Cofounder of Black Lives Matters, Islamic fanatic

An analysis of a rebuttal by said co-founder:

(Some amusing vulgarity at start of video)


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  1. “To be a black Muslim woman in Toronto is to feel deep isolation, the result of omnipresent systemic anti-black, patriarchal and Islamophobic discrimination. It is to be under constant attack. To see bodies like mine ignored in the news when they suffer, when they disappear and when they die, unjustly.

    Evidently some do not believe this is true. During Black History Month, I was bombarded by tweets from white men asking me to prove that racism, Islamophobia and misogyny exist. Why should I have to prove the existence of the forces that torment me and members of my community to people who don’t believe they exist and, worse, who perpetuate them? And so two months ago I tweeted, “Plz Allah give me strength not to cuss/kill these men and white folks out here today.” I put my rage and trauma into words, not action, not threat. Faced with hate, I sought restraint from god and support from my online community.

    Fast forward to now. Black Lives Matter Toronto, a movement I cofounded, camped outside the police headquarters for two weeks through incredibly difficult weather conditions fighting for justice against the attack on black life in Toronto. The protest was prompted by the police shooting of Andrew Loku, a man armed only with a hammer, and the lack of transparency that followed. We have been calling for an end to anti-black racism in all institutions, from the racist practice of carding to the lack of accountability, transparency and oversight of police officers who kill black people in this city. And we got results. In two weeks, we convinced city councillors to pass a motion at city hall to investigate the lack of transparency and anti-black structures of Ontario’s Special Investigations Unit. Afro-fest was restored to two days. And Premier Kathleen Wynne committed to having a public meeting with us.

    As the movement gained traction, I became increasingly visible and increasingly the target of those who oppose our cause. Jerry Agar, a Toronto Sun columnist with a long, well-documented record of enmity to our anti-racist goals, attempted to use my visibility to discredit me. A day after the conclusion of #BLMTOtentcity, he cited the aforementioned tweet in an attempt to delegitimize an entire movement, and to position my community as undeserving of justice.

    I am not a public official. I am not a police officer. The state does not entrust me with violent weaponry. I have never contributed to the mass targeting of a community. All I have done is used a turn of phrase, a rhetorical flourish, to voice my frustration and dared to be a person calling for justice.”


    “The Falcon Heights, Minnesota police shooting of Philando Castile is based around an entirely false narrative. Castile and Ms. Diamond Reynolds (Facebook video uploader) were pulled over by police because Castile matched a BOLO Alert for an armed robbery suspect from four days prior.”

    “From the radio dispatch of Officer Jeronimo Yanez:

    “I’m going to stop a car. I’m going to check IDs. I have reason to pull it over.”

    “The two occupants just look like people that were involved in a robbery. The driver looks more like one of our suspects, just ‘cause of the wide set nose.”

    (See link for complete details as it has pictures.)

      • I wonder how many George Soros affiliated groups are lining up to give this girl a nice big grant to pursue the comfortable life of the perfect professional radical. I think that’s what this is really all about. The more of that ridiculous nonsense she spews out so effortlessly, the more money the Tides Foundation, or whomever, wants to give her.

        Do you suppose that well-funded community organizers have to get up at 6:00 in the morning and go to work, five-days-a-week? I don’t think so. I think they’re sitting comfortably in front of their computers sipping coffee most of the time, doing whatever the hell they want. I think this girl might just be crazy like a fox, in a weird sort of way. Like a mouse that’s found a way to get the cheese, she just presses the “radical” button and the rewards keep on pouring out. It really gets my goat, and I’m not lion.

          • I grew up with an antiquated white version–the nuclear disarmament lefties of the 70s. Processional do-nothings making decent livings from government grants writing say-nothing books that no one read. And there was my father working construction 13 hrs/day. And they really did look down their noses at us.

            • I went to a ban-the-bomb march when I was six. I remember being told that it was a wonderful thing we were doing. Then I found out that they were proposing that our side put down their nuclear weapons while the Russians keep theirs. Now that’s a situation a six-year-old boy can understand with perfect clarity. We put down out snowballs while the bad guys keep theirs. Hmm… Let’s see… I think that must have been the first glimmer of the conservative epiphany that was to come years later.

              • I wish more people had brains enough to understand that. A perfect example is the $15.00 minimum wage, the unions got that, the workers lost jobs and the Unions then went to more cities/states and started pushing the same stupidity.

            • The nuclear disarmament effort was something totally supported by the USSR intelligence services. How effective has it been? I was looking at a Smithsonian website about the latest Jupiter planetary mission, and it said we have a shortage of PLUTONIUM because we using it all up. That’s one reason the orbiter has solar cells instead of a nuclear generator. That would mean that it would take a long time to start Pu production again to rebuild our nuclear arsenal. The Left has really done our country in, for sure.

