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  1. Attacks against male obstetricians common, says doctor (saudigazette, June 6, 2016)

    “Male gynecologists and obstetricians report have been attacked on several occasions by men who do not want them to examine their pregnant wives or deliver their babies.

    Dr. Mohammad Idrees, an obstetrician at the Maternity and Children’s Hospital in Jeddah’s Mosadiyah area, said 20 percent of men coming with their wives to the hospital go as far as verbally and physically assaulting the doctors once they find out that their wives may give birth under the supervision of a male doctor.

    “Many of the men refuse to have us even talk to their wives. In some cases, it is the women who refuse to be treated by a male doctor while their husbands do not have any problems with that. We have been told by the police that they receive an average of three complaints daily against male obstetricians from husbands of female patients,” said Idrees…”

  2. King Salman calls on Muslims to close ranks and renounce extremism (saudigazette, June 6, 2016)

    “Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman on Sunday greeted Muslims all over the world on the occasion of the start of the obligatory fasting in the month of Ramadan, the Saudi Press Agency reported.

    Muslims begin their month-long dawn to dusk fast at the sighting of the Ramadan crescent.

    In his speech read out by Minister of Culture and Information Adel Al-Turaifi and addressed to Muslims everywhere, the King emphasized the urgent need to realize Islamic unity at a time the whole world reels under the scourge of terrorism in all its forms and manifestations.

    He reiterated Saudi Arabia’s determination to close Muslims ranks and forge better ties with all countries of the world. He said Islam is the religion of peace and mercy, which calls for moderation and renunciation of violence and extremism.

    The King asked Muslims everywhere to use the occasion of the holy month to stay united and devote their worship entirely to Allah Almighty alone.
    Following is the full text of the speech:..”

    • ‘Moderate opposition’ involved in ongoing attacks on civilians in Aleppo – Syrian FM to UN (RT, June 6, 2016)

      “The West’s “moderate” opposition is shelling residential areas in Aleppo, Syria alongside Al Qaeda-affiliated Al-Nusra Front, a letter sent to the UN by Damascus says. Moscow reports 2,000 terrorists and “moderates” are now attacking the city’s Kurdish district.

      In the letter, which was addressed to the UN Secretary General and the Head of the UN Security Council, the Syrian Foreign and Expatriates Ministry complained about ongoing attacks on safe neighborhoods in Aleppo, accusing some “moderate” opposition groups of cooperating and coordinating with Al-Nusra and its affiliates in conducting them, state-run SANA news agency reports, citing the document….”

    • British special forces ‘operating inside Syria alongside rebels’

      British special forces are operating on the front line against the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant in Syria, according to rebel commanders.

      The Times reports that they have been defending a rebel unit against Isil attacks, marking the first evidence of the troop’s direct involvement involvement inside Syria rather than training fighters in neighbouring Jordan.

      First Lieutenant Mahmoud al-Saleh said British forces frequently crossed the border to help the New Syrian Army (NSA), comprised of former Syrian special forces, as it defends the south-eastern village of al-Tanf.

      “They helped us with logistics, like building defences to make the bunkers safe,” he said.

      The NSA snatched al-Tanf – which occupies an important location close to the Iraqi and Jordanian borders – from Isil in May.

      The rebels now face regular attacks as the jihadist movement tries to take it back.

      “They attack us at all times, 3am, 5am, 4pm, 11pm. If you look at the timing of the assaults it’s clear they don’t want us to get any rest. They’re using missiles, mortars and many suicide bombers,” said Lt al-Saleh.

      According to The Times, the group’s base in the town was hit by a suicide attack last month and British forces helped with rebuilding it.

      Since starting with a 2011 crackdown on anti-government protests, Syria’s conflict has evolved into a complex, multi-front civil war that has left more than 280,000 dead and forced millions from their homes.

      Isil emerged from the chaos in mid-2014, seizing control of large parts of the country and neighbouring Iraq, declaring a fundamentalist Islamic “caliphate” and committing widespread atrocities.

      Iraqi forces have been steadily regaining ground against the jihadists, and late last month began a major offensive to retake the city of Fallujah, just 30 miles west of Baghdad.

      Meanwhile American-backed fighters advanced on Sunday to within three miles of Isil’s stronghold of Manbij in northern Syria, threatening a crucial jihadist supply line.

      The assault by the Syrian Democratic Forces adds to the pressure on Isil as it faces another offensive by Russian-backed regime troops in its bastion province of Raqqa.

      Supported by air strikes by the US-led coalition, the SDF alliance of Kurdish and Arab militias has made steady gains since launching the operation against Manbij last week.

  3. Erdogan says Turkey may abandon Europe amid crisis after German ‘blackmail’ on Armenian genocide (RT, June 6, 2016)

    “Turkish president Erdogan has threatened to “leave” Europe to deal with its migrant crisis alone, saying that Germany “blackmailed” Ankara by recognizing the Armenian Genocide. He also called out the Germans over their “history” of mass killings.

    Speaking before students at Sebahattin Zaim University on Sunday, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan claimed that Germany has no moral right to blame Turkey for mass killings, given the Holocaust committed by Nazi Germany and a genocide in Namibia perpetrated by the German Empire…”

  4. Magyar TV;

    -Bekescsabaj (eastern Hungary) now has 165 migrants claiming to be Pakistani demanding to be let out on bail.
    – according to police they are extremely bold and aggressive. They are told there is no bail process in Hungary for those without proper address, yet were writing their demands on bed sheets. They did not attack police.
    -complained they were being processed too slowly.
    -police will not release them into the general population.
    -in Ukraine a French terrorist has been caught smuggling weapons. It is thought he may be responsible for 50 attacks in Europe.

