Sex slaves, Kashmir, Giuliani on Clinton and more: Links 1 on July 6 – 2016

1, CTV does piece on trafficking of Yazidi sex slaves.

(There is some evolution towards reality in the Canadian MSM. They refer to the Islamic State as “IS” and not ISIS or ISIL or any of the other attempts at deflection the government-media complex forces on us recently. They still quote the US state Dept. on motives which is an attempt to distance the Islamic State from Islam, but they do so as a quote rather than a statement of fact. Is this a sea change? Because its most certainly unusually factual reporting for a Canadian MSM by today’s standards)

2. EXPRESS does a piece on attacks on Muslims in the US outside mosques where horrific slaughters were planned or if not planned, certainly encouraged, and make it look like a hate crime, while the article carefully explains that there is no evidence it was a hate crime and is not being approached as one.

3. This video has a temporal malfunction. The original title is:

India: Police and protesters clash after Friday prayers in Kashmir

The thing is, right now its nearly 11:00 AM ET on Wed. Which means that its barely even Thursday in parts of Australia. Which means its definitely not Friday in India unless a major temporal convention has taken place about which I am unaware.

Its safe that the rest of what we see is meaningful however. Muslims in the Kashmir district of India went to mosque where they were incited by the imams to attack the Indian state by any and all means did so, and the Indians brought in tear gas which I think the Muslims actually collect and use to spice their shawarmas at this point.

I do like the display of the Islamic State flag though. Gotta love it when they show their hand.

Clashes took place Friday after prayers and again today

4. Birmingham istan.

5. SECOND Swedish woman tells of migrant sex attack as refugees strike at ANOTHER festival

(Maybe its time some enterprising Swede started a business called “Tard-proofing” where you equip your daughters and sisters, does anyone in Sweden actually have siblings anymore?, to resist or protect yourself from molestation and rape attacks)

Victims say they were attacked by a group of migrant youths FACEBOOK/GETTY

Victims say they were attacked by a group of migrant youths

Lisen Andréasson Florman is one of numerous victims who were attacked at Bravalla festival.

Two teenage girls, under the age of 18, said a man masturbated in front of them at the festival.

Other victims have come forward to tell police how they were also attacked by groups of “foreign youths” at Sweden’s biggest music festival, while others claim they were filmed while on the toilet.

Miss Florman has waived her right to anonymity to relive the horrors of her experience at the festival, which took place in the small Swedish city of Norkopping to the south-west of Stockholm from June 29 to July 2.

6. Islamic State says Dhaka cafe slaughter a glimpse of what’s coming

DHAKA (Reuters) – Islamic State has warned of repeated attacks in Bangladesh and beyond until rule by sharia, Islamic law, is established, saying in a video last week’s killing of 20 people in a Dhaka cafe was merely a glimpse of what is to come.

Five Bangladesh militants, most from wealthy, liberal families, stormed the upmarket restaurant on Friday and murdered customers, the majority of them foreigners, from Italy, Japan, India and the United States, before they were gunned down.

“What you witnessed in Bangladesh … was a glimpse. This will repeat, repeat and repeat until you lose and we win and the sharia is established throughout the world,” said a man identified as Bangladeshi fighter Abu Issa al-Bengali, in the video monitored by SITE intelligence site.

Bangladesh has rejected the Islamic State’s claim of responsibility for the Friday attack and blamed it on a domestic militant group.

Thank you M., Wrath of Khan, Xanthippa, Richard, and many more. 

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  1. INDIA – Srinagar – There were clashes last Friday ( 07 01 2016 ) after the prayer but then again today

    [... most probably RT journalists got mixed-up ]

    JULY 01 2016 – Srinagar

  2. 2 – It looks like the much “feared” and anticipated backlash has started, things are going to go down hill from here as the game of Cowboys and Moslems catches on around the nation.

  3. On FOX one woman (Kennedy) just said that as she watched Comey she thought, this is how justice dies. She is right, the US no longer has the rule of law, we have become a thrid world nation.

  4. USA – WHITE HOUSE Statement by the President on the Occasion of Eid al-Fitr

    Upon the arrival of a new crescent moon, Michelle and I send our warmest greetings to all those celebrating Eid al-Fitr in the United States and around the globe.

    For Muslim Americans, Eid is an opportunity to reflect on the 30 days spent fasting and to recommit to values of gratitude, compassion, and generosity. In neighborhoods and homes across the world, this special occasion begins in the early hours of the day when families dress in their finest attire in preparation for prayers and festivities. Homes are decorated with ornaments and lanterns. Gifts are wrapped and envelopes of money are prepared for kids. Above all, Eid is a time to gather and celebrate with loved ones.

