Detroit man saves family with hidden ready firearm against murderous home invaders

This happened to a close friend of ours’ immediate family. So I was able to get a few details that did not make it into the paper. Details such as that the invaders did shoot at the man held hostage in his basement. His gun misfired allowing our friend to get his own firearm. Had he not been thus prepared, both he and his wife would be dead and these murdering thugs would be at large.

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  1. The actions of the government in trying to deny the citizens the tools they can use to defend themselves show that they don’t have the best interest of the citizens in mind.

    When you disarm the people, you commence to offend them and show that you distrust them either through cowardice or lack of confidence, and both of these opinions generate hatred. Niccolo Machiavell

    Before all else, be armed. Niccolo Machiavelli

    Rome remained free for four hundred years and Sparta eight hundred, although their citizens were armed all that time; but many other state that have been disarmed have lost their liberties in less than forty years. – Niccoló Machiavelli.

    “Only Tyrants and Oligarchs fear the armed citizen.” Niccolo Machiavelli

      • There are some that physical limitations that are forced to rely on the police, they are the ones that need the police the most and even then they know the police may not be there when they are needed. You also depend on your Ruskie (sp?) who should be allowed to have the tools that can be used to defend you.

        The point of the quotes is to point out that the great thinkers in the past knew that the right to keep and bear arms is a God given right that people get angry when denied.

        • Things are becoming increasingly difficult for the police. So fewer good people will choose to enter the force. It’s going down a sharp slope.

          And we go back to circling the wagons.

  2. 10:20: “I think white people are given a very bad time round here…a very bad time ’round here.”
    … on the bus, the white girl could to respond to racism or she would get arrested.

    Welcome to the Cultural Marxists using the Kinsey Scale of Privileges where guiltless white people are the rare extreme at one ended, where most white people in the middle are mixed-guilty. You couldn’t make it up.

    Brexit, or the people won’t assimilate to become British like this bus driver.

  3. The news cast ended with a plea to the public to help authorities find the remaining suspect, but they accidentally forgot to add any description whatsoever. Fortunately, I happened to be there in Detroit that night and saw them: The home invaders were both extremely tall Chinese girls wearing Sumo wrestler outfits with shocking pink hair and fake monkey tails. Both were extremely drunk and swearing constantly in, of all things, Portuguese. That other big pink-haired China-girl should be pretty easy to spot, I’d say…

    No need to thank me; I’m always more than glad to lend a hand to the brave men and women of law enforcement…

    • As it happens I just did an interview with the brother of the homeowners.

      I got a description but it wont help for the exact opposite reason yours will not help.

      2 black males in Detroit does not make it easier to find. They did kill cops however and the police are motivated to find this guy. They have his prints.

  4. What kind of a stunted, damaged mind would think it was worth it to execute two innocent people like that over a few dollars – leading them down into the basement and all, like a couple of wise guys doing a hit. It’s hard to imagine how somebody could become so profoundly psychopathic.

    Perhaps those all-knowing feminists who declared that a stable “nuclear family” was a terrible abusive loveless thing and that children didn’t really need both a mom and a dad, should re-think their positions. A human being isn’t supposed to be able to kill a fellow human like he was squishing a bedbug. Such a man isn’t really a human being at all, is he – without a soul…

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