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  1. Interesting.

    This friend of Julian Assange claims that Wikileaks does not publish hacked documents, but documents given to them by whistle-blowers.

    And claims 100% certainty that Russia, Putin or anyone even remotely connected to them is the source of the Podesta emails (despite Hillary’s claim that 17 security agencies have confirmed that ‘Russia hacked’ them).

    • If you check into it the idea that the Wiki data comes from hacks has been planted by people who don’t want you to read the Wikileaks.

      Obama and Clinton have so politicized the intelligence agencies of the US that we can’t believe them. This is another reason to want the Dems out of power.

  2. Syrian army says will ‘bring down’ any Turkish war planes in its air space

    The Syrian military said on Thursday that it would bring down any Turkish war planes entering Syrian air space, a response to air strikes carried out by Turkey overnight in northern Syria.

    “Any attempt to once again breach Syrian airspace by Turkish war planes will be dealt with and they will be brought down by all means available,” the Syrian army general command said in a statement.

    Turkish air strikes hit a group of Kurdish fighters allied to U.S.-backed militia late on Wednesday, which the Syrian statement called an act of “blatant aggression”.

    Northern Syria is an increasingly complex battlefield and Wednesday’s air strikes highlighted the conflicting agendas of NATO members Turkey and the United States.

    Turkey supports rebels opposed to Syrian president Bashar al-Assad and is also trying to push Islamic State away from Syria’s Turkish border.

    At the same time, the United States has backed Kurdish-led forces in their own fight against Islamic State, infuriating Ankara, which sees the YPG as an extension of Kurdish PKK militants who have waged a three-decade insurgency in southeastern Turkey.

  3. FBI Investigates Graffiti Vandalism At Two Fort Smith Mosques, Suspects Wanted

    + video

    Fort Smith Police are searching for three suspects who they said are responsible for spray painting graffiti all over a local mosque.

    Police said the Masjid Al Salam Mosque located at 8501 S 28th Street was vandalized early Thursday morning (Oct. 20).

    The members of the mosque said they plan to leave the graffiti up until Friday morning (Oct. 21) so their members can see the vandalism when they come to pray.


    OKLAHOMA CITY — Oklahoma has turned down a request from Russia to have personnel in the state to study the Nov. 8 election, Bryan Dean, Oklahoma State Election Board spokesman, said Thursday.
    Louisiana and Texas received similar requests in an election in which the GOP nominee, Donald Trump, has said the election is rigged and others have alleged that he is in cahoots with Russia as it tries to influence the U.S. election in his favor.
    Election officials across the country dispute Trump’s allegation that the election is rigged against him.


    South Africa has begun the process of withdrawing from the International Criminal Court by notifying the United Nations on Thursday that it intended to revoke its ratification of the Rome Statute, which established the court, as a result of the court’s perceived biases against African nations. However, without parliamentary approval, it’s unclear if the government has the authority to unilaterally withdraw.


    An RSPCA official has spoke of his horror of one of the worst cases of animal cruelty he has ever seen.

    Inspector Nick Jones said the animal rescue and welfare organisation was looking for more than one person after a small dog was buried alive with a nail protruding from its head.

    Hikers in Kirkleatham Woods in Redcar, Cleveland, made the grim discovery and called the police.

    They discovered a white terrier-type animal whimpering, despite a nail protruding through his skull through his eyes.


    As the United States continues to develop and upgrade their nuclear weapons capabilities at an alarming rate, America’s ruling class refuses to heed warnings from President Vladimir Putin that Russia will respond as necessary.

    In his most recent attempt to warn his Western counterparts about the impending danger of a new nuclear arms race, Putin told the heads of large foreign companies and business associations that Russia is aware of the United States’ plans for nuclear hegemony. He was speaking at the 20th St. Petersburg International Economic Forum.

    • Obama is degrading our nuclear arsenal not upgrading it, he has unilaterally reduced the number of warheads the US has along with reducing the number of missiles we have. As well as reducing the funds for maintenance of our remaining missiles.

