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18 Replies to “Phil Haney, former DHS analyst explains how the Obama admin prevented investigation into Islamic terror”

  1. I watched this video and others like it. Wish I could say that the information is a surprise. It is not. Not that I will not watch the videos and pass them on but that it saddens me that more people are not aware of what is going on world wide.

    • He is doing what he does….what are YOU doing ? He reaches people in the thousands, we need more people to reach people “one on one”….I try Daily to do that….are you doing that also?

  2. Frankly, I don’t find the truth at all repetitive. Maybe because it’s in such short supply outside of the counter jihad. Excellent!

  3. Just like in any criminal investigation, while it is important to know the ‘how’ – it is equally important to determine the ‘why’ as well. I suspect many of us have a pretty good idea as to that ‘why’ – THAT ‘who’ portion of the equation also needs to be developed and publicized.

    • To understand this situation better read the book the “Verona Intercepts”. In the 1940s and 1950s the predecessor of the NSA had broken the Soviet Codes and were reading all of the messages that were sent. They quickly discovered that The House Unamerican Activities Committee and later Senator McCarthy were right about the infiltration and attempted take over of the Soviets. They had the evidence that everyone McCarthy accused (in real life not the movie, he never said Edward R. Morrow was a Soviet agent but that one of his sources was) of being communist agents were communist agents. They had one major problem about getting these facts up the line to their bosses, several people in their Chain of Command were communist agents. Putting the info into the chain to let our leaders know would 1) tell the Soviets their codes were broken and 2) sign their death warrants.

      A similar situation now exists, from the White House down there are members of the Bortherhood working in all portions of the US intelligence and criminal investigation sections. Tell the truth and lose your job, keep private files and go to jail, say nothing and pray the next President will help clean up the mess. Those are your options because not many people are in the know enough to realize and accept the fact that we have a lot of people in the White House working for our enemy.

      You have to make that decision, now we are lucky that people like Mr. Haney, Major Coughlin and others have been busy setting up private organizations that can keep track of the people who are working for and with our enemies rather then to protect us. Things are coming to a head and events will shortly make people decide which side they are going to support, and they will have enough information they can’t claim ignorance.

      • I have little faith in your northern neighbor to keep an even keel. Particularly with the current regime. If Trump wins he will be obliged to pursue jihadi over the northern, and for that matter southern borders. You cannot tolerate a hostile population on your continent.

        • OUR continent, Johnny. They’re here, more are on the way, and some of our own go zombie on us.

          In North America we’re all in this together. But we’re big, young nations of pioneers. There’ll be territories on both sides of that permeable border where we’ll be able to shelter and regroup.

          • Thanks Yucki. I take heart in your words and think you’re right. I may sound silly but I hope Texas swallows up the Midwest including Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba…this country is a fart in a windstorm unless it wakes up. Bring on the damn election!

            • What Yucki said, we are one continent and from the Rio north to the Pole we are for the most part the children (real and adopted) of the same parent. Yes we have family fights but we band together in time of trouble.

              Will we invade, not unless invited or you fall apart enough that we have to. Will we turn you loose after freedom is restored if you want to leave you are a separate nation.

  4. The man is a Jewel…..Like many…. Geller, Spenser, David Wood, Dr. Bill Warner, William Federer, Coughlin and many, many more! I see these people as “The Head Of Spear”…..MY “Generals”! “They” have access to “World Wide” Venues with “World Wide” Anti-Islam Activists’ that “We” do not (per se) have access to. (AND THAT’S OK!) Most of them have a Death Fatwa on there heads……I DO NOT! MY DEATH will happen without a Fatwa……My Death will come from a Jihadi on the streets. (History) I became “Political” in 08 when I heard, then Senator Obama say…..We Are Days Away from Fundamentally Changing America”…..Seven Whole Years AFTER 9-11….I said WTF is going on! With Research….ISLAM….ISLAM….ISLAM is what kept coming up! With 1400 years of history, The West, is doing the same thing the Jews of Medina did……AND WITH OPEN ARMS! So what do we do? EDUCATE THE IGNORANT! I am in Denver looking for “Crusaders” For more than a year now my truck has been a rolling Bill Board with a 4’x8′ asking (among other things) “Is Islam a Religion of Peace”….I have packets (tri-folds), Props (Aisha, Stoned Lady, Christian Head, Hand/Foot) Banners, Posters, 50” TV, Buttons and much more…….What I DO NOT have are CRUSADERS! WHY! I read comments and HEAR a lot of this and that. Granted, the “in your face” aspect of “My Jihad” may not be yours….but how many out there have tried a “different” Jihad. Like…. Emails and Petitions. We, (Florida Family Association) got Al Jazeera America to close it’s doors. We, (Numbers USA) have influenced Laws on Immigration. DID YOU KNOW: For “every” Email/Petition a Public Official receives, he/she sees it as 1,000 voters, multiply that times 20,000, 35,000 Emails! DID YOU KNOW: At Congress.gov you can get “Action Alerts” to EVERYTHING “that guy you Voted for” may be doing (or NOT DOING) to Stop Islam? PLEASE….I do not mean to demean ANYONE who Comments or Reads…..BUT…..if all you do in your “Daily” life is Comment or Read….you need to DO MORE! NOT ONE, REPEAT, ONE, COUNTRY “IN THE WORLD” (DO YOUR RESEARCH) HAS EVER, REPEAT, EVER, SURVIVED ISLAM AFTER 20% INFILTRATION! If there is ANYONE in the Denver Area “Willing” to do what I am doing….Please Contact me or Comment. Test Yourself: how many of these words do you know….dawah, dhimmi, hijra, jizya, kafir, shaheed, shariah, takfir, taqiyya, ummah…..if you missed “One”….you missed too many! (Brackens Challenge to National Security Professionals)

    • Pat Riot, I thank you for your efforts and look forward to hearing more from you. You will find fine people at this site. I think also it is important to point out that a country can, indeed, survive a greater-than 20% islamisation. Hungary suffered through 150 years of Ottoman rule. The Hungarians actually moved whole populations, according to my father, into safe areas like Transylvania in order to protect women and children. This is the reason for Hungary’s allergy to Islam–been there and done that–and it is important to recognize successes. I have a feeling also that Isreal does not refuse help and advice to those countries that request it.

      • Thank you Johnny, at times I think I am the only one who remembers the history about how portions of Europe were conquered but fought on, survived and thru off its conquers. Spain and Portugal were under Islamic rule for about 700 years but the managed to force the invaders out. The fact that I remember this and so many others don’t get very frustrating at times when so many people start talking about how Europe is gone and will never be free again. This lack of historical knowledge is hampering us in our efforts but it won’t stop us.

        • You’re welcome, Richard. History most certainly is not my forte, but lefties should do a little reading before they start swinging the “racist” bat around!

        • Yes Richard I agree with you, I too have looked at the History of Islamic conquest. Do you really think with the Left, SJW, MSA,CAIR, OIC, MB and all the other Islamic infiltration, we in the west could or are “willing” to sustain an extended battle for our survival? NO WAY!! We have watered down the Crusades as being some Big injustice on our part. No one mentions 700 years of Islamic Conquest “before” the Crusades. Count the Christian Countries in history that are NOW Islamic. When I gave (in my opinion) a 20% number when Countries Fall, he brought up Spain and Portugal….the 700 years he spoke of was Pre-Crusades. Do you really think with this current Islamic invasion the West will do “another” Crusade against Islam?

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