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  1. ‘Italian Revolution’ OUTRAGE at plans for mosque next to the Leaning Tower of Pisa (express, Aug 17, 2016)

    “HUNDREDS of people have signed a petition against the construction of a mosque near the Tower of Pisa meaning a referendum will decide whether the religious building will be built.

    Yesterday, 1,800 signatures were collected against the Islamic place of worship – the number needed for a vote to take place.

    Italian journalist and politician Magdi Allam called the referendum “the Italian revolution” and he said Pisans did not expect to get 1,800 signatures.

    Vice-chairman of the committee against the construction of the new mosque, Gianluca Gambini, said: “And we will not stop here – because we expect to get to a higher number of signatures, at least two thousand, to avoid problems with the council.

    “This morning we will go back to Pisa’s market, so people who have not yet signed up can do it.

    “We want to thank everyone who helped us especially the newspaper Il Giornale and its reporters, who believed in this battle. Magdi Allam, for example, held a successful debate last Sunday that encouraged more people to sign.

    “The collection of signatures will close next Saturday at the city market, where Daniela Santanché will support us.”

    Ms Santache is an Italian politician and entrepreneur.

    If the council finds 1,800 of the collected signatures are valid, a referendum will be held over the next few months.

    The Italian newspaper Il Giornale said that the arrest of Bilel Chiahoui who is suspected of being a jihadist with links to ISIS, is likely to increase the number of people against the mosque.

    Chiahoui was deported from Italy for planning an attack on the Leaning Tower of Pisa and praising militants who had carried out terrorist attacks in Western Europe.

    The structure is a freestanding bell tower in the Italian city of Pisa, which is known worldwide for its unintended tilt.

    In recent days, French authorities have closed its border with Italy because of the migrant crisis leaving thousands of migrants near the town of Ventimiglia.”

  2. I heard my opponent say, ‘Allahu Akbar’

    Olympic medalist Uri Sasson describes his experience fighting his Egyptian opponent. “He looked at us as if he wanted to murder us.”

    Olympic Judo medalist Uri Sasson describes his unforgettable encounter with his Egyptian opponent Islam A-Shihabi at the games, who refused to even shake his hand.

    “I knew in advance that I was to face him in competition. People were sending me messages on social networks like ‘tear apart the Muslim.’ But I understood that I was coming to fight against a sportsman, and it didn’t matter to me that he was Egyptian,” Sassson said in an interview with Yediot Achronot.

    Sasson related that his Egyptian opponent never came up to talk to him and always had a malicious look in his eye. “He looked like he wanted to murder us. In the elevator, the Egyptians didn’t want to go up with us.

    “A couple minutes before the fight, I heard him and his coach telling each other, ‘Allah Akbar.’ It reminded me of what happens in Israel before terrorist attacks, with those shouts,” Sasson described.

    On the failed attempt at a handshake after the fight, Sasson commented, “After the fight, I looked for his hand. My coach Oren Smadadga told me to do it. I never had developed any hatred towards him.”


    Israeli judoka: Rival’s ‘Allahu akbar’ before bout reminded me of terror attacks

    Even before spurned handshake, medalist Or Sasson says, Egyptian delegation wouldn’t ride in elevator with Israeli opponents

    Israel’s Olympic bronze medalist Or Sasson said that tensions ran high between the Egyptian and Israeli judo delegations even before the now-infamous rejected handshake with Sasson’s Egyptian competitor Islam El Shehaby.

    The Egyptian judoka raised a storm in Rio by refusing to shake hands with Sasson, and at first refusing to bow, after losing the match on Friday. He was reprimanded by an Olympic disciplinary commission.

    In Sasson’s memory of the past week, the infamous handshake incident was merely the tip of an iceberg of antagonism, which awakened in the Jerusalem native associations with terror attacks in Israel.

    “Before the match, I heard the Egyptian judoka and his coach saying to each other, ‘Allahu akbar.’ It reminded me of what happens in Israel before terror attacks, with those screams,” he told Yedioth Ahronoth in an interview published Wednesday.

