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  1. Australia: MH370 Captain’s Simulator Had Indian Ocean Route (abcnews, July 28, 2016)

    “Australian officials confirmed on Thursday that data recovered from a home flight simulator owned by the captain of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 showed that someone had used the device to plot a course to the southern Indian Ocean, where the missing jet is believed to have crashed.

    There has been confusion over exactly what was found on Capt. Zaharie Ahmad Shah’s flight simulator since New York Magazine reported last week that an FBI analysis of the device showed Zaharie had conducted a simulated flight to the southern Indian Ocean less than a month before the plane vanished along a similar route. The magazine cited the discovery as strong evidence that the disappearance was a premeditated act of mass murder-suicide at the hands of the captain…”

  2. WARNING: Just ONE of 2,000 terror suspects in Britain under surveillance amid attack fears (express, July 28, 2016)

    “JUST one extremist in Britain is under curfew despite there being more than 2,000 terror suspects in the UK, it has been revealed.

    The Terrorism Prevention and Investigation Measures, known as T-Pims, is used by the police and MI5 to keep surveillance on terror suspects who are yet to be deported.

    But, as of May this year, the security system is only being used to track one terror suspect, according to a statement handed to Parliament just before the summer recess.

    British judges have been accused of watering down T-Pims conditions, meaning forces are reluctant to fritter thousands of pounds of taxpayers’ money in legal fees in order to use the system on suspects.

    Critics have now called for the rules to be strengthened amid terror fears in the UK.

    Independent reviewer of terror legislation Lord Carlile said: “It is surprising and worrying that we are down to just one T-Pim given the situation appertaining all over Europe.

    “We know that there is a severe risk of terror attack. I hope that the Government is examining the possibility of increasing the use of T-Pims or toughening them up.

    “It is absolutely essential that the authorities should have the powers they need. The events in Normandy, Nice and Germany must focus ministers’ minds to use all the tools at their disposal including T-Pims.”

    Europe is currently gripped by a continued terror threat from the Islamic State following a spate of depraved attacks in France and Germany…”

  3. REVEALED: Imams giving out Islamic extremist texts calling for jihad in BRITISH prisons (express, July 28, 2016)

    “EXTREMIST Islamic books promoting hatred towards non-Muslims have been given out by imams in British prisons despite being banned.

    A book dubbed the ‘Mein Kampf of Islamic terrorism’ is among one of the titles distributed to volatile prisons, urging Muslims to turn to turn to violence against all non-believers.

    Another text, by extremist preacher Sayyid Qutb, blames Jewish people for “materialism, animal sexuality, the destruction of the family and the dissolution of society”.

    One of the books, which also takes aim at homosexuality, states: “The spread of this depraved practice in a society disrupts its natural life pattern and makes those who practice it slaves to their lusts, depriving them of decent taste, decent morals and a decent manner of living.”

    Copies of the texts were found in nine of the 11 prisons which were inspected during a radicalisation review.

    One of the prisons where the illicit texts were found was in a category A jail, where the most dangerous inmates who commit murder and rape are kept.

    When questioned, some of the prison imams said they were too busy to read the vitriolic texts before giving them to inmates…”

    • Create a violent upraising in the prisons, one where the authorities end up using massive and in some cases lethal force to put down, then agitate outside about the evil government/guards/police for murdering the innocent prisoners.

    • The author is right about it taking decades to correct the many decades of damage the left has done to France and the other European nations. He is wrong to ignore the religious motive and concentrate on the colonial past. This ignoring the key motive of the jihadists is preventing the nations from developing a solution to the problem. But to do that would be to admit the left has made massive mistakes (and in many cases deliberate efforts) that have created this mess.

      When searching for the causes for this mess and who is responsible for it always remember that actions speak louder then words. Look at the actions of the politicians and when the actions run counter to their words believe the actions. Doing this it won’t be long before you discover a pattern to the actions of the west and that pattern isn’t one of workoing for the welfare for the little people.

      • They like massaging those “root causes” – fondling those concepts, the verities. Defining a course of action – well, that’s not the agenda. That would be prescriptive, imply one set of outcomes is more desirable than another.
        Nice people don’t make value judgements, Richard. Only fascist racists do.

  4. Three Libyan migrants who DID get into UK: Gaddafi henchmen found with £6bn laundered cash (express, July 28, 2016)

    “A RING of Colonel Gaddafi’s former henchmen have been found living the high life in the UK after allegedly fleeing from Libya with millions of pounds after the dictator’s removal from power.

    General Ahmed Mahmoud Azwai, who was in charge of Gaddafi’s missile stockpile, Brigadier Guima Elmaarfi – an army commander – and another unnamed military man were all found in Britain.

    It is said the trio have been given permission to stay in the country – despite being accused of laundering money through British banks.

    Azwai was found living in a wealthy part of Surrey, while Elmaarfi – who is suspected of escaping the country with a fortune of at least £14million after the fall of the dictator – was discovered living in a large house in south west London.

    His son, who fled with him to Britain, was jailed two years ago for stabbing a teenager with a kitchen knife and carving his initial into the abdomen of a man who had been beaten unconscious.

    A third man has also been tracked down, but a High Court gagging order prevents him from being named for legal reasons.

    Libyan investigators claim the three former officials are among scores of regime figures suspected of hiding stolen assets worth a total of £5.81billion ($7.62bn) in the UK.

    They say the British authorities have done nothing to help them investigate, instead allowing all three men to settle in Britain, and granting Elmaarfi and Azwai – who deny the allegations – political asylum…”

  5. ‘I’ll blow you up’: Manhunt in Bremen after ‘pro-ISIS psycho’ escapes ward shouting threats (RT, July 28, 2016)

    “German police have arrested a 19-year-old Algerian asylum seeker who fled a psych hospital threatening to blow people up. A shopping mall in Bremen was evacuated during the manhunt. Police have tried to downplay the man’s links to Islamists.

