Wrong result for Waidhofen/Ybbs declared

An original translation by Nash Montana:

From OE24

Does not mean a substantial change of the general outcome

The Ministry of the Inner had published a false election result on their homepage for the lower Austrian city Waidhofen an der Ybbs. The chart showed a voter participation of 146,9% (http://wahl16.bmi.gv.at/1605-303.html). As the director for the electoral office, Robert Stein, stated Monday night on “ZiB 2” on ORF, the result will be corrected.

No indications for similar errors

There is no indication that this error has a substantial impact on the general outcome of the election, and at this time there are no indications either that there are similar errors which could influence the election result, says Stein.


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2 Replies to “Wrong result for Waidhofen/Ybbs declared”

  1. If that is the Austrian second and last round of voting for electing a President, official results were .2% difference between winner (the Green Party) and second place.
    Election was mail-in system re ballots.
    If I were second place, I would ask for a recount.

  2. In 2012 several of the big cities in the North East turned in similar results and the decision was to count them all since anything else would disenfranchise too many voters. The result of this decision was to disenfranchise every honest voter in the US.

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