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  1. Turkish News Agency Removes Report on Air Force Ex-Chief Role in Coup (sputniknews, July 19, 2016)

    “Turkey’s state news agency Anadolu has removed a report from its website that claimed a former airforce commander admitted having masterminded the recent coup attempt.

    ANKARA (Sputnik) – Gen. Akin Ozturk was arrested alongside more than 20 senior Turkish officers on suspicion of having links to last Friday’s failed military takeover, according to the agency. Anadolu said previously he had admitted plotting the unrest.

    But in an article that appeared in place of the deleted story, the Turkish general was quoted as saying that, “I am not the person who planned, led and implemented the military putsch.”…”

  2. Police Kill Militants, Say 1 May Be Indonesia’s Most Wanted (abcnews, July 19, 2016)

    “Indonesian police say they killed two militants in a shootout in a remote jungle area of Sulawesi and will carry out forensic tests to determine if one of the men is the country’s most wanted Islamic radical.

    National Police spokesman Maj. Gen. Boy Rafli Amar said one of the bodies had characteristics including a goatee and a facial mole similar to Santoso, who leads the East Indonesia Mujahideen militant group that has claimed allegiance to the Islamic State group.

    “We don’t want to speculate. We need to scientifically prove that it was Santoso who was shot dead,” Amar said.

    The shootout occurred early Monday evening and three other militants including two females escaped into the jungle.

    Santoso has eluded capture for more than five years…”

  3. WikiLeaks suffers ‘sustained attack’ after announcing megaleak of Turkey govt docs (RT, July 19, 2016)

    “WikiLeaks reported suffering a “sustained attack” after it announced the upcoming release of hundreds of thousands of documents relating to Turkish leader Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s Justice and Development Party (AKP) in the wake of a failed military coup.

    “Our infrastructure is under sustained attack,” WikiLeaks said on Twitter. “We are unsure of the true origin of the attack. The timing suggests a Turkish state power faction or its allies.”

    Despite the attack, the famous whistleblowing site promised to “prevail & publish” the first batch of documents on Tuesday. Earlier WikiLeaks announced that the release of documents, which could expose the Turkish “political power structure”, will contain 300,000 emails and 500,000 documents…”

  4. Mother and three daughters stabbed ‘for being inappropriately dressed’

    Read more:

    A woman and her three daughters have been stabbed in a French resort for being ‘scantily dressed’.

    An eight-year-old girl was left fighting for her life after the attack in the Garde-Colombe in the Hautes-Alpes region of South East France.

    The man is believed to have attacked the three girls outside the family’s bungalow before entering the home and attacking the mother

    He’s believed to have known the family and lived next door.

    The girls are believed to be aged eight, 12 and 14 while their mother is 46. The knifeman is alleged to have fled the scene by car before being arrested.

    The mayor of the town Edmond Francou said: ‘I was called around 9.45am to the holiday village next to the town hall because there had been a fight between two tenants in neighbouring apartments.

    ‘There was a crowd. That’s when I found a lady with three daughters who had stab injuries. They were lying on chairs.’

    French media says that the man is of Moroccan descent and is 37 years old. It is also reported that he is known by police for previous crimes.

    Read more:

  5. Naked man shouting “Praise to Allah” gives police runaround as he streaks through town

    This footage captured the moment a man ran naked through a town square shouting ‘praise to Allah’.

    Three policemen tried to stop the streaker as he ran at full speed through a public space.

    Bemused onlookers recorded the bizarre scene as others out for a stroll were stopped in their tracks as the man, then the cops, raced past them.

    The 22-year-old man from Tunisia, who has not been named, was seen running in the nude around the Pratto della Valle Square in the city of Padua in northern Italy.

    He was spotted by a passing police patrol and amused onlookers watched as a game of cat and mouse unfolded.

  6. Fewer than half of those nabbed at the border are from Mexico
    Mugshot of Daniel Wheaton
    By Daniel Wheaton | 5 a.m. July 19, 2016

    Not everyone who gets apprehended at the U.S.-Mexico border is from Mexico.

    In the first six months of the year, 264,165 people were apprehended somewhere along the Southwest border, and 49.6 percent of them were from Mexico, according to data from the U.S. Border Patrol.

    The map below shows the number of people apprehended, by country. Use the search bar for specific countries, or hover and zoom over the map.

  7. Why did Channel 4 have a presenter in a hijab fronting coverage of Muslim terror in Nice?

    ANXIOUS to know more about the Nice lorry massacre, I did something on Friday night I try to avoid: I watched Channel Four News.

    After Jon Snow had conducted a poor interview with a young man who had come perilously close to death the action switched back to the London studio, where I could hardly believe my eyes.
    Fatima Manji chaired Channel 4 News the night following the attacks in Nice

  8. Butler Co. sheriff urges civilian staff to carry weapons at work
    Memo comes after violence against officers

    HAMILTON (WLWT and AP) —One southwest Ohio sheriff is encouraging staffers with licenses to carry to bring their weapons to work.

    In a memo sent to employees last week, Butler County Sheriff Richard Jones urged civilian employees and volunteers to carry their weapons at the sheriff’s office and while operating any department vehicle away from headquarters.

    “Everyone should exercise some extra caution at this time concerning their own personal safety,” Jones wrote.

    The memo was sent after recent attacks against police officers in other parts of the county.

    In the memo, Jones urged employees to plan their attire appropriately and carry their weapons discreetly when in public view.

    The sheriff also reminded staffers to adhere to state guidelines for carrying concealed weapons when off department premises.

  9. Philippines says it rejected China offer of talks on South China Sea

    MANILA (Reuters) – The Philippines has turned down a Chinese proposal to start bilateral talks on their South China Sea dispute, its foreign minister said on Tuesday, because of Beijing’s pre-condition of not discussing a court ruling that nullified most of its claims.

    China claims most of the South China Sea, through which more than $5 trillion of trade moves annually. Brunei, Malaysia, the Philippines, Taiwan and Vietnam have rival claims.

    Perfecto Yasay said he had met his Chinese counterpart Wang Yi on the sidelines of a meeting of Asian and European leaders in Mongolia at the weekend and after raising the topic of last week’s ruling, it became clear that was a no-go area.