    Although police confirmed that the man had previously expressed admiration for the Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) terror group, hailing the recent shooting attack at a Munich shopping center that left 10 people dead, police refused to call the hunt an anti-terror raid…”

  6. ISIS defeat could lead ‘terrorist diaspora’ to West – FBI (RT, July 28, 2016)

    “FBI Director James Comey warns that defeating Islamic State in Syria could lead to the spread of terrorist attacks in the West.

    “At some point there is going to be a terrorist diaspora out of Syria like we’ve never seen before,” FBI Director James Comey told an audience at a cybersecurity conference at Fordham University on Wednesday, the New York Times reported.

    “Not all of the Islamic State killers are going to die on the battlefield,” Comey added.

    Comey predicted that the US-led military coalition would eventually succeed in defeating IS in Syria, but that “through the fingers of that crush are going to come hundreds of really dangerous people and they are going to flow primarily to Western Europe, but we may as well be right next door to Western Europe given the ease with which people travel.”…”

        • I know what you mean, I was suspicious when Obama appointed him to head the FBI, Obama has never appointed someone he doesn’t consider to be loyal to him and willing to break any law if Obama wants it.

          The politically naive have been screaming about impeachment ever since Obama took office, to impeach a President you 1) need a House that will vote a bill of impeachment and 2) a Senate that will try him. This was proven when the Senate refused to try Clinton or even look at the evidence of his crimes. This failure of nerve on the part of the Senators (who were either very stupid or mor probably very scared) set the precedent that liberal Democrats who are President are above the law. This failure is also why both Obama and Hillary think they can get away with breaking the law anytime they find the law inconvenient. If something isn’t done the next LIberal Democrat we have as President will be much worse then Obama.

  7. ‘Germany should send back foreigners to save lives, stop appeasing Islamists’ – Bavarian MP to RT (RT, July 28, 2016)

    “The fact that three of the terror attacks that shocked Germany last week took place in its largest state of Bavaria is a “nightmare” for locals, and shows a failure of the EU and Berlin to deal with migration, Thomas Jahn of the CSU party told RT.

    Jahn, a vice chairman of Bavaria’s dominant Christian Social Union (CSU) conservative campaign, lambasted the migration policy pursued by Angela Merkel – the chair of his party’s traditional ally, the Christian Democratic Union (CDU).

    “People in Bavaria and in [the] whole [of] Germany say that, of course, Mrs. Merkel has failed and, historically, the nation because she decided to ignore the German immigration law and she opened the borders of our country last year for two million immigrants from countries outside Europe,” Jahn said, adding that the government is to blame for the “nightmare” terror spate that has descended upon Germany.

    “It’s really a nightmare [what] politicians brought to Germany and Bavaria, and people are very worried to be [the] next victims of terrorism in our country,” he said.

    In order to prevent terror from spreading, Germany must secure its borders by introducing tougher border controls. In addition, Berlin must not hesitate to deport all new arrivals who could pose a threat to the country’s security, the MP argued.

    “We need to control our borders, that is the most important thing at the moment, and we need to send…the dangerous people with Islamist ideology back to the countries outside Europe and [the] European Union,” the politician said…”

    • All nations need to control their borders, the leftist are busy tearing down the borders to achieve their goal of a one world government. One of the things they need to achieve this goal is to remain in power long enough to destroy our cultures. One of the ways they are trying to remain in power is to flood our nations with people from the Third World who will vote for them. The big mistake they have made is to choose the Moslems as the people to destroy the European Cultures, once the Moslems achieve a large enough number the leftist will be the first to die. If it were just them that would be destroyed I would say let the Moslems go but the Moslems will work to destroy all that we hold dear including our families and our lives.

  8. PUTIN THE PRESSURE ON Russia and China to hold joint naval drills in the South China Sea as tensions escalate

    The drills come weeks after a UN-backed tribunal ruled this month that China did not have historic rights to the hotly contested waters

    Russia is to hold joint naval exercises with China in the South China Sea in September as tensions escalate over the fiercely contested islands.

    China’s Defence Ministry insisted the “routine” drills were aimed at strengthening their co-operation and were not aimed at any other country.

    But they come at a time of heightened tensions in the region after a UN-backed tribunal ruled this month that China did not have historic rights to the waters.
    South China Sea, Russia, Putin, China

    • During the Cold War the US maintained a military strong enough to fight two conventional wars at once, after the Soviet Union collapsed the military was reduced to the level where we could fight one and a half conventional wars. Then Obama took office adn our military was reduced to the level tht both Russia and China are laughing as us when Obama tries to act tough. The joint maneuvers is an attempt by both China and Russia to force the US to either leave the far east or draw down our military level in Europe that we are effectively abandoning the Europeans.

      The only thing we can do is remain vigilant and elect Trump so our military can be rebuilt. The left has created the perfect storm for a major war and we are now going to have to pay in blood for our lack of vigilance in choosing our leaders.

        • In late September 2001 a Japanese woman who married a GI shortly after WWII ask me what the bombing meant? I said it meant war and she said she didn’t want war she remembered how America fights wars. Before too much longer the world will once again learn not to wake the sleeping giant because when we wake up we are on a real bad mood.

  9. Turkey shuts down 130 media outlets as President Erdogan’s purge of ‘dissidents’ accelerates

    The Turkish Government has shut down 130 media outlets in a mass purge of the media following the coup attempt.

