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  1. A narcoterrorism report prepared by Turkey’s Interior Ministry suggests that the outlawed Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) earns nearly $1.7 billion each year through its involvement in the production and trading of cannabis, in addition to drug smuggling.

    The PKK earns some 500 million Turkish Liras (around $170 million) per year via the production and trading of cannabis, said the report, which sheds light on narcoterrorism operations, adding that $1.5 billion was raised annually through drug smuggling.

    Drug smuggling constitutes a major component of the financing of militant organizations including the PKK, the report stressed, highlighting that 381 narcotic operations involving terror groups were conducted between 1984 and 2015.

  2. As more and more reports of Islamic terrorists crossing over to the US from Mexico are released, Trudeau grants Mexicans visa-free access to Canada. Hmmmmm – the only sane thing for US to do now is to close the Canadian border…

    Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said Tuesday that Canada will lift visa requirements for Mexican visitors as of December 2016, removing a major irritant in relations between the two countries.

    Trudeau and Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto made the announcement in Ottawa ahead of Wednesday’s North American leaders’ summit with U.S. President Barack Obama.

    Pena Nieto also announced Mexico has agreed to open its markets to Canadian beef.

    “We are here to renew the relationship,” Pena Nieto said. “There were some rocks on the way and one was the visa.”

    Canada’s previous Conservative government imposed the visa requirement in 2009, claiming it was needed to stop thousands of asylum claims being made by Mexican citizens. The requirement caught the Mexican government off guard, and it marred relations.

    • Either Canada has to change governments or we are going to have to build two walls. I hate the idea that we will have to wall ourselves off from Canada to be safe, and to be really safe we will have to build a wall between Alaska and Canada.

    A Hindu reporter was forced to drink water from a separate glass at his workplace since his colleagues found out that he belongs to the scheduled caste.

    Sahib Khan Oad works as a senior reporter with government news agency, Associated Press of Pakistan (APP), where he has been barred from drinking water in the same glass and sharing utensils with other Muslim staff.

  4. Atheist groups in the Middle East and North Africa region are demanding that Facebook, which has deleted numerous pages with more than 100,000 members for criticizing Islam, change the way it addresses violation claims so that members’ freedom of speech is preserved.

    In April, Facebook removed more than six Arabic-speaking atheist pages due to “violations” of Community Standards, after deactivating 10 of the largest Arabic-speaking atheist groups with a total of about 100,000 members, in February, according to The News Hub.


  5. Prosecutors want to deport man who tried to stab to death before her Swedish mother of two year old daughter

    Mother of two did not know the man already
    The culprit: Immigrants from Iraq living on grants
    The reason: “She tries in the racist spirit destroy me”
    Appeals to the police that have to be sent home to Iraq
    The prosecutor wants the man sent off for life

  6. Muslim migrants attempt to rape young woman in train toilet in Germany

    This is the new normal in Europe post-Muslim migrant invasion.

    There is good news here. Other passengers came to her aid. One was even injured. That is what is required. You cannot rely on sharia-complaint law enforcement or the spineless, gutless quislings in the government. YOU are responsible for your freedom and your safety.

    They buried the lede, of course. In the last paragraph, it says, “the 35 yr old ‘Mann’ said he had been in Germany for a year and living in a ‘Unterkunft,’” which is newspeak for a “refugee” home in Selm (Münsterland).
    – See more at:

    • I wonder how long it will be before attacks like this will generate search and destroy missions into Islamic ghettos?

  7. Moderate Malaysia – just like moderate Islam!

    Mahathir fans fears of brutal punishments if Malaysia adopts strict sharia penal code

    Malaysia risks turning into a hardline religious state, where adulterers are stoned to death and thieves have their hands chopped off.

    The grim warning from former prime minister Mahathir Mohamad, comes as current premier Najib Razak courts Islamists to shore up support for his scandal-tainted United Malays National Organisation (Umno) party.

  8. Malaysia

    Southern militants have stepped up their violence during the Muslim fasting month of Ramadan and stricter security measures will be enforced, particularly in economic areas, the Region 4 International Security Operations Command (Isoc) said on Monday.

    Col Pramote Prom-in, the Region 4 Isoc spokesman, issued the warning during a media conference on Monday at Sirindhorn Camp in tambon Khao Tum of Pattani’s Yarang district.

    He said during Ramadan observance Muslim people perform peaceful religious activities and adhere strictly to Islamic principles.

    However, over the past 10 days, instead of allowing a period of peace, insurgents had stepped up their violence, apparently in the belief they could gain from it, he said.

    The car bomb explosion near Ban Sungai Kolok School and an operations base for a platoon of the Narathiwat Task Foce 33 in the Sungai Kolok Municipality on Sunday morning was one example, Col Pramote said.

  9. 10,000 migrants cross from North Africa to Italy in just FOUR DAYS as it is revealed less than 6% of those ordered to return home last year actually went back

    More than 10,000 migrants crossed the Mediterranean to Italy in four days
    EU leaders given figures showing 6% ordered to leave actually went back
    More than 66,000 migrants have arrived in Italy since the start of 2016

  10. Video is in German, but summary is in English:

    This is a young German guy who, by his own information, studies computer science. Let’s call him Udo. When huge numbers of migrants began arriving in 2015, he decided to volunteer to help some of them learn German and navigate German society. After negative experiences with the first two migrants he was assigned to help, he was then assigned to a young Syrian man in his early 20s. Let’s call the Syrian guy Halil.

    Udo’s task was to spend time one-on-one with Halil, teaching him about Germany, helping him with bureaucratic stuff, and generally hanging out. Udo went to restaurants and the movies with Halil, helped him with German, and talked to him for hours about his legal case and his background.

    In the video, starting at abour 12:00, Udo describes the experiences with Halil that left him fully disillusioned and led him to stop volunteer work. Here’s my summary of the main points in English.

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