Race in support of Marines targeted by a pipe bomb

I wonder if the Pastafarians are behind this one…

A device exploded in Seaside Park, New Jersey, Saturday morning as about 5,000 people were set to run a 5k Marine charity race and police are investigating another suspicious package in the shore town, authorities said.

The explosive device went off in a garbage can on D Street and Ocean Avenue at about 9:30 a.m., police said.

A second device is being dismantled by the bomb squad…

Luckily, nobody got killed or injured…this time.

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        • Just throwing out a what if, I am still sure that Trump will win because people are afraid of Hillary. The people who don’t normally vote will stampede to the polls to vote against her. In my home town people who have always voted Dem are refusing to defend her.

  1. This is what comes from allowing leftwing nuts who live in a dream world to take control of the educational establishment and the news distribution nets. Our internal enemies (the left) are going to be harder to defeat then the external enemy they have allowed into our nations. I have no doubt that freedom will not survive in the US it will be a long and bloody fight but it will survive. After we ensure that freedom will survive here we can start working to rescue the nations that or political philosophy originated in which use to be free. As I have stated before this war will last the rest of this century and possibly well into the next.

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