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15 Replies to “A look at the NYC bomber’s diary”

        • The thing to remember is that the polls are taken as if this is a2 person race, in all states it is a 3 person race and in some a 4 person race. When they add the other two people in the polls and Hillary loses big time. The other two are taking votes from Hillary and there is no reason to think that a percentage of the people that Soros registers overseas will not vote for Trump or the other two.

    • So they can advocate for Clinton and against Trump, receive money from a common donor, and yet not violate the US charity laws of not “working” for a party or candidate? How about invoking the insidious construction union labour law we have in North American trades collective agreements, whereby “arms length” status must be maintained in order to be deemed truly independent. While everything is argueable this leftist labour law is stronger than a marriage contract! We have no freedom of disassociate on here. So back to Trump, if the relationship between this “charity” and the Democrats were examined in this light and with common financing perhaps a judge would disallow it as an abuse of the system.

  1. Make the new “voters” go to the polling booth on election day instead of giving them postal ballots and that voting bloc will evaporate.

    • The treason statues only apply if the Courts decide that the Congressional action allowing us to commence hostilities counts as a declaration of war. If this is decided then treat him as an enemy combatant, if they don’t decide this way then treat him as a criminal.

      Trying to charge him with treason would open a real big can of worms but I don’t think they could get a convection on giving aid and comfort to the enemy.

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