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  1. Libyan teenager, 19, shot in the head by ISIS for SWEARING after he refused to say sorry – telling his killers ‘Do what you like, I am not apologising’
    Amjad Mohammed Ben Sasi has blasphemed during an argument in Libya
    He refused to repent three times before he was publicly executed by ISIS

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    • Last December was the execution and it is now in the English-language press. Here are possible contemporaneous references in the Arabic press translated
      and on Facebook comments on an apparent Sirte page:
      and also in December here. — found with“????+????+??+????”&oq

      [From the first link via g-translate] He said Salah Ben Sassi deceased uncle said his nephew was executed last December, but his family did not receive his body until Alan.qal his organization that he was an infidel is not right to him in an Islamic buried.

      This happened in the city of Sirte, says the author of the [BBC] report, where scenes of murder, steel and executions in public places have become familiar sights.

    • So what? Everybody up to and through most of the twentieth century will be what is considered “racist’; what of it? Blacks are probably amongst the racist of all people on this planet; after all, they even have special sections in the Chicago Public Libraries devoted to “African-American” literature. All Blacks ever read, and I say this without prejudice, is about how their “Blackness” relates to whites. I overheard a Black woman on the Redline EL train, who was reading a book by “Genius” Coates, turn to her neighbor and say that he had wrote an article in “The Atlantic,” advocating MORE “reparations.” But considering that Hispanics now have a US population percentage greater than Blacks, how will Blacks keep the ear of an ever-shrinking white population, the one’s that actually supply goods and services that keep America running?

    • Did you watch the clip? The woman sounds like a brain dead moron. She doesn’t even use proper English and she is an ELECTED representative to the State of LA.
      Hey lady, MLK Jr. was not alive in 1776. When did you find that out?

      • Black Rep. Cardiss Collins (D-Chicago) was once described in The Chicago Reader newspaper as the “dumbest lady in the House.” I think she got in after her husband died.

    • Black Africans rounded up other black Africans to sell them to slave-traders.
      They were sold by their own.
      How much space is given to that most salient fact in all these ersatz-history sections?

      • None, if that fact is known the entire attack on Whites for Slavery is destroyed.

        The History Channel has remade the very fictional tale Roots and is planning on showing it soon. Haley lied to the public when he said it was the history of his family and admitted that (reluctantly) during the time when the US media was paying attention to Monica’s little blue dress.

        • I was looking for maps,[*] finding more maps about Africa than anywhere else. Kids are studing Africa in school. All junk history, Noble Savage nonsense. Stone Age cannibals with IQs in the high 60s. Nothing about tribal warfare, Arab slavers, all garbage history.
          [*] Too many already, it’s now a vice. I had to give up stamp-collecting because of my hands.

  2. ISIS use 50,000 civilians as ‘human shields’ as Iraqi forces blitz Fallujah

    slamic State fighters hid behind 50,000 civilian hostages as Iraqi forces blitzed Fallujah.

    The jihadis used the human shield as efforts to retake the ­terrorist stronghold, which kicked off under a US-led coalition on May 22, intensified.

    Some 70 fanatics have been killed in airstrikes in the past five days in Iraq and Syria, including Maher al-Bilawi, IS’s leader in Fallujah.

    Colonel Steve Warren, spokesman for the US-led coalition , said the terrorists “are holding the civilian population captive so that they can hide behind them”. In a weekly update of operations, he added: “We’ve killed more than 70 enemy fighters, including Al-Bilawi.”

  3. On top of all else, in our remarkable time, a schism in the church?
    By J.E. Dyer May 29, 2016

    I wrote in April 2015 about the remarkable condition in which today’s world finds itself, with geopolitical earthquakes breaking up longstanding arrangements, and no hegemon to set boundaries for how far it can go.

    It has been at least 600 years since we saw comparable conditions – and in some ways it may be more than that. The longer we watch conditions deteriorate, the further back it seems we have to go to find a world in which there was so little effectively organized state power, imposing limits, according to a guiding framework, on the potential disarray.

    A few months later, the dramatic eruption of the migration crisis in Europe made it clear that a cornerstone of Western order, Westphalianism, is dead. In its original incarnation, Westphalianism is unrecoverable at this point. It will have to be reconstituted, in some way and after some period of upheaval whose consequences we can’t accurately foresee.

    We shouldn’t despair of reconstituting an order that protects liberalism (in the classical sense) and encourages stability and peace. The guiding ideas for these arrangements aren’t dead, and can’t be killed. But too many big, paradigm-breaking things are happening today for us to be complacent about an easy restoration of the status quo ante. We should, rather, face the fact that where we are isn’t where we were seven years ago – conditions have been transformed that abruptly – and 2008 isn’t coming back, period.

    A further sign of this extraordinary time is the juxtaposition of developments in the organized church, of a kind the radical revolutionaries of a century ago called “world-historical.”

