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7 Replies to “Julian Assange claims next round of leaks may scuttle Hillary’s chances.”

  1. He said they will be released before Sept 26 debate, giving enough time to look through them.
    He also said there is material that should normally lead to Hillary’s arrest.
    He spoke of Bernie replacing Hillary as Dem nominee.

  2. Let’s face it- we know what Rotten Hillary’s strategy is. She is not keeping it secret. They are going to run out the clock before the election. No press conferences, no real responses to the piling up evidence. No matter how bad her crimes are, they won’t even acknowledge them.

    She knows Mencken’s Law: nobody ever lost money under estimating the intelligence of the American people. No matter what she does, there are a certain percentage of idiots that will vote for her. It could be 40%. Also, the left/Dems control the media. 99.9% of the people out there don’t get there info from sites like this. They believe the crap on the MSM.

    I’m glad that Assange is doing all the dirty work, but I’m not sure how much it’s going to matter. Many Dem voters are themselves criminals so what do they care about her white collar crimes?

    My biggest hope for Trump is that there are millions of voters under the radar who are not being polled or who won’t admit they’re going to vote for him. They are afraid to say they support Trump. They don’t want to get their tires slashed or their houses burned down.

    • I know the pollsters claim the nation is 40% Dem but from my informal studies it is probably closer to 36%, that is a large difference. There are also some old style Democrats that are touring the battleground states urging other Democrats to vote for Trump.

  3. The wild card in this election is the people who became disenchanted with the political system and have been setting out the elections, if this group decides to vote for Trump because he isn’t a politician his victory will be the biggest landslide in US history. What Trump has to do is to articulate his policies in such a way that he will draw in these people while not driving any of the regular voters away.

    This goal will be easier to achieve if some PACs will start making ads that point out that this is a binary solution, if not Hillary then Trump. It is as simple as that.

    Hillary on the other hand has to stop her voters from staying home, they don’t have to vote for Trump just stay at home and not vote. This idea shouldn’t be put forward in ads but individuals talking to disenchanted Dems can point out that they can set out this election.

  4. As long as Donald doesn’t frighten the millennial too much, come election day, they’ll probably just say “whatever” and go back to fooling with their I-Phones. Conservatives, on the other hand, are entirely aware of the unthinkable consequences of Hillary becoming President, and will be absentee-balloting from their deathbeds if necessary…

    Honestly! Can you imagine not voting in the upcoming election? If Hillary wins it will be very very very very very very bad – not just for America but for the entire world – and I think all us conservatives know that…

    • A lot of us do, some are still holding out but they are starting to come around. I will be 70 at the time of the next election and in my entire voting career (I always vote) there was only twice I voted for the man normally I end up picking the lesser of two evils and voting against the greater evil..

      To put it in language that the millennial knows, It is a binary solution if not Trump then Hillary.

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