    • a French terrorist has been caught smuggling weapons Should read: A Muslim terrorist based in France…

      Also I doubt we have even heard of 50 attacks in Europe. How odd that he alone is responsible. If this is true there must be tens of thousands of attacks we do not hear of.

        • No no I was just making the point that the MSM typically refers to members of the umma who in fact despise the nation states they attack, as members of that state.

          They are not. Their fealty is to Islam and its followers. The Umma. We, must be careful not to allow the MSM to influence how we think of Islamic terrorists. They are not militants and they are not French or Canadian. Holding a piece of paper does not mean shared values. It means an irresponsible government that sells the privilege of citizenship cheaply, which was valuable because of the blood of hundreds of thousands of martyrs before us who fought to make these land valuable.

  5. Taiwan ‘won’t recognize’ any Chinese air defense zone over South China Sea

    TAIPEI (Reuters) – Taiwan’s new defense minister said on Monday the island would not recognize any air defense zone declared by China over the South China Sea, as the island’s top security agency warned such a move could usher in a wave of regional tension.

    U.S. officials have expressed concern that an international court ruling expected in coming weeks on a case brought by the Philippines against China over its South China Sea claims could prompt Beijing to declare an air defense identification zone, or ADIZ, as it did over the East China Sea in 2013.

    China claims most of the South China Sea, through which $5 trillion in ship-borne trade passes every year. The Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia, Taiwan and Brunei have overlapping claims, as well as close military ties with Washington.

    “We will not recognize any ADIZ by China,” Taiwan Defence Minister Feng Shih-kuan told lawmakers in parliament.

    The comments came after Taiwan’s new government of President Tsai Ing-wen, of the independence-leaning Democratic Progressive Party, was sworn in last month. Tsai’s election victory overturned eight-years of China-friendly Nationalist rule on the self-ruled island.

    China, which considers Taiwan a breakaway province, drew condemnation from Japan and the United States when it imposed its ADIZ, in which aircraft are supposed to identify themselves to Chinese authorities, above the East China Sea.

    China has neither confirmed nor denied it plans such a zone for the South China Sea, saying that a decision would be based on the threat level and that it had every right to set one up.

    • How will Taiwan neutralize a SIno-AD? US won’t even sell them new fighter aircraft. Taiwan is going to need long range SAMs to have any hope of defending their nation against PRC.
      They need to start development of their version of the Indian Bramos ramjet missile to have credible deterrence against a PRC naval force.

      • That they do, but they were depending on the US to protect them like we promised, in fact we encouraged them not to develop an organic weapons production industry to keep from pissing off the mainland. Now Obama has betrayed another friend of the US and we are left to decide if we will get into a pissing contest with China.

        If we don’t back Taiwan and our other Asian allies the entire world will be handed over to the wanna be aggressors and Russia under Putin will take over the mantel of protector of the west and Christianity. Since all of the evidence is that Putin doesn’t believe in freedom anymore then Hillary and Obama do this would not be a good day for the survival of freedom in the west.

  6. Ukraine: French national arrested on suspicion of planning Euro 2016 attacks

    The Ukrainian Security Service (SBU) released footage on Monday of the arrest of a French national, who was allegedly planning attacks on both the UEFA Euro 2016 tournament and several government buildings in France. The footage was reportedly filmed in late May.

    • Frenchman held in Ukraine ‘planned Euro 2016 attacks’

      The Frenchman intended to blow up a Muslim mosque, a Jewish synagogue, tax collection organisations, transportation checkpoints and numerous other locations

      Ukraine said Monday it had arrested a suspected far-right French extremist with a huge arsenal of weapons who was allegedly planning to attack the Euro 2016 football championships in France.

      The arrest added to jitters over the staging of European football’s showcase event in France after last year’s Islamist militant attacks in Paris.

      Preparations for the long-anticipated event have also been marred by rolling strikes that have paralysed transport and torrential rain that caused flooding along the River Seine and forced tourist attractions including the Louvre Museum to close.

      Ukraine’s security service chief Vasyl Grytsak said the 25-year-old man intended to blow up “a Muslim mosque, a Jewish synagogue, tax collection organisations, transportation checkpoints and numerous other locations”.

      Grytsak said he “expressed negative views about his government’s approach to the immigration of foreigners into France, the spread of Islam and globalisation,” suggesting the Frenchman was more of a far-right extremist or ultra-nationalist than a member of an Islamist militant group.

      Video released by the SBU security service showed a man whose face was blurred out loading guns and other weapons into the back of a van.

      Ukrainian authorities said his arsenal included 125 kilogrammes (275 pounds) of TNT and 100 detonators as well as bullets and grenade launchers.

      The SBU said he was arrested on May 21 while trying to cross into Poland near the Ukrainian frontier town of Yagodyn.

      Ukraine’s secret service said it had become aware in December of the arrival of a French national who had begun “to establish contacts with a number of representatives in the (pro-Russian separatist) east”.

      The man has not been formally identified by French authorities, but he is believed to work for an agricultural cooperative inseminating cows in eastern France.

      The employer of a man named in some media as the suspect told AFP he was an “exemplary employee”.

      A farmer who knows the man, but asked not to be named, said he regularly visited Ukraine.

      “He told us he had a girlfriend in Ukraine and that he went to her place from time to time,” the farmer said.