    • UK Conservative Party Dispute Over Immigration Escalates (abcnews, May 29, 2016)

      “Conservative Party members seeking a British exit from the European Union have launched increasingly personal attacks on Prime Minister David Cameron over his leadership of the campaign to keep Britain within the 28-nation bloc.

      The bruising tone of the Conservative Party feud is raising questions about whether Cameron can unify his party even if his side triumphs in the June 23 in-or-out vote on EU membership.

      The most prominent attack came from former London Mayor Boris Johnson and Justice Secretary Michael Gove, who used a letter in the Sunday Times to say that Cameron’s tactics are eroding public trust…”

  4. Coastguard rescues suspected migrants off Kent coast (BBC, May 29, 2016)

    “Twenty people, including 18 Albanians, have been rescued from a boat that had started taking in water overnight in the English Channel off the Kent coast.

    The BBC has been told that some of the passengers, who are believed to be migrants, phoned relatives in Calais to let them know they were in trouble.

    The French authorities were then alerted and contacted the UK coastguard, the BBC understands.
    Border Force officials are interviewing the 20, which also include two Britons.

    The UK coastguard said it was called just before midnight on Saturday to an incident off the coastal village of Dymchurch…”

  5. UN: 700 Migrants Feared Dead in Mediterranean Shipwrecks (abcnews, May 29, 2016)

    “Over 700 migrants are feared dead in three Mediterranean Sea shipwrecks south of Italy in the last few days as they tried desperately to reach Europe in unseaworthy smuggling boats, the U.N. refugee agency said Sunday.

    The shipwrecks over three days appear to account for the largest loss of life reported in the Mediterranean since April 2015, when a single ship sank with an estimated 800 people trapped inside.

    Carlotta Sami, spokeswoman for UNHCR, told The Associated Press by phone that an estimated 100 people are missing from a smugglers’ boat that capsized Wednesday off the coast of Libya. The Italian navy took horrific pictures of that capsizing even as it rushed to rescue as many people as possible from the sea.

    Sami said about 550 other migrants and refugees are missing from a smuggling boat that capsized Thursday morning after leaving the western Libyan port of Sabratha a day earlier…”

  6. Driver’s Family Press Charges Over US Drone Hit on Pakistan (abcnews, May 29, 2016)

    “A Pakistani officer says police have registered a case against unknown U.S. officials, seeking to press murder charges over a May 21 drone strike that killed Taliban leader Mullah Akhtar Mansour and a driver.

    Abdul Wakil Mengal said Sunday police registered the case on behalf of the family of the driver, Mohammad Azam.

    Azam’s family says he is innocent, and was a sole breadwinner and father of four. They say they want justice.

    The identity of the U.S. officials involved in the drone strike is unknown, and it is unclear if the charges will relate to those who ordered the attack or the U.S. servicemen who carried it out.

    Azam’s family may be seeking a trial in absentia and a symbolic victory or they may attempt to push for compensation.”

  7. CBC – CANADA – Federal Liberals consider cracking down on Islamophobia

    Windsor’s Omar Raza is making pitch to end Islamophobia

    In an effort to stamp out racism experienced by Muslims, the Liberal Party of Canada is considering adopting a policy to aggressively eliminate Islamophobia.

    Omar Raza, director of the Windsor West Federal Liberal Association, is making the pitch during the Liberal convention in Winnipeg. He wants the party to strike a task force to tackle the issue.

    “This just reaffirms what the Liberal Party stands for and reaffirms that national and international leadership,” he told CBC News from Winnipeg before the vote. “We’re here, not only to support our neighbours, but we’re here to support each other and this policy helps do that.”

    Task force support

    London, Ont. Muslim advocacy group Hikma supports the resolution. Group chairman Nawaz Tahir says creating a task force would raise the profile of tolerant behaviour and send a strong message to the public.

    “That dialogue is really important to have. Some tangible outcomes would be nice, but the process itself will be the key piece,” he said. “The journey is just as important as the destination.”

    Tahir became a voice for many of London’s Muslim community during the federal election. The issue of racism emerged when a dozen campaign signs belonging to Khalil Ramal, the Liberal candidate running in London-Fanshawe, were defaced with racial slurs.

    Tahir says the Muslim community got more politically involved than ever before and have remained so after the election.

    “We agreed that post election it was important for Muslims to stay involved,” he said. “We haven’t really been involved politically. Lately, a lot of issues have come up that involve Muslims, so we feel it’s important for Muslims to get involved in the community overall.”

    • Liberals: Muslims were murdered in hate crimes, propose task force against Islamophobia

      The Liberal Party of Canada is holding on May 26-29, 2016 in Winnipeg its Biennial Convention, which the “highest authority of the Party.”

