“How can you be a socialist and not be an antisemite?” -Adolf Hitler. Leftism and Islam and more links 2 on June 3 – 2016

1, UK leader of Labour, the official opposition, wants more than just sanctions against Israel

2. Turkey: Protesters hurl eggs at German embassy after Armenian genocide vote

(I gotta say, the Turk egg hurlers is no Pedro Martínez.)

3. Testimony of the daughter of a man kidnapped and jailed by the dictator of Venezuela

4. Düsseldorf terror plot ‘bigger than previously realized’

The Isis plot to attacks the capital of North Rhine-Westphalia was bigger than previously assumed, with ten terrorists supposed to murder people with bombs and guns, local media report.

According to Spiegel, a suspect in police custody has admitted to authorities that ten people were supposed to be involved in the plot.

On Thursday three men were arrested in Düsseldorf, after a fourth plot member had turned himself in to authorities in Paris in February.

Three of the men, all of them Syrian nationals are alleged to have arrived in Germany in 2015 along the Balkan route, the route taken by refugees fleeing the Syrian civil war.

The six additional members of the plot were supposed to join them at a later point, Saleh A. who is in custody in Paris told investigators.

According to his account, two of the group were supposed to blow themselves up in the Altstadt district, the other men were then to attack more civilians with guns and explosives.

5. Russia’s foreign minister said Washington has asked Moscow not to target the al-Qaida’s branch in Syria, the Nusra Front

6. A laundry list of White House deception on the Iran presser deception and the secret talks with Iran


Thank you M., Wrath of Khan, Egri Nok, Nash Montana, Xanthippa, Dagawker, and many more. Its been an odd sort of day and this next month of the Islamic celebration of Bombathon promises to be busy and bloody as usual.

Here is a Tom Trento bust of one CAIR leader in his call for a “muslim revolution” because he was asked why he went to Turkey by a customs agent.

Apparently Muslims want to be exempt from the exact same scrutiny that every other American, or Canadian for that matter, has to endure when entering the country.

This shows that unlike muslim propaganda we hear constantly, muslims do not want to be treated like everyone else whatsoever but expect to be treated like superiors who have special rights and less responsibilities to the state than non-believers. Or else, its time for a revolution to force those rights on us all.

Black muslim chases white Trump supporter and tackles him to the ground.



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2 Replies to ““How can you be a socialist and not be an antisemite?” -Adolf Hitler. Leftism and Islam and more links 2 on June 3 – 2016”

  1. #1 Does anyone actually think that Labour will actually police their own? It is an absurdity.

    I am very concerned by the escalation of violence around this presidential election. Based on available footage, it seems obvious that police were told to stand down while violence escalated. People being beat up, bloodied and spit upon. This will not end well.

    Unless the police and civilian admins step up and protect the rights of American citizens to peacefully assemble someone is going to get killed.

    I understand that Twitter by its very nature is a bombastic platform BUT many comments today were along the lines of “don’t try this in my town because I’m bringing my gun…”

    This is not good.

  2. I wonder how many of the grandfathers of these offended Turks have souvenirs from their encounters with Armenian girls 100 years ago?
    >>Trophy body parts<<

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