  3. You don’t kill cops! Cops aren’t supposed to be soldiers!
    The postman looks like enemy occupation?
    That’s crazy! Who fed you such nonsense?

    ‘Let’s-pretend’ gone berserk.
    You’re a boy who wants to feel what it’s like to be a girl – you’re a girl. Switched-at-birth, raped by aliens, whatever, you’ve got it. Now everybody’s got to humor your perverse fantasies.

    Keep chewing on that hangnail, gnawing off more and more, now that’s an angry old red paw. Your world is that septic, suppurating mess you’ve made of it.

    Play-acting victim, stoking-up pretend-grudges till you’ve worked yourself up to “righteous anger”.
    A cop-killer is a mad-dog. Passed the point of no return.
    Put it down, careful not to get too close, maybe get a drone or a robot to detonate it. Poke it with a stick to be sure it’s dead.

    Please don’t go this road, just stop. Stop this now.

    • If the point of no return hasn’t been reached it is very close, Eeyors distopian novel is becoming reality and the left will not stop because they think they can use the chaos to gain power. Eeyors end is more realistic but the left loves to life in fantasy worlds.

  4. I’m disturbed by the complete lack of logic that this new generation of black activists show in their arguments. They don’t even pretend to be telling the truth or saying anything that makes sense. Whether it’s the never-happened “hands up” in Ferguson Missouri, or the oh-so-white George Zimmerman “murdering a little black boy just for buying a bag of Skittles”, they just go ahead and make things up to suit their purposes and then scream insults at you if you try to point out the truth. That really is fascist…or Islamic. And Obama keeps stopping short at condemning them; he keeps implying that they are sort of right, or at least justified in existing. I swear, he’s been trying to start a race war since the day he got in office. No kidding!

    • Actually Obama’s goal is a race war, I have felt that for a long time, I also think that they want a race war in the USA at the same time they start the civil war in Europe.

      • You know, we’re talking utter tinfoil hat stuff here. The thing is, that I can see no other explanation. There’s no way in hell the peoples of the West would be voting to be swamped by foreigners in their own lands, either today or fifty years ago.

        They’ll let a family of Somalis who can’t speak English and think al-Qaeda of the Maghreb is cool into Canada, but try to get a nice Yorkshire lad or a Scottish lass into the country and suddenly they doesn’t have enough points ’cause they don’t speak French and they don’t have a PhD in electrical engineering. Meanwhile, the Somalis don’t know what a toilet is, but they’re getting their citizenship next week. Nobody wants this, but they keep doing it so relentlessly. They are tireless, aren’t they?

        I remember hearing noble intellectuals long ago musing dreamily about the entire human race being coffee colored one day. No more distinctions, no more racism, no more southern sheriffs with mirrored sunglasses calling black guys, “boy”.

        Hey, maybe they’re right. But just the same, I’d prefer if they’d ask us first. This is how the question should read: “Dear Western People. Do you want your countries overrun with hostile ten-child-per-family foreigners who hate you and your way of life as they live off welfare and take all your jobs, then lobby endlessly to erode the democratic free existence that you cherish above all else, as your opinion is rendered meaningless by their overwhelming numbers and their solid left-wing bloc vote? Yes or no” Oh, yes please, Sir. Can I have another…?

          • I know this is indeed tin foil hat territory, that is the scary thing his actions can lead to only one realistic conclusion and that conclusion is that he wants to destroy western civilization. Having accepted this we have to be careful that other tin foil hat memes don’t take hold.

      • You have analyzed his actions correctly, there is an old saying that you don’t hear much these days, actions speak louder then words his actions point to a desire to destroy all fo western civilization.

  5. I have a friend who spent some time in Toronto.
    He had a nice black girlfriend.
    He could not pursue the relationship for long because her black parents were racists.

  6. I have read several books about DNA and IQ’s across the world. The Bell Curve is the gold standard by Charles Murray. The average IQ in Africa is 67, it takes hundreds/thousands of years to raise the IQ of a culture. The average IQ must be 80 for a country to have an even rudimentary government. An IQ of 70 in western countries will put a child into special education and they will have very little chance of success in life. We are seeing the results of bringing refuges into our country and especially Europe, I saw a report from Norway that said after three generations most do not work and are supported by the government.

  7. NPO’s have been going to Africa for about 100 years trying to help I recently read an extensive article that pulled all of the follow up reports from these NPO’s. The only thing that had any success at all was worming children but more are born every year so that didn’t work for long. As soon as the projects any of the NPO’s were turned over to the native populations things just fall apart. Corrupt governments take everything the NPO’s put in place. One example was drilling wells for safe water that were fool proof but when the NPO’s went back everything had been dismantled and sold. One group gave money to a large group of natives, adults and children who needed 1/3 more food because of malnutrition, they spent the money and bought smokes and booze. The NPO then gave them food which they sold the food and bought cigs and booze.

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