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  1. “Lone Wolf” Nice Terrorist Had Five Accomplices

    After the horrifying truck attack in Nice, France, the media immediately jumped into action with its prepared narrative.

    Poor Mohammed was

    1. Irreligious

    2. Emotionally unstable

    3. A lone wolf who just decided to go on a killing spree for confused motives

    Then they found his ISIS video. And 5 accomplices. Goodbye narrative.

  2. After 10,000 Arrested, It’s Time for the US to End Backing for Islamist Regime

    It’s funny how the media was far more outraged by the supposed attempt by the Turkish military to restore the republic than by the Islamist tyrant’s escalating crackdown which has now seen 10,000 arrested. That’s war crime level detentions. If the Turkish military had done this, they would be screaming their heads off. Yet 10,000 arrests by Islamists, just like the Muslim Brotherhood’s torture and abuses in Egypt, get a pass.

    And that has to change.

    Turkey is swiftly turning into an actual totalitarian regime with no holds barred.

  3. Turkey – Roger Out
    Why NATO has a ticking time bomb on its hands.

    On Wednesday, NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg insisted that the purge of thousands in the Turkish military – including a third of the serving generals – did not weaken the military.

    Stoltenberg told Reuters, “Turkey has a large armed force, professional armed forces and… I am certain they will continue as a committed and strong NATO ally.”

    It would be interesting to know whether the 1,500 US soldiers who have been locked down at Incirlik Air Base along with several hundred soldiers from other NATO countries since the failed coup Friday night would agree with him.

    Following the failed coup, the Erdogan regime cut off the base’s external electricity supply and temporarily suspended all flights from the base.

    The base commander Gen. Bekir Ercan Van and 11 other service members from the base and a police officer were placed under arrest.

  4. Serbia: Hundreds of hunger-striking refugees march toward the Hungarian border

    Several hundred refugees set off on-foot from Belgrade, Friday, toward the Serbia-Hungary border 200 kilometres (124 miles) away, in the hope that they will allowed to continue their journey to Western Europe. Police escorted the group along their route out of the Serbian capital.

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