    President Recep Erdogan has responded to the apparent coup attempt by clamping down on alleged dissidents since the failed bid to oust him from power rocked the country.

    The increasingly authoritarian regime has purged the media, universities, schools, the police, judiciary and military of potential opponents.

    • Turkish authorities dismiss military personnel, shut media outlets
      ReutersJuly 27, 2016

      ANKARA/ISTANBUL (Reuters) – Turkey has dismissed nearly 1,700 military personnel and closed more than 130 media outlets, official sources said on Wednesday, amid a deepening crackdown that has stirred alarm among Ankara’s NATO allies following this month’s failed coup.

      A total of 1,684 military personnel have been dishonorably discharged, a Turkish government official said, citing their role in the July 15-16 abortive putsch, where a faction of the military attempted to topple the government.

      • Conspiracy theories flourish after Turkey’s failed coup

        ISTANBUL/ANKARA (Reuters) – Turkey’s failed coup was financed by the CIA and directed by a retired U.S. army general using a cell in Afghanistan, said one Turkish pro-government newspaper. CIA agents used an island hotel off Istanbul as a nerve center for the plot, said another.

        Turks are churning out conspiracy theories about who helped orchestrate the abortive military coup that nearly toppled President Tayyip Erdogan, with the United States – a close NATO ally but a traditional object of suspicion – top of the list.

        “The coup was directed by this man,” said a front-page headline in the pro-government Yeni Safak newspaper, alongside a photo of retired U.S. Army General John F. Campbell, the last commander of NATO-led forces in Afghanistan and before that the 34th vice chief of staff of the U.S. Army.

        It said the failed coup had been financed by the CIA via Nigeria’s United Bank for Africa , and that two Afghan-based Turkish generals detained in Dubai on Tuesday were part of Campbell’s cell of plotters.–finance.html?ref=gs

      • Like Obama and Hillary are protecting the US, lying stealing and betraying the US and our allies.

        If the left knew how many people out here see through their lies they would be running for cover in other nations. However I don’t think anyone including China would take them in as refugees.

  10. When will our politicians accept the reality of Islamic terrorism?
    We are enduring a summer of terror, but our leaders are in denial

    How is your Merkelsommer going? For now, Britain seems to be missing the worst. True, a couple of men of Middle Eastern appearance tried to abduct a soldier near his base in Norfolk for what was unlikely to have been an interfaith dialogue session. But Britain’s geographical good fortune, relative success in limiting weapons and our justified scepticism of the undiscriminating ‘open borders’ brigade mean that we have so far been spared the delights of what Angela Merkel’s growing army of critics refer to as her summer of terror.

  11. France had been hunting second church attacker after tipoffs

    PARIS/SAINT-ETIENNE-DU-ROUVRAY, France (Reuters) – Police had been hunting the second teenager who killed a priest in a church in France this week after foreign intelligence tipoffs that he was a suspected jihadist, police sources said on Thursday.

    The revelation is likely to further fuel criticism by opposition politicians that President Francois Hollande’s Socialist government did not do enough to stop the pair given that they were both already under police surveillance.

    They interrupted a church service, forced a 85-year-old Roman Catholic priest to his knees at the altar and slit his throat. They were later shot and killed by police.

    Police had already identified 19-year-old Adel Kermiche as one of the attacker. He had made failed bids to reach Syria to wage jihad, wore an electronic bracelet and was awaiting trial for alleged membership of a terrorist organization having been released on bail.

    They have now identified the second man as Abdel-Malik Nabil Petitjean, also 19, from a town in eastern France on the border with Germany, a judicial source told Reuters on Thursday.

    Security services had on June 29 opened a special file on Petitjean, suspecting he had become radicalized, after an earlier tip from Turkish authorities, a police source said separately.

  12. The part about the Wikileaks DNC email dump the media forgot to report

    The mainstream media can’t be accused of selection bias when it came to reporting the leak last week of 20,000 emails that reflected badly on the DNC. In fact, they’re still on the story. Just this morning, The New York Times reported that Julian Assange, the man behind Wikileaks, timed the dump to coincide with the Democratic Convention. OK, that item is sympathetic to the Dems and their candidate, but it’s still more-or-less news.

    But it turns out the elite media aren’t quite so pure when it comes to the leak story. According to Brent Bozell and Tim Graham at CNSNews, the MSM conveniently suppressed emails revealing that the liberal media colluded with the DNC:

    In February, Gawker made a Freedom of Information Act request for government emails from Hillary Clinton’s PR aide Philippe Reines. The disclosed emails exposed Politico big-foot Mike Allen. He offered a cozy Politico chat with Chelsea Clinton: “No one besides me would ask her a question, and you and I would agree on them precisely in advance.” When exposed, Allen spun the offer as “clumsy.”

    …[T]he latest emails demonstrate Politico is still making a mockery of journalistic “independence.” We now learn that “reporter” Ken Vogel sent a story on Clinton fundraising to DNC national press secretary Mark Paustenbach for a pre-publication review. Now, checking for confirmation of some numbers or confirming a quote — that’s OK. But the entire story? That is journalistic malpractice. The Democrats have Politico on a leash.

  13. UK Police Launch Rainbow Patrol Car To ‘Fight Hate Crime’

    A British police force has revealed a new rainbow flag decorated patrol car in “a sign of solidarity” with the “LGBT+ community” which will help to “fight hate crime”.

    “Norfolk & Suffolk Constabularies launch their newest tool to fight hate crime this week, a new Pride car.

    “Set to take to the road on the week of Norwich Pride, the car, with its rainbow design, is a sign of solidarity and commitment to the region’s LGBT+ community,” the force announced on YouTube.

