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  1. 2 Bombers Blow Themselves up After Police Stop in Turkey (abcnews, Oct 8, 2016)

    “Two suicide bombers refused to surrender during a police operation in the outskirts of the capital Ankara Saturday and blew themselves up, a senior official said. No one else was hurt in the incident.

    Governor Erkan Topaca said police, acting on a tip, launched an operation to catch the pair who were suspected of planning a suicide car bombing in Ankara. They were hiding at a horse farm in the district of Haymana, just outside of the capital.

    Topaca told reporters the two bombers were a man and a woman. It said it was “highly likely” that the one of the attackers was linked to the Kurdistan Workers’ Party, or PKK, which has carried out a series of suicide car bombings over the past year.

    “The organization they are connected to is not clear yet but according to information we have received it is highly likely that (the man) is linked to the PKK. The way the incident was carried out and planned points at the PKK,” he said.”

  2. EXPOSED: Thousands of illegal migrants easily sneak through Britain’s ‘porous’ borders (express, Oct 8, 2016)

    “THE catastrophic state of our border security is exposed today.

    Former borders chief Rob Whiteman said that thousands of illegal migrants had simply vanished without trace.

    Asylum seekers had also disappeared in their droves. Mr Whiteman, chief executive of the UK Border Agency from 2011 to 2013, said failures were unchecked because of scant resources.

    He revealed illegal migrants and asylum seekers were disappearing in the UK in tens of thousands as staff focused on “high-risk” serious criminals. He said National Insurance numbers were being issued to migrants with false identity documents.

    In some cases they offered an ID card from a European country like Italy Mr Whiteman said that of 84,000 illegal entrants caught last year the figure was “at best” half the number that slipped in. Around a million illegal migrants were living in the UK.

    His damning verdict on security came days after Home Secretary Amber Rudd promised to “take a grip” on immigration…”

    • How many of them are young military age men with military training? How many divisions and/or Army Corps have the liberals let into Britain and Europe?

  3. Morocco’s elections: Preliminary results put Islamists ahead of liberals (alaraby, Oct 8, 2016)

    “The Islamist party which has headed Morocco’s coalition government since Arab-spring inspired protests five years ago beat liberal rivals in parliamentary elections on Friday, according to official partial results.

    The Islamist Justice and Development Party (PJD) took 99 seats while the Authenticity and Modernity Party (PAM) – which had campaigned against the “Islamisation” of Moroccan society – took 80 with 90 percent of the vote counted, the Interior Ministry said…”

  4. Radicalization is ‘matter of few weeks,’ mosques key to process – German media (RT, Oct 8, 2016)

    “Mosques in Germany are playing an important part in radicalization and recruiting of jihadist fighters, according to an investigation by local media. It adds that radicalization takes only a few weeks.

    According to the investigation by the German FAZ, mosques across the country remain “an important” hub for recruiting radical Islamists. Over 40 percent of the Salafists – members of the ultra-radical Sunni Islam branch – who later went to Syria and Iraq have been active in the respective religious sites.

    The paper is citing an unpublished report by the German Federal Office for Constitutional Protection (BfV). According to the document, out of 624 Salafists who later went to the Middle East countries for radical purposes, 268 have been attending mosques.

    “The mosques continue to play a central role for the radicalization of Islamists in Germany,” BfV spokeswoman told FAZ. According to the body there are currently 9,200 persons considered to be members of the Salafist movement across the country.

    Meanwhile the security services in Germany are warning of “a new Islamist terror type,” the outlet adds reports.

    According to the information law enforcers are ringing alarm over increased attempts by the jihadists from abroad to contact young people in Germany via social media.

    The services are then used to “radicalize” people and later help them plan and “even stage terrorist acts.” In summer of this year Germany was shaken by several attacks, in two of which assailants who turned out to be refugees, pledged allegiance to Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) before the assaults…”

  5. Study: Non-Citizens Voting In Virginia By The Hundreds
    Photo of Kerry Picket
    Kerry Picket

    Read more:

    A study conducted by the Public Interest Legal Foundation (PILF) showed that in the key swing state of Virginia voter registration rolls have been tainted with the presence of at least 1000 non-citizens.

    The PILF study, which former DOJ Attorney J. Christian Adams assisted on, used an eight county sample from the Commonwealth, which did not include the large population centers of Arlington and Fairfax Counties. There is a total of 133 counties in Virginia.

    The study surfaced in the wake of Andrew Spieles, a young Democrat admitting he registered 19 dead people in Harrisonburg, Virginia to vote.

    The eight county sample showed that 1,046 non-citizens managed to register to vote and, according to Adams, were only caught because they renewed their driver’s licenses and told the truth about their non-citizenship status.

    Read more:

  6. Chicago police officer says she feared using gun while being beaten

    A Chicago police officer who is hospitalized after she was severely beaten said she was afraid to use her gun because of the scrutiny she would have faced, Supt. Eddie Johnson said.

    On Wednesday morning, police responded to a car crash at Roosevelt and Cicero on the city’s West Side where officers encountered a man that police allege was violent and under the influence of drugs.

    Three officers were hospitalized in the incident. One officer who was severely beaten told Supt. Johnson she was afraid for her life and afraid to use lethal force with all of the attention on the police department’s previous actions and fatal incidents.

    “She thought she was going to die. She knew that she should shoot this guy, but she chose not to, because she didn’t want her family or the department to have to go through the scrutiny the next day on national news,” Supt. Johnson said.

    • I’m sorry, but the police lady is incapable of doing her job. What if the criminal succeeded in disarming her? Then we would have an armed criminal that would have been the direct result of her actions. Just retire the lady and wash her hands of her.

  7. Russia’s Nuclear Surge: Putin Adding Nukes While Obama Cuts
    Should we be worried that Moscow deployed 429 more warheads than Washington? Why the number may be misleading—and Putin ditching other treaties may be scarier.

    As of Oct. 1, Russia had hundreds more nuclear warheads deployed than the United States did. A startling 429 more, in fact, according to the U.S. State Department.

    Don’t panic quite yet. The gap is probably temporary. But that doesn’t mean all’s well when it comes to potentially world-ending weaponry.

    The reason for the disparity is simple. While the U.S. military has been steadily cutting the number of nukes it loads on submarines and bombers and in missile silos, Russian forces have recently been adding more.

  8. Russian military considers return to Cuba, Vietnam

    MOSCOW (AP) — The Russian military is considering the possibility of regaining its Soviet-era bases on Cuba and in Vietnam, the Defense Ministry said Friday, a statement that comes amid growing U.S.-Russia tensions over Syria.

    Deputy Defense Minister Nikolai Pankov told lawmakers Friday that the ministry is considering the possibility of establishing footholds far away from Russia’s borders.

    Responding to a lawmaker’s question if the military could return to Cuba and Vietnam, Pankov said the military is “reviewing” a decision to withdraw from them, but didn’t offer any specifics. “As for our presence on faraway outposts, we are doing this work,” he said.

    In 2001, Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered the military to pull back from Cuba and Vietnam as he sought to bolster ties with the United States. The U.S.-Russian relations now have plunged to the lowest point since the Cold War times amid strain over Syria and Ukraine.

  9. Obama cuts our nuclear forces along with all other military forces and Russia rebuilds theirs. Now that he has us weak Obama is trying to act like a tough guy and we are facing the very real possiblity that he is going to do something real stupid (or nasty depending on what you think he is, stupid or trying to destroy the US) and get us into a shooting war with Russia.) and get the west into a shooting war with Russia.

    I don’t think Putin wants a shooting war with the US, and I don’t think the Russian military is seriously thinking about invading the US but he and they may be thinking about how Russia went bankrupt trying to match our spending on missile defense in the 1980s and given Obama’s spending us to the brink of bankruptcy sees a chance to return the favor and force the US to spend money we don’t have to rebuild our military.

