A few words about Dabiq

This video touches on the Islamic eschatology concerning a prophesied battle in a place called “Dabiq” of which the Islamic State or Al Quada has named a magazine after.

This video does not go into it nearly enough although I believe some of Stephen Coughlin or Clare Lopez’ materials do. Any links on the subject people are aware of, please add to comments section. Its always nice to have a clear view of what the enemy actually feels must happen.

Clarion Project’s page here. 

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  1. By refusing to admit this is a religious war we are limiting ourselves by denying our leaders the information in their end times prophecies that tell us what the enemy thinks must/will happen. Once you know how your enemy is working to win, what they think has to happen for them to win you know what you have to do to win the war.

  2. Here is the link to his youtube channel, haven’t found anything more on the end times prophecies but will keep looking.

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