    Muslim Americans are as diverse as our nation itself—black, white, Latino, Asian, and Arab. Eid celebrations around the country remind us of our proud history as a nation built by people of all backgrounds; our history of religious freedom and civil liberties, and our history of innovation and strength. These legacies would not be possible without the contributions of Muslim Americans that make our country even stronger.

    This past month, our country and the world endured challenges and senseless violence that broke our hearts and tried our souls. Our prayers are with the hundreds of innocent lives, many of them Muslim, taken during the month of Ramadan in places like Orlando, Istanbul, Dhaka, Baghdad, and Medina.

    Here at home, we’ve also seen a rise in attacks against Muslim Americans. No one should ever feel afraid or unsafe in their place of worship. Many Americans have shared in the experience of Ramadan by volunteering in community service efforts to assist those in need and even fasting a few days with their fellow Muslim American co-workers. In the face of hate, it’s our American values and strength that bring us together to stand in solidarity and protect one another—thereby, making our Nation stronger and safer.

    Muslim Americans have been part of our American family since its founding. This Eid, we recommit to protecting Muslim Americans against bigotry and xenophobia, while celebrating the contributions of Muslim Americans around the country, including one of our finest, the People’s Champion Muhammad Ali, to whom we bade farewell this Ramadan. Later this month, Michelle and I will host an Eid celebration at the White House and we look forward to welcoming Americans from around the country to celebrate the holiday.

    From our family to yours, Eid Mubarak!

    • At Iftar Dinner, Carter Salutes Muslim-American Service, Sacrifice

      WASHINGTON, July 01, 2016 — This year, the Muslim holy month of Ramadan includes July 4, the day America was born out of the self-evident truths that all are created equal and endowed with unalienable rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, Defense Secretary Ash Carter said last night.

      Speaking at the Pentagon’s 18th annual Iftar dinner, Carter began with a message to Turkish members of the audience and to the leaders and people of the longtime U.S. ally, Turkey.

      “The attack in Istanbul this week was an attack on us all,” the secretary said, “and I want to assure you that the people of the United States stand with the extraordinary people of Turkey at this difficult time.”

      In his remarks, Carter said that thousands of Muslim-American soldiers, sailors, Marines and airmen serve and defend the ideals of U.S. independence in every time zone, in the air, ashore and afloat.

      “They stand in a long line of patriots who have stepped forward throughout our history to pursue that noblest of callings, which is to protect our people, uphold humankind’s highest values, and make a better world for our children,” the secretary added.

      Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar and one of the pillars of Islam. During the month, from dawn until sunset, Muslims traditionally refrain from eating, drinking and other activities, breaking the fast each evening with family and friends at a dinner called an Iftar.

      Muslim-American Heroes

      Joining Carter and an international audience at the iftar were Army Secretary Eric Fanning, Imam Zia Makhdoom of Alexandria, Virginia, and Pentagon Chaplain Army Col. Kenneth Williams.

      Carter said Muslim-American service members and their families serve in the footsteps of extraordinary Muslim American veterans in the audience, including Sheikh Nazeem Abdul Karriem, who fought on Normandy beaches during D-Day, and Imam Ghayth Kashif, who fought in the Korean War and still finds ways to serve today.

      “Those who serve today also follow the legacy of our fallen heroes, brave Muslim Americans like [Army] Specialist Kareem Rashad Khan, who died serving our nation in Baqouba, Iraq. To his mother Elsheba, I want thank you for honoring us with your presence,” Carter said.

      “The Muslim Americans who now serve our nation in uniform — as well as the many more who support the mission in a civilian capacity — play a critical role … alongside their fellow service members and colleagues of every faith and background,” the secretary added.

      Force of the Future

      Carter said his commitment to building America’s force of the future means that the all-volunteer military that will defend the nation for generations must continue to benefit from the best people America has to offer.

      “In the 21st century, that requires drawing strength from the broadest pool of possible talent,” he said. “That’s why … we must continue to find ways of recruiting, training and retaining the finest Americans from every community and background in this country.”

      The secretary added, “For some of your fellow service members or colleagues, you may have been the first Muslim they’ve gotten to know well, so you’ve already given them a perspective they never had before, just as they’ve probably expanded your perspective.”

      Such an expanded perspective allows service men and women to thrive in uncertain situations, understand and respect differences, and work with others to solve seemingly intractable problems, create new partnerships and build new coalitions. It spurs innovation and builds bridges, he said.

