The total reversal of real rights and freedoms by selective enforcement: Links 1 on May 17 – 2016

1, This is a photo apparently taken 3 days ago at Towson University in Maryland.

I have enlarged and enhanced so you can read the second line.

“Historical ties between homophobia in communities of color & colonization. By: Shaham Mclauren.”

Links: WCBM, Twitter, Imgur (which claims it was at UO)

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2. Texas Governor Refuses Obama’s Request to Lift State Sanctions on Iran; Says Nuclear Deal Undermines US Security, Poses Existential Threat to Israel

Texas Governor Greg Abbott. Photo: Ruthie Blum.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott. Photo: Ruthie Blum.

The governor of Texas sent a harsh letter to US President Barack Obama on Monday, announcing that his state would not only maintain its sanctions on Iran, but strengthen them, The Algemeiner has learned.

Governor Greg Abbott explained that the letter was in response to a written appeal made by Obama on April 8, requesting that Texas “review” its economic sanctions against the Islamic Republic – as was promised to Tehran in the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, the nuclear deal between Iran and world powers reached in July.

(And this is why the American system is better in some ways than the Canadian one)

3. Australia: Teenager arrested in western Sydney over alleged terrorist plot

An 18-year-old man has been arrested in western Sydney by federal and New South Wales police for allegedly planning a terrorist act.

Authorities said the arrest was not related to raids earlier today at properties in Melbourne, which are part of an operation connected to the arrest of five Victorian men who allegedly planned to travel to Indonesia by boat.

The ABC understands that what the teenager was planning was a new plot and not connected to plots by terrorism suspects who are currently before the courts.

A source has told the ABC that the man’s arrest has disrupted his plot.

4. Phillys Chesler: BDS is antisemitism

5. Pastor bizarrely explains anti-Muslim church sign: I’m not politically correct, but I am biblically correct

(This bears watching. If any action is taken whatsoever against this Church, it will be a sign of a double standard in law that is proof positive of the abandonment of rule of law having been replaced with cultural Marxism and sharia norms. ***IMPORTANT UPDATE*** CAIR is planning a protest against this sign Sunday this week, the 22nd May, to change or take down the sign!)

The pastor of an Oregon Baptist church is under fire locally for putting what critics call a bigoted message on his church’s sign board, KATU reports.

Pastor Michael Harrington placed the words on the reader board outside Belmont Drive Missionary Baptist Church. On one side it reads, “Wake up Christians, Allah is not our God, Muhammad not greater than Jesus.” On the other side, it says, “Only the Bible is God’s word, ‘holy book,’ Koran is just another book.”

“I’m not politically correct. I’ve never been politically correct, but I think I’m biblically correct, and that’s what matters to me,” Harrington told KATU. “It isn’t against any particular denomination. It’s just the fact that I have taught and will continue to teach that I have one God, one way of salvation and one Bible that’s holy.”

6. Scandinavian players slam ‘modern day slavery’ in Qatar

“Working conditions in Qatar are, unfortunately, cruel,” Norway’s Tom Høgli, who currently plays for Danish side FC Copenhagen, said in a video clip, where he slammed Qatar’s treatment of labourers on World Cup sites as “modern day slavery”.

(Video at site)

7. Kids Will ‘Torture and Kill for ISIS,’ German Intel Chief Warns

(The video at this site raises important questions few are asking. If 2/3rds of the fighters in the Islamic State are foreign born, how can this possibly be a civil war to depose the Syrian leader? This has to be the end game of the Arab Spring to replace more or less Western thinking leaders with islamic ones and the birth of a new pan Arab Islamic state. Because this is what is happening and what the US is funding while more or less pretending to fight it)

BERLIN — Teenagers are being turned into “weapons” by ISIS, triggering fears that they could slip back to the West to launch attacks.

The head of the Germany’s domestic intelligence service said authorities there had identified children aged as young as 13 who have left for ISIS territory or who are “prepared to stage attacks” in the country.

Some have been brought to Iraq and Syria by their parents where they have been brainwashed while others are being radicalized online, Hans-Georg Maassen told NBC News.

Much more to come today. This is just the opening salvo.


Thank you Yucki, M., Gates of Vienna, Dumbstruck,Wrath of Khan, and all who sent in materials. Apologies to all I lost track of overnight. 

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9 Replies to “The total reversal of real rights and freedoms by selective enforcement: Links 1 on May 17 – 2016”

  1. 1, This is a photo apparently taken 3 days ago at Towson University in Maryland.

    That should read: “White people are a plague upon the planet”, not “to” the planet.

    Don’t they have entrance standards at Towson?

    • Yes they do. You have to be a non-white or non-male, unless you can be molded into a battering ram against classical civilization claiming it is a racist construct.

  2. 5. Pastor bizarrely explains anti-Muslim church sign: I’m not politically correct, but I am biblically correct

    I find it interesting that CAIR would even be considering legal action against this sign. After all, isn’t that pretty much exactly what every religion is basically saying anyway? Aren’t the Jews saying that Jesus wasn’t the Messiah? Aren’t the Christians basically saying that Judaism is all wrong without the Christian updates? How do you think the Hindus and the Jains feel about us eating all those BEEF burgers?

    If the guy from CAIR wants to write a fabulously insightful, ironic, funny, hard-hitting piece on the church’s offensive, rude sign, then more power to him. But look at the little Nazi trying to find a way to enforce his views on others…running to the Gestapo for help. It shows that the sign would be banned if he had his way. It shows what he would vote for. It shows that he would vote “NO” if they held a referendum on freedom of speech, doesn’t it…

    • Pay close attention to this one, like Eeyore said this will tell us if the left and the Republican Establishment has totally abandoned the rule of law. When this blows up much bigger (and it will you can count on that) the protests will give a lot of votes to Trump while Hillarys support of the protests will drive votes away from her.

      The Preacher may not be politically correct but he has excellent political timing.

    • There is a robust display of religious expression: Hebrew Christians; Jews for Judaism; Messianic Jews; Jews for Jesus; Dignity Catholics; Ethical Humanists; etc. What happens when the Oregon preacher has a sign saying, The book of Mormon is not holy; I follow JC, not JS!

  3. 4/ Thank the Soviets for branding – damning – the state of Israel as the Jew among Nations.

    The old Czarist forgery The Protocols of the Elders of Zion is an enduring classic. It proves Jews have conspired with Satan to ruin everything everywhere. Drought, war, plague, corruption, it’s all there. In Arab countries The Protocolsis one of the pitifully few books on anything secular that always has a market.

    The calumny has made its long march through the institutions to become the dominant theme of the MUG – media, university, government. It’s the signal achievement of cultural Marxism to transform a state into a scapegoat.

    Jew-hate is unique – it shifts shape according to the needs it’s meant to serve. Relief from cosmic distress, distraction from reality-based problem-solving. Whatever amorphous anxiety can be diverted to one poor goat, pile it up and ANNIHILATE that animal.

    Think of it as a serious chronic disease characterized by relapses and remissions, though not relentlessly degenerative. The afflicted must try to manage the condition: cherish time spent well, mitigate vulnerability, breathe through the pain. Keep breathing.

    Great short article on Lenin’s techniques for weaponizing media, and how they were used by the Soviets against Israel:

    The media as a weapon in the Israeli/Arab war
    The West adopted communist semantics in discussing the conflict, as the Soviets hoped and planned they would.

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