More attacks, threats of attacks and shooting of police: Links 1 on July 20 – 2016

1, Top 5 list on The Rebel with some basics on Islam and the West

2. A German priest manages to speak quite a bit about the attack without saying anything at all. Gates of Vienna has a post on this guy featured in the video, and another priest who actually seems willing to see and speak on the real.

3. Hyde Park is sealed off after three people including a policeman are STABBED and a PC is injured by a bottle as ‘water fight’ turns violent with youths chanting ‘Black Lives Matter’ attacking officers 

4. German Justice Minister Wants Harsher Action Against Hate Speech Online

The German Justice Minister Heiko Maas claims that social media sites don’t do enough to combat hate speech online and has threatened sites with further European Union (EU) regulation.

In the latest attempt to crack down on what the German government defines as “hate speech” Germany’s Justice Minister Heiko Maas has made it clear that he believes social media sites like Facebook are not doing enough to combat so-called “hate posts”.

Mr. Maas has claimed that Facebook in particular is too slow at removing “offensive” posts by its users who criticise migrants or who make “racist” remarks. The Justice Minister has gone so far as to threaten Facebook and other social media platforms with further EU regulations if they do not take “stronger action” against “hate speech”, reports German paper Junge Freiheit.

(Once again, the German left seeks to use the power of the state to bully all those who don’t think just right. Germany perhaps can be forgiven for Nazism. It was a few short years in millennia of Teutonic history. But not for failing to learn from it)

5. Kansas Officer Killed While Looking for Drive-by Suspect

A Kansas City, Kansas, police officer was shot and killed on Tuesday while searching for a suspect in a drive-by shooting, police said.

Capt. Robert Melton was searching for the suspect when he drove up to someone who matched that person’s description just before 2 p.m., police spokesman Tom Tomasic said. Before Melton could get out of his vehicle, the person opened fire, hitting the officer multiple times, Tomasic said. The alleged shooter was caught five minutes later about a block away, he said.

A police spokeswoman said the suspect was being questioned Tuesday evening along with another person suspected in the initial drive-by shooting. Police weren’t releasing the suspects’ names because charges hadn’t been filed. A third person who had been taken into custody was determined not to have been involved and was released, police said.

Thank you Richard, M., Yucki, Wrath of Khan, Paul S., Gates of Vienna and more. 

Please everyone. In your day to day lives, normalize truth again.

Speak plainly and without anger or contempt, the simple facts of the world today as if you are fully unaware of the impediments to doing so, and by that, empower at least some who overhear you.



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    Paris (AFP) – France’s National Assembly voted in the early hours of Wednesday to extend the country’s state of emergency for six months following last week’s massacre in Nice.

    The state of emergency has been in place since the Paris attacks in November, and the extension would see the measures — which give the police extra powers to carry out searches and place people under house arrest — remain in place until the end of January 2017.

    It is the fourth time that parliament has proposed prolonging the state of emergency, and the move now needs to be approved by the Senate.


    Facebook has censored dozens of posts and user accounts after the death of a high-profile Kashmiri separatist militant, who was killed by the Indian army earlier this month.

    Academics, journalists and the pages of local newspapers are among those who have had photos, videos and entire accounts deleted by Facebook after they posted about recent events in the disputed territory.


    Gunmen killed 17 soldiers and wounded 35 in an attack early Tuesday on an army camp in central Mali, the government said, and two separate groups claimed responsibility.

    A government statement issued late Tuesday said it was not yet clear who had attacked the city of Nampala.

    The Macina Liberation Front, which is said to have ties to al-Qaida in the Islamic Maghreb, claimed responsibility for the attack on social media. The extremist group is made up primarily of members of the Peul ethnic group, and it claimed responsibility for several attacks on the army last year.


    At height of Kargil War, Air Force made plans to bomb Pakistan
    Fighter jets were assigned targets, then told to stand down
    NDTV accesses Air Force records which detail plans for attack
    In the early hours of June 13, 1999, at the height of the Kargil War, Indian Air Force fighter pilots were minutes away from launching a full-fledged air attack deep inside Pakistan. Targets had been assigned, route maps finalised; personal revolvers to be carried by pilots had been loaded with ammunition and Pakistani currency collected, for use if pilots had to eject on the other side of the Line of Control and orchestrate an escape.

    These plans, laid out in documents of the Indian Air Force accessed exclusively by NDTV, show that fighter pilots were minutes away from crossing the Line of Control or de facto border in Kashmir on bombing missions, a move which would have likely escalated the controlled Kargil conflict into a full-fledged war between the nuclear-armed neighbours.

  5. I was wrong, it didn’t take a couple of weeks to months for the police shootings to become daily occurrences.

  6. 4. German Justice Minister Wants Harsher Action Against Hate Speech Online

    Lord, I am sick of these puffed up “authorities” who have never read a page of the Quran or the Hadiths but have looked through a few big coffee table books on Islam by – I don’t know – John Esposito or Edward Said or Karen Armstrong or some other agent of psychological warfare. Then they make their idiotic pronouncements based on a rich mixture of false information mixed with plain old fashioned ignorance and lots of prejudice.

    This is an extremely nuanced and tricky situation that needs to be handles by people who really know what they’re doing and have Stephen Coughlin and David Spencer handy to explain things to them. When I hear these bozos jumping in with their ridiculous “solutions” to the problem I cringe. You can’t just wing it with this problem. You have to actually know what you’re doing. Lord have mercy…

    By the way. I heard Lieutenant General Michael Flynn talking about the radical Islam problem and he’s about as knowledgeable as most anybody. I’d be very surprised if he wasn’t put in charge of annihilating our religious friends. In four months the bullshit is going to be over. Flynn and Giuliani and Trump and pretty much every conservative alive get that Islam is not the religion of peace. And once the US administration starts singing that tune, there will be no stopping the Germans and the British and the French and the Dutch from speaking their minds. Angela and Teresa May can’t throw them all in jail. Maybe they’ll throw her in jail…:)

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