Saudi BS, French police cars may as well be made of tallow and wick, Multiculti fest “turns rapey” and more: Links 1 on May 18 – 2016

1, Protestors in France brutally attack police during a protest against police brutality where a police car is smashed and set on fire.

2. Germans who oppose mass muslim immigration and describe it with words like “vermin” on (allegedly) social media will face steep fines

“Insults and incitement to hatred are almost normality in many public comment sections,” Stiftung Warentest wrote in a Facebook post on Tuesday.

In an attached image, the consumer organization – more usually known as the gold standard of reviewing for everything from cars to bank accounts – illustrates a number of examples, along with the fines their authors eventually received.

(Be nice if one of these totalitarian freaks went to a history class)

Another exception was “Hate Speech”. The Weimar republic did have quite modern anti-hate speech laws, and they were the basis for numerous prosecutions against leading nazis, with convictions that included jail time

3. Berlin Celebration Of Multiculturalism Turns Into Rapey Cologne Repeat

The celebration of Berlin’s annual Carnival of Culture was overshadowed by similar incidents to what took place in Cologne on New Year’s Eve.

Police initially said there had been two victims of sexual assault when the festival concluded Monday. Police spokesman Thomas Neuendorf announced the number had grown to eight victims Tuesday, as more women have come forward.

“All the women described the perpetrators as young men with a Mediterranean appearance,” Neuendorf said, adding that some women were “significantly battered” had been crying while getting sexually assaulted. (RELATED: NYE Sex Assault Scandal Grows To Three Other Countries, More German Cities)

 4. Jimmie Åkesson – Tid för Sverige (Swedish & English subtitles)

5. Saudi display of military might

(Although it looks a little like Dancersize. Maybe someone who reads the site can explain the toe stepping?)

(The question is why now. The Saudis clearly want to engage Iran and Syria as their proxies, the USA and so on, have failed to meet the Saudi strategic objective)

6. Reporter asks Saudi Ambassador why democracy is desirable for Syria and not for the KSA? 

The answer is comically hypocritical.

Thank you Wrath of Khan, M., Jan S. Maria J., Kathy and all who sent in this list of important items, as depressing as they may be. 

More to come.

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7 Replies to “Saudi BS, French police cars may as well be made of tallow and wick, Multiculti fest “turns rapey” and more: Links 1 on May 18 – 2016”

  1. That’s the most difficult marching step I’ve ever seen. The wide arm swing betrays British training. My favorite is the Russian long stride march — very sharp!

  2. LOL. re vegan video– there *is* actually a Kabbalistic view from carnivores and a counter-argument from vegetarians
    What about the Chassidic view that, when one is pious and performs Torah mitzvot, he or she elevates the animal [and its sparks of Divine holiness] by consuming its flesh, since the energy produced from the animal is used to perform mitzvot [required good deeds] which the animal could not perform in any other way? &c.

  3. It would be nice if one of these totalitarian freaks would learn to use the English language correctly as well as attend history classes.

  4. How ridiculous! They look like a swarm of crazed ostriches in heat. Saudi “might”… And how many times did they say “bismillah il Rahman” and Muhammad this and Mohammad that and inshallah on top of that, like 15 000 times in 5 minutes?

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