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6 Replies to “Trey Gowdy on FOX. The voice of reason”

  1. Classical thought leads to the logical conclusion: this politician no longer lies for us to help the many; she lies to us to help the few.

    A line was crossed when death became life.

    • She has always lied to us to help the few. The Clintons have been corrupt from the beginning and will continue to be corrupt for the rest of their lives, they like what they are and what they do.

  2. The first responsibility of the Fed. Govt. is to protect us. Ultimately the security policies and laws are there to protect the American people, not the Sec. of State or any organ of the federal govt. Her negligence demonstrates her lack of concern for our security, and since it’s been condoned, it will continue if she becomes President.

    • Not just if she is elected President, if she isn’t tried for her crimes and by extension Obama tried for his then the legal precedent has been set that Liberal Democrat Presidents and their administrations are above the law.

  3. Yeah, sure, maybe Hillary is ahead of Donald in the polls, but think come election day the Democrat voters are going to be so unenthusiastic about going to the trouble of voting for the incredibly tarnished and obviously corrupt Hillary, while the Trump voters are going to be absentee voting from their hospices and cancer wards and military posts, then turning out in record numbers for the main event – just like Brexit.

    Just ask yourself. What would it take to get me to stay home on election day and let things go on as they have been for another four years or more, with Huma Abedin and the Muslim Brotherhood overseeing President Hillary’s every move, and bloody climate change being the constant number one priority? Now picture some twenty-one-year-old Bernie Sanders Democrat leaving that swell party so he can go and vote for someone he hates. Trump’s going to win…

    Just imagine how sick you would feel watching Hillary gloating over her victory as you stood there staring in the mirror and cursing the feckless wretch who couldn’t be bothered to vote. Unthinkable shamel…

    • Given the actions of the Soros paid demonstrators a lot of people are probably lying to the pollsters to avoid trouble, tell the pollsters Hillary and then on election day vote Trump. That happened in Brexit

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