    The phrase “Allahu akbar,” which translates into “God is greatest,” is uttered by many millions of Muslims five times a day throughout the world during prayers. Muslims also regularly proclaim it as an affirmation of faith and determination in less formal situations.

    According to Sasson, when the lottery pitted him against El Shehaby, “I got social media messages telling me to ‘beat up the Muslim.’ But I understood that I came to compete against a sportsman, and it doesn’t matter if he’s Egyptian.”

    With the Jewish-Muslim rivalry already taking place online, tensions only got worse in Rio.

    “He never spoke to me. He always had an antagonistic attitude. He would look at us like he wanted to murder us. The Egyptians didn’t want to take the elevator with us,” Sasson said.

    To combat that perceived hostility, his coach instructed him to seek out the handshake after beating his rival, Sasson told the Israeli daily.

    “After the match I went looking for his hand. My coach Oren Smadja” — himself an Olympic judo bronze medalist from the 1992 Barcelona Games — “asked me to do it.”

    “I never developed any hatred toward him,” Sasson said of El Shehaby.

    Sasson, a two-time European silver medalist who turns 26 on August 18, brushed off the unpleasant encounter with Shehaby in the first round of the tournament and went on to win two more fights, claiming a place in the semifinals against France’s legendary Teddy Riner, who later retained his gold medal. After narrowly losing to Riner, Sasson beat Cuba’s Alex Mendoza to earn a bronze.

    Sasson and fellow Israeli judoka medalist Yarden Gerbi returned to Israel on Monday to a heroes’ welcome at Ben Gurion Airport, where nearly 1,000 fans turned up.

    The full interview with Sasson, set to be published in Yedioth’s Friday edition, went beyond the handshake.

    Sasson decried the high taxes Israel places on Olympic winnings: “I heard that the state plans to take from us half the amount we won. It’s frustrating to win and have the state take half.” As an Olympic judoka in training, “I make NIS 6,000 per month,” or $1,585, amounting to an annual salary of $19,000.

    Sports and Culture Minister Miri Regev announced Wednesday that she would raise Israel’s own prize to its Olympic medalists: NIS 300,000 ($79,000) to bronze winners, NIS 400,000 ($106,000) for silver and NIS 500,000 ($132,000) for gold.

    In the wake of the handshake refusal, which was deemed by Olympic officials to have been contrary to the Olympic spirit and the ethics of judo, an International Olympic Committee spokesman said Monday that the Egyptian Olympic Committee “strongly condemned the actions of Mr Islam El Shehaby and has sent him home.”

    The following day, Egypt’s judo federation denied that El Shehaby was sent home for refusing to shake Sasson’s hand. Egyptian judo federation president Sameh Moubasher told AFP that El Shehaby “was not sent home. He returned with his colleagues. The whole judo team returned yesterday at dawn.”

    The Egyptian El Youm el Sabah news site on Sunday quoted Shehaby as saying he did not initially plan to ignore Sasson’s outstretched hand, but that it was rather a spur-of-the-moment decision.

    Shehaby claimed he didn’t break any rules by not shaking Sasson’s hand moments after the Israeli threw him to the mat, beating him.

    “The Israeli athlete is not my friend whom I must greet,” he said, adding, “I worked really hard to get into this Olympics, and in the end it turned into something political.”

  3. INDIA – Quran pages found torn in Sangrur village, one held

    The accused is the brother-in-law of the moulvi at village mosque

    The police today claimed to have solved a Quran desecration case with the arrest of Israr Mohammad, brother-in-law of Mohammad Mustafa, the moulvi of the mosque at Mehlan village, near here.

    The moulvi’s daughter yesterday spotted torn pages of the holy book in a bathroom on the premises of the mosque. The book was found on the roof of the mosque, following which the moulvi informed the police.