    China’s foreign ministry said in a statement Tuesday night that the two ministers had “informal contact” in Mongolia.

    Wang said if the Philippines was willing to resume talks, manage divisions and improve relations, China would meet it halfway, according to the statement.

    China has angrily rejected the verdict by the Permanent Court of Arbitration in The Hague and the initial case as illegal and farcical. It has repeatedly said it will not change its approach or its sovereignty claims in the South China Sea.

  10. Coup in Turkey goes nuclear (and why it’s bigger than it looks)
    By J.E. Dyer July 18, 2016

    Most of my regular correspondents will probably have seen the report that Erdogan had Incirlik Air Base raided on Sunday, 17 July, and the base commander there, General Bekir Ercan Van, was arrested for complicity in the coup.

    For those who may not be clear on this, Incirlik is a Turkish air base, which the U.S. is allowed to use, along with other NATO allies and coalition partners. It’s not a U.S. Air Force base. Other reporting has confirmed on Monday that U.S. and coalition flight operations have resumed out of Incirlik (this reportedly happened right after General Van was arrested). But commercial power to the base remains cut off. U.S. forces are operating on their own back-up generators.

    This will be fine as long as the fuel doesn’t run out. It doesn’t seem like a real good sign that Defense Secretary Ashton Carter has yet to speak directly to his Turkish counterpart, according to the Department of Defense. But the situation looks stable for now.

    What alert observers immediately pointed out, however, is that Incirlik Air Base houses some 50 tactical nuclear weapons belonging to the U.S. Air Force. And it is by no means foolish to worry about what this coup situation means about the nukes.

    • U.S. Nuclear Weapons in Europe: Critical for Transatlantic Security

      By Michaela Dodge

      Since the end of the Cold War, the U.S. nuclear weapons posture has undergone a dramatic change. The U.S. has withdrawn about 90 percent of its forward-deployed nuclear weapons from Europe. In 2013, the Obama Administration initiated the Life Extension Program (LEP) for the B61 tactical nuclear weapon, which is the last nuclear weapon the U.S. keeps in Europe, and the only remaining tactical nuclear weapon in the U.S. arsenal. The LEP will extend the life of the B61 by 20 to 30 years, and could cost over $8 billion. The U.S. and NATO have a continued interest in maintaining the U.S. nuclear presence in Europe since U.S. weapons contribute to the cohesion of the alliance. The U.S. must maintain a strong position in order to protect its national security interests, assure allies, and deter adversaries. It must increase U.S. military strength and develop capabilities that allow it to pursue a “protect and defend” strategy. The B61 LEP is a part of that strategy. The LEP and B61 are important for maintaining a science and technology base that allows the U.S. to keep its weapons safe, secure, and reliable. It will also maintain a U.S. commitment to transatlantic security.

      • Doesn’t convince me. Our so-called allies can’t keep “peace activists” from breaching the perimenter of the facilities and sharing videos of themselves playing around inside.

      • Hopefully, under a Trump Administration the US can actually start rebuilding the shear numbers of nuclear weapons. Clearly, the Obama wants us to have French levels of nuclear weapons, that is, just enough to claim claim nuclear power status.

        Plowshares & Putin must be having a good laugh at how effective their anti-nuclear campaign has been through the decades.

        • WhatI am hoping is that if/when Erdogan makes a move to seize the nukes an officer with the codes and guts makes it to the bunkers and detonates one of them.

    • Potential Saudi Nuke Purchase From Pakistan Remains A Mystery
      Photo of Russ Read
      Russ Read

      Saudi Arabia’s Foreign Minister would neither confirm nor deny the potential purchase of a nuclear weapon from Pakistan recently, leaving one of the Middle East’s greatest security questions unanswered.

      Foreign minister Adel al-Jubeir remained coy Thursday when a CNN reporter asked him if his country had plans to buy a nuclear weapon from Pakistan. Speculation as to whether or not Saudi Arabia would purchase a nuclear weapon from fellow Sunni Muslim ally Pakistan has been rampant since the

      Read more:

      • Adel al-Jubeir – especially despicable snake.
        He’s the one who met with Putin to threaten disruption of the Sochi Olympics by his own pet terrorists. He’s also the one who threatened to dump US assets if we pursued the 9/11 investigation. [Bah, it’d hurt them more than us.]
        He may be only the messenger, but he’s a real piece of work.

        • True, but the question is has Saudi purchased nukes from Pakistan? If yes how many? If no have they purchased the equipment to build their own nukes? If yes how soon will their production line be on line?

    • Is Turkey Secretly Working on Nuclear Weapons?

      Some months ago it became known that the German Intelligence Service (Bundesnachrichtendienst – BND) was spying on Turkey. Turkey’s political leadership was none too happy. Yet the BND has good reasons to keep a watchful eye on Ankara. It is not only the crises in Iraq and Syria, drug-smuggling, people-trafficking and the activities of the PKK that make Turkey a legitimate target for German intelligence. For quite some time, evidence is mounting that Ankara is trying to acquire nuclear weapons.

      Over the past two decades, discussions within the nuclear community about emerging nuclear powers always centred on the “usual suspects”: Iran, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, Egypt, Japan, South Korea and Turkey. Not surprisingly, opinions as to the likelihood of a military nuclear program differed. In the case of Iran, for example, the evidence appeared solid. By contrast, the case

      • Turkey will not allow that a neighbouring country has weapons that Turkey itself does not have.

        I believe it. By cultivating the twisted raghead ayatollahs, 0 ensures regional proliferation. No Sunni will tolerate the Shitte hegemon – with nukes, no less. They set their children on FIRE for lesser insults to their honor.

    • This is getting interesting. Whew, I thought there were 80 tactical nukes. Only 50.
      Yes, I’d read that German intelligence believed Erdoff was going for his very own nukes. Great security in our alliance, right?

      • Here is one for you, does Turkey have enough money to try and buy nukes and the tech to build them from Pakistan? If yes will Pakistan sell to them like they will to Saudi?

        • One of those articles went into some detail about a sleazy Paki named Kahn who’s been quite the nuclear entrepreneur. It’s worth reading all the way through.
          We can be certain that Uncle Vlad has spies thick on the ground in Turkey. Though he seems pretty casual about nuclear proliferation in his near-abroad. Puzzling.