      90,000 security personnel

      The announcement of the arrest came a day after French President Francois Hollande acknowledged that the threat of an attack during the month-long competition could not be discounted, but promised to “do everything to ensure that the Euro 2016 is a success”.

      Washington has already warned US citizens about the risk of attacks on stadiums and fan zones.

      France has mobilised 90,000 security personnel to secure areas with large numbers of supporters, but the increasingly anxious mood in France has cast a pall over a celebrated competition that unites the continent once every four years.

      The situation has not been helped by a long-running labour dispute.

      Make-or-break talks between unions and employers later Monday were set to decide whether a rail strike will affect the influx of football fans from around the continent.

      Russian involvement

      Grytsak said Ukrainian authorities suspected the French national was trying to obtain arms from unidentified groups in war-scarred eastern Ukraine.

      “The Frenchman offered people with whom he was in contact (in the east) several thousand euros in order to have a Ukrainian citizen help him carry the load into Europe,” he said.

      “We therefore believe that the Russian security services may have set him up,” he said.

      Ukraine’s eastern war zone has been awash with arms since an insurgency against the pro-Western government in Kiev erupted in April 2014.–attacks.aspx

  7. France: Several thousand refugees evacuated from Paris camp

    Some 2,000 refugees were evacuated from the Jardins d’Eole camp in northern Paris, Monday morning. The refugees are set to be disturbed to sixty centres around the Parisian region.

  8. Russia is ‘paving the way’ for a major re-escalation in Syria

    Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov told reporters Monday that Russia would provide “the most active” support to the Syrian army to keep the strategic city of Aleppo and the surrounding area from falling into the hands of “terrorists.”

    “What is happening in and around Aleppo now is what we had warned the Americans about beforehand — and they know it: that we will in the most active way support the Syrian army from the air not to allow the seizure of this territory by terrorists,” Lavrov said.

    Lavrov’s comments, which come one day after Russia’s deputy defense minister announced that there was still “much to be done to support the Syrian army” — have added to speculation that Russia is preparing to revamp its military operations in Syria three months after announcing it had begun to withdraw.

    Moscow intervened on behalf of embattled Syrian President Bashar Assad in September, turning the tide of the war in Assad’s favor with relentless airstrikes targeting anti-Assad rebels near Turkey’s border and Aleppo, which is now the war’s epicenter.

    Putin shocked the world when he announced in March that Russia would begin to withdraw “the main part” of its military presence in Syria four months after intervening. Jeff White, a defense fellow at The Washington Institute for Near East Policy, told Business Insider at the time that Putin had “left some important military tasks unfinished,” including the encirclement of Aleppo.

    • Putin pulled out most of the Russian ground troops and replaced them with mercenaries. Since I haven’t heard about any significant anti-war sentiment inside Russia I am left wondering what he wants the Russian troops for? Several possibilities spring to mind, Ukraine, the other break away republics, Poland or could it be to hit Turkey? Putin has been laying the groundwork to justify the invasion of Turkey.

      It it is Turkey that he is thinking about the new rift between Germany and Turkey comes at a suspiciously convenient time.

  9. Turkey’s President Erdogan to travel to Louisville, Ky., to attend funeral of Muhammad Ali

    Turkey’s Erdogan to attend Muhammad Ali funeral

    President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s office has confirmed the Turkish leader will attend the funeral of Muhammad Ali this week in the United States.

    The iconic former boxing champion died on Saturday at the age of 74 in Phoenix, Arizona.

    According to presidential sources, Erdogan will depart for the U.S. on Wednesday night.

    Ali’s funeral will be held on Thursday in Louisville, Kentucky – the boxer’s home city.

    Imam Zaid Shakir will lead funeral prayers for Ali, who converted to Islam in 1965.

    It is expected that Erdogan will also attend a commemoration and farewell ceremony for Ali on Friday.

    Muhammad Ali won the heavyweight title three times and was known for his unorthodox fighting style, merging power and agility.

    Outside of the ring, he was famous throughout the world for his charismatic personality, as well as his social and political activism.
    Erdogan, Jordan’s King Abdullah Among World Leaders to Speak at Muhammad Ali’s Funeral

    Also speaking at the funeral will be representatives of multiple faiths, including Islam, Judaism, Christianity, Buddhism, Mormonism and Catholicism.

    California imam and scholar Zaid Shakir will preside over the service at the KFC Yum! Center in Louisville.

    President Bill Clinton will deliver a eulogy.

  10. US failed to part rebels from Al-Nusra, asks not to bomb them – Lavrov

    On Sunday night, Al Nusra front militants launched a new wave of attacks on the Syrian city of Aleppo, which has already been devastated by conflict. Dozens of civilians are feared dead, as residential areas continue to be targeted from terrorist positions

  11. Greece discovers huge quantity of opiates, investigates Islamic State link

    Greek authorities are investigating a possible Islamic State link behind the discovery of a huge quantity of synthetic opiates destined for Libya.

    The Narcotics and Arms Division of Greece’s Financial Crimes Unit (SDOE), in cooperation with the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), seized 26 million tablets containing Tramadol, a painkiller available only on prescription.

    They had arrived at Piraeus, Greece’s largest commercial port, in a container from New Delhi on May 10. Greek agents acted on a tip-off from the DEA, said Loukas Danabasis, director of the division.

    The pills were found stacked behind boxes of household linen, which was the listed consignment on shipping documents.

    Authorities were investigating whether the pills were destined for Islamic militants, Danabasis said.