    The danger of Putin playing this game is that the world is poised on the brink of a major war with all of the problems the west faced at the beginning of WWI and WWII. Right now all it will take for a major war to start is for one accident to happen. To make the situation is the various Islamic leaders who are (depending on which leader and which sect) trying to bring about the end times or are trying to rebuild the ancient Empires.

    Then to move to the other side of the world China is taking advantage of the US weakness to start making claims on all Islands and reefs in and bordering the South China Sea. When things go down the tubes in Europe and the worlds attention is focused on the European theaters of operation China is poised to create the Chinese and Pacific theaters of operation.

    The only (and it is a real small one) bright point is that the US was almost as weak at the start of WWII and our socialist President (FDR) had spent us into poverty back then. We have been here before and won, granted some of the things that FDR did to make the homeland save were unconstitutional but we managed to survive and to restore liberty so with luck we will do the same this time.

  10. U.S. formally accuses Russian hackers of political cyber attacks

    WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The U.S. government for the first time on Friday formally accused Russia of a campaign of cyber attacks against Democratic Party organizations ahead of the Nov. 8 presidential election.

    “We believe, based on the scope and sensitivity of these efforts, that only Russia’s senior-most officials could have authorized these activities,” a U.S. government statement said on Friday about hacking of political groups.

    “These thefts and disclosures are intended to interfere with the U.S. election process.”

    U.S. intelligence officials concluded weeks ago that the Russian government was conducting or orchestrating cyber attacks against the Democratic National Committee and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, possibly to disrupt or discredit the election, in which Democrat Hillary Clinton faces Republican Donald Trump.

  11. Russia says moves nuclear-capable missiles into Kaliningrad for drills

    MOSCOW (Reuters) – Russia has moved nuclear-capable Iskander-M missiles into the Kaliningrad region bordering Poland and Lithuania, the Defence Ministry said on Saturday, adding this was part of routine drills involving such missiles across its territory.

    “These missile units have been deployed more than once (in the Kaliningrad region)… and will be deployed as part of military training of the Russian armed forces,” ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov said in a statement.

    A U.S. intelligence official said on Friday that Russia had started moving the Iskander-Ms into its westernmost region in what he said could also be a political gesture to express displeasure with NATO.

    Konashenkov said one of the missiles had been deliberately exposed to a U.S. spy satellite. “We did not have to wait for too long – our American partners confirmed it themselves in their revelatory endeavor,” he said.

  12. Huma Abedin email advised Bill Clinton not to speak before ‘that crowd,’ meaning Jewish group

    Huma Abedin, Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton’s closest aide, urged former President Bill Clinton in 2009 to reject a speaking invitation before the American Israel Public Affairs Council (AIPAC), asking his assistant in an email, do “u really want to consider sending him into that crowd?”

    Abedin’s comment about “that crowd” has sparked anger and consternation among Jewish and non-Jewish leaders who consider it hostile to Jews and to the State of Israel. Her comments are raising uncomfortable questions about Abedin’s past and her family’s ties to the Muslim Brotherhood.

    “Appalling” is how Morton Klein, national president of the Zionist Organization of America, described the email, adding that it, “shows hostility toward Jews and Israel in light of the fact that ‘that crowd’ gives huge ovations to White House speakers.”

    Klein pointed to the Abedin family’s ties to a radical Islamic group, saying, “It makes me think about the allegations about her parents and other family members who were associated with the Muslim Brotherhood.”

  13. Chemnitz: German police hunt Syrian man over suspected bomb plot (CNN, Oct 8, 2016)

    “Police in Germany are hunting a 22-year-old Syrian man in connection with a suspected planned bomb attack, Saxony Police told CNN on Saturday.

    He was named by police as Jaber Albakr. He was born Jan. 10, 1994 and is from the Damascus countryside area, police said.

    The details emerged during a large-scale police operation in the city of Chemnitz.

    Two other people have been arrested at the city’s train station, police said in a tweet, and their luggage was being searched. The station has been temporarily cordoned off, police said.

    Officers found traces of explosives in their search of an apartment in the city’s Fritz-Heckert district, Saxony Police spokesman Tom Bernhardt told CNN.

    Bernhardt said it was not known at this point whether or not the suspect was armed or in possession of explosives…”

    • Drei Festnahmen in Chemnitz – Hauptbahnhof gesperrt

      Auf der Suche nach dem mutmaßlichen Sprengstoffattentäter hat die Polizei in Chemnitz drei Personen festgenommen. Sie sollen mit dem tatverdächtigen Syrer in Kontakt gestanden haben.

      Das Landeskriminalamt in Sachsen sucht nach einem mutmaßlichen Sprengstoff-Attentäter. Jetzt haben Polizeibeamte am Hauptbahnhof Chemnitz und in der zentral gelegenen Mozartstraße drei Personen festgenommen, die mutmaßlich Kontakte zu dem gesuchten 22-jährigen Syrer Jaber Albakr hatten. “Diese Personen werden derzeit vernommen”, sagte LKA-Sprecher Tom Bernhard SPIEGEL ONLINE. Der Gesuchte selbst sei nicht unter den Festgenommenen.

      Am Sonnabend hatte die Polizei in der Plattenbausiedlung Fritz Heckert in Chemnitz eine Wohnung gestürmt, in der sie den tatverdächtigen Jaber Albakr vermutete. Dem 22-jährigen Syrer wird vorgeworfen, einen Sprengstoffanschlag geplant zu haben. Die Beamten sprengten die Eingangstür, fanden den Gesuchten aber nicht in der Wohnung vor. Jetzt läuft die Fahndung nach dem Flüchtigen.

      In der Wohnung fanden die Polizisten mehrere Hundert Gramm “hochbrisanten Sprengstoffs”. Anwohner waren im Vorfeld des Einsatzes in Sicherheit gebracht worden. “Zur Sicherung sind weitere Evakuierungsmaßnahmen notwendig”, teilte die Polizei Sachsen am Samstag auf Twitter mit.

      Hier informiert LKA-Sprecher Bernhard über die drei Festnahmen:

    • Germany: Police arrest three in connection with Chemnitz ‘bomb plot’ case

      Police arrested three suspects in connection with a bomb plot allegedly planned by a 22-year-old Syrian man named Jaber Al-Bakr, in Chemnitz, on Saturday afternoon.

      Earlier on Saturday, police evacuated several residential blocks in the Fritz-Heckert neighborhood following reports of a bomb plot by a resident of one of the apartments.

      Parts of the city were cordoned off and civilians were evacuated as scores of police officers gathered at the scene.

      SOT, Tom Bernhardt, press spokesperson for the Saxony criminal investigation office (German): “It is necessary to mention that we have evacuated people in the area. The cordoned-off area is so wide that we can almost rule out a threat to the local population, which has co-operated with the police. We raided an apartment. There was a small explosion which was carried as part of our measures to enter the apartment. This has nothing to do with the suspect. We have searched the apartment and the surrounding area and as a result of the search operation we managed to find traces of material which could have been used as explosives. For what the explosives were there for in the first place, the investigation will determine later.”

    • This is totally insane! Back in 2008 – 2009, on more than one occasion, I spent a few weeks in Chemnitz. It is your traditional medium-sized German burg and, by all reasonable standards, lily-white. It’s difficult to communicate how delightful it was to be served coffee by a barista who had no discernible tattoos or multiple body piercings. For that matter, there was the sheer pleasure if being able to walk around the city at three o’clock in the morning (if I so wished) without even a frisson of apprehension.

      Of course, my attempts to wise up the locals about Islam’s dangers were greeted with derision, if not outright hostility. The profile of this suspect could not be more exemplary with respect to why Merkel’s immigration policies are so incredibly toxic for Germany.


      “[The suspect] was named by police as Jaber Albakr. He was born Jan. 10, 1994 and is from the Damascus countryside area, police said.”