          • I know, either he thinks they won’t launch on Russia or he thinks he has control of any Iranian nuke. I can’t see either occurring and I can’t see him thinking they will.

            Like you say puzzling.

  11. The H-Bombs in Turkey

    mong the many questions still unanswered following Friday’s coup attempt in Turkey is one that has national-security implications for the United States and for the rest of the world: How secure are the American hydrogen bombs stored at a Turkish airbase?

    The Incirlik Airbase, in southeast Turkey, houses NATO’s largest nuclear-weapons storage facility. On Saturday morning, the American Embassy in Ankara issued an “Emergency Message for U.S. Citizens,” warning that power had been cut to Incirlik and that “local authorities are denying movements on to and off of” the base. Incirlik was forced to rely on backup generators; U.S. Air Force planes stationed there were prohibited from taking off or landing; and the security-threat level was raised to FPCON Delta, the highest state of alert, declared when a terrorist attack has occurred or may be imminent. On Sunday, the base commander, General Bekir Ercan Van, and nine other Turkish officers at Incirlik were detained for allegedly supporting the coup. As of this writing, American flights have resumed at the base, but the power is still cut off.

    • The sources Vlad uses say there are 80 nukes, wiki says 90 and J.E. Dyer says 50, what the number actually is matters but the real problem is that Edrogan has the capabilities of seizing them.

      • Finally an explanation of “PAL”:
        Permissive Action Links (PALs), were designed to hinder unauthorized use of the weapons; the bombs wouldn’t detonate if the operator didn’t enter the right code. But PALs could be circumvented by someone with the proper technical skills, etc.

        […] With a few hours and the right tools and training, you could open one of NATO’s nuclear-weapons storage vaults, remove a weapon, and bypass the PAL inside it. Within seconds, you could place an explosive device on top of a storage vault, destroy the weapon, and release a lethal radioactive cloud.
        Wouldn’t be a bad idea to get our junk out of Belgium too. With “peace activists” breaking in, posting a video in 2010. For that matter, I’m not too keen on Germany, the Netherlands…

    • Germany: Train carriage covered in blood after axeman attacks passengers

      Blood stains and medical supplies were strewn around the train carriage where a teenage Afghan refugee, allegedly armed with an axe and knife, injured four passengers on a train close to Wurzburg in southern Germany, Monday.


      I am one of the soldiers of the Islamic Caliphate, and I am going to conduct an attack in Germany.

      It is about time to stop you from coming to our homes, killing our families, and getting away with it.

      Our apostate politicians have never tried to stop you, and Muslims have never been able to fight you back or even speak against what you do. But these times are gone now.

      With the Islamic Caliphate now instated in Iraq, the Levant, Khorasan, Libya and Yemen, its soldiers will be able to attack and slaughter you in your homelands, and they will take your nations as homes and military bases for them.

      They will also target you wherever you are, in every village, city or airport. And I here warn you, that the Islamic Caliphate is now powerful enough to target your parliaments, and I am the proof of how powerful it became.

      I have been living with you all the time while planning an attack that will be stronger than the Paris attacks that continue to horrify you to this day.

      I will keep fighting you as long as I am alive, I will slaughter you with this knife, and I will decapitate you with an axe.

      And to the Muslims all over the world, I say: ‘How long are you going to remain that passive. The Islamic Caliphate is now well established, so this is the time to declare your loyalty to the Caliph Abu Bakr Al Baghdady, and to migrate to Khorasan as well as the other Islamic State cities.

      ‘There are also Islamic State cities all over the world, so if you can’t go to the Levant (Sham), then start killing all of the apostate armies in your countries.’

    • DAILY MAIL – ‘I’m a soldier of the Caliphate’: Afghan refugee waves knife and says he will attack Germany in revenge for airstrikes in chilling video released by ISIS after he went on axe rampage injuring 19 in train horror

      Attacker went on the rampage on a train near Wurzburg targeting 15 people
      Three critically injured after an attack with ‘cutting and stabbing weapons’
      A 17-year-old Afghan refugee has since been shot dead by armed police
      ISIS have claimed the teenage attacker was an ‘Islamic State fighter’
      They released video of attacker claiming he was was Muhammad Riyad
      Attack will put pressure on Angela Merkel and her open door policy to refugees

      ISIS has released a chilling video of the Afghan refugee who went on an axe rampage on a German train where he says he will attack the country in revenge for airstrikes against the terror group.

      The attacker, who is named in the footage as Muhammad Riyad, was gunned down by armed police after fleeing the scene near the city of Wurzburg, 70 miles north of Nuremberg last night.

      He is believed to be 17 years old although in the video, he appears he could be much older.

      It has been revealed he moved to Germany two years ago and had been living with a foster family in Ochsenfurt for the past two weeks.

      He shouted ‘Allahu Akbar’ during the incident and ISIS has claimed responsibility, making it the first attack by the terror group in Germany.

      […]In the video released by ISIS and filmed before the stabbing, the teenager says he will carry out the attack and threatens ‘infidel’ countries.

      Knife in hand, he then announces in Pashto, an Afghan language, he would carry out an ‘operation’ in Germany, and presents himself as a ‘soldier of the caliphate’.

      He says: ‘I am one of the soldiers of the Islamic Caliphate, and I am going to conduct an attack in Germany. It is about time to stop you from coming to our homes, killing our families, and getting away with it.

      ‘Our apostate politicians have never tried to stop you, and Muslims have never been able to fight you back or even speak against what you do. But these times are gone now.

      ‘With the Islamic Caliphate now instated in Iraq, Sham, Khorasan, Libya and Yemen, its soldiers will be able to attack and slaughter you in your homelands, and they will take your nations as homes and military bases for them.

      […]He had been placed with a couple just two weeks ago after living for nearly two years in a hostel run by the Catholic Kolpingwerk charity.

      Bavarian interior minister Joachim Hermann said that the teenager came to Germany as an unaccompanied minor, and applied for asylum in March.

      He lived in a home for teenage refugees until he was placed with the foster family.

      Neighbours in the street adjacent to the centre recalled a ‘confused’ young man who never marked himself out as a fanatic of any stripe.

      ‘He always looked worried’ recalled Hannelore Lenz.