  8. OK – this is a pretty scary article – I just put here one of several ominous events that happened recently and are not covered by MSM in the West:

    Buildup of US military planes and ships on Diego Garcia Island

    Last Friday isn this remote US military outpost on Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean (see image below), a US military private contractor who cycles through every nine days working on the island for ongoing maintenance of military hardware reported an enormous, unprecedented buildup of US Air Force bombers – both B-1’s and B-2’s. Some were painted flat black. On a related note, this past week the US Air Force was caught dressing up its warplanes disguised as Russian aircraft that would likely be used in false flag operations to blame Russia for aggression it didn’t commit. The civilian contractor on Diego Garcia stated that far more activity was witnessed than any time prior in the 9 years he’s been on the job there. He reports that under the tightest security the government has blocked off access roads and that so many warplanes have been assembled on the island that aircraft are now being parked on blocked off roads.

    • The Russian paint job was being done on the agressor squad at the Top Gun training center, that is routine. The bombers on the other hand are interesting but can you find another source?

  9. WikiLeaks Releases First Batch Of Barack Obama’s Emails

    WikiLeaks has released a new batch of leaked emails, containing messages sent to and from Barack Obama prior to his inauguration.

    The emails were sent from what WikiLeaks claims is a secret address, “”

  10. Bloomberg: ‘Nationalists and Populists Poised to Dominate European Balloting’

    Carol Matlack writes in Bloomberg that Europe’s populist and nationalist parties are set to dominate upcoming elections due to “discontent over immigration, terrorism, and feeble economic performance.”

    From Bloomberg:

    As Europeans assess the fallout from the U.K.’s Brexit referendum, they face a series of elections that could equally shake the political establishment. In the coming 12 months, four of Europe’s five largest economies have votes that will almost certainly mean serious gains for right-wing populists and nationalists. Once seen as fringe groups, France’s National Front, Italy’s Five Star Movement, and the Freedom Party in the Netherlands have attracted legions of followers by tapping discontent over immigration, terrorism, and feeble economic performance. “The Netherlands should again become a country of and for the Dutch people,” says Evert Davelaar, a Freedom Party backer who says immigrants don’t share “Western and Christian values.”

  11. Leipzig leftist club reports sexual attacks by refugees (DW, Oct 20, 2016)

    “The anti-racist, anti-sexist Conne Island Club in Leipzig caused a stir with a statement about sexual violence by refugees. But it was also keen not to align itself with populist racism, Ben Knight reports from Leipzig.

    The Conne Island Club has put itself on the margins in more ways than one. The club is hidden from the road, tucked between a narrow river and a highway on the edge of the city’s trendy Connewitz district. It also wears its politics on its walls, both inside and out, which are covered with “Antifascist” graffiti and “Refugees Welcome” stickers.

    But on October 7, the club’s political position became more subtle: it issued a 1,200-word article on its website entitled “One step forward, two steps back,” which trod a careful path between the media’s two predominant images of Germany over the past year: the applauding “Welcome Culture” volunteer-crowds at Munich train station and the anti-immigrant PEGIDA marches of Saxony.

    The club initially aligned itself with the former (partly as an angry response to the racism of the latter), and offered space for integration projects like skateboarding workshops and German courses, while allowing refugees entry for 50 euro-cents ($0.55).

    But, according to Conne Island’s statement, “sexist advances and physical attacks have occurred more frequently … in Conne Island and other clubs – with the consequence that female guests have stayed away.”

    This was a real problem for a place that had, it said, spent the 25 years of its existence fighting for certain principles, which included zero tolerance for “sexist attacks … or anti-Semitic, racist, or any other type of discriminatory behavior.”

    ‘Patriarchal socialization in countries of origin’

    After pointing out that, regardless of their nationality, “groups of roving men” often share a taste for unwanted sexual advances and sexist comments, Conne Island’s management said that “the strongly authoritarian and patriarchal socialization in some of the refugees’ countries of origin and the freedom of Western (party-)culture have created an explosive mix at our place.”