      A young Syrian male of fighting age, most likely a recent “immigrant” claiming to be a “refugee”, is granted asylum and this slimeball immediately rewards his hosts with a taste of Islamic jihad.

      If I had several thousand dollars of spare cash laying around, I’d fly back over there just to rub some of their [email protected] noses in this Islamic sh!t.

    • Germany: ‘Bomb plot’ suspect on watch list for a long time – Saxony police

      A 22-year-old Syrian man named Jaber Al-Bakr, suspected of planning a bomb plot, “has been on a watch list for a long time,” police said in Chemnitz on Saturday.

      “Yesterday we received a lead and we had to presume that a potential perpetrator or perpetrators could have proceeded from a planning phase to realisation. The lead came from law enforcement agencies, namely from the intelligence services because the person has been on a watch list for a long time,” press spokesperson for the Saxony criminal investigation office, Tom Bernhardt, told journalists.

      ¤SOT, Tom Bernhardt, press spokesperson for the Saxony criminal investigation office (German): “So far we have found traces of explosives, so far in small amounts.”

      SOT, Tom Bernhardt, press spokesperson for the Saxony criminal investigation office (German): “Yesterday we received a lead and we had to presume that a potential perpetrator or perpetrators could have proceeded from a planning phase to realisation [of a bomb attack].”

      SOT, Tom Bernhardt, press spokesperson for the Saxony criminal investigation office (German): “The lead came from law enforcement agencies, namely from the intelligence services because the person had been on a watch list for a long time.”

  14. Officials: Saudi-Led Coalition Airstrike Hits Yemen Funeral (abcnews, Oct 8, 2016)

    “Yemeni security officials say an airstrike by the Saudi-led coalition has targeted a funeral hall packed with mourners in the capital, Sanaa.

    They say Saturday’s airstrike left a large but unspecified number of dead and wounded.

    The casualties include military and security officials from the ranks of the Shiite Houthi rebels fighting the internationally-recognized government of President Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi.

    Ambulances are seen rushing to the site of the strike.

    The officials spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to speak to the media.

    The funeral was held for Sheikh Ali al-Rawishan, father of Interior Minister Galal al-Rawishan, an ally of both the Houthis and their chief ally, former President Ali Abdullah Saleh.

    The Saudi-led coalition backs Hadi’s government in Yemen’s civil war.”

    • Read, “Why Arabs Lose Wars”, by Norville de Atkine ( for some serious insights as to why so many Middle Eastern militaries are relatively incompetent.

      In this particular case, America should just back away slowly and let these blundering halfwits bomb each other back into the stone-age that their cultures already embody to such an amazing degree. This sort of internecine slaughter and fratricidal bumbling about can only depopulate the jihadist landscape. Which is altogether, a good thing and worth encouraging with shipments of small arms and low or intermediate grade conventional weapons (i.e., ones that Western countermeasures can easily defeat).

      • It is an interesting article and does explain a lot, the culture of an enemy needs to be understood unless you are planning for a total war like WWII. in the limited war scenario the culture of your enemy must be understood so you can exploit the weaknesses.

        The weaknesses reported in the article show the weaknesses that we will be up against when the war goes kinetic in the west. This is knowledge that we all need so please read and remember what is being taught.

    • YEMEN – SANAA – Hundreds hurt in air strike on Sanaa mourners: Yemen health ministry

      A senior official at the Houthi-run Yemeni Health Ministry said on Saturday that more than 450 people had been injured or killed in a Saudi-led air strike on mourners in the Yemeni capital Sanaa.

      “The number of casualties from the air force of the Saudi-American aggression at the main hall in the capital Sanaa has risen to more than 450 dead and wounded,” the Houthi-run Saba news agency quoted Abdul-Salam al-Madani, a deputy to the health minister, as saying.

      He provided no breakdown of the number of dead and wounded. The agency published pictures showing several charred or mutilated bodies.

    • UN: Heath officials in Yemen say over 140 dead in airstrike

      UNITED NATIONS (AP) — The United Nations says initial reports from health officials in Yemen’s capital indicate that over 140 people were killed and more than 525 wounded in an airstrike on a funeral hall.

      Jamie McGoldrick, the U.N. humanitarian coordinator in Yemen, said in a statement late Saturday that the humanitarian community in the country is “shocked and outraged” at the airstrikes which hit the hall packed with mourners in Yemen’s capital, Sanaa.

      He condemned the “horrific attack.”

      Nasser al-Argaly, the Health Ministry’s undersecretary, told a news conference earlier that the Saudi-led coalition was responsible for the airstrike, which turned the site into a “lake of blood.”

  15. French Towns Protest Plan to Take in Migrants From Calais (abcnews, Oct 8, 2016)

    “French villagers are protesting the arrival of migrants who are being dispersed around the country as the government shuts down the slum-like camp in Calais that has become a flashpoint in Europe’s migrant crisis.

    Competing rallies were being held Saturday in Pierrefeu in southeast France.

    The mayor led several hundred people protesting a government proposal to house migrants in an abandoned wing of a psychiatric hospital while they apply for asylum or study other options. Left-wing activists held their own, smaller rally to welcome the migrants.

    Gendarmes stood watch but the morning gatherings were peaceful. The far-right National Front plans its own anti-migrant protest later in the day.

    The National Front is urging mayors to resist the Calais relocation plan and is organizing or taking part in protests across the country this month. Resistance to immigration is central to the campaign platform of National Front leader Marine Le Pen in her bid for the French presidency next year.

    National Front politicians were also at a protest Saturday in Forges-les-Bains south of Paris. About 200 people marched through town, past the farmers’ market, school and town hall to protest the arrival of about 40 Afghan migrants relocated from Calais to an unused building in town…”

  16. 11 Suspected Islamist Militants Killed in Bangladesh Raids (abcnews, Oct 8, 2016)

    “Security forces in Bangladesh killed at least 11 suspected militants in three separate raids Saturday in an ongoing crackdown against Islamic extremism in the South Asian nation, a top government official said.

    The suspects were members of the banned group Jumatul Mujahedeen Bangladesh, or JMB, which the government has blamed for a deadly attack in July at a restaurant in Dhaka, the capital, said Home Minister Asaduzzaman Khan.

    The men were killed in operations in the Dhaka suburb of Gazipur and the central district of Tangail, Khan said.

    Officials said the raids began Saturday morning based on information that the militants were in the areas.

    Security forces asked the militants to surrender, but they refused and began firing, and the security forces fired back, Khan said.

    Some firearms, bullets and meat cleavers were found during the raids, said Mufti Mahmud Khan, a spokesman for the Rapid Action Battalion, which was involved in the operations…”

  17. Turkish Post-Coup Crackdown Sparks Democracy Fears (abcnews, Oct 8, 2016)

    “A dozen police officers, joined by officials from Turkey’s treasury and the county’s broadcasting watchdog, marched into the pro-Kurdish IMC-TV television station, sealed off its control rooms and forced the channel off the air during a live program on democracy.

    The station had anticipated the raid ever since the government, using powers it acquired by declaring a state of emergency in the wake of the July 15 coup attempt, last week ordered IMC-TV and 22 other broadcasters to shut down.

    The bold act of censorship nonetheless stunned staff members Tuesday in the channel’s studio.

    “Long live hell for the oppressors!” IMC-TV coordinating editor Eyup Burc shouted during the live broadcast. “We stand against coups and we stand against those who use coups to carry out their own coup.”

    As Turkey prepares to extend by another three months the state of emergency it imposed after July’s failed military coup, critics fear President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is using the uprising as an excuse to silence his detractors.

    The government says it needs more time to eradicate a network linked to U.S.-based Muslim cleric Fethullah Gulen, which the government accuses of orchestrating the attempted coup. But Turkey already has used the emergency powers to carry out an unprecedented purge of people suspected of links to the cleric and has extended the crackdown to go after Kurdish and left-leaning media outlets.

