Military coup in Turkey happening now

Rumour has it that Germany denied Erdogan asylum and his jet is looking for somewhere else to land.

Vlad tipster PP. said that “Erdogan may be the only Turkish refugee that Germany won’t take”


Daily Mail:

The Turkish military has announced it has taken control and overthrown the government of Recep Erdogan as troops round up police and attack the capital Ankara.

Eyewitnesses have reported attack helicopters firing machine guns in the capital Ankara in a bid to depose the Islamic government.

The military said they have taken control in order to protect human rights, however, prime minister Binali Yildirim said only a ‘faction’ was involved.

Fast attack jets and helicopters were heard above Ankara and Istanbul after the military confirmed they had seized control of the country,.

Istanbul’s Bosphorus Bridge and Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge were both closed after the military deployed roadblocks.

Tracer fire from Turkish military helicopters was spotted over Ankara.

Turkish PM statement:


I find Sebastian Gorka’s analysis to be pretty much spot on

Thank you M., Buck, Wrath of Khan, PP.,

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  1. There are unconfirmed reports that Erdogan is asking Germany for sanctuary. As I said this is unconfirmed and if I was Erdogan given what is happening in Europe I wouldn’t want to try to find safety there.

    With luck the secularists that are left in the Trukish military will be the ones who end up in charge after the coup.

  2. From what I’ve read thus far, it appears that Erdogan was traveling when this coup kicked off and the military took advantage of it. The hour of the coup taking place either very late Friday or very early Saturday seems to indicate the military also took advantage of those loyal to Erdogan’s increased Islamism by moving in as the more devout members of his military attended services.

    • Actually the coup being launched when he wasn’t in the country says that the plotters launched early, probably because internal security was getting close to the conspiracy. The reason I am saying this is that one of the prime targets for early capture is the setting national leader, once he is in the hands of the coup the fight is over. Him being out of the country at the time gives him a chance to hurriedly organize a resistance.

    Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, speaking from an undisclosed location, appeared on CNN-Turk via FaceTime, calling the turmoil “an attempt at an uprising by a minority within our armed forces.” He said he didn’t think the attempt would be successful and called on citizens to stand up for the government by going out into the streets.
    “There is absolutely no chain of command here,” he said, “Right now the chain of command has been put on hold.”
    The interview:×666/5789560fe50aa94c40d43565.jpg

    @wtd Given the way things turned out in Israel when there was an attack on Yom Kippur, I would say that the worst time to attack is when people are gathered together, especially with a loudspeaker at their disposal.

    • As I said above they probably had to launch early to keep internal security from arresting the conspiracy members, this doesn’t mean the coup can’t/won’t succeed but it will be bloodier.

      It will be several days before we learn which side has won, unless of course the coup lays their hands on Edrogan then they have won.

  4. Russians are saying “the coup attempt”. i.e. coup is not successful.
    Erdogan is presently in Istanbul.

    I think there are already too many people who support Erdogan in Turkey. Too many islamists. And the military coup attempt might have been too late.

      • Don’t give up hope just yet, the early days of a fight like this are confused and the reports are conflicting. Since they launched early (probably) it will be several days before we know which side won.

  5. FOX is reporting that the coup is over but that fighting is still going on, the talking heads are so uninformed they think Erdogan was elected in an honest election and that the coup failing is a good idea!

    There will be fall out from this for the rest of the year, the first thing is that as soon as the fighting is over there will be a purge of the Turkish military that will rival those of Stalin.

  6. So I wonder what this means for Bashar al-Assad and the Alawite Kingdom. Will Turkey still be so insistent on his defeat if Erdogan is not in charge? Will Obama finally stop assisting the Fundamentalist Muslim terrorists when his friend Princip is no longer around? Years ago, when the Arab Spring began I said that Syria would never fall to the Islamists because they showed their ruthlessness at the massacre in Hama. Bashar takes Sunni Jihadists and makes dog food out of them. Utterly ruthless. If he had been the Shah of Iran, the Ayatollahs would be a memory. It’s horrible to say, but in the Middle East either you play like Genghis Khan, or you get killed…

    What a crazy world. I’ve seen videos of the Baathist Syrian government all standing in rows going “sieg heil” and doing the famous salute just like at Nuremberg, and I’m actually rooting for them over the Islamists. I would actually prefer Nazis to total insanity of hard line Islamic rule. Strange times. Very nasty enemies…

  7. There was a video clip of a young, mortally wounded Kurdish soldier. She was surrounded by her friends, singing herself to death. Maybe that’s their tradition, I don’t know. The most moving slice of war, the distillation of the tragedy that is war.

    Remember how this vile Turk prevented Kurds from relieving their kin at Kobane? So close, they could only watch as ISIS chewed-up them up. Those who attempted to replenish supplies or even evacuate the wounded were shot dead, by order of this Turk.

    This Turk holds the German people by the throat. Others, too. All those odious blood-red flags, the Islamic swastika, cover Europe like a shroud. The repulsive intimacy between POTUS and that Hitler-wannabe.

    Ah, well…

    • Now we know why Edrogan was sucking up to Putin and Israel, internal security started getting evidence of a coup being planned and he was moving to cut off any help the coup might try for. Now that the coup is over he will go back to his old actions.

      We can now start wondering (once again) when Edrogan will make Putin made enough to order a Russian invasion of Turkey?

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