The tale of the tape. two opposing views of Alepo

Here is the American presser on its actions in terms of fighting the unnamable Islamic State

Here is the Russian presser:

Our Russian translator explains the following:

“There is essentially one sentence which is relevant
Lavrov said that in his talks with Kerry he raised multiple times his concerns but us led coalition in Syria still acts with constraint against ISIS and it doesn’t even try to do something against al-Nusra”

Which may also go some distance to explain the last 40 seconds of this video:

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9 Replies to “The tale of the tape. two opposing views of Alepo”

  1. The reason for leaving a corridor open on the western side of Mosul would be to prevent a repeat of Manila in World War II. The allies need to drive ISIS out of the city and not push them to die in there while exterminating all civilian hostages. Fight them again out in the open…

  2. I think we all know that the Americans are planning to fart around pretending to defeat ISIS until one day after Hillary Clinton is declared President, then they plan to go back to doing bugger all. Unless, of course, Donald Trump wins. In that case, the entire world paradigm is going to shift so drastically that there is no saying what the first thing on the agenda is going to be. In one day countless enemies will become allies and allies will become enemies. I hope Mr. Trump starts with clearing the Muslim Brotherhood the hell out of every sensitive position they’ve infiltrated their way into. Then I hope he re-makes acquaintances with Egypt and Israel. He probably won’t do much other than have meetings for the first while…

    If Hillary wins, I guess those Kurds are going to have to wait another couple of years for those weapons that never come, as the Yazidis go extinct. Sigh…

    • I was talking to some people at the Library, they all said that the votes for trump from the small towns and the suburbs will be large enough that it will be real hard for the Dems to steal the election. Their contacts in other states are all saying the same thing.

      • In Illinois, DuPage County used to be the counterweight to the Chicago Democrat – Crook County machines. Not anymore; supposedly, there are 600,000 Mexicans in the Chicago area. There are so many Alien Invaders that Aurora has an AR ban – getting rid of the illegal alien is the first step to regaining control of the nation. Anchor babies vote Democratic because Hispanics LOVE Big Government.

        • They love the welfare checks that the Dems hand out. If we can get enough people to turn out to vote against Hillary Trump will win.

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