  14. Mass. felon charged for posting cartoon of burning mosque

    A man who posted a cartoon of a burning mosque on the Facebook page of New England’s largest Muslim cultural center faces federal charges for making an illegal threat that free speech attorneys say isn’t protected by the First Amendment.

    Patrick Keogan of Wilmington was held without bail pending a dangerousness hearing tomorrow. He is charged with making online threats and being a convicted felon in possession of ammunition.

    Authorities say Keogan, 44, posted an image of a mosque in flames on the Islamic Society of Boston Cultural Center’s Facebook page with the words “Burn your local mosque” surrounding it. He commented on the post, saying “Hello scumbags” with a smiley face.

    “A reasonable recipient of that post could certainly have interpreted it as a threat,” said Tom Lesser, an attorney who has handled numerous First Amendment cases. “I wouldn’t want to be the defendant here — this looks like an uphill climb to me.”

    Video at site.

  15. Afghanistan Sees 20 Percent Rise in Casualties of Security Forces, Police: Official (nbcnews, July 28, 2016)

    “It has been another bloody year on the battlefield for Afghan soldiers and police officers, who have experienced a surge in casualties over last year, according to the top U.S. general in the region.

    The number of those killed so far this year is about 20 percent higher than during the same period last year, Gen. John Nicholson said Thursday without disclosing exact figures.

    In all of 2015, there were 20,000 casualties among Afghan Security Forces, he added.

    The Taliban militants opposing the government forces have fought steadily through 2016, including over the winter, officials said. The fledgling democracy has also been tormented by rival terror group ISIS…”

  16. French priest murderer: He was a ‘gentle’ child (thelocal, July 28, 2016)

    “Abdel Malik Petitjean, 19, identified as the second attacker involved in the killing of a French priest, was described as perfectly normal by his incredulous family and friends.

    Unlike his accomplice Adel Kermiche, also 19, Petitjean never raised suspicions for radicalisation among his neighbours, and was unknown to police until last month when he tried to go to Syria.

    His mother, Yamina Boukessoula, refused to believe her son was involved when she spoke to AFP just hours before the official confirmation.

    “He was a good French citizen. He is gentle. I know my child, I know my son. He was not involved at all,” she said…”

    • reuters- Islamic State releases new video of France church attacker

      Islamic State’s affiliated news agency AMAQ on Thursday released a video purportedly showing one of the two men who attacked a church in northern France this week urging all Muslims to destroy the country.

      In the pre-recorded video, Abdel-Malik Nabir Petitjean, formally identified as one of the men who killed a priest in the attack before being shot dead by police, addresses President Francois Hollande and Prime Minister Manuel Valls directly.

      “The times have changed. You will suffer what our brothers and sisters are suffering. We are going to destroy your country,” the man AMAQ alleges is Petitjean says in the recording.

      “Brothers go out with a knife, whatever is needed, attack them, kill them en masse,” he says, calling on Muslims to attack allies of the international coalition forces fighting Islamist militants in Syria.

      Reuters could not immediately verify the authenticity of the video.


  17. France to create new National Guard ‘to protect its citizens’ (thelocal, July 28, 2016)

    “France will soon have its own National Guard the president announced on Thursday as he aims to boost security to protect the French population facing repeated terror attacks.

    President François Hollande announced on Thursday that a new National Guard would be created from existing reserve forces.

    The move comes after a spate of recent terror attacks, including the killing of a priest as he gave mass in Normandy on Tuesday and the horrendous Nice truck attack which left 84 dead…”

  18. Corsican militants warn ‘Islamist radicals’ over attacks (thelocal, July 28, 2016)

    “A militant splinter group on the French island of Corsica has warned Islamist extremists that they would respond to any attack that took place on the island.

    In a statement sent to Corsica’s newspaper Corse Matin the group FLNC October 22, a splinter group from the main separatist group the National Liberation Front of Corsica (FLNC), said any attack would trigger “a determined response without any qualms”.

    The splinter group also warned the French government that “if a tragedy were to happen it would bare substantial share of responsibility because it knows who the radicals Islamists are in Corsica.”

    “The aim of the Salafists is clearly to install Isis policies here and we are prepared for it,” the group said.

    The militants, which have been involved in bombings and organised crime over the years, also stated that they had foiled a terrorist attack on the island back in June, that was planned to have been carried out in a public place.

    The French government, which has revealed details of several foiled plots in the past, has never mentioned any thwarted plan to attack the Mediterranean Island.

    The October 22 splinter group announced in May this year it would bring an end to its 40-year armed struggle, two years after the main FLNC group vowed to do the same.

    The statement from the FLNC-October 22 comes as tensions between communities on the island have mounted in recent months.

    In April this year a Muslim prayer hall was burned to the ground just months after the island was rocked by anti-Arab riots over Christmas.

    Protests erupted on the Mediterranean island over Christmas after firefighters and police called to a low-income immigrant neighbourhood were ambushed and attacked.

    Demonstrators shouting slogans such as “This is our home!” and “Arabs get out”, vandalised a prayer hall and set fire to books including copies of the Koran.

    The attack on the prayer hall prompted French Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve to express his “solidarity with the Muslims of Corsica”.

    While the FLNC-October 22 warned radicals that “your medieval philosophy does not frighten us”, the group also called on all “Muslims of Corsica” to take a stand and denounce radical Islam and report anyone who might be drifting towards radicalization.

    “If Islamic State carries out actions on our soil, we can only win together.”

    The group also urged “calm in the face of barbarity” and stressed that it’s group was not a refuge for those seeking a racial or xenophobic fight.