      The Winnipeg 2016 – Liberal Biennial Convention discuss Party members’ resolutions that could become future policy on issues such as the environment, fiscal responsibility, infrastructure, social justice issues, etc.

      The Liberal Party in Ontario submitted the following “priority resolution” during the convention:

      “Condemning All Forms of Islamophobia

      “WHEREAS the Liberal Party of Canada Constitution states that the Liberal Party subscribes to the protection of the fundamental rights and freedoms of persons under the rule of law;

      “WHEREAS the Liberal Party of Canada’s core values statement affirms that we believe in the dignity of every person;

      “WHEREAS the 42nd General Election saw a sharp increase in the politics of fear and division, including Islamophobic acts, such as the Peterborough Mosque fire;

      “WHEREAS there has been a significant increase in recorded Islamophobic acts committed in 2015 that have included harassment, violent attacks, murders, arson, graffiti, property damage and death threats against Muslims;

      “WHEREAS the Rt. Hon. Justin Trudeau has repeatedly declared he is ‘deeply disturbed’ by the increasing Islamophobia in Canada, and joining governments from around the world in condemning such heinous acts towards Muslim communities;

      “BE IT RESOLVED that the Liberal Party of Canada makes a concerted effort to counter prejudice and hate and develop policies specific to the reduction and elimination of Islamophobia in all of its forms;

      “BE IT RESOLVED that the Liberal Party of Canada strike a Task Force for the Elimination of All Forms of Islamophobia;

      “BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the recommendations of the Task Force be forwarded to the Rt. Hon. Prime Minister, Cabinet and all MPs to be used as the Government of Canada’s strategic vision to eliminate all forms of discrimination and hatred.”

      Ontario Liberals did not provided any details about their claim that at least two Canadian Muslims were murdered in Canada in 2015 because of Islamophobia.[…]

  8. Iran not sending pilgrims to Mecca, blames Saudi Arabia: State TV

    TEHERAN (AFP) – Iranians will not take part in this year’s Mecca pilgrimage because of “obstacles” raised by Saudi Arabia, custodian of Islam’s holiest sites, Iran’s Culture Minister Ali Jannati said on Sunday (May 29).

    In the latest dispute between the two regional rivals, “after two series of negotiations without any results because of obstacles raised by the Saudis, Iranian pilgrims will unfortunately not be able to take part in the haj” pilgrimage, expected to take place this year in September, he said, quoted by state television.

    Saudi officials have said an Iranian delegation wrapped up a visit to the kingdom on Friday without reaching a final agreement on arrangements for haj pilgrims from the Islamic republic.

    The Saudi haj ministry said it had offered “many solutions” to meet a string of demands made by the Iranians in two days of talks.

    Agreement had been reached in some areas, including to use electronic visas which could be printed out by Iranian pilgrims, as Saudi diplomatic missions remain shut in Iran, it said.

    Riyadh cut ties with Teheran in January after Iranian demonstrators torched its embassy and a consulate following its execution of a prominent Shi’ite cleric.

    Shi’ite Iran and predominantly Sunni Saudi Arabia are at odds over a raft of regional issues, notably the conflicts in Syria and Yemen in which they support opposing sides.

    Earlier this month, Iran had accused its regional rival of seeking to “sabotage” the haj, a pillar of Islam that devout Muslims must perform at least once during their lifetime if they are able.

    Teheran said Riyadh had insisted that visas for Iranians be issued in a third country and would not allow pilgrims to be flown aboard Iranian aircraft.

    But the Saudi haj ministry said on Friday that Riyadh had agreed to allow Iranians to obtain visas through the Swiss embassy in Teheran, which has looked after Saudi interests since ties were severed in January.

    Riyadh also agreed to allow some Iranian carriers to fly pilgrims to the kingdom despite a ban imposed on Iranian airlines following the diplomatic row between the two countries, the ministry said.

    Last week’s talks were the second attempt by the two countries to reach a deal on organising this year’s pilgrimage for Iranians after an unsuccessful first round held in April in Saudi Arabia.

    The Saudi ministry said at the time that the Iranian Haj Organisation would be held responsible “in front of God and the people for the inability of its pilgrims to perform haj this year”.

    Another contentious issue has been security, after a stampede at last September’s haj killed about 2,300 foreign pilgrims, including 464 Iranians.

  9. Extremist group in Texas trains to shoot Muslims with bullets dipped in pig blood (RT, May 29, 2016)

    “An extremist group of white men in Texas are training against a Muslim “uprising” by dipping their bullets in pig’s blood and bacon grease to target victims.

    The so-called “Bureau of American Islamic Relations” (BAIR) said using pig products to line the bullets would ensure victims would “go straight to hell,” according to a video released by AJ+…”

  10. Nigerian flogged in public for alleged adultery (GRAPHIC VIDEO) (RT, May 29, 2016)

    “A video reported to be from Nigeria has been shared online showing a man accused of adultery being held on a bench while he’s beaten with a stick in front of a stunned crowd.