      ‘But then the Afghans here often did. The government changed the rules about offering their asylum and they were always perpetually worried about if they were going to be allowed to stay.’

      Another who would not give her name said: ‘The relationship with the refugees was always harmonious here.

      ‘I do remember seeing this young man around town – not very tall, very intense dark eyes, always a little troubled looking. But I never thought him capable of this.’

      People in Ochsenfurt said he was seen in a nearby mosque on ‘high days and holidays’ but was by no means regarded as deeply religious.

      […]Police have refused to reveal the names of his foster parents but they are known to be worshippers at the Catholic Kreuzkirche in the centre of the town and registered with the charity that had looked after the youngster to provide a home for him.

      The case is likely to deepen worries about so-called ‘lone wolf’ attacks in Europe and could put political pressure on German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who has welcomed hundreds of thousands of migrants to Germany over the past year.

      Four of the most seriously injured victims in the attack were a family of four Chinese tourists from Hong Kong.

      Eyewitnesses said Riyad swung the axe into the stomach of one of his victims in a bid to disembowel him after going into the bathroom and arming himself.

      According to the local newspaper in Ochsenfurt it was the 31-year-old boyfriend of the Hong Kong victims’ daughter who was most gravely injured as he slashed at passenger’s bodies and heads. […]

    • Germany: No evidence of link between IS and Wurzburg train attacker – Bavaria Interior Minister

      Bavarian Interior Minister Joachim Hermann stated that there is no evidence that the 17-year-old Afghan refugee who attacked passengers on board a train with an axe was in contact with IS, in a press conference in Munich on Tuesday.

      Hermann stated that there is however “an indication that he has been self-radicalised in recent times.” The police stated that in a search of his room they found a self-drawn IS flag. However Hermann stressed that “up until now, there is no evidence suggesting that this young man was in connection with Islamist networks.”

      SOT, Joachim Hermann, Bavarian Interior Minister (German): “”The man was accommodated in the refugee centre in Ochsenfurt. It was really good accommodation centre. And two weeks ago he was received by a host family. As a result of the search operation of his room where he lived, the self-drawn IS flag as well as written text in Pashto were found. The texts were written partly in Arabic and partly in Latin letters. Moreover, there is also an indication that he has been self-radicalised in recent times.”

      SOT, Joachim Hermann, Bavarian Interior Minister (German): “He was a faithful Muslim, up until now, the people who have had contact with him, don’t say in any instance that he was radical or a fanatic. In this respect recent witnesses have said that all who know him say that what he has done is completely inconceivable. The police have said that there could be other connections that they do not know at the current moment, where the motivation could lie to carry out such violence, all that remains unresolved up till now. We have found out that ISIS became allegedly known to him through the internet. I would however like to stress that up until this moment in the investigation, but it will of course be investigated further, but up until now, there is no evidence suggesting that this young man was in connection with Islamist networks.”

      SOT, Joachim Hermann, Bavarian Interior Minister (German): “We discuss the possibilities to introduce measures against the international terrorism for Bavaria, Germany and Europe in general. This stipulates the strengthening of the security measures in our country. Moreover, more police and security officers will be deployed in public places. I would like to stress once again that such an extensive and broad security concept will be oriented on preventing and excluding such dramatic attacks as those that happened yesterday evening.”

    • Bishop of Würzburg left ‘speechless’ after axe attack on train passengers

      The Bishop of Würzburg said he had been left “speechless” by the axe attack on a train the city on Monday.

      Three people from Hong Kong were seriously hurt and another was slightly injured in the axe and knife attack by a 17-year-old Afghan refugee, who was subsequently shot dead by police. A further 14 people were treated for shock.

      ISIS has claimed responsibility for the attack, with the claim posted on the group’s Aamaq news agency on Tuesday.

      The news agency described the teenager as an ISIS “fighter” who “carried out the operation in answer to the calls to target the countries of the coalition fighting the Islamic State”.

      It has been reported that the teenager shouted “Allahu akbar” (“God is great”) and that an ISIS flag was found in his room.

      A statement was released on behalf of Bishop Friedhelm Hofmann in which he said, “One is speechless at such a moment. This fact can not be understood.”

      In the statement, the bishop said he would pray for all those injured and affected by the attack.

      “I especially want to thank all those who have intervened in this difficult situation yesterday and helped, including the police and the rescue services,” he added.

      Bishop Hofmann warned against placing all asylum seekers under general suspicion of carrying out attacks. “Maybe we need to help the unaccompanied young refugees even more and help them to overcome their own traumas,” he said.

  12. Germany: Dozens arrested as Pokemon fans face off with PEGIDA in Munich

    Dozens of Pokemon Go game fans alongside antifa activists took to the streets of Munich on Monday, to protest against PEGIDA activists who were staging a rally at the same time at Odeonsplatz. Dozens of arrests were made during the protest.

  13. cbc – OTTAWA – Byward Market stabbing leads to charges

    Police still searching for suspect in separate stabbing incident

    Two Ottawa men are facing a list of assault charges stemming from one of two stabbings reported in Ottawa’s ByWard Market over the weekend.

    Paramedics were called to William Street, between York and George streets, early Sunday morning where five people were reported hurt, four of them stabbed.

    On Monday Ottawa police announced a 26-year-old and a 21-year-old man have been charged with multiple counts of aggravated assault, assault with a weapon and failing to comply with court-ordered conditions.
    Police had arrested a third man, but released him without charges.

    In a separate incident a few hours earlier, another man was stabbed in same area. Police are still looking for a suspect in that incident.

    Police stressed the two incidents were not related.

    Ottawa citizen – Man sent to hospital after Slater Street stabbing

    […]This was the third stabbing the city had seen in less than 30 hours. Six people were injured in two separate stabbings in the ByWard Market over the weekend.

    […]Police have charged both Mohamed Hamed Mohamed, 26, and Ali Abbari, 21, in connection to those stabbings.

    • CBC – 6 injured after 2 stabbings in ByWard Market

      A total of six men were injured and three suspects are in custody after a pair of overnight stabbings in the ByWard Market, according to Ottawa police.

      One man was stabbed in the first incident, which occurred at around 10 p.m. Saturday, near the intersection of Waller and Rideau streets, said police.

      The suspect, described as a white male in his mid-20s, fled the scene. Police are still looking for him.

