftist, rich and wanting to get richer while taking money away from everyone else.

  2. Man in Sweden BEATEN UP BY MUSLIMS for LOOKING like Trump.

    Not to fear. Soon enough men in Sweden Europe will be getting neatened beaten up “for LOOKING like” Muslims.

    • That does seem to be the only way out of this mess doesn’t it?

      I have been reading predictions of voter revolts all over Europe.

      • I have been reading predictions of voter revolts all over Europe.

        There is little, if any, irony (something in no short supply of late) to be found in how America—once again—has served as this world’s beacon of liberty. As in, helping Europeans to determine that popular resistance against their repressive bureaucracies is an achievable goal.

        However lukewarm I may have felt about Donald Trump during his initial foray into American politics, there’s a new sense of rebirth for American exceptionalism that is both undeniable and entirely welcome. If that is Trump’s doing, then I cannot thank him enough.

        • Yes America is once again showing the way, although we are following in Britain’s footsteps. Brixet came first but then the American Revolution was an attempt to get our rights as freeborn Englishmen restored. We had to revolt and breakaway for this to happen but we got our rights back. Once again we are facing a totalitarian alliance, the left and Islam are allied to take over the world and turn off the light of liberty.

          Yes American exceptionalism is once again rising to lead the world, while others on this blog are talking about how we should ignore Germany and a few others in Europe when time comes for us to once again liberate Europe. Please resist this impulse to think this way, the US needs a free and independent Europe the same way they need a free and independent US. We are all products of the Enlightenment and need each other to survive. Besides the best revenge on Merkel and her ilk is to once again save their nations thereby rubbing their noses in the fact that they once again needed us.

          • Yes, the left and the Islamists are planning to ally with each other for the purpose of taking over the Western World. The thing is that we’ve already seen that model in action in the Iranian revolution, and it didn’t work out too well for the leftists, did it…

            The trouble is that the leftists are hysterical. They’ve convinced themselves that the right is more evil than anything imaginable and will join ranks with anybody because “the enemy of my enemy is my friend”, and they consider conservatives to be the greatest enemy of all. I think they all hate their dads or something. It’s hard to believe that they would place their allegiances with people like Abu bakr al-Baghdadi over Donald Trump and Mike Pence. They’ve lost it…

              • Like that recent poll where a majority of millennials actually thought that George W Bush was responsible for more deaths than Joe Stalin. Unbelievable! That means that the crimes of communism were completely omitted in these kids’ educations – just not mentioned at all because that information has been deemed “right wing” and therefore “unhelpful” by the teachers union. And then they listen to their own lies and get everything wrong and around it goes. How awful…

  3. The cameraman is saying: “Does that belong in Denmark?”

    Why is there a question mark ending that statement???

    The r?yat as-sawd? (i.e., “Black Standard”* or FLAG OF JIHAD — GOT THAT?!?) is symbolic of jihad and Islamic conquest. Any public display of it (in free societies) needs to be treated as an overt declaration of war.

    Please make note that this has nothing to do with “Freedom of Speech” and everything to do with prosecuting treasonous behavior.

    Flying the r?yat as-sawd? should be regarded as an overt, open declaration of war in all countries that even pretend to respect human rights. Any refusal to do so needs to instigate popular upheaval of the sort that sees such submissive governments overthrown … FOREVER.

  4. 1, Highly entertaining analysis of why Trump won from someone who presents themselves as a leftist. (Video)

    How long before this guy’s limited critical thinking capacity finally clanks into gear and leaves him with no choice other than to become a conservative? The good thing is that he has actually noticed that the left is authoritarian while pretending to be rational. Now he might put a little bit of knowledge into his head and start seeing things a bit more clearly. He is upset because his precious left wing is finally revealing its true self to him and he feels betrayed – and he’s right. It’s a good thing…

    • By the time I got to the end, I figured he was a conservative but an actor, and figured that the only way to get the great brainwashed masses to watch him to the end was to insult Trump in a facile and ‘hip’ way near the start.

      • OOOOOOOOOhhhhh…. Do you thinks so? I thought he was some kind of entertainer who was just about to go through the epiphany of awakening. The Milton Friedman moment. The instant you realize that the people who you thought were the cleverest were actually nothing but smart aleck teenagers going on nothing but attitude…

  5. 6. CBC interviews Ann Coulter on Trump.

    I wonder if the mainstream media is going to ditch some of that nasty attitude they always seem to have toward anyone they see as “on the right”. Has it occurred to guys like Mansbridge that literally millions of people are very, very angry at his kind and are very very sick of hearing his kind give unfair coverage to their favorite people. I must have seen a thousand interviews with Ayaan Hirsi Ali and Geert Wilders and Pamela Geller and they always get treated like the lowest form of garbage.

    I noticed Mansbridge was almost respectful of Ann today. Has it just occurred to him that she is actually an important figure in American politics and not just some dumb redneck racist broad clinging to her bible and her guns? Wouldn’t it be nice to see an interview with Geert Wilders in which he wasn’t treated like a convicted child molester by the interviewer? Wouldn’t it?

    I think the paradigm is about to change so drastically our collective heads are going to spin…

      • I think they’ve made the experience of being a person-in-the-news a lot less enjoyable for conservatives than for liberals. To this day Condoleeza Rice and Dick Chaney get abuse heaped on them while retired lefties enjoy the fruits of their elitehood unhindered. It’s no fair. Would they pile all that hatred, ridicule and contempt on Justin Bieber if he took that little cross off and whined a little about climate change and the evils of capitalism? Kanye West acts like a hundred times the dork Justin does and they always give him a pass. What’s with that?. The media have a great deal to answer for…

  6. (1) Just today talked with a guy from USA, he said “Clinton was not elected because she is a woman. You know, USA is still male-dominated society.”
    Some still don’t get it.

    • The problem the left has is that they live in an echo chamber, the only people they talk to are other leftists and all they hear is what they have said parroted back to them. They never hear anything that we have to say and thus only know what the liberal controlled MSM and Saturday Night LIve and other shows tell them. We on the other hand can’t help but be exposed to the leftist thoughts (so called) and know all of their lies.

      • They also have giant self-censors in their heads. The minute a subject such as immigration comes up they go into hyper-sensitive mode and begin to interpret everything as racism and xenophobia and hate speech. They literally will not discuss subjects that are on the unacceptable speech list out of fear of being called a “hater” and losing the support of their tribe…

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