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  1. CIA Director: Brexit Is A Bigger Crisis For EU Than ISIS

    CIA Director John Brennan said Britain’s vote to leave is the biggest challenge facing the European Union in recent years, prioritizing consequences of the referendum vote over the threat of terror posed by the Islamic State as refugees from the Middle East continue to stream into the continent.

    “Of all the crises the EU has faced in recent years, the UK vote to leave may well be it’s greatest challenge,” Brennan said during opening remarks at the Council on Foreign Relations Wednesday, citing the unprecedented uncertainty facing the union and increasing difficulty of decision making and consensus building.

    “Brexit is pushing the EU into a period of introspection that will pervade virtually everything the EU does in the coming weeks months and even years ahead,” he said.

    Moving on to address the Istanbul terror attack Tuesday, in which three suicide bombers killed more than 30 people and injured hundreds of others, Brennan said “our collective hearts … go out to the families of the latest victims of the horrific terrorist attacks perpetrated as well as incited by ISIL [the Islamic State].”

    “The despicable attack at Istanbul’s international airport yesterday that killed dozens and injured many more certainly bears the hallmarks of ISIL’s depravity,” he continued.

    The attack follows deadly ISIS assaults in Paris and Brussels, carried out in part with the help of lax border policies instituted by the European Union in response to the refugee crisis. The terror threat perceived by British citizens, in conjunction with an inability to properly control their own borders or stem the flow of refugees because of their membership in the EU appears to have played a major role in the vote to leave. (RELATED: Clapper: Syrian Migrants Could Be ISIS Ticket Into Europe)

    Nevertheless Brennan placed the challenges of dealing with a British exit ahead of the challenge the entire continent faces in the fight against untold numbers of ISIS fighters exploiting the refugee crisis and immigration rules to prepare more attacks.

    video – A Conversation With John O. Brennan

    John O. Brennan discusses instability and transnational threats to global security.

    ( 64 min )

  2. Germany reports highest number of births in 15 years (DW, June 30, 2016)

    “The German government has reported a marked increase this year in the number of child births. The good news comes amid growing concern over the country’s aging population.

    Germany’s Federal Statistics Office said on Thursday that more babies were born in the country than any year since 2005, a sign of hope as the country grapples with an increasingly older population.

    According to the report, a total of 738,000 children were born in 2015, an increase of about 3.2 percent from the year before.

    Europe’s biggest economy, Germany has introduced measures to help stem the aging, including new maternity and paternity benefits.

    Although the lifetime birth rate per woman rose to 1.47 in 2014 after hitting a record low of 1.25 in 1995, deaths continue to outnumber births in the country. Around 925,000 people died in 2015, an increase of 6.5 percent.

    The overall population is continuing to grow, however, with some 83 million people in Germany reported for 2015 thanks to the influx of more than a million migrants.”

  3. Boko Haram Suicide Bomber Kills 11 at Mosque in Cameroon (moroccoworlnews, June 30, 2016)

    “Yaoundé – A bombing attack by the Boko Haram terrorist group has killed at least 11 people in a mosque in Cameroon.

    Officials said on Thursday that the bombing had occurred the night before, when an assailant detonated his explosives as people were breaking their fast at a mosque close to the Nigerian border.

    Four other people were injured in the blast.

    According to Cameroonian authorities, close to 1200 people have been killed ever since Boko Haram started attacking the Far North region in 2013.

    Since 2009, the Boko Haram insurgency has left 20,000 people dead and 2.3 million displaced.”

  4. Updated: Six Egyptian border guards killed in shootout with smugglers: Army (ahram, June 30, 2016)

    “Six Egyptian border guards were killed Thursday morning in a shootout with smugglers in the desert near Egypt’s western border, the army said in a statement.

    A group of armed smugglers opened fire on border guards as they were on patrol, killing two officers and four conscripts before fleeing westward, the statement said.

    A number of smugglers were also killed or injured, the statement added without providing further details.

    Military ground and air forces were dispatched to comb the area for the suspects.

    A security source told Al-Ahram Arabic news website that the incident took place in El-Farafra Oasis, southwest of Cairo; an area notorious for smuggling activity.

    The bodies of those killed have been taken to Cairo, Al-Ahram added.”

  5. Coptic Christian priest killed in Egypt’s North Sinai (ahram, June 30, 2016)

    “A Coptic Christian priest was killed earlier Thursday in North Sinai, Egypt’s interior ministry announced.

    Reverand Rofael Moussa, the priest of St George Church in Al-Arish, was killed early morning, shot down by a group of unknown assailants, the ministry said in a statement issued Thursday afternoon.

    Moussa was fixing his car when he was shot, the statement added.

    The murder and gunmen are currently being investigated by authorities.