    The warning from the militants comes after several politicians and even the chief of France’s internal security agency expressed concerns about the threat of a kind of civil war in France.

    Patrick Calvar from the DGSI, told a parliamentary inquiry that there was evidence that right wing groups had been gathering arms to carry out their own attacks.

    Calvar predicted “a confrontation between the extreme right and the Muslim world”.

    “Where is the spark going to come from that will light the powder, transforming France into an uncontrollable country where groups take up arms and hand out their own justice?””

  19. Croatia arrests German tourist on Turkey terror warrant (DW, July 28, 2016)

    “Turkish authorities have accused the man of committing far-left terrorist attacks in the 1990s. But the suspect has denied any involvement, saying he hasn’t visited Turkey in 25 years.

    Croatian police on Thursday arrested a German tourist of Kurdish origin suspected of participating in terrorist attacks in Turkey.

    State-owned news agency HINA reported that the man was vacationing with his family on Croatia’s Adriatic coast before special troops detained him in the town of Omis.

    The 52-year-old reportedly arrived in the country from Cologne, Germany. A judge questioned the suspect in the nearby town of Split, a police spokeswoman told AFP news agency. She added that he was arrested following an Interpol alert.

    The man stands accused of committing several terrorist attacks in Turkey between 1989 and 2001, during which he allegedly served as an activist for the TIKKO, the military arm of the Turkish Communist Party/Marxist-Leninist (TKP-ML).

    The party has sought to overthrow the government in a bid to erect a communist regime in the Anatolian nation. Authorities believe he has also collaborated with the banned Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK).

    The suspect claimed he has not visited Turkey for 25 years, denying any involvement in attacks on Turkish soil, reported HINA…”

  20. Police raid Hildesheim mosque, arrest Ludwigsburg suspect (DW, July 28, 2016)

    “Overnight in the northern German city of Hildesheim, police raided a mosque and flats belonging to people close to it. To the south, investigators want to know where a 15-year-old procured multiple weapons.

    Police in the northern German state of Lower Saxony mobilized overnight to Thursday, searching a mosque in Hildesheim run by city’s German-speaking Muslim community organization (DIK Hildesheim). Police also raided eight apartments belonging to board members of the DIK Hildesheim.

    “The DIK in Hildesheim is a national hot-spot for the radical Salafist scene,” Lower Saxony’s state interior minister, Boris Pistorius, said in a statement. “After months of preparation, with these raids today, we have taken an important step towards banning the group.”

    Ludwigsburg – youngster ‘in contact’ with Munich attacker arrested
    In the south-west, investigators have arrested a 15-year-old who they believed to have been planning a mass-shooting similar to the July 22 attack in Munich.

    The suspect had been in contact online with the Munich shooter, a German-Iranian citizen who committed suicide during his attack on Friday. Police found “a large number of small-caliber weapons, several knives and daggers” in the Ludwigsburg suspect’s possession.
    Police had said they suspected him of planning a shooting spree at his school, but on Thursday, they rowed back from this somewhat.

    “The shooting spree issue is ruled out,” a police spokesman said. “Now we’re concentrating on finding out more details.”

    Reportedly, the suspect distanced himself from any shooting plans some time ago, and yet police were careful not to dismiss the theory entirely. “One must still presume a serious threatening situation,” the police spokesman said.

    Salafist mosque sending fighters to Middle East

    Back to the north in Hildesheim, state minister Pistorius said that security services had indications that members of the group were being radicalized and that some were being motivated to travel to warzones to fight jihadi causes. Multiple visitors to the mosque had traveled on to Iraq or Syria, some of them to fight for the so-called “Islamic State” (IS), according to the investigators’ findings.

    Pistorius also said that speakers at the mosque would incite “hate against unbelievers.”…”

  21. Danish MP: Ban Muslim immigration to Denmark (thelocal, July 28, 2016)

    “A high-ranking Danish People’s Party MP came under fire on Thursday for his proposal to ban all immigration from ‘Muslim countries’ for a period of 4-6 years.

    In an opinion piece in Berlingske on Thursday, MP Søren Espersen of the Danish People’s Party (DF) proposed that a ban on immigration from Muslim countries was needed until “we have gotten a handle on our future efforts” in combating Islamic extremism in Denmark.

    The proposal has been likened by some critics to the one made by US presidential candidate Donald Trump, who also argued that such measures were necessary “until the country’s representatives can figure out what the Hell is going on.”

    Espersen is no stranger to controversy, having recently come under fire for his use of the word ‘neger’. He has also previously suggested that Denmark ought to bomb civilians in Syria.

    The MP’s proposal was slammed by politicians from both sides of Danish politics.

    Social Democrat MP Ane Halsboe-Jørgensen called the proposal completely misdirected.

    “The proposal is a total miss. We can see that there are – unfortunately – examples that the people who resort to these violent, monstrous attacks can just as well have grown up in the West,” she told broadcaster DR.

    Anders Samuelsen, leader of the Liberal Alliance party, which is in a loose blue bloc coalition with the Danish People’s Party, made his opinion on the proposal unequivocally clear in a Facebook post to his followers.

    “NO, NO and NO! We do not collectivise blame, Søren Espersen, and we should NOT mix refugee, religion and immigration policy together,” Samuelsen wrote, adding that Espersen’s proposal was “half-baked” and “irrational.”

    When Espersen was asked in an interview with Politiko whether such a ban would also include Christians from Egypt, the veteran DF politician said that “I don’t want to go into details.”

    Executive Director of the Danish Institute for Human Rights told Ritzau that the Danish People’s Party’s politics were discriminatory and completely in contradiction to the human rights conventions that Denmark has agreed to uphold.