    Inspector General of Police (IGP), Patiala Zone, Paramraj Singh Umranangal, said a four-member special investigation team (SIT), on a tip-off, arrested Israr Mohammad of Paharpur village in Saharanpur district (UP) from a dhaba near Mehlan Chowk.

    During the interrogation, Israr confessed that he had committed the crime at 3 pm on August 14 when no family member of the moulvi was present in the mosque. The IGP said Israr was earlier staying with the moulvi’s family, but was thrown out when he started taking drugs. He told the police that he desecrated the Quran to avenge his humiliation at the hands of his sister and her husband.

    He has been booked under Section 295-A (deliberate and malicious acts intended to outrage religious feelings) of the IPC at Chhajli police station.

    This is the second case of Quran desecration in less than two months in Sangrur district. On June 24, an incident of sacrilege occurred in Malerkotla. Among the accused persons, Vijay Kumar, Nand Kishore Goldy and Gaurav are in jail, while Aam Aadmi Party MLA Naresh Yadav is out on bail.

    PIC :
    Israr Mohammad (face covered), accused in the Quran desecration case, with police personnel in Sangrur on Tuesday.
    Mawlawi (also spelled Maulvi, Moulvi, and Mawlvi) is an honorific Islamic religious title given to Muslim religious scholars or Ulema preceding their names, similar to the titles Maulana, Mullah, or Shaykh. Mawlawi generally means highly qualified Islamic scholar. Usually, a Maulvi would have completed full studies in a madrassa


  4. Germany: Antifa arrested as far-right Thugida met by anger in Jena

    Some 200 supporters of the far-right group Thugida, Pegida’s Thuringia affiliate, were met by thousands of anti-racist demonstrators in Jena, Wednesday, as the nationalist movement marched against what they describe as ‘paid left terrorists’.

  5. CANADA – National Post _‘Our wolves will come to you’: ISIL ramps up anti-Canada propaganda after Ontario terror incident

    TORONTO — An image circulated by an ISIL propaganda outfit on Wednesday showed Toronto burning while a terrorist watched from nearby mountains, a wolf at his side. “Our wolves will come to you,” it read.

    As expected, ISIL has ramped up its propaganda campaign against Canada following last week’s police killing of Aaron Driver, an ISIL supporter in Strathroy, Ont. who was allegedly in the final stages of planning a bomb attack.

    Attempting to capitalize on the incident, the pro-ISIL al-Wa’d Foundation released two posters on its Telegram channel on Wednesday, including the one showing an apocalyptic Toronto, according to the SITE Intelligence Group.

    “O worshippers of the cross in Canada, now now fighting came, our wolves will come to you from where you will not know so you won’t enjoy life,” it read. The second poster showed a terrorist walking through a destroyed Toronto street.

    “Soon very soon,” it read.

    The ISIL newspaper al-Naba also took on Canada in its Tuesday edition, calling Driver “one of the soldiers of the Islamic State” and saying his failed plot was “a martyrdom-seeking attack targeting Canadian Crusader police in Ontario.”

    It went on to claim that Canada “participates in the war on Islam” and “takes part in the Crusader campaign on the Islamic State.” For its part, ISIL’s Amaq news agency said last Thursday that Driver was responding “to calls to target coalition countries.”

    It is a pattern familiar: Within days of the recent attacks in Europe and the United States, ISIL tried to stoke fears by threatening more. Not mentioned in the releases on Canada was that Driver’s alleged plot resulted in only his own death.

    ISIL makes heavy use of propaganda, much of it distributed on social media. A retired senior Canadian Security Intelligence Service official, Andy Ellis, said in April that Canadians were part of the ISIL propaganda wing, which valued their English-language skills.

    The RCMP and FBI have been investigating an ISIL propagandist with a Canadian-sounding voice who has narrated several of the terrorist group’s most gruesome videos, including the claim of responsibility for the Orlando attack.

    But Wednesday’s posters, with their clichéd images of Toronto’s snow-capped mountains and pet wolves, do not appear to have been made by anyone familiar with Canada, and the text does not appear to have been written by an English-speaker.