    The man was allegedly caught having sex with a married woman and for this, he was marched around the unnamed community before being flogged in public to deter other potential adulterers, Nigerian media reported…”

  11. Ankara Needs to ‘Turn Moscow From Foe to Friend’ Amid Tensions With EU, US (sputniknews, May 29, 2016)

    “After Binali Yildirim became new Turkish prime minister during his speech before his party fellows he proclaimed the new motto of Ankara’s foreign policy: “We will increase the number of friends, and decrease the number of our enemies.

    This marks a new course Turkey plans to adhere to in its foreign relations, an article in the Turkish newspaper Milliyet read.

    In his speech, the prime minister also underscored that currently Turkey is facing a number of problems. This is why the government should look for new approaches for those challenges.

    One of the priorities would be normalization of relations with a number of countries, which have been recently damaged.

    “First of all, it is Israel. Turkey has long been in talks with Israel, and now the two countries are close to a consensus,” the article read.

    However, normalization of damaged relations with other countries will take time. For example, despite the fact that Ankara has recently had close contacts with Egypt, normalization of relations will require more efforts and political will.

    Russia is a country with which Turkey needs to restore ties the most, the author wrote. However, in the current environment turning Russia back into a “friend” is difficult…”

  12. The Japanese were trying to make an atomic bomb, too

    Read more:
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    In all the press about Obama visiting Hiroshima, Japan, where the U.S. dropped the first atomic bomb on its enemy in 1945, not one word has surfaced about the fact that the Japanese were, at the same time, working on their own atomic bomb, and would have used it on Americans had they been able. Nor has anything been said about the fact that they were much closer to making an atomic bomb than most Americans know.

    The Japanese had begun a program to develop a “uranium” bomb even before the sneak attacked on Pearl Harbor in December 1941, killing some 2000 Americans and starting war with America. They had top scientists working on their atomic bomb, including a future Nobel-prize winner, Hideki Yukawa. Over the course of the war they spent millions on the program, hunting uranium, building crucial separators, designing a workable bomb, and elevating their program to a top priority at the end of the war as they frantically sought “miracle” weapons with which to turn the tide going against them. Had America not used its atomic bombs and instead invaded the Japanese mainland, the Japanese were planning to use atomic weapons on the invasion fleet, which certainly would have been devastating. Kamikazis had been bad enough. Imagine if they had been armed with nuclear weapons.

    Of course none of this was mentioned by Barack Obama in his non-apology apology in Japan. He may or may not even know about this history, so successful has been the effort by both Japan and the American Left to bury it. Both want the Japanese to appear solely as victims of the bomb. It keeps Japan’s conscience clear for their part in World War II’s atrocities, and helped, after the war, gain sorely needed aid. For the Left, it makes attacking America easier if this part of the world’s atomic bomb story remains buried.

    Read more:
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    • Atomic plans returned to Japan

      Documents hidden since World War II showing Japan’s plans for an atomic bomb have been returned to the country, according to a newspaper report.

      The widow of the Japanese scientist who had spirited the documents out of the country after the war has given them to a Tokyo research institute, the Asahi daily says.

      The 23-page dossier shows the Japanese army’s plans for a relatively weak atomic bomb – blueprints that were ordered destroyed just before Japan’s surrender in 1945.

      The documents were instead secretly given to chemist Kazuo Kuroda, who then left for the United States and died there last ye

    • My dad might have had to go fight the Japs had the war continued and the A-Bomb not used.

      I consider Truman’s dropping of the Bomb a pivotal action saving American lives as welling as allowing my father to live so that I might be born.


        • The predictions were 1 million allied dead, guerrilla war in the Japanese Islands until the mid to late 60s and the destruction of the Japanese culture. This is hardly ever mentioned when the dropping of the nukes is talked about.

  13. White House launches Muslim outreach office

    President Obama is establishing a new position to coordinate outreach to the Muslim-American community, picking a former president of the Muslim Youth of North America to run it.

    “A big part of this role is making sure the national conversation about these communities is not framed through a single lens, but covers the full range of issues that Muslims and other Americans face,” Zaki Barzinji, who will work out of the White House Office of Public Engagement, told the Huffington Post.

    Barzinji’s new job deprives Gov. Terry McAuliffe, D-Va., of his director of intergovernmental affairs. Barzinji previously worked on McAuliffe’s gubernatorial campaign.

    “This appointment is a further extension of this Administration’s commitment to America’s tradition of religious pluralism,” Valerie Jarrett, senior adviser to the White House office of public engagement, told the Huffington Post.

    Barzinji’s hiring comes as Obama has offered repeated rebukes of GOP nominee Donald Trump. “We need to reject any politics that targets people because of race or religion,” Obama said during the State of the Union address in January. “This isn’t a matter of political correctness. It’s a matter of understanding what makes us strong.”