    Comments Erdogan made this month suggesting the state of emergency could last as long as a year have reinforced concerns about the president’s aims. Kemal Kilicdaroglu, the leader of the main opposition Republican People’s Party, has accused the government of leading a “counter-coup.”

    The state of emergency allows the government to rule by decree with limited parliamentary involvement. Some 32,000 people allegedly connected to the coup have been arrested, while tens of thousands of teachers, soldiers, police officers, judges and prosecutors have been dismissed or suspended from government jobs for suspected links to Gulen, who denies any involvement in the coup attempt.

    Hundreds of schools and foundations run by the movement, which the government has listed as a terror organization, have been shut down or taken over. Media outlets once owned by Gulen have been closed down while prominent journalists they employed have been arrested.

    Authorities more recently have moved against pro-Kurdish and leftist groups, using a government decree to dismiss 11,000 left-leaning teachers and to force off the air television and radio stations accused of acting as mouthpieces for the Kurdistan Workers’ Party, or PKK.

    Among them was a children’s television station broadcasting cartoons in the Kurdish language.

    “Fears that the government would make opportunistic use of the state of emergency to silence critics who have nothing to do with the July 15 coup attempt have come true,” said Emma Sinclair-Webb, the Turkey director for Human Rights Watch.

    More than 100 journalists have been arrested since the state of emergency was declared and thousands lost their jobs or had press credentials canceled by the government, according to the Journalists’ Association of Turkey. Human Rights Watch said the clamp down on broadcasters “effectively ends critical television news reporting in Turkey.”

    The suppression of critical voices has not been limited to news organizations.

    Novelist Asli Erdogan, who wrote for the Ozgur Gundem daily newspaper, was arrested on charges of membership in an armed terror organization. Also rounded up was singer Atilla Tas, who had acquired a large social media following for his humorous criticisms of Erdogan and the government.

    “What the uniformed coup plotters could not achieve on July 15, (the government) has achieved by extending the state of emergency,” Republican People’s Party legislator and spokeswoman Selin Sayek Boke said. “They usurped the parliament’s most basic powers of enacting laws on behalf of the people.”

    IMC-TV, which promotes Kurdish and other minority issues, also was ordered shut down for alleged links to the PKK. Like the Gulen movement, the Kurdistan Workers’ Party is outlawed as a terrorist organization by the Turkish government.

    The station, which rejects the accusation, already was removed earlier this year from Turkey’s largest satellite platform for allegedly engaging in “terrorist propaganda.” It was operating through another satellite and via the internet before this week’s raid.

    “The state of emergency allows them to make these accusations without any proof and without taking any one to court,” IMC-TV News Director Hamza Aktan, who was in the station’s control room at the time of the raid, told The Associated Press. “Channels they do not like and who do not follow their line are easily being disposed of.”

    Nebi Mis, the political research director at the pro-government Foundation for Political, Economic and Social Research think tank in Ankara, defended the purges.

    “Those who carried out the July 15 coup not only infringed on human rights, but also on the people’s right to life. A policy of full purification is necessary,” Mis said.

    Silencing Kurdish media outlets also was appropriate since the state of emergency encompasses other outlawed organizations, he said. Yet authorities may have “gone overboard” in some cases by going after media outlets that criticize the government, Mis said.

    Erdogan and other officials acknowledge that some innocent people have been caught up in the upheaval. The government has promised to set up centers to process claims of unfair dismissals”

  18. US Military Says 2 Service Members Wounded in Afghanistan (abcnews, Oct 8, 2016)

    “Two U.S. service members were wounded in eastern Afghanistan on Saturday when their vehicle struck a roadside mine, the military said.

    They were “conducting a normal security patrol” near the airport on the outskirts of Jalalabad city, capital of Nangarhar province, when “their vehicle hit the improvised explosive device,” the U.S. military’s spokesman in Afghanistan, Brig. Gen. Charles Cleveland said.

    “The individuals were evacuated from the scene of the incident to Jalalabad Airfield for treatment,” he said in a statement. The incident happened early Saturday morning, he said.

    According to procedure, the troops were not identified.

    The incident follows the death earlier this week of a U.S. service member, also in Nangarhar, where American military are involved in counter-terrorism operations against the Islamic State group and the Taliban.

    So far seven U.S. service members have died in Afghanistan this year, according to an Associated Press tally.

    In violence elsewhere in the country, three Afghan police officers were killed in an insurgent attack on Friday in southern Kandahar province, an official said Saturday…”

  19. Greece: Souda refugee camp left in ruins after fire rips through site

    A fire ripped through Souda Refugee camp on the Greek island of Chios in the early hours of Saturday morning, leaving makeshift infrastructure heavily damaged and largely uninhabitable.

    Groups were reportedly protesting when the fire broke out, allegedly requiring riot police to intervene and emergency services to put out the fire.

    • Greece: Police and protesters clash during pro and anti refugee protests

      Clashes erupted between police officers and protesters in Oreokastro, a suburb of Thessaloniki on Friday night, when pro- and anti-refugee rallies took place simultaneously.

      Police officers attempted to keep the two groups apart, but the situation escalated and resulted in the police being attacked themselves.

      Around 214 Syrian refugees were detained by Greek police on Monday, when they crossed the Evros River from Turkey to Greece. Overall, more than 1 million refugees crossed through Greece since the beginning of 2016.

  20. BREITBART – Administration Rushes More Than 900 Refugees Into U.S. On Consecutive Days, On Track for 185,000 in FY 2017

    The Obama administration accelerated the resettlement of refugees into the United States during October, the first month of FY 2017, bringing in a total of 945 refugees on October 5 and 931 on October 6.

    In the first six days of October, the Obama administration resettled 3,062 refugees in the country, according to the Department of State’s interactive website.

    The second consecutive day of more than 900 new refugee arrivals raised the daily average or arriving refugees to 510 refugees per day for the first six days of FY 2017 (see chart). If that rate continues for the next 359 days of FY 2017, the Obama administration would resettle 185,000 refugees in the country, 75,000 more than the 110,000 he proposed to Congress for FY 2017, and 100,000 more than the 84,995 refugees resettled in FY 2016.

    News of the continued acceleration of refugee resettlement in the United States backs what critics of the federal refugee resettlement program have been telling Breitbart News for several months.

    “If Hillary Clinton is elected, she will be on a glide path to reach 200,000 refugees in FY 2017 easily.She can use emergency power under the Refugee Act to bring in more refugees than the 110,000 ceiling Obama presented to Congress,” Ann Corcoran, founder of the Refugee Resettlement Watch blog, told Breitbart News on Thursday.

    “A Donald Trump administration could turn off the refugee spigot,” Corcoran added.

    Hillary Clinton has previously stated she supports increasing the number of Syrian refugees annually resettled in the United States to 65,000.

    Though she has avoided making public statements about the number of total refugees she wants resettled annually, critics of the federal refugee resettlement program are convinced she supports the 200,000 annual level put forward by the Refugee Council USA, the lobbying arm of the politically powerful refugee resettlement industry, whose executives include a number of former Obama and Clinton administration appointees.

    Breitbart News reported previously that 2,058 refugees (subsequently restated by the Department of State as 2,131) were resettled during the first five days of FY 2017, a daily average of 411, which set the Obama administration on a pace to bring in more than 150,000 refugees in FY 2017.

    In contrast, the daily average of arriving refugees in FY 2016, when 84,995 refugee were resettled in the United States, was 233 (see chart above).

    The acceleration of refugee resettlement is even more stunning if the first three days of October are compared to the next three days.

    As the chart above illustrates, no refugees were resettled on October 1, 10 were resettled on October 2, and 370 were resettled on October 3. Eight hundred and six refugees were resettled on October 4, 945 were resettled on October 5, and 931 were resettled on October 6, according to the most recent State Department reporting (see chart above).