      A few hours later paramedics were called to William Street, between York and George streets where five people were hurt, four of them stabbed.

      They were all treated and officers said no one’s injuries are life-threatening.

      “There doesn’t appear to be any information to suggest that the attacks were connected and we have no information to suggest that the suspects knew the victims in either case at this time,” said Duty Inspector Sandra McLaren.

      “People in the ByWard Market do not have anything to be concerned about. The suspects are in custody and the investigation is ongoing.”

      No one has been charged or publicly identified.

      Investigators are asking anyone with information to contact them.

  14. {This is the Liberty Unyielding exert, I wanted to include their editors comment, the url for the original publication follows in the first reply}

    Iran has received S-300 missiles now; earliest deployment date nears

    [Ed. – It isn’t clear what the Iranians still lack to have a fully functional battery. They may lack nothing — to have at least one. They’re still awaiting deliveries later this year, but that doesn’t mean they are unable to field a complete system now. If the Iranians are willing to have it known that they’ve received the missiles, they’re not trying to hide from potential preemptive attack at this point. The S-300 is a relatively simple mobile system, reportedly easy for operators to learn. It won’t require a lengthy ramp-up to get to “initial operational capability” (IOC). In the worst case — if not the most likely — the first battery up could be as early as September.]

    Russia has delivered the missile part of S-300 surface-to-air defense system to Iran, Tasnim news agency reported on Monday, moving to finish the delivery of all divisions of the system to Tehran by the end of this year.

    “The first shipment of missiles of S-300 missile system has recently entered Iran that shows Iran’s determination to equip its air defense circle with this system,” Tasnim news agency, which is close to the Revolutionary Guards, reported.

    Russia’s agreement to provide Iran with S-300 has sparked concern in Israel, whose government Iran has said it aims to destroy.


      Iran receives the missile part of S-300 defense system from Russia: Tasnim

      Russia has delivered the missile part of S-300 surface-to-air defense system to Iran, Tasnim news agency reported on Monday, moving to finish the delivery of all divisions of the system to Tehran by the end of this year.

      “The first shipment of missiles of S-300 missile system has recently entered Iran that shows Iran’s determination to equip its air defense circle with this system,” Tasnim news agency, which is close to the Revolutionary Guards, reported.

      Russia’s agreement to provide Iran with S-300 has sparked concern in Israel, whose government Iran has said it aims to destroy.

      Russia says it canceled a contract to deliver S-300s to Iran in 2010 under pressure from the West.

      President Vladimir Putin lifted that self-imposed ban in April 2015, after an interim agreement that paved the way for July’s full nuclear deal.

      Russia delivered the first parts of S-300, the missile tubes and radar equipment, to Iran in April.

    • You can still deliver a devastating first strike against Iran but you need a very large number of cruise missiles, fighter bombers and large strategic bombers. If you have them and are willing to pay the price in blood it can be carried out and with a little luck do massive damage. You would have to pay a price that would be politically devastating to the nation making the attack.

      • There will be plenty of US aircraft shot down during such an engagement, stealth or no stealth. The Russkies have VHF radars for stealth aircraft detection and target engagement. Bistatic radars can detect any stealth systems. The Czechs have a system based on phase shifts to detect aircraft. Hell, even your TV set when it breaks up it’s pictures when a plane flies over could detect stealth. Even a cell phone network could be used to detect stealth bombers.

        • Like I said the raid could still take place and with luck do massive damage but the price in blood would make it politically impossible.

  15. Hezbollah’s Massive Arms Build-up in Lebanese Civilian Areas
    While new evidence unveils Iran’s bankrolling of Hezbollah.

    Every calendar quarter the United Nations Security Council holds an extensive debate on the Israeli-Palestinian “situation.” The Israeli and Palestinian UN representatives make speeches following the Secretary General’s report on the current status, which are normally predictable restatements of their respective positions. This time, however, Israel’s ambassador Danny Danon, addressing the Security Council at its July 12th meeting, presented new graphic evidence of Hezbollah’s alarming arsenal of rockets and missiles located in civilian areas of southern Lebanon.

    Ten years ago, when Security Council Resolution 1701 was adopted, ending the war that had broken out between Israel and Hezbollah, the terrorist group was estimated to have had about 7000 rockets. The resolution called for Hezbollah and other armed groups not officially a part of the Lebanese government’s armed forces to relinquish their weapons. Instead, precisely the opposite has happened. Hezbollah never stopped its arms build-up, which has been funded and supplied principally from the world’s leading state sponsor of terror, Iran.

    Hezbollah now has approximately 120,000 rockets and missiles aimed at Israeli civilian population centers. By way of comparison, Ambassador Danon said that “more missiles are hidden underground in 10,000 square kilometers [of Lebanon] than the above-ground 4 million square kilometers” of the European North Atlantic Treaty Organization countries.

    Referring to aerial satellite imagery, based on the latest Israeli intelligence, Ambassador Danon demonstrated to the members of the Security Council the location of rocket launchers and arms depots that Hezbollah had placed in civilian areas. “The village of Shaqra has been turned into a Hezbollah stronghold with one out of three buildings used for terror activities, including rocket launchers and arms depots,” Ambassador Danon said. “Hezbollah has placed these positions next to schools and other public institutions putting innocent civilians in great danger.”

  16. Immigration and the Terrorist Threat
    How our leaders are spawning catastrophe.

    The most recent horrific terror attack, this time in Nice, France on Bastille Day, is the latest of a string of attacks overseas as well as inside the United States. It has shaken people around the world, causing them to question what their governments need to do to protect them.

    Our leaders are forever reacting to the latest attack, placing us on an elevated defensive posture, whenever and wherever it may occur. Often news reports are aired that show video clips of heavily armed police officers patrolling our airports and other venues in response to the latest attack no matter where the attack was carried out, to create the illusion of protecting us.

    This perspective can most generously be called folly. The terror threats we face do not go up and down like the stock market. While it makes sense to marshal snow plow drivers and those that drive the trucks that spread salt on highways when a blizzard is forecast for the region, in preparation for the impending storm to quickly clear the roads, terrorism presents a constant threat.

    The only questions are how, when, where, and how many will be killed or injured. We are in this battle for the long haul and failure is not only not an option but would spell the catastrophic demise of our nation.