  14. Salman Rushdie: Violent Mutations of Islam Are Still Islam

    Transcript – I think there’s something very worried happening as it were on the left, you know. It used to be that it was the conservatives both in America and Europe who used to criticize people for criticizing religion, you know, that used to be a right wing politic. Now it’s become a left wing politic that somehow – and I think the argument goes that mostly groups in America and Western Europe are often economically disadvantaged and suffer from various kinds of prejudice and racism and have difficult lives and therefore to criticize the religion is to further attack them and that shouldn’t be done. And I mean that’s as best as I can put that argument and I think that was the argument in that Affleck issue. And I think it was the argument in the division within PEN American Center about honoring Charlie Hebdo and it crops up over and over again. I mean it happened just to a certain extent when the trouble was surrounding me. But actually less so than in those days the argument was – the criticisms were still mostly from the right, from people like, you know, the Cardinal of New York or the chief rabbi of Great Britain or the Pope, you know. All of whom found it perfectly possible to sympathize with Islamic religious leaders about me.

    So and that taught me something interesting about the unity of the God Squad, you know. Now it seems that this liberal spirit of appeasement of political correctness is a new problem. Because of course it’s obviously quite right to say that communities that are discriminated against and oppressed and economically disadvantaged need to have those issues looked at, you know, and we need to try to deal with those issues. That’s not the same thing as saying you can’t criticize ideas they seem to hold. If you can’t ring fence ideas. It’s one thing to say people must not be discriminated against but to say that ideas become illegitimate or legitimate because they’re held by disadvantaged people is – it’s just a flaw. It’s very important to remember that when free expression is diminished or restricted it’s usually minority groups that suffer first. It’s their free expression that is restricted before the majorities.

    So it’s always in the interest of minority communities to defend free expression because their own rights are involved. And if by doing that they have to put up with a certain amount of criticism of their own ideas then that just goes with the territory. And it’s very worrying to see well-meaning people, people who are coming from a good place, joining in with the world of censorship and therefore ending up in a very bad place. I think it’s perfectly legitimate to be highly critical of religion in general and in particular right now the use is being made of the Islamic religion because of, I mean, what’s happening in the world, you know. I think to say that that’s not to do with Islam is just a logical impossibility. Of course it is. If everybody engaged in acts of Islamic terrorism says that they’re doing it in the name of Islam who are we to say they’re not. I mean now of course what they mean by Islam might well not be what most Muslims mean by Islam. But it’s still a form of Islam and it’s a form of Islam that’s become unbelievably powerful in the last 25 and 30 years.

    A form of Islam that if that oppresses and kills Muslims more than anyone else. That’s to say most of the Muslim deaths in the world right now are not caused by American drones. They’re caused by Islamic attacks on Muslims of another type, you know. Shiite attacks on Sunnis. Sunni attacks on Shiites. Most of the oppression of Muslims in the world right now is carried out by other Muslims, you know. Whether it’s the Taliban in Afghanistan or, you know, the Ayatollah or wherever it might be. But to say that this is not Islam is to misname the problem. The problem is that there’s been a mutation in Islam which has become unusually virulent and powerful. And it needs to be dealt with but in order to deal with it we have to first call it by its true name.

    • Well, he got most of it right. Islam hasn’t “mutated,” it has regressed to literal Islam in strict accordance with the Koran and Hadiths. That is not a mutation, it is a reversion.

      • Islam lacks the safeguard that somehow evolved in Judaism to prevent literal interpretation. Here is an example for
        “an eye for an eye,”
        which concludes: Probably the strongest indication that this verse is not literal is the very fact the Jewish people say so. Our tradition is a faithful, unbroken chain dating back to Sinai. (The evidence for this is a topic for another discussion.) In all Jewish history there is absolutely no record of this verse ever having been implemented literally. The very idea is abhorrent to any Jew.

        Take each of those statements, negate it, and swap out “Jewish.” Thus is born a mutation that interprets its holy-book literally.

      • The Holy Bible is the inspired word of God, this means we can debate what the true meaning is but to the Moslems the Koran is the literal word of God and thus can’t be changed.

  15. BREITBART – German Maths Professor Fired Over Islam Criticism/strong>

    A mathematics professor at a German university was fired after he gave students problems to solve in class critical of Islam.

    The Berlin School of Economics and Law (HWR) and the University of Applied Sciences (HTW) have both distanced themselves from mathematics lecturer Wolfgang Hebold after complaints from students that he had used mathematical problems that were critical of Islam in his statistic courses. The HWR said Hebold had published, “discriminatory, xenophobic and misogynistic forum entries,” Junge Freiheit reports.