    “The companies that were involved in this case – in other words the company that sent it, as well as the company that was going to receive it in Libya – have been previously involved in such transfers – and particularly the company in Libya is characterized as being suspect of having relations with the Islamic State,” he said.

    Greek authorities did not name the companies involved in the transfer. The drugs were estimated to have a value of about 13 million dollars.

    Greece investigates Islamic State following opiate haul

  12. France: Muslim refugees gather for prayers at makeshift mosque in Calais camp

    Muslim refugees congregated for prayers as the holy month of Ramadan began on Monday, at a makeshift mosque in the refugee camp in Calais, informally known as ‘the Jungle.’ It is estimated that between 60 and 70 percent of the camp’s residents are Muslim.

    Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic lunar calendar and lasts 29-30 days, during which Muslims fast from dawn to sunset and practice increased self-discipline.

    • RT: What a lovely portrait of the viper coiled at one’s breast! Tamed, modern, kafir-friendly! Taught their lesson, Chechnya is now the idyllic Muslim Commonwealth country.

      All the buildings display enormous portraits of Uncle Vlad together with today’s Putin-obedient dictator. All the mosques are openly monitored by government agents.

      But there are many times that number of clandestine mosques and enemy madrassas. And the “moderate” Islam retailed here is a plastic package made palatable to the kafir.

      • That is a very good description of Islam, they will always wait until they think their enemy is weak before they strike. We have allowed them into our countries and it will take more then the coming war before we decide that they have to move back to the hell holes they came from.

  13. DAILY MAIL – EXCLUSIVE – ‘Child slaves’ making uniforms for Isis: Inside the Turkish sweatshop where children as young as nine work 12 hours a day stitching combat gear used in battle by Islamic State

    Syrian refugee children forced to work in a military uniform sweatshop that sells camouflage to ISIS
    Unable to go to school and desperate for money on the Turkish border the boys work 12 hour days for £10
    Factory owner Abu Zakour has no problem selling uniforms to ISIS: ‘It doesn’t matter where my customers are from’
    He also supplies Al Qaeda group Jabhat al-Nusra, Ahrar al-Sham and other rebel FSA fighters with military garb

  14. Chechnya: Republic Of Contrasts (RT Documentary)

    26 min

    Russia’s Republic of Chechnya has undergone a revival after two military operations in its recent post-Soviet history. Today, the region is home one of the largest mosques in Europe, hosts international celebrities and even is trying its hand at high fashion. We explore this republic of contrasts to look at how the Chechen people have struck a balance between tradition and modernity.

  15. French airport staff sanctioned for keeping Quran in lockers: Report

    Security procedures at Charles de Gaulle airport under scrutiny as investigators continue to probe EgyptAir crash

    A vetting process launched by the French security agency reportedly saw Muslim staff at Charles de Gaulle airport sanctioned for having copies of the Quran in their lockers and refusing to trim their beards.

    The procedures were put in place following attacks that hit Paris last January and November, aiming to vet all Muslim staff at French airports.

    At Charles de Gaulle, a bustling airport in the capital, more than 60 passes allowing employees to access airside areas of the facility were withdrawn for “inappropriate behaviour,” The Times reported on Saturday.

    Among the behaviour that saw employees sanctioned was praying at mosques considered “Salafist” and not shaking hands with female colleagues.

    Vetting procedures at Charles de Gaulle, one of the world’s largest aviation hubs, have come under renewed scrutiny since EgyptAir flight MS804 crashed into the Mediterranean on Thursday after setting off from the airport.

    Egyptian authorities have suggested that the plane was likely brought down by an attack rather than a technical fault, and there have been suggestions that staff at the airport could have played a role in the disaster.

    All staff at French airports are subject to a criminal record check and are vetted by the security agency before being permitted to work.

    However, high staff turnover – and the fact that almost all staff are sub-contracted to work at the airport from several different private companies – meant that procedures at Charles de Gaulle may not have been as stringent in practice as they were in theory.

    Despite fears that this could have left the airport vulnerable to attack, an official from the airport workers’ union suggested on Saturday that overwork and cost-cutting efforts were a greater risk than the religious beliefs of staff.

    Serge Nybelen, general secretary of the airport’s union, told The Times that staff only carried out basic checks on planes on stopovers at Charles de Gaulle, as the EgyptAir plane was on Thursday, suggesting that staff would not have found a bomb if it was hidden on the plane during previous stops in Asmara, Tunis or Cairo.

    • ( sorry the video is from last year )

      Statement by the Prime Minister of Canada on Ramadan –

      Ottawa, Ontario
      5 June 2016

      The Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, today issued the following statement on Ramadan:

      “Muslims in Canada and around the world will embark upon a month-long spiritual journey of fasting, prayer, and reflection to commemorate the revealing of the Qu’ran to the Prophet Muhammad.

      “During Ramadan, Muslims fast during daylight hours to increase their patience, closeness to God, and generosity towards those less fortunate. It is a time of community, when Muslims invite neighbours and friends to share their evening meal – iftar – recite prayers together, and encourage each other to give to charity.

      “Ramadan reminds all of us to show appreciation for the countless blessings we enjoy and to put the needs of others before our own.

      “Let us take the time to recognize, and show gratitude for, the invaluable contributions of our Muslim communities that enrich our national fabric each and every day. Canada’s cultural diversity is one of our greatest strengths and sources of pride.

      “On behalf of our family, Sophie and I wish all those observing this holy month a blessed and peaceful Ramadan.

      “Ramadan Mubarak!”