    The Islamic State group’s Egyptian affiliate claimed responsibility for the murder in a statement posted online, accusing the priest of “fighting Islam.”…”

  6. Emiratis must now pay for private health care (gulfnews, June 30, 2016)

    “Abu Dhabi: Starting July 1, Emiratis will have to pay 20 per cent of the fees for treatment received at private health care facilities in the emirate of Abu Dhabi.

    They will also have to shell out 50 per cent of the fees if they seek treatment at facilities outside the emirate for care in specialities that are already available in Abu Dhabi…”

  7. Most ISIS militants coming from Pakistan, Central Asian and Gulf States: Atmar (khaama, June 30, 2016)

    “The majority of the militants fighting for the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) terrorist group in Afghanistan are coming from Pakistan, Central Asian and Gulf countries.

    The National Security Adviser Mohammad Hanif Atmar informed regarding the issue during a visit to the eastern Nangarhar province on Wednesday…”

  8. US should adopt policy of total isolation against Pakistan: Khalilzad (khaama, June 30, 2016)

    “A former top American diplomat has said the United States should adopt a policy of total isolation against Pakistan, harshly criticizing the country for supporting the Afghan militant groups.

    In an interview with the Times of India, Khalilzad said the step by US should be taken to send a signal that it faces the prospect of becoming a ‘second North Korea’ if it continues destabilizing Afghanistan by supporting the Taliban and Haqqani network.

    Khalilzad further added “In the aftermath of the US drone attack killing Taliban leader Mullah Mansour, this is the time to increase the pressure by suspending all assistance to Pakistan — military and civilian — and move towards isolating Pakistan internationally, including not supporting IMF renewal of financial support.”

    “If Pakistan truly changes course, then the US should be willing to be supportive in a significant way. But we have to substantially escalate the cost of Pakistan’s hostile policy in Afghanistan,” he added.

    Khalilzad also called for retaining the current level of forces in Afghanistan and more flexible rules of engagement for US forces until the next President reviews the situation in Afghanistan and decides on a new policy…”

  9. There are parts of the conclusion by the author of the following article but I will talk about them in the first reply.

    The Eerie Similarities Between The Beginning of Nazi Germany and America Today

    During the 1933 German revolution, the Nazi Party’s working-class military faction, called the SA (Sturmabteilung), was largely credited for bringing them victory. This group, also known as Storm Troopers, quickly became nothing more than thugs. They intimidated, vandalized, brutalized and in some cases killed. Hitler used this angry, revengeful citizen army to bring himself to power. When they started threatening his control, though, he eliminated them.

    Led by Ernst Röhm, the SA considered themselves the “people’s army”. They were dubbed “Brown Shirts” due to their uniform. Hitler used these Storm Troopers to sew the seeds of discourse between all the German political parties. Promising to make Germany great again, he agreed the SA would be the new army.

    With a crowded political arena, Hitler’s focus on nationalism separated the National Socialist Party from the Communists. His position gained enough support to give the Nazis political control with less than 44% of the vote.

    Röhm and the SA focused on Socialism. They wanted to rob the rich of their wealth and spread it around to the working class. In February of 1934, Hitler informed Röhm the SA would in fact not be the military force in Germany. Immediately after the meeting, Röhm declared, “Hitler is a traitor, and at the very least must go on leave…If we can’t get there with him, we’ll get there without him.” He promoted a second revolution in a speech two months later, proclaiming, “The SA is the National Socialist Revolution!”

    • First while I plan to vote for Trump he wasn’t the person I was supporting throughout the primaries.

      Second the author paints with a broad brush, she is trying to paint Hillary and Trump as being potential Hitlers. The only similarity that I see between Trump in 2016 and Hitler in 1934 is that both are patriots who support their nations.

      Third the people who are breaking the law are Obama and his administration.

      I am posting this article so people can realize just what is at stake in this election and why Hillary and her quest to continue Obama’s destruction of freedom in the United States must be stopped. At the worst we can survive a Trump Presidency and the nation will probably prosper. I seriously doubt that freedom could survive 2 years of a Hillary Presidency.

      • Cheap shot because the only history people [might] know is: “Hitler was one bad dude.”
        We can’t survive a MB-president. But what if she wins – by hook AND by crook?

        Voting machines are being made in Spain by a company OWNED by a corporation OWNED by Soros.

        Do we have a Plan B?

  10. The America-Hating Obama ‘Homeland Security’ Appointee
    … And the mindset that permitted the Orlando massacre to take place.

    Good ol’ Barack Obama. So deeply do he and his administration love America, that they felt secure enough in their own patriotism to appoint an America-hating radical to the Homeland Security Advisory Council’s Subcommittee on Countering Violent Extremism (SCVE). After all, they undoubtedly reasoned, what possible harm could such an individual do in that kind of a setting? Perhaps you’ve heard of her—a young woman named Laila Alawa, born to Syrian parents who immigrated to the United States when the girl was ten. Soon after she became a U.S. citizen in April 2015, Ms. Alawa wrote: “I will always be Syrian. I will always be from Syria. I will always be of Syria.”