    According to one student in Berlin the professor had made them calculate the relationship between Muslim populations and suicide bombings saying “we were to calculate the statistical relationship between the number of terrorist attacks and the proportion of Muslims in the population.” Students were also asked to calculate the rate of female genital mutilation in Egypt.

    On his blog Hebold published more critical remarks about Islam, such as one on women who don the full face veil saying: ” If a woman does not want to show that she is a woman – why should you still regard them as a woman?”

    He wrote that women who cover themselves from head to toe may be thought of not as women or men, but rather as some neutral being since there was no way to tell who they were.

    The initial investigation into the professor was made by Berlin based broadcaster RBB. Hebold said that the broadcaster had taken his work out of context and told media: “I have a feeling that what I wanted to say was viciously twisted by RBB.”

    Echoing statements made by some in the anti-mass migration Alternative for Germany (AfD) Party he said: “I’m anti-Islamic as I am also anti-communist and anti-fascist. Political Islam is a problem, but I’m not racist.”

    In the RBB investigation Hebold defended his use of Islam-critical scenarios saying that it wasn’t his job to make sure that no one in his class was offended and that he chose situations that were “relevant in everyday life.”

    Sam S., a now former student of Hebold and the son of an Egyptian mother, said he was outraged by the statistical scenarios as well as the comments Hebold had posted online. He claimed that the remarks toward fully-veiled women were, “completely racist,” and said that as the son of an Egyptian he felt personally attacked.

    Another university professor found himself in the same kind of trouble back in February when he made positive statements online about the PEGIDA protest movement. University of Leipzig professor Thomas Raucher posted his support for the group on twitter and students and faculty both attempted to remove him from his position citing ‘Islamophobia’.

    Islamophobia has led to the sacking of many from their jobs and has been used as a tool by Muslim groups to put pressure on freedom of expression.

    Earlier this month the Muslim Council of Britain, who have links to the Muslim Brotherhood, attempted to pressure the Conservatives to launch an inquiry into statements made by their candidate for mayor Zac Goldsmith. Goldsmith said that Mayor Sadiq Khan had shared a platform with a well known radical Imam several times in the past.

    Trevor Phillips, the man who popularised the term Islamophobia, said last month that he regretted the power that the term now exerts and admitted he had “got almost everything wrong,” when it came to Muslim mass migration and the failure of Muslim integration.
    Hochschule für Wirtschaft und Recht Berlin

    Lehrauftrag von Wolfgang Hebold beendet

      • Shocking to watch Barcelona going to hell. Again.

        I could understand the drive to make Catalan the official language. Plenty of anarchists were involved in the movement for their own reasons. They helped, you won, it’s done.

        Another belated victory over Franco – he’s really still dead. Congrads. Now be nice.

        Nobody’s alive now who remembers the Civil War. Reigniting the extreme left is just plain crazy in a place like Catalunya. Even without the Moorish marauders the place is like a tinderbox.

        • The far left hasn’t given up their goal of world domination, the separation movements they started are still going with funding from Soros. They are going to continue to work to destroy the west so they can take over, and in the long run they are a much more dangerous enemy then the Moslems.

    • RT Spain: Police & protesters clash in Barcelona over eviction of squatted bank

      Clashes erupted between police and protesters in Barcelona’s Gracia district on Sunday after activists took to the streets in support of a group of squatters who were evicted from an abandoned bank in the neighbourhood on Monday.

      An estimated 200 protesters rallied in support of the squatters who had been occupying the bank since 2011. The rally took place in the vicinity of the bank, where clashes broke out between riot police, armed with batons, and activists, who threw flour at them.

  16. Gun-toting men in Al Jazeera video warn Texas Muslims: ‘Don’t [mess] with white people’

    An Al Jazeera online news channel debuted a mini-documentary on YouTube Thursday delving into the inflammatory anti-Muslim sentiment bubbling up in North Texas.

    The video, “Armed and Vigilant: In Fear of a Muslim Uprising in Texas” (which contains profanity), starts with reporter Tania Rashid talking to David Wright, a member of the Bureau of American-Islamic Relations. BAIR’s name is a play on the national Muslim advocacy group CAIR, the Council on American-Islamic Relations.

    “A lot of us here are using either pigs’ blood or bacon grease on our bullets, packing it in the middle, so that when you shoot a Muslim, they go straight to hell,” Wright says, showing Rashid the bullets. “That’s what they believe in their religion.”

    “Don’t [expletive] with white people.”

    What this group in Texas is doing against what they call an “Arab rising.”
    Wright and his group are outfitted in camouflage gear, standing on a railroad bridge near a river and firing weapons into the distance.

    They have staged several protests against radical Islam and Syrian refugees coming to the U.S. Holding guns, signs and flags, they have stood outside the Islamic Center of Irving, the Nation of Islam mosque in South Dallas and a mosque in Richardson.

