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4 Replies to “Obama’s administration was based on creating systemic racism”

  1. Try speaking the term, “affirmative action” to someone who’s not in the know about weasel words and they will think you are talking about some ill-defined but positive thing, like “doing good deeds”, or “positive thinking”, or “going for a healthy walk”. They’d never guess that “affirmative action” meant racial prejudice against white people, that it meant denying jobs to caucasians no matter how qualified they might be for those jobs or how hard they might have worked to get them.

    The Democrats are masters of the weasel word, with Barack at the head of the pack of weasel word experts. It’s like they all read mein Kampf and just couldn’t agree more with der Fuhrer about the importance of propaganda and the utter irrelevance and insensibility of “the People”. Listen to Loretta Lynch and Susan Rice and Eric Holder. See if you can understand a damn word they are saying as they lie right to your face…

    If you want to get a great job when you grow up the answer is simple: Turn off the TV, open the books, and study your ass off. Then, a few years later, go apply for a job as a mathematics professor or a structural engineer or something. See? It’s that easy. It has nothing to do with skin color and it’s not somebody else’s fault if you are too lazy and undisciplined to do it!

  2. Yes Obama’s administration is based on creating systemic racism it also has the goal of creating a race war so the left can take over the nation and modify the Constitution to prevent future racism. This will be done by reducing 90% or better of the people into slavery but we will all be treated equally my our masters.

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