    An accumulation of incidents, exacerbated by language barriers and “fears of unjustified accusations of racism” among security personnel, had occasionally led to the police being called, something that clubs of Conne Island’s type don’t like to resort to. Most recently, the Saxony police reported that five Conne Island guests had on October 9 accused two young men, a Libyan and a Moroccan, of stealing their rucksacks and cell phones.

    Going public with the problem was “difficult for us,” the club management said, because “we didn’t want to take the same racist line as the AfD and the CDU/CSU.” (Referring to the populist right-wing Alternative for Germany party and Angela Merkel’s conservative Christian Democratic Union coalition.)

    But, the club concluded, such cases “made clear how difficult it is to show aggressive solidarity with refugees, fight the right-wing climates and at the same time recognize that carrying a ‘Refugees Welcome’ bag doesn’t automatically solve all problems and conflicts.”

    Complexities simplified

    The story is not unique. In January, the White Rabbit Club in Freiburg, southern Germany, posted a similar message on its Facebook page, but condemned the local media for exploiting the situation and “playing to the voyeurism … of the right-wing populists without regard for the victims of sexual violence.”

    Ali N., a Syrian student who has lived in Leipzig for eight years, (and spent two of them helping refugees as a volunteer), isn’t surprised that nightclubs are seeing this kind of trouble. “Saying all refugees are innocent is just as wrong as saying they’re all evil,” he told DW.

    Ali, who didn’t want his surname mentioned, says that he knows plenty of nightclubs in Leipzig that turn away foreigners – refugees or not. But, unlike the Conne Island management, he doesn’t think the cultural differences are the main reason for sexist behavior.

    “There are many who have criminal problems,” as he puts it. In fact, he wonders why some people aren’t deported. “I’m ashamed when I see Syrians, Moroccans, or Tunisians selling drugs in the main train station and the police does nothing,” he said. “Sometimes I think they’re letting them stay here deliberately so people think all foreigners are like that.”

    Ali also thinks the different asylum prospects of different nationalities has an effect. Syrians, for instance, have more to lose than Afghans or North Africans, because they have a better chance of being allowed to stay.

    Asylum seekers facing deportation after a few months in a shelter and no chance of finding legitimate work, have every reason to resort to petty crime. He said he noticed young Afghans getting more aggressive when the government announced they too may be deported: “They think:

    What does it matter, if I’m getting deported anyway?”

    Meeting reality

    Other refugee projects in Leipzig have noticed sexist, authoritarian attitudes among the new arrivals – though since most of them don’t take place in a nightclub atmosphere, they usually express themselves in a less prosecutable way.

    Sarah Schafmeister runs Leipzig’s Südcafe, a twice-weekly meeting place for refugees and locals, said she understands why Conne Island wrote the letter.

    “From the outside it seems the situation there is very tough, we don’t have that in the Südcafe,” she told DW. “But of course there are certain fixed boundaries, like racist and sexist encroachments and comments, and the challenge is how do we find a good learning process – from that point of view I think it’s appropriate, the way Conne Island reacted.”

    Even in the sedate atmosphere of the Südcafe, Schafmeister said she’d had her own “borderline experiences”: for instance when she had to admonish a group of “older men from the Arab region” who waded into the middle of a music concert she’d planned. “There was this moment when they were asking themselves, ‘why should I let a young woman tell me what to do?'”

    There was a similar incident, Schafmeister said, when these men were introduced to a female Egyptian artist presenting her posters on the theme of religious freedom and domestic violence. “You could see in a few faces that this was all new to them,” she said.

    But Schafmeister was keen to point out that, for every awkward experience like this, there were plenty of positive moments: in the aftermath of the New Year’s Eve assaults in Cologne, for instance, “it was the unanimous opinion of all the refugees in the Südcafe that such behavior was unacceptable and a desire to make that opinion public.”

    And there were also signs of successful integration: one Iraqi man who initially wouldn’t allow his wife and children to come to the cafe now regularly comes with his family.

    In the wake of Conne Island’s letter, much of the German media comment had a “told you so” quality – the Gutmenschen (“do-gooders”) were facing reality. But to Schafmeister, that is also too simplistic.