          • It’s almost funny. I’m in denial about Justin Trudeau. I can never remember his name and want to call him “Kevin”, so I call him “Skippy”. It’s just that I get this actual sick feeling whenever I think about the guy. Somehow Canadians have managed to elect the thirty-three millionth worst person they could have possibly chosen out of the entire Canadian population. The guy is hell-bent on doing the same thing to us that Angela is doing to the Germans. He’s a left-wing politically correct robot set on “destroy”…

  16. What is Happening in Jordan?

    In November 2014, I published an article in which I warned that Jordan’s regime was ?planning to set the West Bank and Jerusalem on fire in order to stay in power. Also, a month ?before the “knife intifada” broke out, I noted several times on social media that Jordan’s ?regime was going to launch unrest in Jerusalem itself.?

    Change is coming to Jordan. It could be tomorrow morning or in five years, but the ?Hashemites already have a one-way ticket out, and it seems they are now purposely ?causing damage to Jordanian, palestinian, American and Israeli interests. ?

    It is about time the few pro-Hashemite hopeless romantics wake up and smell the strong ?Jordanian coffee already brewing in Amman.?

    As far as the Israeli government is concerned, it has been clear from the beginning: The Israelis ?will not be involved in the Arab Spring or its aftermath, and will keep good ties with Jordan’s ?regime, military and intelligence agencies, without any involvement in Jordan’s internal politics. As ?Jordan’s opposition, we highly appreciate Israel’s stance and fully understand it.?

    As we expect change in Jordan, we must work hard to make sure Jordan remains committed ?to peace while it becomes economically prosperous and gives hope to all its citizens.?

    • Where’d all the “?s” come from??

      This article is by Mudar Zahran, opposition government in London. He knows more than King Abdullah. Explains some recent contradictions. Worth reading.

  17. How Ayatollah Khomeini suckered Jimmy Carter
    New depths to Jimmy Carter’s fecklessness have emerged through the declassification of State Department cables relating to the fall of the Shah of Iran.

    As reported by the BBC, the Ayatollah Khomeini, in January 1979, secretly sought Carter’s assistance in overcoming opposition from Iran’s military, still loyal to the shah. Khomeini promised that if he could return to Iran from exile in France, which the United States could facilitate, he would prevent a civil war, and his regime would not be hostile to Washington.

    The soon-to-be Supreme Leader of Iran certainly knew a sucker when he saw one. What Carter did in response to Khomeini’s pledge is not entirely clear from the newly declassified materials, but Khomeini did return; the military either fell into line or was ruthlessly purged; and Iran switched 180 degrees from being a strategic US ally to being one of our most implacable adversaries.

    Carter’s unwillingness to back the shah, a staunch American ally, has long been well-known, despite constant protestations of support at the time. Khomeini could not then, however, have relied on that for certain. Within Carter’s administration, hostility to the shah over his human-rights record, a centerpiece of Carter’s policy, was certainly extensive.

    Iran thus posed one of the first clear tests of an American administration’s devotion to abstract principles over concrete US military and political interests.

    • Violates their own standards of ethics?

      WRONG: Their ethics are simply the inverse of our own.
      They’re 100% true to their twisted hard-left creed. They’re everything 0 stands for – to paraphrase Michelle, she never felt proud of America until her husband was elected. To ruin us, undermine all our institutions, betray our allies.

      • That describes all Democrat leaders, in the 1970s the far left took over the Dems and people refuse to admit this, this is why they are always getting elected. Low information voters.

  18. Scottish Philosophy, American Morality
    Correcting misconceptions about the founders that are too often forgotten.
    June 6, 2016
    Bruce Thornton

    For a century progressives have argued that History and a more scientific understanding of human behavior have required a new, “living” Constitution interpreted “according to the Darwinian principle,” as Woodrow Wilson put it. The technocrats, whom Wilson called “the hundreds who are wise,” were gradually empowered by an expanded federal government to guide the millions he dubbed “selfish, ignorant, timid, stubborn, or foolish.” This concentration of power in the federal Leviathan has subjected both individuals and the states to its ever-expanding, intrusive reach.

    In other words, we now have a kind of government that the Constitution was designed to prevent. To quote George Orwell, “We have now sunk to a depth at which the restatement of the obvious is the first duty of intelligent men.” Robert Curry’s Common Sense Nation, however, is much more that an intelligent restatement of the Constitution’s protections. A member of the board of directors of the Claremont Institute, and a contributor to the American Thinker and the Federalist websites, Curry corrects various misconceptions and recovers influences on the founders that are too often forgotten.

    He pays special attention to the influence of the 18th-century Scottish Enlightenment on men like John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, and James Madison. Curry clearly and briskly sets out the key insights of philosophers Francis Hutcheson, Adam Smith, and Thomas Reid, as well as of Protestant clergyman John Witherspoon, who immigrated to America, signed the Declaration of Independence, and served as president of what would become Princeton University, where his students included three future Supreme Court Justices and 28 senators.

    The distinctively Scottish belief in innate human faculties of “moral sense” and “common sense,” Curry argues, left their mark on the American Enlightenment that produced the Declaration and the Constitution. The moral sense, as Hutcheson explained, is the instinctive faculty for recognizing right and wrong. It is as much a part of human nature as is hearing or seeing, providing access to elementary morals through feelings of pleasure and pain innate to a social animal; and a political community is impossible without it. Reid expanded this notion to include common sense, which Curry defines as “an endowment of human nature that makes possible both moral knowledge and human knowledge in general.” Common sense unifies the reports of the other senses, both physical and moral, into a full picture of the real world. With it we are able to make rational judgments on everything from technical knowledge to moral questions, in order to determine what is both useful and morally right. Rather than being John Locke’s tabula rasa, a “blank slate” upon which experience writes ideas and concepts, people are born with both common sense and the moral sense upon which popular sovereignty must be founded.