  6. BREITBART -Afghan Asylum Seeker Accused Of Raping 4-Year-Old Boy In Toilet

    An Afghan asylum seeker has gone on trial accused of raping four-year-old Iraqi boy in a German asylum centre.

    The 22-year-old was allegedly discovered in a toilet cubicle by the child’s father after he noticed his son’s shoes outside alongside an adult’s pair.

    When he knocked and opened the door, he discovered his son’s trousers down, but the defendant said he was just helping the boy go to the toilet, an explanation the father initially believed.

    However, the Holsteinischer Courier reports the boy later revealed to his mother that he had been forced to perform oral sex on the man, which a DNA test later confirmed.

    The man is in court alongside a 29-year-old alleged accomplice, who is accused of “keeping watch” and of threatening the boy’s eight-year-old brother with a knife when he tried to intervene.

    The incident allegedly happened in a migrant camp in the town of Boostedt in Schleswig-Holsten, north Germany, and is the latest in a long string of sexual assaults and violence in migrant camps across Germany and beyond.

    Breitbart London reported in April how the problem had become so widespread that the German government is now spending 200 million euros to segregate women and children from male migrants.

    The Ministry of Families, Seniors, Women and Youth (BMFSFJ) made the money available to fund projects designed to reduce the number of cases of sexual abuse, saying they would look at remodelling migrant homes to provide safe spaces with extra security for women and children.

    “Unfortunately we know that children and women in the camps are not safe from abuse and sexual assault,” said junior minister Ralph Kleindiekat, adding the government was considering “not only measures regarding staff, but also structural measures need to be implemented such as lockable accommodation units and separate sanitary facilities.”

    The government’s Abuse Commission, Johannes-Wilhelm Rörig had previously stated that abuse had become so rampant that “sexual assaults happen in all the refugee camps in Germany”.

  7. Soros Hack Reveals Evidence of Systemic Anti-Israel Bias
    Millions clandestinely funneled to organizations dedicated exclusively to opposing the Jewish state

    The Open Society Foundations, the network of philanthropic organizations funded by billionaire George Soros, appears to have been hacked earlier this weekend, and its confidential reports made available on the website DC Leaks. These newly revealed documents provide a granular look into the extent of the network’s operations in Israel and the Palestinian Authority, with millions of dollars designated annually to organizations highly critical of the Jewish state, some of whom deny its right to exist.

  8. George Soros and His Minions Target the Middle East Forum
    PHILADELPHIA – Aug. 16, 2016 – An anonymous website ( released over 2,500 confidential files from George Soros’ Open Society Foundations (OSF) on August 13, shedding light on the hedge fund billionaire’s funding of anti-Israel and pro-Islamist organizations.

    The leaked files include an internal memo from 2011 titled “Extreme Polarization and Breakdown in Civic Discourse.” It discusses a $200,000 OSF grant to the Center for American Progress (CAP) to “research and track the activities” of the Middle East Forum and other NGOs working to combat the spread of radical Islam in America.

    Sure enough, in 2011, CAP published a 138-page report, Fear, Inc.: The Roots of the Islamophobia Network in America, which condemned Middle East Forum President Daniel Pipes as a “misinformation expert” whose “alarmist rhetoric” encourages anti-Muslim stereotyping, charges repeated in a follow-up report in 2015.

    The Soros-funded CAP assault on the Middle East Forum is part and parcel of its support for American Islamist groups. Thus, the Muslim Brotherhood-affiliated Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) is hailed in Fear, Inc. as a “civil rights group.” In 2013, CAP issued a report asserting that the “basic tenets of Sharia” are “familiar to any Christian or Jew: faith in a single god, prayer, charitable giving, and fasting.”

    CAP is an organization with annual revenue of $45 million, close ties to the Clinton family (it is “not completely wrong to see it as … a White House staff in readiness for President Hillary Clinton,” according to Robert Dreyfuss, contributing editor at the left-wing Nation magazine), and a list of corporate donors a mile long.

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