    Rashid says the group is preparing for what it calls the “Arab rising,” when it believes thousands of Muslims will take to the streets in Texas.

    “A protest could very easily turn into a battle in like one second, and it’d be a street battle. That’s one thing we prep for,” Wright says. “Now if you get to the point where there’s an Arab spring — where there’s a lot of radical Muslims here and they all decide to hit the streets at one time … that’s going to be more of a battlefield-type situation.”

    Wright mentions the failed attack on the Curtis Culwell Center in his hometown of Garland last year in which two armed men attempted to storm the building where a cartoon contest for drawings depicting the prophet Muhammad was taking place.

    Both men were killed, and a security guard was wounded. The Islamic State claimed responsibility.

    Attacks in Europe claimed by ISIS have escalated already-high tensions, but Rashid reports that anti-Muslim rhetoric has also crept into political rhetoric.

    The video includes scenes of presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump calling for a ban on Muslims entering the U.S., and Sen. Ted Cruz saying there is a need to stop isolated communities from festering Jihadism.

    Rashid cites a statistic from a Southern Poverty Law Center report stating that the number of hate groups in the nation grew 14 percent to 892 last year — with Texas counting more than any other state.

    At times, the rhetoric has turned violent.

    In December, Anthony Torres opened fire at Omar’s Wheels & Tires in Pleasant Grove, killing one person and wounding three others. Torres had reportedly dropped by the shop before and remarked about killing Muslims.

    When he came back on Christmas Eve, Omar shot back, wounding Torres.

    Rashid visited with Omar, who said he fears the violence will only get worse.

    “It’s going to be like this forever,” says Omar, who has asked that his last name not be published. “It’s life, whether you like it or not.”

    At the Richardson mosque, Imam Shpendim Nadzaku tells Rashid: “The concern is if there is really that many folks who are supportive of a public, public display of xenophobia towards Muslims, towards Hispanics, towards minorities in a sense.

    “Who knows?” he says. “It’s a ticking time bomb. It’s scary.”

    The video ends with Rashid talking about the irony of the situation.

    “For both groups like BAIR and the vast majority of Muslims across the U.S., the goal is the same — preventing terrorist attacks in the name of Islam.”

  17. Turkey President Raps US, Russia, Iran for Presence in Syria (abcnews, May 29, 2016)

    “Turkey’s president has criticized the United States, Russia and Iran for their presence in Syria and said their unwillingness to depose Syrian President Bashar Assad was contributing to Syrians’ pain.

    Recep Tayyip Erdogan was addressing a rally on Sunday marking the 563rd anniversary of the Ottoman conquest of Constantinople — present-day Istanbul.

    Erdogan said: “What business have Russia and Iran (in Syria)? What business do the U.S. soldiers dressed up with the so-called patches of a terror organization have there?”

    He was referring to images that surfaced this week showing American troops wearing the insignia of Syrian militia which Turkey considers to be a terror organization because of its links to Turkey’s outlawed Kurdish rebels.

    U.S. officials said the soldiers weren’t authorized to wear the patches.”

  18. Fighting in Central Yemen Kills 69 (abcnews, May 29, 2016)

    “At least 69 people have been killed and dozens injured in two days of fighting in central Yemen between rebels and forces loyal to the internationally recognized government, Yemeni security officials said on Sunday.

    The officials said government-allied forces have taken control of several areas previously controlled by the rebels, known as the Houthis, between the central provinces of Marib and Shabwa. The officials spoke on condition of anonymity because they weren’t authorized to brief journalists.

    The government-allied forces said that 22 of their fighters were killed and 25 were injured. They said the clashes were ongoing.

    It was unclear how many of the remaining casualties were Houthi fighters and how many were civilians…”

  19. Saudi Arabia Slams Iran’s Role in Iraq as ‘Unacceptable’ (abcnews, May 29, 2016)

    “Saudi Arabia’s Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir says Iran must stop meddling in Iraq and that the presence of Iranian military units there is “unacceptable.”

    His comments Sunday come as thousands of Iraqi Shiite militiamen, soldiers and police, backed by Iran, surround the Sunni city of Fallujah ahead of an operation to retake it from the Islamic State group.

    Iran says its military advisers in Iraq are there at Baghdad’s request to help Iraqi forces fight militants. It has repeatedly rejected Saudi criticisms of its role in the country, instead accusing its regional rival of supporting extremism.

    Al-Jubeir, speaking at a press conference with British Foreign Minister Phillip Hammond in Saudi Arabia, said Iran’s role had provoked sectarianism among Sunnis and Shiites in Iraq.”

  20. Buried IED Blamed on Boko Haram Kills 5 in Northeast Nigeria (abcnews, May 29, 2016)

    “The military says a tricycle taxi has triggered a homemade explosive buried near a military checkpoint that killed four civilians and a soldier in Nigeria’s northeastern town of Biu.