  19. Why the Ayatollahs Love Hillary
    The Mullahs’ candidate of choice.

    Iranian leaders are aware that an American president with uninformed policies would be critical for the advancement of their ideological, Islamist, geopolitical, and strategic interest.

    When it comes to current presidential candidates, Bernie Sanders was Iran’s top preference to become the next American president. His speeches, denouncing Western capitalism, advocating for socialism, being weak on supporting Israel, and criticizing the size of American military and its involvement around the world, were even televised on Iran’s state media outlets.

    Sanders’ foreign and Middle East policies are indeed pure isolationism, which would be congruent with Iran’s agenda of scuttling US and Israel security and national interests in the region, pushing American forces out of critical strategic points, and pursuing regional preeminence.

    But currently Sanders has most likely run out of luck and lacks delegate votes to win the Democratic nomination. Hillary Clinton is now the best shot for Iranian leaders.

    For Iranian leaders, the first issue to examine is the American candidates’ views on the nuclear agreement. Although the Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, publicly and hypocritically criticizes some aspects of the nuclear agreement and condemns the West for not giving Iran more, he remains a robust advocate of the nuclear deal.

  20. Greece: Fire tears through Souda refugee camp on island of Chios

    A fire broke out in the Souda refugee camp on the Greek island of Chios, Monday, after refugees reportedly set garbage bins on fire.

    It is reported that the fire damaged tents and containers with clothes that belonged to the United Nations Higher Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) and other non-governmental organisations operating in the camp.

  21. Russia: Netanyahu arrives in Moscow for talks with Putin

    Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu arrived to Vnukovo II airport just outside Moscow on Monday, to meet Russian President Vladimir Putin for talks.

    Netanyahu, who arrived accompanied by his wife Sara Netanyahu, was received by an honour guard at the runway.

    The likely agenda of the meeting, according to reports, will be the conflict in Syria and the implementation of the agreements that were reached during Netanyahu’s previous visit. It is expected that both leaders will also discuss the prospects of a settlement of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

    • Whatever ever else (Putin’s media manipulation), but Russian people are largely pro-Israel. It might have something to do with the huge Russian-speaking population in Israel now. They watch the same TV programs, like the same food, get all the jokes. Fly back and forth on vacation. Propaganda could turn on a dime, but polls show high positives.

      The cabinet’s been reshuffled to bring in a tough old bird as defense minister. He’s head of the party that represents most older-generation Russian-Israelis. He’s not appealing at all: unattractive, typical old, gruff Russian. LSM is shrieking, “far-right wing!” If only.

      • Pray the major portion of the war holds off until after the election and that Trump wins, we need a President that will defend the US and our allies.

    • ISIS destroys ancient Assyrian monuments in northern Iraq

      The Islamic State has released a new propaganda video showing the demolition of the Mashki Gate in Nineveh, a historic site on the UNESCO world heritage list.

      The footage also shows ISIS demolishing the Nabu Temple after placing bombs at the site. Nabu was a Babylonian God highly cherished under the Assyrian golden age.

      Although the video itself is new, the first reports suggesting the destruction of the aforementioned sites appeared in April, 2016.

      Nineveh is considered the oldest and most-populous city of the ancient Assyrian empire; however, the culture has been deemed blasphemous by the Islamic State’s scholars.

  22. MONTREAL – Ahuntsic says No to new mosque

    Residents of Ahuntsic-Cartierville voted Sunday to reject the establishment of a small mosque and community centre on Legendre St., an area zoned for commercial use.

    Out of 481 votes, 291 people — or 60 per cent of voters — cast ballots against the change in usage of the locale to allow it to function as a place of worship.

    Some 1,117 residents on neighbouring streets had the right to vote in the referendum.

    Rachid Hajir, a spokesperson for the Islamic Centre of Ahuntsic, said he accepted the result, though he believed it was driven by fear and Islamophobia, not parking.

    “Some of them are against anything that is Muslim — against our existence at all,” he said. “Hatred is the vice of narrow souls.”

    The centre had been operating as a cultural centre and prayer space for three years leading up to the vote, but after a city inspector visited in 2015, it applied to officially be recognized as a place of worship.

    Though residents brought up issues like parking, traffic and noise to justify their rejection of the centre, according to borough councillor Pierre Desrochers, there were never any complaints made to the borough on that basis.

    A consultative urban development committee looked into the issues for the borough last year and determined that given the small size of the locale and that most people who frequented the centre arrived on foot, no such problems were associated with the centre.

    Borough councillors for Ahuntsic-Cartierville voted unanimously to approve the project in June 2015, which would have allowed for the locale to be used for religious practices as well as language classes and activities for children, families and seniors.

    But residents opposed to the centre as a place of worship forced a referendum on the issue.

    “For me it was very clear — people sent the message that the borough must respect the laws and that the laws are the same for everyone,” said Nicole Vermette, one of the residents who handed out pamphlets and put up posters urging people to vote “No.”

    Vermette rejects the accusation that she is Islamophobic — in fact, she rejects the use of the term Islamophobia altogether — and said she has no problem with the mosque on St-Laurent Blvd., for example, which is legal and well-identified, or any other mosque that establishes itself “legally.”

    If the Islamic Centre of Ahuntsic finds a new locale in the vicinity that is zoned as a place or worship, Vermette said she would not be opposed to it.

