UPDATE: Video of the doctor that was attacked in Germany by a group of bladed Muslims.

From now on when Muslims do a knife or axe attack, I think I will use this icon and save everyone time. You will know what the story is about right away.


Earlier today, we published a translation of a news article about a Hungarian (guessing by the name) doctor who was attacked along with his wife by a clan of angry tards who threatened to kill him for some reason and made the doctor humiliate himself to be spared death.

Here is an interview with that doctor when he found out that all the perps had been released from custody this same day.

Yes. Three muslims burst into a doctors office threatening multiple people with death and were all released on the same day.


I hope for the sake of this man and his family he moves his multiple medical practices from Germany to Hungary where Orban is keeping them safe from the Islamic invasion. Hungary deserves a skilled practitioner like this and at the moment, Germany does not.

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11 Replies to “UPDATE: Video of the doctor that was attacked in Germany by a group of bladed Muslims.”

  1. He needs to move out of Germany to some nation that will protect him, right now that list is very small and certain areas in Canada and the US are not safe for him. With luck this will change in the near future.

  2. And the German police thought that was basically, “nothing”? That it didn’t rise to the level of “crime”? The Muslims have something on Angela Merkel, don’t they. That has to be it. They must be able to destroy her in one afternoon to have this kind of pull. Did you hear the Doctor describe how the guy slapped his wife? You don’t slap the good doctor’s wife in Germany and have nothing happen. That’s just not very “German”, is it? And as for letting the Muslims go after threatening the doctor with a big knife, just days after a French priest is decapitated?

    And of course, as we speak, the DNC is having their convention and cheering enthusiastically for the idea of filling the USA up with guys exactly like these guys. What a crazy world we find ourselves in. It’s as if half the world’s defense systems are stuck firmly in the “off” position…

    • They are, the left has stuck them there so they can destroy western civilization and then take over. I still don’t know how they think they are going to handle the Moslems but that is their plan.

  3. Listening to the nurses, it is obvious Germans don’t feel safe anymore.
    This is a third-world culture that is not, and never will be, compatible with our way of life. We all know this except our governments.

    • Did somebody say, “heart attack”? That happens to be a subject I know pretty well. And let me assure you that the one emotion set your heart hates more than anything else it’s the hatred, anger, violence and fear range. If you’ve ever thought it was far-fetched that a bank robbery or a mugging might trigger an event be advised that you are wrong. Be advised that a big hateful Muslim brandishing a knife and chanting, “Allahu Akbar” is exactly the right thing for triggering a heart attack – for making one of your coronary arteries contract like crazy and squeeze off an MI. Just what the doctor ordered. Didn’t you see the pain in the man’s face and hear it in his voice as he described the way the Muslim slapped his beloved wife? Did you hear that?

      • Another physiological response is PTSD. It damages areas of the brain, can lead to premature senile dementia, among other sequelae that may not present for years. Advances in treatment of the syndrome are exceptionally timely. Lots and lots of this work is coming out of Israel.

        Yes, I read about the myocardial infarction of Frau Doctor. These witnesses might be evaluated for PTSD as well.

        No crime? The authorities who dismissed this case are guilty of criminal negligence. While Merkel should expect a rendezvous in Nuremberg, this time the police won’t even be able to say, “I was just doing my job.”

        • In the US in many states it would bring destruction of property, criminal trespass , atrocious assault and battery or attempted murder charges plus making terroristic threats, an arrest, and if charges are pressed a substantial bail posted prior to trial, if convicted a long stretch in prison. IMHO these EU countries are very lax in punishing violent felons. They will never gain any control over these ‘cultural misfits’ by being soft and politically correct (culturally Marxist).

  4. 1. Merkel is doing this to destroy the EU, and thus get Germany out of the shackles of the EU.

    2. She is under orders from NATO or Obama.

    3. She is a leftist

    4. She in insane.

  5. What the true believer is showing the Infidel, his proper place in society. The real masters have arrived, and they expect proper respect and treatment, or they will be punished until they learn their lesson.

    The tragedy is that we havn’t realized is, that the proper way to treat a Muslim is the way he treats us. Then he will be happy.

    Let me illustrate. There was a time, not that long ago, when a single British officer could instill the fear of god in a pack of Arabs.

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