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  1. Controversial Saudi school in Bonn to close (DW, Aug 29, 2016)

    “Saudi Arabia is closing the King Fahd Academy in Bonn by the end of the year, Saudi diplomats say. Many Germans were wary of the school, which has been suspected of attracting Islamists to Germany.

    Saudi Arabia plans to close the private King Fahd Academy in the southern suburbs of Bonn. The school has 30 teachers and roughly 150 students from Arabic-speaking countries around the world from grade 1 to grade 12. Courses are taught in Arabic according to the Saudi curriculum and following the “International Baccalaureate Diploma Program” in classes 11 and 12. Construction of a second school underway in Berlin is reportedly also being stopped.

    Germany has one of the world’s best education systems – a system Saudi Arabia could learn from, so the government in Riyadh no longer sees the need for a Saudi school in Germany, German media quote Saudi diplomats in Berlin as saying.

    No one was available for a comment on Monday at the school itself, or at the Saudi embassy. A security officer who answered the school’s phone said it is closed until mid-September for the summer vacation…

    The Saudi Arabian-financed academy in the former German capital has attracted negative headlines over the years. In 2003, it came under investigation for alleged ties to the terrorist network al Qaeda and other fundamentalist Muslim groups.

    Educators and security forces were worried the school – established in 1994 to provide Islam-based instruction to children whose parents were in Germany only for a short time – might be a breeding ground for Islamic fundamentalism and anti-democratic principles. The regional commissioner threatened to shut the school down.

    Now, the King Fahd Academy is about to close its doors of its own accord.

    Ralph Ghadban, a Berlin-based political scientist and Islam expert, welcomed the end to the Saudi academy in Germany. “We’ve waited a long time for this to happen,” he told DW.

    But it doesn’t spell the end to the influx of radical Islamism to Germany, Ghadhan warned.

    “Some radical Muslims will send their children to certain boarding schools in Britain that are known for their radical interpretation of Islam.”

    Ghadban urged forbidding the building of mosques and the support of other Muslim religious institutions in Germany with financial backing from Saudi Arabia or other Gulf states.”

  2. Turkey sets conditions for German access to Incirlik (DW, Aug 29, 2016)

    “Turkey says German MPs can visit the airbase if the Berlin government stops trying to distort Turkish history. German politicians have been blocked from touring the facility, where their own military is stationed.

    Turkish Foreign Minster Mevlut Cavusoglu said that the Ankara government would allow a German delegation to visit the Incirlik airbase in southern Turkey “if Germany takes the necessary steps.”

    But his comments, following a meeting with his Dutch counterpart Bert Koenders in Ankara Monday, didn’t specify what concrete steps Turkey would want taken.

    Cavusoglu added that those who try to “manipulate” Turkish history “in an unfair manner,” would not receive permission to visit the facility, where German troops, six German surveillance jets, and a refueling tanker are part of the US-led coalition fighting “Islamic State” (IS) militants…”

  3. CDU and AfD bash Gabriel for refugee remarks (DW, Aug 29, 2016)

    “Sigmar Gabriel has drawn criticism for his recent comments about Angela Merkel’s refugee policies. In an interview on Saturday, the vice chancellor called Merkel’s policies “inconceivable.”

    Both Merkel’s Christian Democrats (CDU) and the right-wing Alternative for Germany (AfD) had strong words for Gabriel on Monday, just days after the vice chancellor criticized Merkel’s approach to dealing with the influx of refugees over the past year.

    In snippets of an interview with German broadcaster ZDF released on Saturday, Gabriel said the chancellor has “underestimated” the challenge of dealing with the more than one million refugees that have entered the country over the past year.

    “We have always said that it’s inconceivable for Germany to take in a million people every year,” said Gabriel, who is head of the Social Democrats (SPD) – the CDU’s junior coalition partner – as well as the government’s economic minister. Last year, Gabriel had followed the CDU’s line and opposed a cap on the number of refugees allowed into Germany.

    The vice chancellor also took shots at Merkel for constantly repeating her slogan “We can do this,” saying it wasn’t enough. He said the government needs to set the right conditions to allow the government to actually manage the crisis, but the CDU and its Bavarian sister party, the Christian Social Union (CSU) have consistently blocked such efforts…”

  4. Some 9,000 refugee children reported to have disappeared in Germany (DW, Aug 29, 2016)

    “Germany’s federal police says the number of missing refugee children has doubled since the start of the year. Most of the children are aged between 14 and 17-years-old.

    Germany’s Federal Criminal Police Office (Bundeskriminalamt) has confirmed that by July 1, 8,991 unaccompanied refugee children and young people had been reported missing.

    The figures, which were requested by the German daily “Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung,”

    showed the number of migrants no longer in contact with authorities was already higher than for the whole of last year. The figure has doubled from January, when 4,749 refugees were known to be missing.

    Although most of those who disappeared are teenagers, 867 of them are under 13 years old.

    Amid fears that young unaccompanied migrants are vulnerable to grooming by criminal gangs, the BKA said it had no concrete evidence that this was happening in large numbers.

    “In many cases, it’s not like the children left without a plan. They wanted to visit their parents, relatives or friends in other German cities or even other European countries,” a BKA spokeswoman told the paper.

    The police authority said it was possible that the increase could be partly explained by young people registering more than once with German authorities, for example after moving to a new area of the country.

    The BKA said it was hard to keep tally as many migrants arrived with no identity papers and because they may spell their name several ways…”

  5. Despite arrest, new car fires in Copenhagen (thelocal, Aug 29, 2016)

    “Two more cars were set on fire in Copenhagen over the weekend, police said.

    “Last night we had two new cases of car fires. The first was reported at 12:52am and the second at 3.24am,” spokesman Carsten Reenberg told news agency Ritzau on Sunday.

    The first car fire was in the city’s Nordvest district while the second was in Amager.

    The latest incidents bring the total number of vehicles burnt in Copenhagen up to 26.

    The new fires follow the Wednesday arrest of a 21-year-old man suspected of being behind at least some of the 24 vehicle fires reported over the course of previous weekend.

    As of Monday morning, no one had been arrested for the two new car fires…”

  6. Danish women-led mosque makes Scandinavian history (thelocal, Aug 29, 2016)

    “Scandinavia’s first female-led mosque has held its first Friday prayers in Copenhagen, a milestone for an “Islamic feminist” project whose founder hopes will help combat Islamophobia.

    But there was also criticism that the project did not go far enough in promoting women’s rights.

    The khutba, or sermon, was held in the Mariam Mosque in an apartment in a busy Copenhagen shopping street six months after it opened.

    Temperatures soared inside on a balmy summer’s day as more than 60 women, around half of them Muslim, came to hear Danish-born imam Saliha Marie Fetteh.

    Friday’s event was opened by the mosque’s founder Sherin Khankan, who is herself becoming an imam.

    She said that she had originally wanted to open a mosque where female imams could preach on Fridays to a mixed crowd, but later changed her mind.

    “It turned out that a majority of the community wanted a Friday prayer for women only,” Khankan, born in Denmark to a Syrian father and a Finnish mother, told AFP….”

  7. John Kerry managed to climb by bike the Col de la Colombiere in the Alps and it had not come alone. US Secretary of State was under escort: a fifteen bikers, two vehicles of police, two vehicles of the Swiss police, ambulance firefighters, ambulance SMUR eighteen cars and SUV diverse and varied, gendarmes along the course and three helicopters. John Kerry had already tried to climb the Col de la Colombiere (1613 meters) last year, but fell and broke his leg. In Geneva for a meeting, he took the opportunity to retry the experience, successfully this time.

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