    Haroun Bouazzi, a spokesperson for the Association des Musulmans et des Arabes pour la Laïcité au Québec, is urging the Quebec government to conduct a commission of inquiry on systemic racism in the province, saying the issue goes beyond the confines of Ahuntsic.

    He said the process followed in Ahuntsic amounted to a “dictatorship of the majority” over the Muslim minority, now stripped of its right to worship. Bouazzi called on Mayor Denis Coderre and Quebec Premier Philippe Couillard to remind Quebecers that Muslims have a right to worship.

    “There’s real fear, even hysteria about a place of worship in (Ahuntsic) and that is such a shame,” Bouazzi said. “We’ve been asking the Quebec government to do awareness campaigns about the Muslim community, and we see the lack of action by this government and the negative attitudes of the former (Quebec) government has led to this.”

    He also called on Montreal’s Centre for the Prevention of Radicalization Leading to Violence to weigh in on the issue. Excluding a minority does not help social cohesion, he said, and is one of the causes of radicalization often mentioned by the CPRLV.

    CBC – Decision to reject mosque in Ahuntsic not about Islamophobia, voters say

    Shortage of parking among reasons given for voting No in referendum on Ahuntsic Cultural Centre

    Residents who voted against recognizing the Ahuntsic Cultural Centre as an official place of worship reject any suggestion Islamophobia played a role in their decision.

    Nearly two-thirds of those who cast their ballots voted against the proposal on Sunday.

    The centre is located at 406 Legendre Street West, just north of Highway 40.

    The referendum was triggered by residents in the area, after the borough initially approved the cultural centre’s request for official designation.

    John Mirano, who voted against, said his main concern was the increase in traffic a prayer site would bring to the neighbourhood.

    “It’s bad enough finding parking in summertime here, never mind winter,” he told CBC News.

    “It would bring in more traffic around here. That’s pretty much it.”

    Salvatore Valeante, who was also opposed, echoed those concerns.

    “I’m not racist,” he said. “It’s just that it’s too crowded here. Everyone parks in front of my house. They block my garage. It creates a lot of problems.”

    Of the 481 valid ballots cast, 291 people voted No in the referendum. The voter turnout rate was 43 per cent.

    Rachid Hajir, a spokesperson for the centre, said Sunday he accepts the decision, but believes parking isn’t the real reason residents voted No.

    “Whatever is behind this is purely and simply Islamophobia,” he said.

    “Some of us have been living in this place for 20 years, 30 years.”

    Hajir said a new plan is in the works but didn’t provide more details.

    Several other boroughs have also recently taken steps to block the establishment of new places of worship.

    In Outremont, councillors voted last week to move forward with a bylaw that would see new places of worship banned on two main commercial streets.

    Last year, a mosque in Saint-Laurent faced eviction because it had been operating primarily as a place of worship where zoning prohibits it.?

  23. UNAMA urges all parties to the conflict to respect holy month of Ramadan (khaama, June 6, 2016)

    “The United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) has urged all parties to the conflict to respect the holy month of Ramadan and seize conflict in a bid to Afghan families to worship in peace.

    “On behalf of the United Nations in Afghanistan I would like to present my best wishes for the Holy month of Ramadan, a time of reverence and peace,” the UN Secretary General’s Special Representative for AFghanistan, Nicholas Haysom said.

    The UN Special Envoy further added that “I sincerely hope that the people of Afghanistan will be able to use this time for reflection, patience and tolerance.”

    “Most especially during Ramadan, I call upon all parties to the conflict to respect this month and allow Afghan families to worship in peace,” Haysom added.

    “Observed in a spirit of peace and compassion, can help pave the way for a sustainable peace in Afghanistan,” Haysom said, adding that “The United Nations continues to stand with the people of Afghanistan in their quest for security, stability and prosperity.”

    The Afghanistan Supreme Court has declared Monday, the 6th of June, the first day of the holy month of Ramadan.”

  24. Swedish police shoot ‘knife’ man in Malmö (thelocal, June 6, 2016)

    “A man was shot by police in Malmö city centre last night after he charged them wielding a knife, according to a witness.

    Calle Persson of Skåne police said, “There has been a situation in which police had to shoot an attacker armed with a knife.”

    “There were several shots, but I do not know if there is one or multiple squads who fired the shots,” Persson continued.

    However, another witness contradicted the original witness and told Sydsvenskan newspaper that the man had run away from the police before being shot.

    “The police shouted, ‘Drop the knife, drop the knife.’ He did not listen, but tried to run away, and then they shot at him.”

    The man was taken to Skåne University Hospital in Malmö, where he was admitted to the intensive care unit.

    His condition is critical…”

  25. Egypt: population surpasses 91 milion, one mln in just 6 months (ansamed, June 6, 2016)

    “CAIRO – Egypt has reached a new population record with 91 million residents, after growing by one million people in just six months, said news agency Mena, citing Egypt’s central statistics agency Capmas.

    Not included in that figure are the eight million Egyptians residing abroad, who, when added, bring the total population to 99 million. The resident population in the Cairo Governorate has surpassed 9.5 million people, representing 10.54% of the entire country’s population, according to Capmas; followed by Giza, the governorate that administers a large part of the metropolitan area of the capital, with 7.84 million residents; and the Sharqiyya Governorate in the Nile Delta with 6.7 million residents.

    The South Sinai Governorate is the least populated at 171,000 residents.

    Capmas said that Egypt’s population growth rate, at 2.4%, is five times higher than developed countries and two times higher than developing countries..”

