The T shirts of the classical liberals move on to the field, best 10 CJ list from The Rebel and more: Links 1 on Oct. 11 2016

1, Top Ten for the Counter Jihad on The Rebel

(Another list of indicators of islamic atrocities and waxing influence.)

2. The brilliant and brave group, Project Veritas, has released another video exposing Democrat voter fraud.

3. Russian federation requests that children studying abroad come back to Russia with their parents.

The following is a machine translation.Hopefully someone who reads this site can give us a proper translation in the comments with which I will replace this one. But it seems an escalation in the jingoism to large to ignore.

Russian officials, up to the highest level, it is recommended to return to the country of children studying abroad. And to do so without waiting for the end of the study, and by shifting offspring in Russian universities. At home, parents should also return to officials and deputies, if the older generation of the family for some reason resides abroad without losing the citizenship of the Russian Federation, told just five companions whom informal request from the presidential administration are most directly affected.

4. Mayors of Montreal and of Tehran have signed a memorandum of understanding, which looks a lot like an influence operation or conduit. 

There is more out there on the net about this event. But given Canadian PM’s connections to the Islamic Republic of Iran, his brother’s working for Press TV, the unofficial mouthpiece of the regime and other factors, this memorandum looks like a way to inject more Muslims and Islamic norms into Montreal without the need for federal oversight. Much like what Orban is complaining about in the EU.

5. USA: Protesters wearing ‘Bill Clinton’s a Rapist’ t-shirts crash Obama’s speech

6. On the subject of anti-commie T shirts…

(It is good to see some people fighting back. Does the heart good)

Thank you Johnny U., M., Wrath of Khan, Richard, Sassy, and many more who sent in links. There is some interesting material to come from Germany later. It seems gun sales are quite high over there for some reason. Hopefully that will get titled and published tonight.


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  1. 3 – I can think of several reasons they want the children of diplomats to return to Russia for their education. The mildest one is that they are worried about the children of high ranking Russians becoming less Russian because of their foreign schooling. The most worrying is that they may see a very large probability of a war and they don’t want the parents to be worrying about the kids (who are protected by international law).

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