    “I don’t think there is any use in having this discussion every time the Danish People’s Party proposes something that is in complete violation of the human rights conventions, and which they also know doesn’t stand a chance in a political or legal sense.”

    Jacobsen warned that it is nothing short of dangerous that political discourse in Denmark has become a matter of being for or against the international conventions.

    Danish People’s Party Martin Henriksen told DR that he believes there is nothing controversial about Espersen’s proposal, noting that it is consistent with what the party has been clamouring for since 2010.

    Asked whether he believed such a proposal stood any chance at ever being implemented, Henriksen said that the current wave of criticism was to be expected.

    “I expect that the Danish People’s Party will receive a torrent of outrage and condemnation today and for some time to come – that is the standard approach by the other parties – until we come further down the road, which is when the other parties will realise that maybe we have a point.””

  22. Afghan man mutilated pregnant wife (BBC, July 28, 2016)

    “A woman is critically ill in northern Afghanistan after her husband nearly beat her to death, and cut part of her genitals, family members say.

    The incident happened in the Ashkamish district of Takhar province.

    The victim, who is in her 20s, told the BBC that she did not know the reason for the attack.

    Although such mutilation is rare in Afghanistan, reports of violence against women are increasing.

    The woman is now in hospital in Kunduz.

    Her brother confirmed the nature of the injuries to the BBC, saying his aunt had seen the results of the mutilation.

    A doctor at the clinic said the victim was six months pregnant, but lost the baby as a result of the violence…”

  23. Italy police ID’d Nice attacker in 2015 (ansa, July 28, 2016)

    “(ANSA) – Genoa, July 28 – Italian police had identified the gun-wielding truck driver who slaughtered over 80 people on Bastille Day in Nice this year as having connections with the fundamentalist Muslim Brotherhood in June last year, sources said Thursday.

    Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel, who drove a lorry into a crowd at high speed, killing 84 and wounding 308, was ID’d by police at the Italian border town of Ventimiglia during an asylum-seeker sit-in on the beach rocks as belonging to an association called ‘Au coeur de l’espoir (French for ‘at the heart of hope’), which crossed the French border into Italy to bring aid and food to Muslim asylum seekers during the holy month of Ramadan.

    That association has connections with the Muslim Brotherhood, the sources said.”

  24. Bernie Delegate Allegedly Assaulted by Hillary Supporter + Other Tales of DNC Unity

    Bernie supporters are allegedly being threatened, and in at least one case, physically assaulted by pro-Hillary forces at the Democratic National Convention according to sources. It wasn’t supposed to be this way. The Democratic establishment wanted to showcase a unified party this week at their national convention, but the DNC email leaks last Friday threw a major wrench into those plans.

    Bernie Sanders’ supporters, who had long suspected that the DNC rigged the primary election in favor of “Crooked Hillary,” had their suspicions confirmed when the leaked emails proved just that. Many of these “Bernie Bros” are not ready to “Feel the Hill,” even though their candidate is urging them to do so.

    The leaks created a huge rift in the party at a time when all factions should have been coming together to defeat their common enemy, Donald Trump. Factor in Clinton’s total lack of appeal to millennials, who find her to be dishonest, untrustworthy and profoundly uncool, and the Democrats have a serious problem on their hands.

    Bernie’s supporters have been protesting and booing the proceedings this week, making for a tense convention, where panicky DNC officials and pro-Hillary delegates have reportedly resorted to forcing “party unity” by any means necessary. Sources say DNC officials have headed off disruptions during the primetime hours of the convention this week by threatening to take away the credentials of delegates who protest or boo.

    • The more energy they use attacking each other the less they have to attack us.

      If they are doing this to other leftist at their convention what are they going to do to the rest of us when we vote for Trump?

  25. I just heard an interesting theory on who hacked the DNC, according to what I heard it was a Berni supporter trying to damage the Clinton wing of the party. This theory makes more sense then the one about Russia hacking the DNC and then releasing the emails. As I have said in other comments having blackmail material that could be used to shift the US US policies would be more important then getting Trump elected.

    • Well if they did it then they should have released it before the party annointed Hillary. This make no sense. The Democrats are already nearly fully controlled by a Marxist Muslim combination. Why shoot themselves in the foot?

      The most likely person would be a Republican as it suits them the most in that Cui Bono sense.
      Personally I think it was the FBI

      • That make sense also, the FBI is upset because she wasn’t indicted. Of course a patriot at the NSA makes sense. Whoever did it was clever enough to leave tracks that says Russia, this means most people will stop look right there.

  26. Moroccan Computer Engineer Arrested for Alleged Involvement With ISIS (moroccoworldnews, July 28, 2016)

    “Taza police officers arrested, on Thursday, a 25-year-old computer engineer suspected of his involvement in making and distributing CDs inciting terrorism and defending ISIS terrorist operations, the National Police (DGSN) announced.

    According to preliminary investigations, a group of citizens handed security services CDs containing recordings, inciting terrorism and defending ISIS terrorist acts, which they found near their houses or were slipped under their doors by anonymous individuals, the DGSN said in a press release.

    Field investigations, backed by technical expertise, helped to identify and apprehend the suspect, the same source said, adding that the home search resulted in finding computer equipment including a laptop, a memory card, 17 CDs, a mobile phone, and a USB key containing recordings and terrorist organizations-related data.

    The suspect was remanded in custody to complete the probe conducted by the National judiciary police squad, under the supervision of the competent public prosecutor’s office, it added.”

