Pallywood sets up child to be shot by father, British man set on fire and more. All one common denominator: Links 1 on July 31 – 2016

1, Man, 31, set alight in Waltham Abbey Gardens attack

A man has suffered serious burns after being covered in an unknown substance and set alight, police have said.

A 31-year-old man was walking through Waltham Abbey Gardens in Essex at 08:00 BST on Saturday when he was approached by a group of men.

They threw over him an “unidentified substance” according to police and then set him ablaze. […] The victim has described his attackers as being of “Turkish appearance”.

2. Muslim parenting skills.

3. Youtube pulls at least one mirror of Rock band doing song about religion which a number of Islamic organizations complained about. Try and read the English titles. Its a fun catchy little song. If or when Muslims take it upon themselves to do harm to these talented kids, I hope Hollywood will do a super high production version of this tune and make sure its seen everywhere. Dare to dream I say. Dare to dream.

4. The demo for Erdogan is massive. Some videos show ANTIFA marching with Turkish nationalists. I haven’t yet worked out if they are supporting Erdogan or not. If they are, they need to examine the concept of “Anti-Fascist” a little more closely.

Thank you M., Richard, Xanthippa, Wrath of Khan, Pym Purnell and all who sent in materials.



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  1. Muslim parenting skills.
    So unnatural. In nature parents fight to the death to keep their progeny alive. It is a cruel religion that would drive it’s adherents to sacrifice the next generation. So very unnatural.

  2. That toddler in #2 had better watch his back. Shaking the hand of a Zionist(like he did at ~0:30) could be seen as collaboration. It would have been truly hilarious if the Israeli Border policemen just snatched the kid, handed him over to Israeli child welfare services and had him raised by some Jewish, Christian or Druze family in Israel. Sixteen years later they get another soldier for the IDF. Kind of like janissaries, but in reverse.

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