      Shared Values

      As the nation works to counter the influence of organizations that seek to subvert the meaning of Islam to inspire violence and destruction, Carter said, “the men and women here tonight — and those observing Ramadan on every ship and every base around the world — are the most powerful argument against the twisted ideology of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, al-Qaida and other terrorist organizations that seek to hijack faith in order to promote their brand of evil.”

      Strength, faith and character in service are not just themes for the night’s celebration, the secretary added.

      “They are part of the foundation that enables everything we do around the world. This is particularly important as we work to counter the insidious influence of organizations that seek to subvert the meaning of Islam to inspire violence and destruction,” he said.

      The Pentagon’s annual Iftar dinner recognizes the true spirit of Ramadan, Carter said, calling it a time when Muslims recommit themselves to their faith, following days of sacrifice, discipline and patience with nights of gratitude. It is a time of renewal and a reminder of the duty to serve each other and lift up the less fortunate.

      “I am honored to spend my evening with you to honor the values we share: peace, charity and forgiveness,” the secretary said, “and I am profoundly grateful to you and your families for your service and sacrifice here at home and around the world.”

        • Vote for politicians who will resit the Islamic Conquest.

          Work to educate people about the reasons for the Islamic Conquest and convince them that this war is because their religion orders them to conquer the world and isn’t the fault of the conservatives.

  5. DAILY MAIL – Afghan couple who have nine children and receive £5,000 a month in benefits have asked for free IVF treatment after arriving in Austria (and the wife is 44)

    The couple, whose names are not known, fled Afghanistan for Austria
    Two of their nine children have severe disabilities
    Despite the woman being 44 years old, couple are desperate for 10th child
    The story has sparked outrage in Austria after benefits revealed

    The story has sparked outrage in Austria after it was revealed that the family is being paid the equivalent of £4,470 a month in benefits.

    According to local media, the woman had been advised that because of her age, there was a limited chance of success – but the pair insisted on going ahead with the attempt.

    IVF treatment in Austria can be provided by the health service which pays up to 70 percent of the costs.

    In some instances the health service will refuse to pay, with the age of the woman being one grounds for refusal.

    But regardless of who pays for the actual IVF, the state will still pay for all of the proprietary work including hospital stays, blood tests, sperm tests and various gynecological costs.

    The couple’s oldest son is 20 years old, and their youngest child, a daughter, was born in 2011.

    For two adults and seven underage children, the family are paid £2,234, and for the two older children they receive a further £659.

    The family gets a further £1,577 in family allowances, making up a total of £4,469 per month.

  6. This Islamic preacher might have influenced one of the Dhaka terrorists. Now Indians want him banned. (wapo. July 6, 2016)

    “One of the terrorists in the deadly Dhaka restaurant attack last week had posted a Facebook message quoting the sayings of the controversial Mumbai-based Islamic preacher Zakir Naik urging “all Muslims to be terrorists.”

    Now, many Indians are calling for a ban on Naik’s group, the Islamic Research Foundation for spreading ideas that inspire terrorism…”

  7. Austrian Court Convicts Man of Murder During Bosnian War (abcnews, July 6, 2016)

    “An Austrian court has found a Bosnian-born Austrian citizen guilty of multiple murders and attempted murder during the Bosnian war and sentenced him to 10 years in prison.

    The 48-year old man was not identified in line with Austrian confidentiality rules. The court in the city of Linz convicted him of 16 cases of murder, three attempted murders and arson.

    The man denied involvement.

    He was convicted for participating in an attack by about 20 Bosniaks — Bosnian Muslims — on the Bosnian Serb village of Serdari in 1992 that led to the killings of a total of 20 people, including six children, and the torching of six houses

    Hundreds of thousands of Serbs, Bosniaks and Croats were killed in the ethnically fueled Bosnian war between 1992 and 1995.”

  8. UK Report Slams Iraq War; Blair Says He Acted in Good Faith (abcnews, July 6, 2016)

    “Prime Minister Tony Blair led Britain into an unsuccessful war in Iraq through a mix of flawed intelligence, “wholly inadequate” planning and an exaggerated sense of the U.K.’s ability to influence the United States, according to a damning official report on the conflict that was published Wednesday…”

    • Chilcot report: Tony Blair’s Iraq War case not justified (BBC, July 6, 2016)

      “Tony Blair overstated the threat posed by Saddam Hussein, sent ill-prepared troops into battle and had “wholly inadequate” plans for the aftermath, the UK’s Iraq War inquiry has said.