  27. Behind Closed Doors: Virginity and Hymen Reconstruction in Morocco (moroccoworldnews, July 28, 2016)

    “In a culture that expressly values female virginity, to not be a virgin at the time of marriage is grounds for divorce, shame, or even violence. If the fact that a woman is not a virgin comes to light, then her marriage could be rendered void and she, as well as her family, would receive great shame and scrutiny from the community. Noticeably, the sexual history of a man is rarely questioned or considered in marriage, and in fact there is encouragement of adolescent sexual activity through a narrow, virility-defined notion of masculinity.

    The hymen is a thin membrane that partially covers the opening of the vagina and usually remains intact before sexual intercourse, though it can also be ruptured by extreme physical activity, a blunt force strike, or even just a simple bike ride.

    Usually— though not always —the Hymen releases some amount of blood when it is broken. In traditional Moroccan culture, a women’s “purity” is, therefore, established on the first night of intercourse when the sheets are stained with blood. If that doesn’t quite cut it, a woman can receive a “virginity certificate” from a gynecologist to further make the case for her decency and purity prior to a marriage. Or, if the woman is comfortable with a little illusion, she can opt to buy a fake hymen for an affordable amount all over Morocco.

    Although some more liberal Moroccan bachelors report that the issue of virginity is not important when considering marriage, the problem of establishing virginity at marriage remains a huge concern to many women. At risk is their social value, marriage prospects, family honor, and life as a functioning woman in Moroccan society.

    The answer? Just put it all back together.

    Hymen reconstruction is a short, relatively simple procedure that repairs the membrane. According to Dr. Mansur, a physician at the Hospital De Maternité Universitaire Souissi, who started to perform the procedure in 2000, the process is easy: “in a half hour, they have fixed a big problem in their life. In 90% of cases the operation is a success,” according to the Spanish daily El Pais.

    In many parts of world, discreet hymen reconstruction procedures are rising at an incredible rate. Clinics openly advertise in Europe and North America, and clinics clandestinely operate all over the world from India to Argentina.

    And yet despite the demand, information about hymen procedures is relatively non-existent or inaccessible at most health clinics in Morocco. It remains heavily stigmatized, with many doctors speaking up about it only on conditions of anonymity. Furthermore, it lies in a legal grey area. Although voluntary abortion is prohibited under Moroccan law, hymen reconstruction falls into a discreet category, according to a gynecologist in Casablanca. In her own words, “we do not scream from rooftops.”

    Despite— or perhaps because of —the lack of publicity and stigmatization of the procedure, the internet has become the go-to source for all things related to hymen reconstruction. With a couple of key strokes, one can find information about local clinics, doctors, prices, and even connect with other women that have gone through the procedure. There are even tiers of operations, with a temporary— around two weeks —fix costing around €200 and a long-term fix costing between €500 and €800.

    Even the healthcare providers themselves refuse to discuss details in person, instead directing potential patients towards their computers. Kamal Iraqui, a plastic surgeon in Casablanca whose clinic is repeatedly mentioned on dozens of online forums, refused a request for information by the Spanish Newspaper El País and just said “it is all online.”

    The issue of establishing virginity will not be leaving Moroccan bedrooms or health centers anytime soon. Hymen reconstruction is placed squarely on the forefront of the contemporary culture debate surrounding sexuality, feminism, marriage, and a whole range of other social issues.

    While that debate rages, the internet represents a gateway for potential patients to connect with professionals, seek answers, and find community. A necessary thing, for as long as the Janusian standard of virginity between men and women remains unchanged then the need will still be there lurking just out of sight.”

  28. Morocco Leads ‘Very Effective Fight’ against Terrorism: Spanish Daily (moroccoworldnews, July 28, 2016)

    “Morocco is conducting a “very effective fight” against jihadist terrorism, Spanish daily ABC pointed out on Thursday.

    Growing fundamentalism in several Maghreb countries is a “major threat” particularly for the countries in Southern Europe, the newspaper noted, adding that Morocco is leading a “very effective” fight against jihadist terrorism.

    The Spanish daily reported the statement released Wednesday by Moroccan Interior ministry, which stresses efforts made by this department in counter-terrorism.

    Since 2002, 159 terrorist cells have been dismantled, including 38 since 2013, which had close ties with terrorist groups that are active in Iraq and Syria, including ISIS, the Interior ministry pointed out.”

  29. EU mobilises 1.415 bn for refugees in Turkey (ansamed, July 28, 2016)

    “The European Commission on Thursday adopted a special measure to send 1.415 billion euros’ worth of aid to support refugees in Turkey, as part of the EU-Turkey accord on migrants that provides for a total of three billion euros in 2016-2017.

    This amount is in addition to the 740 million euros already allocated, bringing the overall allocation to 2.155 billion euros.

    Disbursal of 79 million euros is already underway to international organisations working on migrant projects as part of the accord, bringing the overall amount disbursed to 169 million euros.

    Thursday’s special measure will finance urgent needs of refugees and the communities hosting them, in the priority areas of education, health, municipal infrastructure and socio-economic support in the 10 hardest-hit provinces.”

  30. Two more extremists expelled from Italy says Alfano (ansa, July 28, 2016)

    “Rome, July 28 – Interior Minister Angelino Alfano said Thursday that two more people had been expelled from Italy “in the last few hours” in security measures aimed at countering the threat of terrorism. On Wednesday a 51-year-old Moroccan imam, Mohammed Madad, was expelled due to suspicions he facilitated international terrorism.

    Madad had resided in the northern province of Reggio Emilia until six months ago and then moved to the province of Vicenza.

    Security police had been keeping tabs on him for some time and his sermons in the town of Noventa Vicentina had become increasingly anti-Western of late, the sources said. He named one of his daughters Jihad. Also on Wednesday, police arrested two Moroccans in relation to a terrorism probe and a third person was reported to prosecutors. They are suspected of activities to promote ISIS, sources said. The three suspects, aged between 27 and 44, are all residents in the province of Savona and have lived in Italy for years, the sources added.”