    During the three day period between October 4 and October 6, 2,682 refugees were resettled in the United States. That’s an average daily rate of 894 refugees for those three days. Should the Obama administration maintain that hyper-accelerated average for the remaining 359 days of FY 2017, it would end up resettling 325,000 refugees for the year, which would be a record high for the thirty-six year old program, which was initiated by the Refugee Act of 1980.

    Congress has not granted the Department of State, the Office of Refugee Resettlement, or the voluntary agencies (VOLAGs) in the lucrative and politically powerful refugee resettlement industry the budget authority to bring refugees in to the United States at the extraordinarily high pace at which the program has operated during the first six days of October.

    During FY 2016, which ended on September 30, Congress appropriated more than $1 billion, funds paid to the VOLAGs and their local affiliates to manage the refugee resettlement process at various locations across the country. Under that funding, the VOLAGs resettled 84,995 refugees, just five below the 85,000 ceiling President Obama proposed and Congress accepted for FY 2016.

    Though President Obama has proposed resettling a maximum of 110,000 refugees in FY 2017, Congress has not yet approved of that ceiling, nor has it appropriated 52 weeks of funding for the fiscal year that began on October 1. Instead, Congress has approved interim funding to cover just the first 10 weeks of FY 2017, which begin on October 1 and end on December 9.

    It is unclear whether that funding is at the 85,000 refugee annual level of FY 2016 or at the 110,000 annual level proposed by President Obama for FY 2017 but not yet either approved or rejected by Congress.

    During the first six days of October, the Department of State, the Office of Refugee Resettlement, and the VOLAGs have far exceeded their current budget authority to bring in refugees.

    Operating at the 85,000 annualized level, which equals 233 refugees per day, they would have so far brought in only 1,398 refugees, 1,660 fewer than the 3,062 who have arrived. Operating at the 110,000 annualized level, which equals 301 refugees per day, they would have so far brought in only 1,806 refugees, 1,256 fewer than the 3,062 who have arrived.

    At noon eastern on Friday October 7, the Department of State’s interactive website provided new numbers for refugees resettled month-to-date for October 2016 in the United States.

    The number of refugees resettled on Thursday, October 6 was increased to 975 from 931.

    The number of refugees resettled during the six day period beginning October 1 and ending October 6 was increased to 3,106 from 3,062. This increases the average number of refugees resettled during the first six days of FY 2017 to 517, up from 510.

  21. the daily caller – Leaked Emails Show Clinton Campaign Coordinating With Soros Organization

    Leaked emails from Hillary Clinton campaign manager John Podesta’s personal email account published by WikiLeaks reveal the Clinton campaign’s coordination with George Soros’s Open Society Foundations on the subject of police reform.

    Soros, who has given almost $10 million to Clinton super PAC Priorities USA, is a major funder of Black Lives Matter. The Washington Times reported in August that Soros has given at least $33 million to the group through the Open Society Foundations (OSF), which he funds and controls.

    Both OSF and Clinton have called to crack down on police officers’ “implicit bias.”

    As reported by The Daily Caller last month, internal OSF documents say the mainstreaming of “implicit bias” is meant to serve as a foundation from which to overhaul the nation’s anti-discrimination laws and make it easier to file racial discrimination lawsuits by eliminating the need to prove intent.

    A December 2015 email exchange between Podesta and OSF president Chris Stone was included in the batch of Podesta’s emails released by WikiLeaks on Friday.

    “Hi, John. Your policy team was asking me for ideas on police reform a couple of months ago. Here’s a concrete idea I’ve written up, and a good hook for it in Chicago,” Stone wrote.

    Stone attached to the email an article he wrote that advocated putting federally-funded bureaucrats in charge of police oversight.

    “Thanks Chris. Will circulate. Hope all is well,” Podesta replied.

    “As well as can be. We are now officially and formally undesirable in Russia. Hope you are thriving!” Stone shot back. “From where I sit, things look good for your team.”

    • Associated Press Top News –Leaked campaign emails show ‘moderate’ side of Clinton

      WHITE PLAINS, N.Y. (AP) — Hillary Clinton took nearly every precaution to ensure voters would never know what she told investment bankers, lobbyists and corporate executives in dozens of closed-door paid speeches before running for president.

      Turns out, the Democratic presidential nominee had good reason to do so.

      The private comments strike a tone starkly at odds with the fiery message she’s pushed throughout her campaign, particularly during the hard-fought Democratic primary. Some of her remarks give fresh fuel to liberals’ worst fears about Clinton, namely that she is a political moderate, happy to cut backroom deals with corporate interests and curry favor with Wall Street for campaign dollars.

      The WikiLeaks organization on Friday posted what it said were thousands of emails obtained in a hack of the Clinton campaign chairman’s personal email account. Among the documents posted online was an internal review of the speeches conducted by campaign aides to survey the political damage her remarks could cause if they ever became public.

      In what aides calculated were the most damaging passages, she reflects on the necessity of “unsavory” political dealing, telling real estate investors that “you need both a public and private position.” To investment bankers from Goldman Sachs and BlackRock, Clinton admits that she’s “kind of far removed” from the middle-class upbringing that she frequently touts on the campaign trail. She tells Xerox CEO Ursula Burns that both political parties should be “sensible, moderate, pragmatic.”

      And in speeches to some of the country’s biggest banks, she highlighted her long ties to Wall Street, bantering with top executives and saying that she views the financial industry as a partner in government regulation.

      “Part of the problem with the political situation, too, is that there is such a bias against people who have led successful and/or complicated lives,” she said, according to an excerpt from an October 2013 discussion with Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein.

      Clinton appears to question the importance of the divestment of assets that financial executives often undertake to avoid the appearance of conflicts of interest when they enter government service.

      “You know, the divestment of assets, the stripping of all kinds of positions, the sale of stocks. It just becomes very onerous and unnecessary,” she said.

      Clinton’s campaign has refused to confirm — or deny — the authenticity of the thousands of emails, suggesting they were part of a Russian effort to influence the outcome of the presidential race. “I’m not happy about being hacked by the Russians in their quest to throw the election to Donald Trump,” campaign chairman John Podesta tweeted. “Don’t have time to figure out which docs are real and which are faked.”

      In an effort to keep those speeches private, strongly worded contracts prohibited unauthorized recordings, reporters were banned and, in some cases, blog posts about her remarks pulled off websites. Throughout her campaign, she has staunchly refused to release transcripts, resisting pressure from primary rival Bernie Sanders and the media to do so.

      The WikiLeaks disclosures should be the kind of “October surprise” that would thrill Clinton’s opponents, who’ve spent years attacking her as untrustworthy and willing to say anything for personal gain.

      Yet Republicans have found themselves largely unable to capitalize on the moment, consumed instead by the latest scandal of their nominee, a video showing Trump admitting to making predatory and lewd advances on women.

      This isn’t the first time Trump has saved Clinton from damaging political fallout. The memory of Clinton staggering and stumbling after leaving a 9/11 memorial event last month was largely erased by Trump’s destructive performance in the first presidential debate.

      But Clinton’s private comments, now public, aren’t going away. If she wins the White House, they’ll trail her into the Oval Office, planting seeds of distrust among some of her liberal allies.

      A January 2016 email from the Clinton campaign’s research director to top communications staffers includes excerpts from 15 of the more than 100 speeches she gave after leaving the State Department, appearances that netted her $21.7 million.

      One passage puts Clinton squarely in the free-trade camp, a position she has struggled with repeatedly during the 2016 election. During the first general election debate, Clinton said she supports “smart and fair trade.”

      But nearly three years earlier, in a talk to a Brazilian bank, she said her “dream” is “a hemispheric common market, with open trade and open borders” and asked her audience to think of what doubling American trade with Latin America “would mean for everybody in this room.”

      In another speech that year, Clinton conceded that presidential candidates need the financial backing of Wall Street to mount a competitive national campaign. That’s a position that plays right into political attacks leveled by both Sanders and Trump, who’ve accused Clinton of being bought and paid for by Wall Street.