  26. EU to present plan on migrants, to allocate 8 bln euro in 4 years (ansamed, June 6, 2016)

    “BRUSSELS – The European Commission is preparing to approve a series of measures on migration including additional funding of 500 million euros for the 1.8 billion euro Trust Fund for Africa set up at the end of last year to tackle the root causes of migration to Europe.

    However, approval of the plan comes amid controversy over the recent proposal from Austria to block migrants travelling to Europe on islands and to deny asylum to those arriving in Europe illegally. Following adoption by the European Commission the measures will be presented immediately to the European Parliament in view of the EU Summit on June 28-29.

    The new plan is said to contain a package of short, medium and long-term measures aimed at going beyond an emergency response to migration and helping countries of origin and transit along the lines of the existing agreement with Turkey.

    The objective is to boost opportunities for prospective migrants in their countries of origin by supporting development there and also to reduce the movement of people across Africa by combating human trafficking. The basic idea is to create a fund along the lines of the European Fund for Strategic Investments (EFSI) that has mobilised 100 billion euros in its first year.

    It will not be easy for all 28 member states to reach an agreement, as shown by the words of Autsrian foreign minister Sebastian Kurz. “It is no accident that the US took migrants to Ellis Island before deciding who would be allowed to reach the mainland,” Kurz said in an interview with Die Presse.

    “Those arriving illegally in Europe should lose the right to request asylum. Being rescued at sea mustn’t be a ticket for central Europe,” he said.

    FT, Brussels plans for 60 bn in private investment. Europe to allocate 8 bln from existing funds

    The European Commission is hoping to pull together 60 billion euros in private investment to fund projects tackling the root-causes of migration in source countries, the Financial Times reported on Monday. Beneficiary countries reportedly include Tunisia, Jordan, Lebanon, Niger and Ethiopia.

    In the first instance the commission intends to reallocate eight billion euros of existing funds before setting up a special fund to raise 60 billion euros. The plan is due to be presented on Tuesday…”

  27. Merkel hits back at Erdogan’s threats against Turkish MPs (thelocal, June 6, 2016)

    “Chancellor Angela Merkel’s office hit back Monday at Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in a blistering row over a German parliamentary vote declaring the Ottoman Empire committed genocide against Armenians.

    Erdogan has angrily condemned last week’s vote on the World War I massacres, charging that the 11 German MPs with Turkish roots who backed it supported “terrorism” by the banned Kurdish Workers’ Party (PKK), and demanding “blood tests” to see “what kind of Turks they are”.

    Merkel’s spokesman Steffen Seibert on Monday said that while Berlin also considers the PKK a terrorist group, “to associate individual members of parliament with terrorism is utterly incomprehensible to us”.

    “The resolution was a political initiative that emerged from the midst of the Bundestag, which is a democratically elected, independent organ under our constitution,” Seibert told a regular press conference.

    “The Bundestag reached a sovereign decision. That must be respected,” Seibert said, adding that this was the message Merkel had given to the Turkish president.

    Erdogan — in a bitter reaction to the vote to recognise the 1915-1916 killings as genocide — singled out German Greens party co-leader Cem Özdemir, one of the instigators of the resolution passed on June 2.

    Özdemir has been placed under police protection after receiving anonymous death threats.

    The vote in the German parliament added yet another bone of contention to Turkey’s troubled relationship with the European Union, and comes as the 28-nation bloc is banking on Turkey to block the flow of migrants into Europe.

    The Turkish community in Germany — which broadly opposes the ‘genocide’ vote — nonetheless criticised Erdogan Monday for the pressure his government and its supporters had placed on German lawmakers of Turkish origin.

    “We find death threats and demands for blood tests abhorrent,” its chairman Gokay Sofuoglu told national news agency DPA.

    “I think the era when people were defined by their blood ended in 1945.

    This is absolutely out of place.””

    • If people were no longer defined by blood the left wing politicians wouldn’t be playing identity politics in every western nation. What she is objecting is for someone other then a left winger to look at anything about race.

      By the way how is recognizing a crime that occurred in the last Century racism?

  28. Three arrested for death of circumcised baby (ansa, June 6, 2016)

    “(ANSA) – Turin, June 6 – Italian police on Monday arrested three people in connection with a newborn baby of Ghanaian origin, Henry, who died a few hours after being circumcised at home.

    The three are outside the baby’s family circle, police said. Henry, who was one month old, died in a Turin hospital on May 29, where he was brought by emergency services after suffering cardiac arrest following a home circumcision.

    The emergency call came from a building known as “Spazio Neruda” where hundreds of homeless or evicted families are squatting and where the boy’s parents had brought him on the previous evening and spent the night.

    Mustafa Qaddurah, a pediatrician and councillor with the Islamic Cultural Centre of Rome, said Italy’s national health system doesn’t cover circumcisions performed for cultural, non-medical reasons.

    “That means you either go to a clinic, where it’s expensive, or to these charlatans,” Qaddurah said. He said an unauthorised circumcision costs about 30-50 euros.

    “According to our estimates, 30-40% of Muslims (living in Italy) prefer to have it done in their country of origin, but another 30-50% go to unauthorised personnel, who work in unsuitable places, with the result of killing babies or causing serious deformities, that we then see in our offices,” he said.

    He said there were other similar deaths recently in Treviso and Puglia.”

  29. Greece: Locals protest against refugee camp near Thessaloniki

    Dozens of local citizens protested against the construction of a new refugee camp near Vasilika village, in the municipality of Thermi near Thessaloniki, Monday.

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