  31. Intel, military chiefs may be tied to president (hurriyetdailynews, July 28, 2016)

    “The National Intelligence Agency (M?T) and the Chief of General Staff could be tied to the presidency, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdo?an reportedly said, Turkish broadcaster CNN Türk cited parliamentary sources as saying July 28.

    Erdo?an reportedly made the remarks during Parliamentary Speaker ?smail Kahraman and the members for the Bureau of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey’s visit to the Presidential Palace.

    M?T and the Turkish General Staff are currently under the prime ministry’s control.

    Such a change could help prevent further military coup attempts, Erdo?an reportedly told the visiting group. The meeting came when the Supreme Military Council (YA?) met to reshape the military, following a coup attempt on July 15.

    Meanwhile, President Erdo?an has appointed rectors to nine universities, including Middle East Technical University (ODTÜ), Ankara University and Gazi University.”

  32. Yemen cracks down on African immigrants in Shabwa (gulfnews, July 28, 2016)

    “Al Mukalla: Army troops and security services in Yemen’s southern province of Shabwa have arrested hundreds of illegal African immigrants fearing that they might be recruited by Al Houthis and militant groups like Al Qaida.

    “Security services have rounded up at least 300 Africans in the first day of the campaign that started on Wednesday. Those unregistered Africans pose a real threat to the province,” a government official close to the governor of Shabwa told Gulf News.

    Local officials and residents say that despite the continuing fighting between the government forces and Al Houthis across Yemen, Africans continue to flow into Yemen coast.

    “For months, at least 200 Africans have been arriving daily on the coasts of Shabwa. Most of them say they are from Ethiopia, but we suspect that they are from different African countries,” the official said.

    The oil rich province of Shabwa plunged into anarchy last year when thousands of army troops and policemen switched sides and backed Al Houthi fighters…”

  33. ISIS in Afghanistan link with terror group in Syria, Iraq: US General (khaama, July 28, 2016)

    “The top US general in Afghanistan General John Nicholson has said the loyalists of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) terrorist group in Afghanistan has direct links with the main terror group in Syria and Iraq.

    In an interview with the Associated Press, Gen. Nicholson said the loyalists of the terror group based in Afghanistan have financial, communications and strategic connections with the main IS leadership based in a self-declared caliphate in Iraq and Syria.

    Gen. Nicholson further added “This franchise of Daesh is connected to the parent organization.”

    According to Gen. Nicholson, the main terror group in Syria and Iraq has accepted the applicatin of the loyaists of the terror group in Afghanistan.

    “They have applied for membership, they have been accepted, they had to meet certain tests, they have been publicized in Dabiq,” the IS magazine, he said.

    This comes as the former US General in Afghanistan General John Campbell earlier said the loyalists of the terror group in Afghanistan are attempting to consolidate operations with the main group in Syria and Iraq.

    The attempts by the loyalists of the terror group to expand foothold in Afghanistan prompted the US administration to grant permission to the US forces to suppress the activities of the terror group in the country.

    The US forces are conducting regular airstrikes against ISIS loyalists mainly in eastern Nangarhar province besides the Afghan forces have launched a major operatin to eliminate them from the area.”

  34. Orne: terror alert in the prison Condé-sur-Sarthe (which is the maximum security prison in France) [google translate]

    The information has fallen this Thursday, July 28, 2016 at noon: Thursday, July 21, at 5 am, a very important excavation was conducted in the penitentiary in Condé-sur-Sarthe (Orne), near Alençon . Several detainees were suspected radicalized got hold of the explosive and wanted to explode it in the facility with the maximum casualties among the guards.

    The case dates back to Thursday, July 21, 2016, around 5 am. But one learns that this Thursday 28, the inter-union FO Penitentiary that 48 hours after the attack in Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray, wants to alert the situation in prison.
    A very important excavation was conducted in the penitentiary in Condé-sur-Sarthe (Orne), near Alençon. This center has always been presented as the most secure of France. It almost exclusively hosts that very difficult inmates.

    Of the explosive in the cells?

    Several detainees were suspected radicalized hold of the explosive and wanting to explode it in the building, making the maximum casualties among the guards. During these excavations, homemade weapons and a prison manuscript plane have been found in particular. Officially, this search has not worked in explosives. Supervisors are persuaded otherwise, but everything to do not panic …

    The day began like any other

    He hardly day, Thursday, July 21, 2016, at 5 am, in the penitentiary in Condé-sur-Sarthe. A day that began like any other, until the outbreak of an anti-terrorist operation in the establishment, after a strong presumption of the presence of explosive in some cells. Those inmates radicalized.

    Numerous and important ways

    Staff are not aware of anything, but the management of the facility is on site, quickly joined by many law enforcement: police, cynotechniques teams and demining in the presence of Eris (Prison special forces) came Rennes and Dijon.
    An explosive detection dog scored twice, indicating the presence of explosive. But despite the intervention of deminers, nothing found. A second dog will not find anything …

    Make maximum casualties among supervisors

    The objective of some detainees held so would be to detonate within the institution, to a maximum casualties among the guards. As preposterous as it sounds, while Condé-sur-Sarthe part of the institutions retained to enclose radicalized prisoners, they are not searched when metal detectors can only detect metallic objects, but not bread explosives that can bring them their visits to the parlor …

    The personal very concerned for their safety

    It is not possible not to fear that tomorrow a detainee to answer the call of these fanatics and kill or blow themselves up with a staff within a prison, says FO-prison union, calls for urgent measures.

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