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19 Replies to “6 invisible men beat up a gay man in Toronto”

  1. By golly Vlad you’re right! Invisibility is the only explanation as to how so many words were spoken in this piece and not an iota of description Now if only Invisibility could be used for Good instead of Evil…

  2. The link below is the sound of the left screaming when it loses. Whether or not it has lost in this case simply by market forces, or by Orban’s forces one cannot know, though it isn’t a stretch to suppose market forces because western newspaper readership has been declining ever since AL Gore birthed the Internet. Orban will be blamed for everything. Is Orban also to blame for the demise of newspapers in your home town, too?

    It also is not a stretch to see that as Hungary pays lip service to the idea of a European Union it is preparing to leave. Turning east toward Russia and China for commerce, and to escape the tyranny of cultural marxism/Islam is not the worst move when you have no choice. Yes, the Chinese and Russians are tough but so what, business is business. They don’t demand our daughters and sons as payment. Hope for the best but prepare for the worst.


  3. Is CTV actually owned by a company that is owned by a company that is owned by Prince Alwaleed bin Talal? Is that the simple explanation for this blatant lying on the part of CTV? Why else would CTV be lying so egregiously? Do CTV employees actually pride themselves on their mendacity? Have they no moral compass whatsoever? They’re like union members supporting communism even though the first thing the communists would do if they got into power would be to shoot all the unionists.
    My God, they think we’re stupid. The lying bastards assume we’ve fallen for all their lies and really don’t know what’s going on. I would like to see the head of CTV spend a good long stretch in prison for treason. It really gets my goat that these weasels think they’ve got us all so well duped, that they think of us as sheeple they can push around at will. My contempt for them knows no bounds…

    They should abolish the concept of “the press”. No more press passes, no more ride-alongs, no more looking at it as an integral element of democracy. Liars are not a part of democracy. If you want to get a picture, jostle with all the other paparazzi and take your chances – no special favors for the so-called “free press”. Mcdonald’s and Burger King don’t get extra rights, why should the “journalists”? If we want the news we can look on the internet…

    • They don’t have to own the company just 10 to 15% of the voting stock and they have a very powerful say in what happens.

      This is another reason for the west to keep the price of oil low, the Oil Rich are dropping in net worth and are close to having to sell off assets like media companies to keep their little people quiet. If we can keep the price of oil low and the war over there continues the oil countries and oil billionaires will be forced to sell more and more assets. As long as a large percentage of the purchases are made by conservative patriots this will force a change in reporting.

      Economic warfare has been waged against the west for decades and now it is turning around on the Arabs.

    • The idea of scrapping press privileges is a good one. Make them official spokesbimbos; legalized prostitution is more hygienic.

      In the Soviet Union people knew when they read Pravda, which means “truth”, they were reading the official version of the truth. Because readers in the West are largely innocent of such skepticism, we’ve been played. Big time. Yugely.

      Come the counter-revolution, we’ll settle that hash.

  4. They did say they had surveillance film of them and that they “may” release it at some point. I imagine it takes gubment organizations a few days to put those black bars over the faces.

    • Don’t you hate it when they pixilate faces in news stories because they’re afraid one little girl will see it and burst into tears? If you don’t have the guts to show a story, then don’t show it. I’m so sick of blurry little videos made blurrier by the pixilation to the point that you can’t see a damn thing.

      Isn’t it curious how authority types are so instinctively against telling the sheeple anything. They like the feeling of superiority that comes with believing that they are the adults and the rest of us are little children who will only cry all night and bother the grownups if you tell them the truth…

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