    Army spokesman Col. Sani Kukasheka Usman blamed Boko Haram Islamic extremists and said victims include a mother and her baby. He said Sunday’s blast was caused by an IED buried long ago…”

  21. Trump: 600,000 people tried to attend my D.C. rally

    Donald Trump asserted that more than half a million people attempted to attend his speech to the Rolling Thunder bikers DC Sunday.

    “We have the biggest rallies by far, far bigger than Bernie Sanders,'” he told a crowd in front of the Lincoln Memorial on the National Mall. “Far bigger. I mean, look at today. They say you have 600,000 people here trying to get in.”

    “That’s not gonna happen,” he added. “But they say you have 600,000 people.”

    A crowd count wasn’t immediately available, but the space in front of the Lincoln Memorial was far from filled up.

    Trump said he expected his speech would be reminiscent of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., referring to King’s 1963 “I Have A Dream” speech on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, but that crowd restrictions kept it from being as big.

    “I thought this would be like Dr. Martin Luther King where people were lined up from here all the way to the Washington Monument,” he said. “But unfortunately they aren’t allowed to come in.”

    Trump used the “hundreds of thousands” figure earlier in his speech as well, saying they all rode in on “the most beautiful bikes I’ve ever seen in my life.”

    “You have all these people on the roads and they’re all waving and going crazy,” he said. “We’ve got to do this next year where Rolling Thunder allows everybody to be here.”

    Trump praised all of the bikers that attend his rallies across the country, saying they’re “tough” but “there is love and it’s an incredible feeling.”

    “I’d make a speech and we’d have 500 bikes, we’d have 1,000 bikes, and I’d say ‘What are they all doing here?'” he said. “And my people would say, ‘They’re here to protect you, Mr. Trump.'”

  22. Kuwaiti employer who beat naked Egyptian arrested

    The video shows the crying and pleading Egyptian being slapped, kicked and hit with a stick

    Egypt’s manpower minister said on Sunday that he received confirmation that a Kuwaiti citizen who was videoed assaulting an Egyptian national has been arrested.

    The foreign ministry said earlier in the day it was coordinating with Kuwaiti authorities to look into a video posted online showing an Egyptian national being assaulted by his Kuwaiti employer, identified as Ali Al-Shamry.

    The video, which surfaced online on Saturday, shows the naked Egyptian being verbally assaulted and hit with a stick while crying and pleading.

    The larger assailant, dressed in traditional Arabian garb, is also seen slapping and kicking the worker as he stands in a corner.

    According to media reports and what can be heard on the video, the incident is believed to have started when a customer exchanged his old mobile phone with a new one at the Kuwaiti’s mobile store, with the Egyptian employee conducting the transaction.

    The Kuwaiti was reportedly angry when he later found out that the mobile phone was not functioning properly.

    Kuwaiti authorities have shut down the assailant’s mobile store.

    The ministry said that neither the Egyptian nor any of his relatives had reported the incident to the Egyptian embassy in Kuwait or the ministry in Cairo.

    In November, a 25-year-old Egyptian working at an electronics store in Kuwait was killed after a Kuwaiti national ran him over multiple times with his car following an altercation between a group of Egyptians and Kuwaitis.

    Kuwait is home to 2.9 million foreigners, mostly from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, the Philippines, Egypt and Syria, with a minority of 1.3 million native Kuwaitis.

  23. DAILY MAIL – ROME VATICAN Clooneys among number of high-profile celebrities to meet the Pope at the Vatican as Francis continues to highlight the plight of migrants

    Pope met number of high profile celebrities including George and Amal Clooney, Richard Gere and Salma Hayek
    The pontiff has recently held a number of events highlighting plight of migrants – 550 are missing after boat capsized
    Pope Francis also revealed he has no intention of quitting the papacy because ‘of my many responsibilities’
    Awarded medals to Gere, Clooney and Hayek at event to promote the work of foundation, Scholas Occurrentes

  24. GREECE – MOUNT ATHOS -Putin was seated in the chair of Byzantine emperors during visit to Greece

    The EPA agency publishes a photo Russian President Vladimir Putin during his visit to Mount Athos in Greece, where, according to media reports, he was seated in the chair of the Byzantine emperors.

    Also during the visit, the head of Russia attended the prayer service, during which the priests prayed “for the health, life and the grace of the servant of God of Vladimir with his family and surrounding.”

    • Interesting, is there a coming alliance between Russia and Greece to take on Turkey?
      If yes who will control Istanbul/Constantinople?

      If yes how soon will they hit Turkey?

      If/when Russia attacks Turkey this will shut off the flow of refugees through Turkey and if Greece allies with Russia the Turks will have a hard time moving through Greece to the rest of Europe.

      Interesting time and possible consequences for Europe and Islam.

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