    Ain’t that nice?

    Ms. Alawa has long regarded the United States as a nation that oppresses and abuses Muslims, as she explained in a July 2014 piece which she wrote for The Guardian. Therein, Alawa says that ever since her arrival in America, she has “learned to view” law-enforcement officials and “my new government” with “a certain level of suspicion”—particularly after 9/11, when “stories of warrantless deportations, faith-based workplace discrimination (and termination), and arrests that resulted in unending detention were common.” Citing the “constant surveillance, government stings and wannabe informants” to which she believes Muslims in the U.S. are being subjected, Alawa laments that “my long-held suspicions have been confirmed—the knowledge that my faith makes me suspicious in the eyes of the government to which I’ve pledged my allegiance…. We know that we’re often discriminated against by our government and our fellow Americans.”

    This young woman has a very bright future in the Democratic Party if she wants it. Heck, she already sounds downright Hillary-esque, and she’s only 25!

    Alawa regularly disseminates views like these in her work as an opinion writer for The Guardian, Salon, Glamour, The Atlantic, The Huffington Post, and The Islamic Monthly. Further, she hosts The Exposé, a weekly podcast “tackling tough topics with snark and wit.”

    • The whole line-up is toxic.

      Egypt warned us right after Morsi was arrested; they have all the hard evidence proving we’d been infiltrated. That included Mohamed Elibiary, head of Homeland Security itself! He couldn’t have passed any background test at all.

      This Brennan – head of the CIA – went zombie years ago.

  11. This Hidden Fact Predicts Terrorism
    What turns people to terrorism isn’t as mysterious as the media would like us to believe.

    How’d you like to be running a presidential campaign dependent on Muslims not acting up again between now and Nov. 8? It’s getting awfully hard for the media to keep being indignant about Trump’s proposed Muslim ban, as long as Muslims keep blowing things up and shooting people.

    I’m assuming here that The Washington Post has not already ruled the Muslims who blew up the Istanbul Airport to be self-hating gays infected by America’s culture of homophobia.

    It turns out, Omar Mateen, the Orlando nightclub shooter, also wasn’t a self-hating gay, despite media excitement over that rumor. The FBI has now run down every alleged gay partner of Omar’s, searched his phone and computers, and the alleged gay lovers either had the wrong guy or were lying, and there’s no evidence he was on any gay websites or apps.

    As a Muslim immigrant explained in a curbside interview videotaped by Tony Vera at the Los Angeles International Airport recently — before she was arrested — “that’s what we do, we bomb people.”

    With impeccable timing, three days before the Istanbul bombing, the liberal Guardian (UK) ran an article sneering at Brexit supporters for wanting out of the European Union before Turkey became a member and the door was thrown open to unlimited migration from this Muslim country that shares a border with Syria, Iraq and Iran.

    The article by Liz Cookman was titled, “Turkey, the Brexit bogeyman, is not so different from the UK.”

  12. Mecca -Saudi Arabia to introduce hi-tech bracelets in haj safety push

    DUBAI (Reuters) – Saudi Arabia will introduce electronic identification bracelets for all pilgrims to Mecca starting this year, Saudi media said on Thursday, as part of a safety drive a year after the annual Islamic rite suffered its deadliest disaster in a generation.

    As many as 2,070 people died in a crush when thousands of pilgrims converged on a walkway intersection near the Muslim holy city of Mecca last September, according to a Reuters count, the highest loss of life at the annual pilgrimage since 1990.

    That death toll is based on figures of fatalities provided by countries who repatriated the bodies of their citizens, but Saudi Arabia had put the official death toll at just 700.

    Containing personal and medical information, the bracelets will help authorities provide care and identify people, the official Saudi Press Agency SPA said.

    Water-resistant and connected to GPS, the devices will also instruct worshippers on timings of prayers and a multi-lingual help desk to guide especially non-Arabic speaking pilgrims around the various rituals of the annual Islamic event.

    Saudi Arabia oversees the annual pilgrimage to Mecca by more than two million Muslims from around the world.

    The haj, the world’s largest annual gathering of Muslims, has witnessed numerous deadly stampedes, fires and riots in the past with authorities having only limited ability to control the masses.

    Nearly a thousand new surveillance cameras were installed this month at Mecca’s Grand Mosque and linked to control rooms staffed by special forces monitoring pilgrim movements for the event scheduled for August, Saudi newspapers reported.

    Safety during the pilgrimage is also at the heart of a dispute with the kingdom’s regional arch-rival, Iran, which lost 400 of its citizens to last year’s stampede. The two countries have failed to strike a deal for Iranian pilgrims to attend this year’s haj, given their lack of diplomatic relations. Iran’s leadership said in May it remained “very concerned” for the safety of Iranian pilgrims.

    PIC – Mecca –


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