      “New York is probably the leading site for contributions for fundraising for candidates on both sides of the aisle,” she said at the October 2013 investor conference, sponsored by Goldman Sachs. “There are a lot of people here who should ask some tough questions before handing over campaign contributions to people who were really playing chicken with our whole economy.”

      Three years after her speech, her campaign and pro-Clinton super PACs have raised nearly $59 million from financial investors, according to data collected by the Center for Responsive Politics.

    • He is right, to paraphrase Sun Tze, Fight your fight not your enemies fight. Make them react to you not you react to them.

      The left has so emasculated the west that all we can do is react and react in a weak way. We need to at the next provocation hit Iran hard, sink their boats and if they come use cruise missiles to trash their naval base.

      This is going to happen because Obama is going to get us into a shooting war with Russia and the patriots will force the US government to recall the competent officers and NCOs and start fighting to win rather then surrender.

  22. BREITBART – Soros Op-Ed For Biggest German Broadsheet: Mass Migration is Great

    Billionaire hedge fund manager and political donor George Soros has said Europe must welcome huge numbers of asylum seekers and economic migrants, claiming they will benefit the economy.

    Writing in Die Welt, Soros lays out “seven pillars” he beleives should be enacted in order for Germany and Europe to see financial gains from the mass migration of people from the third world.

    Calling Britain’s vote to leave the bloc a tragedy, the Hungarian Billionaire warns that the prospect of “xenophobic, nationalist movements” winning elections in France, the Netherlands, and Germany constitutes a massive threat.

    Soros advocates the EU securing its external borders as a measure to prevent populists gaining power, reasoning that chaotic scenes during the height of the migrant crisis “alienated” and “frightened” Europeans.

    The open borders ideologue remains committed to pushing mass migration into European countries, however, arguing that the EU must take a “considerable number” of migrants directly from states’ bordering crisis zones “in a safe and orderly manner”.

    Soros claims one of the most important tasks Europe must commit to undertaking is the creation of a “welcoming environment” for economic migrants as well as asylum seekers. He contends: “Given the aging population in Europe, the benefits [of migration] significantly outweigh the associated problems and the cost of integrating migrants.”

    Despite maintaining that migrants are a boon to European economies, Soros says the EU should create spend “at least €30 billion annually” on facilitating the migration of non-Europeans. The globalist billionaire has frequently championed the idea that EU nations should borrow large amounts of money to fund mass migration.

    Although Soros claims mass migration of unskilled migrants from poor countries would benefit European economies, facts suggest they are a serious drain on EU states’ resources. Non-EU migrants cost the UK treasury £16 billion a year, net, while across the continent they have more than double the unemployment rates of Europeans.

    A variety of datasets from different European countries support the idea that non-European migrants are a net cost to nations’ treasuries. In the Netherlands, 65 per cent of non-European migrants who arrived during the 1990s are still living on welfare.

    That aging populations should be offset by the mass importation of migrants has been described as a “Ponzi scheme” by Dr. Joseph Chamie, director of research at the Centre for Migration Studies. He argues that GDP growth driven by mass migration boosts companies’ profits at the expense of quality of life and the environment.

    The demographer ,who directed the United Nations Population Division for 12 years, notes that mass migration means more demand, consumption, borrowing, and profits, but explains that the system is unsustainable.

    He writes: “When the bubble eventually bursts and the economy sours, the scheme spirals downward with higher unemployment, depressed wages, falling incomes, more people sinking into debt, more homeless families — and more men, women and children on public assistance.”

    Dr. Chamie contends that Ponzi demography allows companies to enjoy the increased profits brought about by a larger population while the general public, through taxation, is forced to pick up the tab for mounting costs of education, healthcare, housing, and crime.


    Flüchtlinge in der EU – am Ende rechnet sich das
    Von George Soros

  23. New York Bombing Suspect’s Father: US ‘Punishing’ My Family

    The father of New York bombing suspect Ahmad Khan Rahami said on Saturday that the FBI had made “mistake after mistake” in handling the case and is now “punishing” the family for his son’s wrongdoing by barring them from travelling to the United States.

    Mohammed Rahami told The Associated Press by phone that the FBI did not “do its job properly” by failing to act when he contacted investigators in 2014 with concerns his son could be a terrorist. He said he told investigators that his son had become “bad” and his personality had changed after returning from trips to Pakistan and Afghanistan.

    A senior FBI official last month pushed back against the elder Rahami’s claim that he warned agents about his son. FBI agents interviewed the father after a 2014 incident in which Rahami was arrested on charges — later dropped — that he stabbed one of his brothers in the leg, according to the FBI official, who insisted that Rahami’s father “at no time” discussed his son’s radicalization or potential interest in al-Qaida, the Taliban or their propaganda. The official wasn’t authorized to discuss the case by name and spoke to AP on condition of anonymity.

    Rahami said U.S. authorities recently turned back his wife and one of his sons when they tried to travel from Afghanistan to the United States. He said Ahmad Khan Rahami’s wife was also refused entry into the U.S. He would not reveal where his daughter-in-law was living, but said her family is from the Pakistani city of Quetta. He urged U.S. authorities to allow his relatives to travel to the United States, saying they are law-abiding citizens.

    Rahami is accused of planting bombs in New York and New Jersey that wounded 31 people last month. The Afghan-born U.S. citizen remains hospitalized with gunshot wounds after a police shootout. Prosecutors said that when he was arrested Rahami was found to be carrying a journal that praised Osama bin Laden and other militants and that fumed about what he saw as the U.S. government’s killing of Muslim holy warriors.

    The elder Rahami said he had been given no information on his son’s condition in hospital.

    He expressed his “sympathy for all those who suffered” in the blasts. “My son’s bad act damaged our repute, it defamed my motherland and it caused bad impression about Islam, which stands for peace,” he said.

  24. Iraq: Dozens protest in Baghdad against Turkey’s military intervention

    Several dozen protesters, including followers of Shia cleric Moqtada al-Sadr, marched in Baghdad on Saturday, denouncing the Turkish military intervention in Iraq.

    The protesters held banners depicting Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, as they marched along the streets, gathering outside the Turkish embassy.

    • These protests are being made for western consumption, the protesteres know that they will do nothing to the Turkish authorities but are hopeing we have enough power to force Turkey out of Iraq.

  25. Kuwait arrests Egyptian after failed attack on US soldiers

    KUWAIT CITY (AP) — An Egyptian driving a garbage truck loaded with explosives and Islamic State papers rammed into a car carrying five U.S. soldiers in Kuwait on Saturday, injuring only himself in the attack, authorities said.

    The attempted attack is the first in the stalwart U.S. ally to target American troops in the tiny, oil-rich emirate.

    The state-run Kuwait News Agency identified the attacker as Ibrahim Sulaiman, born in 1988.

    KUNA said the five soldiers were not injured. It said Sulaiman had multiple fractures and injuries.

    It was not immediately clear if the Egyptian had a lawyer. The KUNA report did not offer a location for the failed attack.

    American forces and others have troops stationed at Kuwait’s Camp Arifjan. U.S. Central Command did not immediately respond to a request for comment. The U.S. Embassy in Kuwait City had no immediate comment.

    Kuwait is a solid U.S. ally following the 1991 American-led Gulf War that ended the Iraqi occupation there.

    The announcement comes ahead of the Shiite commemoration of Ashoura, which marks the death of Hussein, the grandson of the Prophet Muhammad, at the Battle of Karbala in present-day Iraq in the 7th century. Shiites and Sunni Muslims largely live in peace in tiny Kuwait.

    Kuwaiti police have promised increased security ahead of Ashoura. Two Iranians were arrested in recent days for taking “suspicious” photographs ahead of the commemoration.

    An Islamic State-claimed suicide bombing in 2015 targeting a Shiite mosque in Kuwait City killed 27 people and wounded scores. The extremist group, which holds territory in both Iraq and Syria, did not immediately claim the failed assault.