      Chairman Sir John Chilcot said the 2003 invasion was not the “last resort” action presented to MPs and the public.

      There was no “imminent threat” from Saddam – and the intelligence case was “not justified”, he said.

      Mr Blair apologised for any mistakes made but not the decision to go to war.
      The report, which has taken seven years, is on the Iraq Inquiry website…”

  9. US to keep most troops in Afghanistan, Obama says (BBC, July 6, 2016)

    “President Barack Obama has announced a slowdown in the US military withdrawal from Afghanistan, saying 8,400 soldiers will stay there into next year.

    Under initial plans, US troop numbers were to be reduced to 5,500, from a current level of 9,800.

    The US ended major combat operations in Afghanistan at the end of 2014.

    The mission of the remaining US troops is to train Afghan forces and support operations against al-Qaeda and other militant groups.

    Mr Obama told reporters that the security situation in Afghanistan remained “precarious”, with the Taliban still mounting suicide attacks in the capital Kabul and other cities.

    “Instead of going down to 5,500 troops by the end of this year, the United States will maintain approximately 8,400 troops in Afghanistan into next year through the end of my administration,” Mr Obama said.

    “It is in our national security interest, especially after all the blood and treasure we’ve invested over the years, that we give our partners in Afghanistan the best chance to succeed,” he added.

    Afghan President Ashraf Ghani welcomed the US decision. “It shows continued partnership [between] our nations to pursue our common interests,” Mr Ghani said in a message posted on Twitter…”

  10. Yemen conflict: Twin suicide bombings hit Aden base (BBC, July 6, 2016)

    “At least 10 Yemeni soldiers have been killed in a twin suicide car bomb attack on a security facility near Aden’s airport, security sources say.

    Gunmen also stormed the Central Security headquarters in Khormaksar district of the southern port city, sparking fierce clashes.

    No group has said it was responsible, but Islamic State and al-Qaeda have carried out similar attacks before.

    Aden is serving as the home of Yemen’s government.

    Pro-government forces and troops from a Saudi-led multinational coalition forces are seeking to retake the capital, Sanaa, from Houthi rebels.

    They regained control of Aden last summer, but they have struggled to secure it…”

  11. 1, CTV does piece on trafficking of Yazidi sex slaves.

    I grew up around artsy liberal types and I am certain that if any of those people knew what Stephen Coughlin or Geert Wilders knew, they would be ardently in the anti-Islamization camp. They’re good people. The problem is that they have been Pavlovianized to the point that their brains simply shut their thinking down the minute they hear what they believe is “extreme right-wing propaganda”. In other words anybody says, for instance, the word “immigration” or “race” or “border”, the leftist instantly feels the uncomfortable knot of political correctness form in the pit of his stomach, stops following the conversation, and shuts the talking down without further ado because he doesn’t want to be Adolf Hitler. The information is literally prevented from entering the left winger’s brain, time and time again.

    Liberals don’t know that the penalty for selling land to a Jew in the West Bank is to be beaten to a pulp and then shot in the head. Liberals don’t know that Muhammad said that, “The death of an Infidel is of no more consequence than the sound of two goats butting heads.” Liberals don’t know that Obama betrayed the Pakistani doctor who delivered them Osama bin Laden – leaving him to languish and probably die in prison. Liberals don’t know that the Palestinians have no interest whatsoever in being part of a “two-state solution” and that the entire “Middle East Peace Talks” is nothing but bullshit meaningless propaganda theatre put on by the Arab states and the leftists and the UN.

    If liberals could just shut up and listen to the truth for one little second the world might well begin to heal from that point onward…

    • Very well stated Chris.

      With one small caveat.

      It is hard to imagine 2 goat’s head’s butting together without a Muslim man’s genitalia between them. So perhaps it was Mohamed’s way of saying the infidel’s lives are actually quite valuable? Just a thought.

      • LOL
        Do you know the Hadith that is from? It’s one of the worst Islam stories I can think of:
        A new devotee comes to Madina and seeks The Prophet out. Then he tells how, on the way to Madina he met a man who invited him to join him in his camp, have some food, and spend the night. All goes well and the two men fall asleep by the dying fire.
        Then the traveller wakes up, gets to his feet, and observes the other man lying on his back, unprotected. He then takes his bow and shoves one end into the guy’s eye and kills the man horribly.

        After telling the story to Muhammad he asks if what he did was a terrible sin, as the man was not a Believer. That is when Mo said, “The death of an Infidel is of no more consequence than the sound of two goats butting heads”.