    While some have simplistically said that our military alone, combatting ISIS overseas can protect, the reality is that we must fight this war on two fronts- overseas and within our borders. Domestically this battle must be waged by many elements of the law enforcement apparatus- including, especially, immigration law enforcement authorities.

    • BBC -Syria conflict: Rebels ‘filmed beheading boy’ in Aleppo

      Videos have emerged online that appear to show Syrian rebels taunting and then beheading a boy they say is a captured Palestinian pro-government fighter.

      One video shows five men posing with the frightened child, who could be as young as 10, in the back of a truck. One of the men grips him by the hair.

      The same man is later filmed apparently cutting the boy’s head off.

      The incident is reported to have taken place in Handarat, north of Aleppo, where there has been heavy fighting.

      The area is the location of the unofficial Palestinian refugee camp of Ein El Tal, which was home to some 7,000 people before they were displaced by armed groups in 2013.

      Pro-government forces have been attempting to capture Handarat in recent weeks, as part of an offensive that has seen the last remaining road out of rebel-held eastern half of Aleppo cut, trapping an estimated 300,000 people living there.

      The footage of the boy, who some on social media identified as “Abdullah Issa”, first appeared online on Tuesday morning.

      The men in the first video say he is a fighter from Liwa al-Quds (the Jerusalem Brigade), a Palestinian pro-government militia operating in the Aleppo area.

      Enab Baladi, a pro-opposition news website, said the boy was captured in Handarat by members of a local rebel group, the Nour al-Din al-Zinki Movement.

      It quoted Yasser Ibrahim Youssef, a member of the group’s political bureau, as saying on Facebook that an independent judicial commission had been appointed to investigate the incident. Anyone proven to have been involved in any violations would be referred to military justice, he added.

      A legal adviser for the Western-backed Free Syrian Army was also cited by Enab Baladi as saying it would hold to account those responsible for such a violation.

      The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, a UK-based monitoring group, also said that there had been violent clashes between pro-government forces and rebels in the vicinity of Handarat on Tuesday, and that it had received a copy of a video showing fighters killing a boy they had captured.

      A report published by the human rights group Amnesty International earlier this month detailed a series of violations allegedly committed by Nour al-Din al-Zinki Movement fighters, including abductions and torture.

      The group is reported to have benefited from financial and military support from the US, UK, France, Turkey, Qatar and other Gulf Arab states in the past.

  17. Libya Militia Downs Helicopter, Killing 2 French Troops (abcnews, July 19, 2016)

    “Officials in Libya say that an Islamist militia has shot down a helicopter outside the eastern city of Benghazi, killing two French special forces troops who were onboard.

    The officials, one an air force officer who knew of the helicopters’ passengers and the other an official working for Western missions in Libya, say Tuesday that there were no survivors in the Sunday attack. They spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to brief the media.

    The French defense ministry declined to comment, saying it does not release information regarding its special forces.

    A militia that calls itself the Defending Benghazi Brigade claimed the attack, saying the downed aircraft belonged to forces under Gen. Khalifa Hifter, the head of armed forces based in Libya’s east, which it opposes.”

  18. Turkey Fires Tens of Thousands in Coup Plotters Hunt (abcnews, July 19, 2016)

    “The Turkish government on Tuesday escalated its wide-ranging crackdown against people it claims have ties to plotters of last week’s attempted coup, firing tens of thousands of public employees across the country.

    The dismissals touched every aspect of government life.

    Turkish media, in rapid-fire reports, said the Ministry of Education fired 15,200 people across the country; the Interior Ministry 8,777 employees; and Turkey’s Board of Higher Education requested the resignation of 1,577 university deans — akin to dismissing them.

    In addition, 257 people working at the office of the prime minister were dismissed and the Directorate of Religious Affairs announced it had sacked 492 staff including clerics, preachers and religious teachers. Turkey’s Family and Social Policy Ministry said it dismissed 393 personnel.

    The firings come on top of the roughly 9,000 people who have been detained by the government, including security personnel, judges, prosecutors, religious figures and others. Turkey’s state-run Anadolu news agency said courts have ordered 85 generals and admirals jailed pending trial over their suspected roles in the coup attempt. Dozens of others were still being questioned…”

  19. Canada to pledge $200 million to Iraq fund

    OTTAWA — Canada is to pledge up to $200 million in new money to help Iraq’s economy during a major conference in Washington on Wednesday.

    Sources tell The Canadian Press that “up to” that amount will be pledged through the World Bank to help Iraq’s government implement economic reforms.

    The Canadian pledge is over and above the $1.6 billion over three years that the Trudeau government announced in February as part of its reconfigured mission to battle the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant.

    Canada is co-hosting the event in Washington with the United States, Germany and Japan, in an attempt to raise funds to help battle ISIL in Iraq, stabilize its government and ease humanitarian suffering.

    The U.S. State Department says extra money is urgently needed because the United Nations Iraq Humanitarian Response Plan of US$861 million is only 36 per cent funded.

    Canada will also give more details on how $158 million of the previously announced $1.6 billion will be spent.


    Turkey has revoked the licenses of 21,000 teachers working in private institutions, an Education Ministry official told Reuters. It’s the latest in a string of crackdowns on workers allegedly tied to the exiled cleric blamed for last week’s coup attempt.
    “The licenses of 21,000 teachers working in privately-run institutions have been cancelled. Tip-offs that these [people] are mostly linked with terrorist activities have been taken into consideration,” a ministry official said.

    Read more
    People demonstrate in front of the Republic Monument at the Taksim Square in Istanbul, Turkey. © Murad SezerWhat now for Erdogan & Turkish democracy following failed coup attempt?
    An earlier report from the state-run Anadolu news agency stated the ministry had dismissed 15,200 education personnel.

    Meanwhile, Turkey’s High Education Board has ordered the resignation of 1,577 deans at all universities – both public and private – across the country, state broadcaster TRT reported. The news caused the Turkish lira to weaken beyond 3 to the US dollar.

    In addition, 399 employees of the Ministry of Family and Social Polices were stripped of their responsibilities on Tuesday, and 257 people working at the office of the prime minister were also sacked, Anadolu reported.