  26. Saudi Aramco IPO to Offer Stake in All Operations of Company: Bloomberg

    The world’s biggest oil company is planning to sell shares in the entire business and not just in its refining or distribution operations, Bloomberg reported.

    The New York-based media outlet quoted Aramco’s chief executive officer as saying that the company will announce “very soon” a list of investment banks and consultants advising it on the initial public offering.

    Aramco CEO Amin Nasser did not specified a date, but he said that the Saudi Arabian Oil Co. plans to list shares on the Saudi stock market and is also considering foreign bourses in London, Hong Kong and New York.

    Aramco’s plan to sell a stake of about 5 percent could value the company in trillions of dollars, Bloomberg reported.

    “We need to do a lot of internal work to prepare for this listing,” Nasser said in Bahrain.

    “We are listing a part of the entire company, and not just downstream,” he said, referring to operations including refining, marketing and distribution.

    Saudi Arabia, under pressure from lower crude prices, wants to sell shares in Aramco in early 2018 as part of an effort to generate revenue and reform its economy. The government hopes to raise about $100 billion from the IPO of its flagship asset. The planned sale, which Deputy Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman announced in April, could be the world’s largest share offering, according to the interview.

    “There are no obstacles for the IPO of Aramco,” Nasser said. “It’s going very smoothly, and we are on target. We achieved a lot of progress so far. People have to appreciate the size of Aramco and its complexity.”

    The company will review its budget “shortly,” he said. “Our spending program is active and evolving.”

  27. BELARUS – MINSK – Horror as teenager armed with chainsaw ‘BEHEADS woman’ in shopping centre rampage

    A WOMAN is reported to have been beheaded after a teenager armed with a chainsaw went on the rampage at a shopping centre.

    The 18-year-old, who was also carrying a hammer, carried out the horrific attack at the Evropa shopping centre in Minsk, Belarus.

    Terrified eyewitnesses claimed the youngster wore a mask as he burst into the busy mall through a side entrance.

    Hundreds of people were in the centre at the time of the attack.

    It is understood the evil thug chased shoppers and struck close to a pizza restaurant.

    One onlooker told Belarus news website Onliner: “He lashed out at the nearest person and cut off her head.”

    Police spokesman Alexander Lastovsky confirmed the assailant was detained within two minutes.

    He added: “When he took out a chainsaw, shoppers first thought it was some kind of game.

    “Then he cut one woman badly with the chainsaw and hit her with a hammer. She died. He also attacked others.”

    Officers cordoned off the mall at around 6pm local time (4pm UK time) and have launched a probe into the shocking incident.

    Photos posted on social media show police cars and ambulances at the scene.

    The motive behind the attack is not yet known, with officers urging locals not to speculate and spread “panic” online.

    The woman killed in the bloody rampage is believed to be in her 30s.

    The newspaper Belta claims a 46-year-old woman who sustained injuries is currently being treated at a local hospital.

    A hospital spokesman said: “The patient received two blows with an axe in the chest and shoulder.

    “She is being examined and undergoing treatment.”

  28. Russia Vetoes UN Resolution Demanding End to Aleppo Bombing

    Russia has vetoed a U.N. resolution drafted by France demanding an immediate halt to the bombing of the besieged Syrian city of Aleppo.

    The vote in the Security Council on Saturday afternoon was 11 countries in favor, two against and two abstentions.

    French Foreign Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault had warned before the vote that the continued bombing of Aleppo was killing civilians and destroying hospitals and schools — “and has nothing to do with combatting terrorism.”

    A Desperate Obama Administration Resorts To Lying And Maybe More

    On September 28 the French mission to the UN claimed that two hospitals in east-Aleppo had been bombed. It documented this in a tweet with a picture of destroyed buildings in Gaza. The French later deleted that tweet.

    It is not the first time such false claims and willful obfuscations were made by “western” officials. But usually they shy away from outright lies.[…]

  29. US assures Turkey of ‘no PKK affiliate’ in Mosul operation (hurriyetdailynews, Oct 8, 2016)

    “The United States has assured Turkey that there will be no units which are affiliated to the outlawed Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) in the planned operation to take the Iraqi city of Mosul from the Islamic State of Iraq and Levant (ISIL), a high-ranking Turkish source confirmed to the Hürriyet Daily News on Oct. 7 amid rising tension between the Turkish and Iraqi governments.

    The source, who asked not to be named, said, “We [Turkey] take this assurance seriously, but we will see the actual case on the ground.”

    It appears that the assurance was given to the Turks by an American delegation that carried out talks in Ankara on Sept. 27…”

  30. Syrian government, allies advance as Russia vetoes U.N. demand (reuters, Oct 8, 2016)

    “Russia vetoed a French-drafted United Nations Security Council resolution on Saturday that would have demanded an immediate end to air strikes and military flights over Syria’s Aleppo city and called for a truce and humanitarian aid access throughout Syria.

    Meanwhile, a rival Russian-drafted resolution that aimed to revive a failed Sept. 9 U.S. and Russia ceasefire deal on Syria did not garner the minimum nine votes.

    Fighting continued in the almost six-year conflict with Syrian government forces recapturing territory from insurgents in several western areas…”

  31. Global Elites Step Up Defense of Openness as Populism Rises (bloomberg, Oct 8, 2016)

    “Global policy makers are stepping up their resolve to combat an isolationist backlash that threatens to undermine years of opening borders to trade and investment.

    “The global economy has benefited tremendously from globalization and technological change,” the IMF’s top advisory panel said in a communique released on Saturday after meeting in Washington.

    “However, the outlook is increasingly threatened by inward-looking policies, including protectionism, and stalled reforms.”

    Flagging public support for globalization has been a prominent topic of discussion this week among finance chiefs and central bankers convening in the U.S. capital for the International Monetary Fund and World Bank’s annual meetings. The IMF warned in its latest economic outlook that rising political tensions over open markets and free trade could undermine a recovery already lacking a growth engine…”

  32. Hook-handed hate preacher set to return to Britain for ‘softer’ jail (express, Oct 9, 2016)

    “HOOK-HANDED hate preacher Abu Hamza is launching a legal bid to return to Britain to serve the rest of his life sentence in a “soft” prison.

    The Egyptian-born cleric, 58, was branded “evil” by a judge in New York in January last year as she jailed him for life, without the possibility of parole, for 11 offences.

    They included hostage-taking in Yemen in 1998 that left three Britons and an Australian dead, and plotting to set up a terrorism training camp in the US. The father-of-eight’s trial took placeafter an eight-year legal battle to extradite him to the US that cost British taxpayers £25million as well as £3million in benefits, which included housing.

    The family lived in a state-funded £1.25million home in west London.

    After being moved to a maximum security jail in Colorado earlier this year, lawyers acting for Hamza, who lost both hands and an eye while “working with explosives”, have started preparing his legal bid to return to Britain.

    His lawyer Lindsay Lewis confirmed that he will appeal to the European Court of Human Rights to be extradited to the UK early next year.

    She said: “There is a strong humanitarian case that it would be better for him on health grounds to be incarcerated there.

    “It is also extremely unfair his family is not able to visit him in the United States.

    “I am continuing to litigate the conditions of his imprisonment here, which I believe run foul of promises made by the US government. They are not meeting his needs. It would be appropriate for him to return to the UK, where his family is and where his conditions would be far better.”

    Hamza’s bid to serve his life term in a “softer” British prison comes days after Home Secretary Amber Rudd announced a crackdown on “unduly lenient” sentences for hate preachers and those supporting terror groups.

    It also follows his transfer earlier this year to a 7ft by 12ft cell at America’s “escape-proof” supermax prison in remote Florence, Colorado, where he is in solitary confinement.

    He was moved there from the comparatively relaxed Medical Centre for Federal Prisoners, in Missouri, where he was reportedly allowed to freely associate with inmates, like former Hamas leader Mohammad El-Mezain.

