Posting today.

There is material to post. Another stabbing/shooting in Cologne, and more info from Corsica and even something from Quebec.

What stops me from posting it here and now is that the media has gotten even more deceptive than before.

Up until recently, the media seemed to content to lie by omission. They would also use code words so that the omissions could be at least partially filled in by use of the code. So “Asians” meant muslims in England, “Youths” means muslims in France, “restive” meant an area with lots of muslims, as does “diverse” and so on and so on.

But now much of the legacy media, or perhaps more accurately, the government-media complex, is working on a policy of outright deception where names and descriptions of people and to a degree, events, are being kept from the public but a sudden rush to judgment about the mental health of the attacker is front and center.

In nearly all cases it seems as if people yelling allah hu acbar or clearly devout followers of Islam are now just really just mentally ill.

This is interesting for two reasons.

When the British would refer to antisocial acts as being done by “Asians” they did so, by their own reasoning, because to blame it on muslims was to be racist, so instead, they pointed out the actual biological race of the perps to avoid the false charge of racism for pointing out the actual ideological basis of the crimes which really were the motives.

This would be pretty much identical to saying that Nazis killed Jews because they were Europeans and not because they were Nazis. To call them Nazis would be the racist thing to do, not for calling them Caucasian. The fact that the Jews in Germany where Ashkenazi for the most part and therefore also Caucasian would be avoided.

So real racism was used to avoid appearing to be fake racist? nope. That doesn’t wash.

It was about protecting Islam and thats all.

Now we have them ready to throw the mentally ill under the Islamic bus.

In fact the percentage of those suffering from mental illness who are, dare we say it, ‘violent extremists’ is the same as the general population.

So the new trend in labeling the wave of Muslim or muslim inspired knife, bomb, gun attacks against the unbeliever or anyone who interferes with Islamic global manifest destiny will see news claiming that it was merely a “mental patient”, or someone with “Mental issues”.

And somehow the media will instantly have access to highly secret medical records protected by law and requiring a lengthy court process to obtain, and references to it will appear in an article about a mass attack, yet with a peculiar lack of detail about the name, appearance, mannerisms, things the person said during the attack, eye witness accounts etc.

Often when there is video, the face of the attacker will be pixelated to protect his identity or his group identity but not the victims, who’s own families may not know about the injuries yet.

So it takes a little longer to post because at this stage the only places where we have a chance to get real data about events are twitter and Youtube and those will be closed for that purpose ASAP one might justifiably suspect.



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  1. I hope everyone heard Trump’s speech today about foreign policy and how he will fight terror & ISIS if he gets elected. Sadly, the entire media world is arrayed against him – everyone from Google on down to the most local news outlet. I have been a political junkie for many years and have never seen anything like what they are doing to Trump. The man is absolutely brilliant, he is our only hope at this point, yet both sides are coming at him 24/7/365 at every turn no matter what he says. It sickens me to think that the Obama hag has such a good chance of winning. She who would destroy the West once and for all. It is horrific and true that she and Hussein are the creators of ISIS.

    • The people who are attacking him are part of the establishment, they (at least part of them) realize that Trump being elected will cause the establishment to have to rethink all they are doing. This bothers them because for the most part they are taking regular payments from nations or corporations to slant the US police to benefit the paymasters.

    • One of the few mistakes that Ronald Reagan made was allowing the establishment to force him to choose a liberal for his running mate. If he had been free to choose a conservative we would have had 20 to 24 years of conservatives in the White House and this would have prevented this mess.

      The media back then was just as biased but were afraid to show it the way they are currently doing, there were too many people alive that remembered what the press was suppose to be like and would have driven them out of business if they had openly shown their bias.

  2. I appreciate your essay, Eeyore.
    We’re at an awfully low point. We better defend our right to inform each other as fiercely as we defend our right to bear arms. Like love and marriage, they go together.

    J.E. Dyer describes one aspect of the threat in some detail, then concludes: “Be afraid.”

    ‘Net neutrality’: We’ll have to break it, to reestablish liberty

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