Germans produce suicide bomber opera for migrants, endless horror and geopolitics: Links 1 on July 28 – 2016

1, The All For Progressivism news organization in France reminds us that the real victims of the halal slaughter of the Catholic priest the other day are Muslims and the image of Islam.

(I have a suggestion for these muslims.

Stop killing and raping everyone all over the place. Then you won’t have to suffer such a “deep sense of loss” or be so “traumatized”. Try it. Not killing people works every time. And someone in the French police services really needs to leak the details of the murder. I would wager wages at this point that the man was halal slaughtered.)

2. Here is a police initiative that has selective enforcement written all over it right before it says: “This program will fail in 6 weeks”

You know for a fact they won’t bust one imam preaching death to gay people or beating up homosexuals for walking in a muslim area. But they will make sure some regular joe who criticizes his shoes or refuses to bake a cake has his life destroyed.

More at Breitbart.

“This sends out a clear message that hate crime will not be tolerated in Norfolk and I’d like to encourage any victims of a hate crime to contact the police.”

(Unless its a Muslim saying it. Then we arrest you for Islamophobia.)

3. Is the White House concerned about Turkish totalitarian deconstruction of democracy there?

4. Will Turkey’s purge ever seem excessive?

5. In United Arab Emirates, its a half million US$ fine for using a VPN.

Whoever uses a fraudulent computer network protocol address (IP address) by using a false address or a third-party address by any other means for the purpose of committing a crime or preventing its discovery, shall be punished by temporary imprisonment and a fine of no less than Dh500,000 and not exceeding Dh2,000,000, or either of these two penalties.

Article 2 of the law states that the law shall be published in the Official ‘Gazette’ and shall come into effect the day following publication.


This is a perfect example of the resurgence of tyranny that we are expected to just get used to.

6. Protestors in Turkey demand closure of US/NATO airbase.

And it all starts to make sense.

7. France to create new National Guard ‘to protect its citizens’

(And this will fail for the same reason that the DHS failed. Because like the line in 2001, right near the end someone will notice, “My god its full of tards“!)

President François Hollande announced on Thursday that a new National Guard would be created from existing reserve forces.

The move comes after a spate of recent terror attacks, including the killing of a priest as he gave mass in Normandy on Tuesday and the horrendous Nice truck attack which left 84 dead.

Following the atrocity in Nice, Hollande had announced that thousands of reservists would be called up to boost the under-pressure security forces suffering from fatigue after 18 months of heightened alert and repeated attacks.

8. Afghan man mutilated pregnant wife

(Snake eats mouse)

A woman is critically ill in northern Afghanistan after her husband nearly beat her to death, and cut part of her genitals, family members say.

The incident happened in the Ashkamish district of Takhar province.

The victim, who is in her 20s, told the BBC that she did not know the reason for the attack.

Although such mutilation is rare in Afghanistan, reports of violence against women are increasing.

The woman is now in hospital in Kunduz.

Her brother confirmed the nature of the injuries to the BBC, saying his aunt had seen the results of the mutilation.

A doctor at the clinic said the victim was six months pregnant, but lost the baby as a result of the violence. […]

She says his mother and and her sister-in-law helped her husband to tie her up with rope and beat her from head to toe.

(So two women in his family helped him do this. I wonder… could they have an ideology in common that would make 2 women and this man think this was a good thing to do?)

Thank you M., Dan F., Wrath of Khan, Xanthippa, Richard, ML., and all who contributed to the site today. More in the comments. A lot more. Some videos to come tonight as well.

Amadeus Moztard?

Any explanation appreciated.




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12 Replies to “Germans produce suicide bomber opera for migrants, endless horror and geopolitics: Links 1 on July 28 – 2016”

      • I hope it’s the freedom train. We have no choice but to put our eggs in his basket.

        Regarding Amadeus. What noble, erudite, cultured, affluent, progressive assholes these are. I’ve been trying to teach my dog to play banjo I know he will learn to love it once he grows thumbs and quits humping my leg.

      • We know Hillary is a train wreck and would be a worse on as President. My take of the situation is that even if Trump isn’t the man we hope he is we can survive 4 to 8 years with him as President. We can’t survive 2 years and probably not 1 with Hillary as President. However all western nations are in for a very rough time over the next few years. Both Berni and Hillary supporters are turning to violence on each other and on Trump supporters, the Moslems are going to take advantage of this to start terror attacks like those in Europe. The violence from the left and the Moslems will spread to Canada before the end of next year and probably before the end of this year.

  1. If these people are Christians – the Ethiopians probably are – then this is a great idea. They’ll get a kick out of the “Seraglio” theme, pick up words, get into Western music, delight in the elegant surroundings. G-d bless.

  2. There’s nothing wrong with encouraging immigrants to appreciate European culture, but why that particular opera? Those German idiots are lucky to be alive.

  3. Few thoughts on that opera bit.
    I’m an opera enthusiast myself and it pains me to see yet another twisted “modernized” caricature that they make out of great Amadeus. Machine guns, modern clothing, no decorations – it’s all fashionable now. And, of course, of all Mozart’s great opuses, they had to select this one, with a theme that would be “close” to the hearts of “refugees”. It has a stupid and misleading premise: the generous muslim ruler captures the dim-witted westerners and graciously lets them all go. What a grand man and what an exotic and fantastical view of the realities of the middle east, even a couple of centuries ago. The opera flopped back in the day, but the left loves it now! And you could see the boredom and complete disinterest in the eyes of those who came for a free meal and a close stare at a pretty women. The woman opens her mouth but her words, time, & spark are all wasted. They are not hooked to this rubbish. They wouldn’t be even if it was directed and staged properly, like they’ve done it before the “avantgarde” 90-s.

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