  21. Santoso: Indonesia police ‘kill most wanted militant’ (BBC, July 19, 2016)

    “Indonesian police say they believe they have killed the country’s most wanted militant in a jungle gun battle.

    The body of Santoso, who led a group that backed so-called Islamic State, had been positively identified, the police chief who led the operation in Central Sulawesi said.

    Police are carrying out a DNA test to confirm that the body belongs to the Mujahideen Indonesia Timur leader.

    The operation is seen as a major victory for the security forces.

    Police, soldiers and journalists let out cries of “praise be to God” at a police press conference announcing the news…”

  22. Nigeria Boko Haram: Children starving, warns Unicef (BBC, July 19, 2016)

    “Almost a quarter of a million children in parts of Nigeria’s Borno state formerly controlled by Boko Haram are suffering from severe malnutrition, the UN children’s agency says.

    Tens of thousands will die if treatment does not reach them soon, Unicef warns.

    In areas where Boko Haram militants had been in control, it found people without water, food or sanitation.

    Last month, a charity said people fleeing Boko Haram had starved to death…”

  23. French PM warns that ‘there will be other attacks’ (france24, July 19, 2016)

    “PARIS (AFP) – French Prime Minister Manuel Valls warned Tuesday that the country can expect more attacks and deaths and will have to “learn to live with the threat”.

    “Even if these words are hard to say, it’s my duty to do so: There will be other attacks and there will be other innocent people killed,” Valls told French deputies debating an extension to the country’s state of emergency.

    “We must not become accustomed, but learn to live with this menace,” added Valls, speaking days after an attacker ploughed a truck through a crowd at a July 14 fireworks display in Nice, killing 84 people.”

  24. Italy: Moroccan Woman Assaulted for Not Wearing ‘Islamic Clothes’ (moroccoworldnews, July 19, 2016)

    “A 48 year-old Moroccan living in Italy was assaulted last Thursday by a 37-year-old Moroccan woman due to her dress that did not adhere to the guidelines of Islam, according to Italian news website Il Resto del Carlino.

    The incident took place around 10.30 pm at Piaza del Popolo in Faenza, when the aggressor attacked the woman in front of her children and people by insulting her and shouting: “You slut [who] wants to dress up like western people.”….”

    • Faenza – Italy -Piazza del Popolo – June 26 2016

      iftar +call to prayer + public prayer – just past 23 min on the video –

  25. Egypt’s top Muslim body urges West to review freedom laws after Germany attack (ahram, July 19, 2016)

    “Egypt’s Grand Imam, one of the world’s highest Sunni Muslim authorities, has urged western countries to review laws and regulations that may affect the freedom of Muslims after a train attack in Germany was claimed by the Islamic State group.

    Shawki Allam, the country’s official interpreter of Islamic law, condemned on Tuesday the attack as “inhumane” and said such violence “tarnishes the image of Islam which calls for tolerance and coexistence.”

    Allam urged the West to help Muslim communities “integrate into society” and to revise “laws and decisions that could tighten Muslim’s freedom.”

    He says such matters are exploited by extremists to spread their radical views “under the claim that western countries are hostile to Islam and Muslims.”

    A 17-year-old Afghan refugee assaulted passengers on a train in southern Germany with an axe and knife late on Monday, injuring at least five people in an attack which the Islamic State group claimed hours later.

    Allam said that Islam prohibits “terrorising people or assaulting them no matter what their denomination is.”

    His remarks were part of a statement carried by Dar Al-Ifta, the main authority responsible for issuing religious edicts.”

  26. Malmö police probe three shootings within 11 minutes (thelocal, July 19, 2016)

    “Shots were fired at three different locations in southern Swedish city Malmö within the space of minutes on Monday night.

    Alarms were raised after shots were heard between 11.05pm and 11.16pm. None of the three shootings lead to any injuries, and police are working on the theory that they could be linked.

    “It is highly likely that they are linked, though one cannot exclude the possibility that any of them could be a separate event,” Skåne police duty officer Peter Martin told news agency TT.

    All three events have been classified as attempted murder, though that could change over the course of investigation. Roads Jägersrovägen, Ligustergatan and Duvhöksgatan in the south of the city are all blocked off while the police carry out their investigation of the areas.

    “There have been various findings. At one place we believe there are traces of shots at a house façade. We have also found bullet casings at one location,” police officer Martin said.

    Police also have information on different cars that left the sites, which they are now looking into…”

      • Catching up. Violent blacks and Moslems and black Moslems.
        Wiesenthal Center found Malmo unsafe for Jews in 2010. Let it burn to the ground, scattering the rats it shelters. Take some of the “humanitarian superpower” Swedes down with them.

  27. Erdo?an supporters told to keep politics out of Austria (thelocal, July 19, 2016)

    “Austrian politicians have criticised supporters of the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdo?an who took to the streets in Austria on the weekend in support of the president following the failed coup against him.

    “I am more than critical against demonstrations in the name of Erdo?an in Vienna,” Interior Minister Wolfgang Sobotka (ÖVP) told the Kurier newspaper.

    “To spread the domestic political opinion from Turkey to Austria under the cover of freedom to demonstrate is unacceptable.”

    There are around quarter of a million people with Turkish origin living in Austria, with over 76,000 living in Vienna.

    According to the Wiener Zeitung, around 4,000 marched in Vienna on Saturday night to show their support of the nearly-ousted president, with other gatherings taking place in Bregenz, Linz, and Salzburg.

    “Erdo?an, for you we give our lives, our hearts belong to you,” was one call heard from protesters.

    At one point on Saturday the demonstrators attacked the garden of a branch of the Turkish-Kurdish restaurant chain Türkis, reflecting the ongoing tensions between the Turkish government and the Kurdish minority in the country.

    Austria’s Foreign Minister Sebastian Kurz, whose remit includes integration, supported the right of the demonstrators to protest and remain loyal to their homeland. He underlined the importance, however, that “out of respect, they refrain from importing the political conflict to Austria.”

    Both presidential candidates – who are going head to head in the second presidential election in October – also criticised the violence from the Erdogan supporters in Austria.

    Independent Green-backed Alexander van der Bellen told the Kurier: “In Austria there is freedom to demonstrate as long as it is peaceful. I condemn, however, the attempt to bring the conflict in Turkey to Austria in a violent form.”