    The former imam at Finsbury Park mosque in north London is supported in his legal bid to return to the UK by Human Rights Watch and American Civil Liberties Union.

    The groups have logged complaints from Hamza, who claimed his arm stumps were infected when his metal hooks were confiscated as “dangerous weapons”.

    He now has plastic prosthetics.

    Last month his daughter-in-law, who cannot be named, won victory when the European Court of Justice ruled she could not be deported from the UK as her son has EU citizenship.

    She was jailed for trying to smuggle a phone sim card into a jail”

  33. Britain is deploying 250 troops to beat IS (express, Oct 9, 2016)

    “BRITAIN is deploying 250 troops to Iraq today (Sun) in readiness for a major ground and air offensive on Mosul.

    It comes as UK Special Forces snared two senior Islamic State commanders during a raid on the western outskirts of the city, which was mounted to try and evaluate the number of enemy ground forces in the area.

    In a bitter 40-minute firefight, members of the elite SAS were able to seize the two IS officers and destroy an insurgent command post, causing additional confusion in the run-up to the assault on the death cult’s last remaining Iraq stronghold, expected in the next few weeks…”

  34. DAILY MAIL -UK – Almost 400 ISIS jihadis trained in Iraq and Syria are now at large on Britain’s streets... as it’s revealed just 14 fighters who have returned to the UK have been jailed

    Shock figure is far lower than government Ministers previously claimed
    Experts said they could use skills honed on battlefield to plot atrocities
    Ministers admitted just 14 ex-fighters convicted, after claiming it was 54

  35. Bei gefälschten Pässen drückt Deutschlands Asylbehörde offenbar ein Auge zu

    Wer einen gefälschten Pass besitzt, der darf in Deutschland kein Asyl bekommen – so steht es im Gesetz. Doch das Bundesamt für Migration und Flüchtlinge nimmt es mit diesem Passus laut einem Zeitungsbericht nicht ganz so genau.

    Das Bundesamt für Migration und Flüchtlinge (BAMF) erstattet nach der Entdeckung von gefälschten Pässen so gut wie nie Anzeige. Das erfuhr die „Welt am Sonntag“ aus Sicherheitskreisen. Im ersten Halbjahr 2016 überprüfte die Nürnberger Behörde demnach insgesamt 217.465 Pässe, Geburtsurkunden oder Führerscheine von Asylsuchenden.

    Bei rund einem Prozent (2273 Fälle) bemerkte die physikalisch-technische Urkundenuntersuchung des BAMF schwere gerichtsfeste Manipulationen. Im Raum steht damit der Verdacht der Urkundenfälschung. Das kann mit fünf Jahren Gefängnis bestraft werden.

    Im Asylverfahrensgesetz heißt es: „Ein unbegründeter Asylantrag ist als offensichtlich unbegründet abzulehnen, wenn der Ausländer im Asylverfahren über seine Identität oder Staatsangehörigkeit täuscht oder diese Angaben verweigert.“ Das BAMF aber erklärte dazu gegenüber der „Welt am Sonntag“: Nachweislich falsche Angaben zur Identität führten nicht automatisch zu einer Ablehnung.

    Der Bund Deutscher Kriminalbeamter (BDK) forderte die Behörde auf, künftig bei jedem gefälschten Pass Anzeige zu erstatten. Es müsse verhindert werden, dass sich jemand im Asylverfahren zu Unrecht Vorteil verschaffe. Mit solchen Pässen würden zudem Bankkonten eröffnet, um Terrororganisationen wie den IS zu unterstützen.

    (in short, although people who have fake passport can not get asylum in Germany, The Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF) almost never reports after the discovery of fake passports.)

  36. Leaflet ‘handed out at east London mosque’ tells Muslims to kill all who insult the prophet

    Police today launched a hate crime probe after literature saying those who insult Islam “must be killed” was allegedly handed out at a London mosque.

    A Standard investigation has uncovered claims that the booklet, which says “any Muslim should kill” those who insult the Prophet Mohammed, was distributed at a gathering in Walthamstow.

    It points to a classical manual of Islamic law to justify killings without waiting for court judgments and says apostates “deserve to be assassinated”.

    The booklet discusses the case of Mumtaz Qadri, a fanatic who murdered a governor in Pakistan in 2011 because of his support for liberal reforms to the country’s strict Islamic laws.

    It says “all Muslims should support” Qadri and that being a “big shot” does not prevent someone from being an apostate who should face being killed.
    After the Standard alerted police to the booklet, Scotland Yard today said it was probing the literature “to establish whether a criminal offence has taken place”.

    One worshipper who was given the booklet told the Standard: “The event was a few months ago. I took one, but other people took them as well.

    “I think more than 100 people were at this event. It was at Giyarween Shareef [a holy gathering].

    “Two or three people delivered the leaflet. Unfortunately, I am shocked. I think it gives a bad impression. Islam teaches when you live here you obey the law and the rule of law, but this is not doing that.”
    The Standard has learned that the leaflet carries the name of preacher Syed Abdul Qadir Jilani on its front cover. It came to light after it was allegedly handed to some worshippers at the Dar-ul-Uloom Qadria Jilania mosque in Walthamstow, where Mr Jilani is an imam.

    Mr Jilani, who once landed a British-Pakistani TV network in trouble after it showed a live sermon with him allegedly “advocating violence”, denies writing the booklet despite his name being on the cover and his picture appearing on the back.

    He told the Standard the booklet had been “falsely attributed” to him, that he did not “authorise” the use of his name or picture and did not give permission for any of his sermons to be reproduced.
    He said he did not agree with the booklet’s contents and that he did not know “if, why or how” it was distributed in the mosque.

    He added that if it had been distributed in the mosque, then this had been without his knowledge and “without authorisation by either me or any member of the committee”.

    The mosque is also home to the International Muslim Movement charity, for which Mr Jilani is a trustee.

    Watchdog the Charity Commission today said it was also “urgently” looking into the material and poised to launch its own investigation.

    Rupert Sutton, an extremism researcher at the Henry Jackson Society think tank, said: “The police and other relevant agencies should investigate immediately.

    “Giving religious cover to sectarian violence puts whole communities at risk. Anyone promoting such material must face the full extent of the law.”

    Mr Jilani was also at the centre of controversy when broadcasting regulator Ofcom fined Islamic station DM Digital £85,000 in 2013.

    Mr Jilani reportedly said Muslims were under a duty to kill those who insulted the Prophet Mohammed during an on-screen sermon.

    A Scotland Yard spokesman said: “We will be assessing the contents of these leaflets to establish whether any criminal offence has taken place.

    “We are committed to tackling hate crime in all its forms and have long since recognised the impact of hate crime on communities.”
    The Charity Commission said: “We are assessing the information received as a matter of urgency so as to establish the facts and have contacted the charity’s trustees for their response.

    “At this time, the commission has not opened a statutory inquiry into the charity. However, if the information provided is accurate it would raise serious regulatory concerns.”

    According to Land Registry records, Mr Jilani co-owns the mosque with three others. He told the Standard: “I do not agree with the booklet’s contents. I am not aware of if, why or how, the booklet was distributed in Dar-ul-Uloom Qadria Jilania.

    “If it was distributed… then this was done without any authorisation by either me or any member of the committee of Dar-ul-Uloom Qadria Jilania.”

    Regarding the Ofcom fine he said: “Ofcom made a decision against DM Digital TV, not me. Ofcom has failed to understand the speech in the context in which the referenced comment was made.”

    He told the Evening Standard that his remarks were in response to a question about Islamic law as applied in Pakistan.

    He said: “I vehemently deny advocating the killing of anyone; this is terrorism. I have spoken out several times against terrorism in public.

    “A fatwa was recently issued against me, which purported to deem me an infidel for speaking out against terrorism, here in the UK, and I reported it to Chingford police. The killing of innocent people cannot be legitimised.”

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