        Funny. That little story fills me with more hatred for the religion of Islam than just about anything I can think of. If Islam feels that way about us, why should we have any consideration whatsoever for it? Why should we import millions of people who study such Hadiths and take their words as the Holy truth? Why should we send millions of dollars in aid to people who worship such a heartless psychopathic criminal as the man in the story?

        • It would be of considerable use if you could provide the reference for that hadith for us all. Was it Bukari Or one o the “authentic” ones? Which number? I think I will make a T shirt out of the punch line if I can get a chapter and verse. Thanks.

          • I’ll try to find it, but I have no idea if it was Bukhari or Muslim. I’ll try to find it. Google will probably put me there is a second. Or not…

    • I asked Bill Warner about this hadith. He said its from the Sira and was a possible conflation of 2 different stories.

      Here they are:

      T1438 Mohammed sent two men to Mecca to kill his rival, Abu Sufyan. The plan was simple and the leader was from Mecca so he knew it well. They set out on one camel for Abu Sufyan’s home where one man would stand watch and the other would go in and put a knife in him. But the assisting Muslim wanted to go to the Kabah and pray. The leader argued against it because he was well known, but the other Muslim insisted. So they went to the Kabah and, sure enough, the leader was recognized. The Meccans set up a cry of alarm and the men fled Mecca. There was no way to kill Abu Sufyan now.
      T1439 The Muslims ran to a cave on the outskirts of Mecca. They placed rocks in front of the cave and waited quietly. A Meccan approached the cave while cutting grass for his horse. The Muslim leader came out of the cave and killed him with a knife thrust to the belly. The man screamed loudly, and his companions came running; however, they were more concerned with their dying comrade than the killers and left carrying the body. The Muslims waited for a while and then fled again.
      T1440 On their way back to Medina, the Muslims met a one-eyed shepherd. It turned out that they were related by clan ties. The shepherd said he was not a Muslim nor would he ever be. As they sat talking, the shepherd lay back and went to sleep. The leader took his bow and drove its tip down through the shepherd’s one eye, into his brain, and out the back of his head. Then they headed on back to Medina.
      T1440 On the road, the leader saw two Meccans who were enemies of Islam. He shot one and captured the other and marched him to Medina. When they got to Mohammed with the captive and told him the whole story of the killing, Mohammed laughed so hard they could see his back teeth. Then he blessed them.

      • I found another one in which a Muslim hit-man killed a Jewish girl for writing funny poems about Muhammad. He murdered her then asked Muhammad if he should feel guilty because the woman had a number of children. That’s when Muhammad said, “Don’t worry about it. Her death is of no more consequence than the sound of two goats bumping heads”.

        There are a lot of Hadiths. Maybe that was a favorite phrase of Muhammad’s. Maybe the same story changes from Bukhari to Muslim to Ishaq. Who knows…? Guys like the Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini have this stuff memorized by the time they are twelve. I simply cannot read all the bloody Hadiths…:)

  12. You’ll even find ardent Zionists who refuse to budge from Hillary. Utterly mystifying. Like moths flying straight into the flame. Or the German Jews who painted swastika on their shop windows before Kristallnacht.

    • Really? I guess in this crazy world it makes sense that there probably were some Jews who supported Adolf Hitler. Like I said, it’s a crazy world…

  13. Kashmir needs to secede !

    Kashmiris need to Read the Gita !

    The Gita allows the discrimination of Lower Castes ! If the Hindoos treat their own like dirt – what will they do for the Kashmiris ?

    The concept of classes of humans ordained in this birth and the next birth where redemption is obtained by perpetual misery and suffering of the lower classes is anathema to Islam !

    The Kashmiris are not Indians – being of Jewish,Turkish,Afghan,Persian,Mongol,Scythian ancestry – different by Race,DNA,Theology and Religion.

    This the injunction of the Gita delivered by their God – Krishna

    “It is far better to perform one’s svadharma (prescribed duties), even though faultily, than another’s duties perfectly. Destruction in the course of performing one’s own duty is better than engaging in another’s duties, for to follow another’s path is dangerous.” – Bhagavad-Gita 3:35.

    “According to the three modes of material nature (goodness, passion, ignorance) and the work associated with them, the four divisions of human society (Brahmin/KsHatriya/Vaisya/Sudra) are created by Me .And although I am the creator of this system, you should know that I am yet the nondoer, being unchangeable.” — Bhagavad-Gita 4:13.

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