    “Everyone that accepts the right to demonstrate, has to see that the same rights – such as freedom of speech, press freedom, independent justice system, and freedom to demonstrate are being denied in Turkey by President Erdogan.”

    The Freedom Party’s presidential candidate Norbert Hofer also added that Austria “is not a place to bring Turkish politics on the street”.”

  28. ‘I stand behind Erdogan’: An afternoon in Cologne’s Turkish center (DW, July 19, 2016)

    “In Cologne, many of Germany’s Turks stand firmly behind Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. But not everyone is of the same opinion. DW reporter Carla Bleiker report’s from the city’s Turkish neighborhood.

    Keupstrasse is the center of Cologne’s Turkish community. Men gather to smoke outside their shops and cafes. Online reviews suggest the city’s best döner kebab can be found here, and the trays of baklava on display in bakery windows whet one’s appetite. When summer temperatures top 90, it really can feel like a vacation in Istanbul or Antalya.

    Actual tourism in Turkey is falling, however, due to repeated terror attacks there. Last week’s attempted coup calls everything that much more into question.

    Support for President Recep Tayyip Erdogan remains strong on Keupstrasse. Durmus was gushing with praise for Erdogan. The young man, smoking outside the carpet store where he works, addressed the president by his first name. “Tayyip is a reasonable person,” he said. “He was raised as a Muslim. He sees the Prophet as an example.”

    Durmus isn’t swayed by the critics. “[Erdogan] was in danger. There must be consequences.”

    Erdogan has emerged from the July 15 coup attempt even stronger, and the international community is looking on with concern.

    Erdogan beloved by Turks in Germany

    Nearly 60 percent of eligible Turkish voters in Germany supported Erdogan’s AKP party in Turkey’s 2015 parliamentary election. That’s higher than from any other European country, but how do many of Germany’s young Turks see things?….”

  29. Turkish intel informed top generals hours before coup attempt, says army (hurriyet, July 19, 2016)

    “Turkey’s National Intelligence Organization (M?T) informed the country’s top generals hours before the coup attempt was initiated by a group of soldiers within the army on July 15, while Chief of General Staff Gen. Hulusi Akar evaluated the information and issued all necessary warnings and orders against “this despicable and miserable attempt,” according to a statement published on the General Staff’s official website on July 19. …”

  30. Daesh websites push young Saudis to join terror network (saudigazette, July 19, 2016)

    “Many suspected Saudi militants have subscribed to Daesh ideas of an Islamic caliphate and wanted to participate in jihad in Iraq and Syria but they have not joined the terror group yet, according to Abdul Monem Al-Moshaweh, chairman of Assakeena Campaign.

    He said some of these youths have adopted the takfiri ideology, which brands those who do not agree with it as infidels. “They have expressed their desire to contribute toward realizing the Islamic khilafat and to support weak Muslim communities,” Al-Moshaweh said.

    Speaking to Makkah Arabic daily, Al-Moshaweh said many militants joined the terrorist group in order to find out the truth or just to experience the thrill of fighting. “They did not listen to anti-terrorism awareness programs and media campaigns,” he pointed out.

    Al-Moshaweh said terrorist groups have found it easy to recruit young Saudis who subscribe to extremist views and believe in violence through their social networking websites.

    However, Al-Moshaweh pointed out that some of these militants were ready for dialogue and discussions and could renounce their extremist thoughts either partly or fully. “We have found that terrorist groups influence these youths and turn them to armed terrorists.”…”

  31. Fazl wants Saudi Arabia to become nuclear power (tribune, July 19, 2016)

    “Maulana Fazlur Rehman has supported Saudi Arabia to acquire nuclear technology and become an atomic power to counter aggression from the West.

    Fazl expressed these views while addressing Difa-e-Khadim-e-Haramain Sharifain conference organised on Monday.

    “Muslims want to see Saudi Arabia become an atomic power in the future to counter western propaganda against Islam, particularly against the kingdom,” the JUI-F chief said.

    He said the protection of Haramain was the collective responsibility of the Ummah, and all Muslim countries should unite to counter Western aggression.

    Maulana Samilul Haq said an attack on Haramain should be considered as an attack on our faith and “we should expose western propaganda”. He urged Muslim leaders to unite against the West’s nefarious design.”

    • With their arch enemy Iran having nukes Saudi has to get some of face nuclear blackmail. Of course mutually assured destruction won’t work with Iran so we can expect the mushroom clouds in the future.

  32. It would be very, very wrong not to have at least one Pokemon Go story:

    Bosnians playing the hit mobile game Pokemon Go are being warned to avoid straying into areas still sown with landmines from the war in the 1990s.
    A Bosnian demining charity, Posavina bez mina, issued its warning after hearing reports of Pokemon Go users venturing into risky areas.

  33. BREITBART – Deradicalised’ Islamic State Fighters Producing Terror Propaganda Videos in Germany

    Deradicalisation programmes for Islamic State fighters who have returned from Syria and Iraq are proving largely unsuccessful as some continue making propaganda videos for the terrorist group while back in Germany, and most rejoin the country’s flourishing Salafist community.

    on this page :

  34. Kansas Officer Killed While Looking for Drive-by Suspect

    A Kansas City, Kansas, police officer was shot and killed on Tuesday while searching for a suspect in a drive-by shooting, police said.

    Capt. Robert Melton was searching for the suspect when he drove up to someone who matched that person’s description just before 2 p.m., police spokesman Tom Tomasic said. Before Melton could get out of his vehicle, the person opened fire, hitting the officer multiple times, Tomasic said. The alleged shooter was caught five minutes later about a block away, he said.

    A police spokeswoman said the suspect was being questioned Tuesday evening along with another person suspected in the initial drive-by shooting. Police weren’t releasing the suspects’ names because charges hadn’t been filed. A third person who had been taken into custody was determined not to have been involved and was released, police said.

    It’s the second time a Kansas City, Kansas, police officer has been shot and killed this year. In early May, detective Brad Lancaster was fatally shot near the Kansas Speedway, and Melton had served in the police honor guard at Lancaster’s funeral. The shooting also comes as police departments across the country are on edge after ambush attacks left eight officers dead in Texas and Louisiana.

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