    “I wouldn’t say we were naive,” she added. “Of course at the beginning, the mood was more: ‘let’s get this done’ – now we’re realizing that there certainly are difficulties. I’ve noticed that personally as well, that we’ve landed in reality and I have to draw boundaries about what we want in the Südcafe.””

  12. Refugees sold into forced prostitution (express, Oct 20, 2016)

    “Female refugees are being sold into forced prostitution in Austria, a police investigation into human trafficking has found.

    Six women from Nigeria, who were rescued by Austria’s anti-human trafficking force last week, had fled their homeland after someone put a voodoo curse on them.

    People smugglers brought them to Austria and sold them to traffickers. They were told they had to work off their debts, and were made to have sex in asylum centres and brothels, or to work as escorts.

    They were kept under the strict watch of a ‘madam’ and found it impossible to escape. The women were particularly submissive because they believed they had been cursed, and that if they disobeyed the madam disaster would fall on their families…”

  13. Muslim civil war on streets of Britain: Islam divide carries ‘death warrant’, says expert (express, Oct 21, 2016)

    “MUSLIM divides has caused civil war on the streets of Britain, according to the chief executive of a counter-extremism think tank.

    The chief executive of the Quiliam Foundation, Haras Rafiq, has claimed that civil war has spread onto the UK’s streets.

    He said this the killers deemed their victims “not being Muslim enough” and it has led to “ISIS-style” killings on British street.

    He said: “The last three killings of Muslims to be picked up by the media have been carried out by those who have decided that their victims ‘are not Muslim enough’.”

    Mr Rafiq said that the Salafi version of Islam excommunicates Muslims who are not the same as them and under Sharia law, this means that these people can be killed.

    The Muslim leader, Khalid Rashad, hired a hit man to shoot dead Abdul Hadi Arwani because of a mosque power struggle.

    Rashad, who was jailed yesterday, decided to carry out the murder following a struggle over who had the right to run the An Noor cultural centre, a mosque in west London.

    In a comment piece in The Times, Mr Rafiq said: “The murder of Abdul Hadi Arwani was ordered because of a mosque power struggle.

    “But we should not lose sight of another factor: the different interpretations within Sunni Islam.

    “We often hear of the Sunni/ Shia schism, but we should not lose sight of the fascistic purging and intimidation of Muslims within their own branch of the religion.”

    The chief executive of the think tank said that “not being the right kind of Muslim now carries a potential death warrant on our streets.”

    Commander Mak Chishty, head of engagement with the Metropolitan Police, said: “To kill anybody, especially over a dispute like that, beggars belief.

    “The murder was brutal, it was callous and it’s robbed a community and the family of a decent man.”

    The Council of Ex-Muslims of Britain has recently claimed that some Islamic families in Britain have abused and attacked their own children for choosing to refuse the teachings of the Koran.”

  14. The Missing “Oh Shit” Link Revealed: Hillary Admits “I Asked That They Be Deleted”

    Back in September we wrote about the circumstances leading up to the “Oh Shit” moment when Paul Combetta of Platte River Networks deleted Hillary’s 30,000 “personal emails” (the full notes is here: “The “Oh Shit” Moment: Hillary Wiped Her Server With BleachBit Despite Subpoena”). Within the original FBI interview notes, Hillary “stated she never deleted, nor did she instruct anyone to delete, her e-mails to avoid complying with FOIA, State, or FBI requests for information.” Moreover, just last week, in sworn testimony provided to Judicial Watch, Hillary also denied asking for the emails to be deleted. That said, a new email discovered in the latest WikiLeaks dump seems to offer a direct contradiction to what Hillary previously told both the FBI and Judicial Watch.

    So which version is true?

    – FBI Notes: “Clinton stated she was also unaware of the March 2015 e-mail deletions by PRN.”

    – Judicial Watch Testimony: “She believes that her personal e-mails were not kept, and she does not have any personal knowledge about the details of that process.”

    – Private Talking Points (WikiLeaks): “As I said in March, I chose not to keep the personal ones. I asked that they be deleted.”

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