A few links to ward off anything like a peaceful sleep. Links 2 on May 9 – 2016

1, Dystopia: Venezuelans Are Now Killing Cats, Dogs, and Birds For Food Because Socialism Can’t Provide

(For those who haven’t seen it, here is an interview with a Venezuelan dissident who left for Canada when things started to become insane over there)

So, you know Venezuela is on the verge of economic collapse. The price of oil has dropped precipitously over the past few years—that’s a budgetary nightmare for a nation dependent on its oil exports. As a result, basic necessities, like toilet paper, are being rationed. There’s limited access to television and long distance phone service. There are rolling blackouts due to energy shortages. And now the government is cutting back the workweek to just two days. This comes at a time when Venezuela’s citizens need government services the most. Supermarkets are not stocked regularly, so there’s a food shortage; people are starving. They’ve resorted to looting to survive. You would think that the government can’t really afford to print its own currency because it’s so broke would be the cherry on top of this socialist nightmare. Nope—the hunger games appear to have begun, as Venezuelans are now hunting stray dogs, cats, and pigeons for sustenance (via PanAm Post):

2. German Burger joint had to close due to threats because they sold a burger named after Erdogan, which of course, had a healthy layer of goat cheese being gently caressed by the Erdogan patty. Below is the ENGLISH TITLED version.


Thank you M., Wrath f Khan, Egri Nok, Xanthippa, and all who sent in really important materials today and worked on translations and more.

There is more stuff in the oven that will get posted as soon as its ready including something from France about Turkey, the EU and the refuge deal we need to see.

And remember everyone,

War is peace

Freedom is slavery

Ignorance is strength

Our strength is in diversity

Islam is the religion peace





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  1. 1 – This is the end result of all socialist nations, I wish the worlds media were paying more attention there, or to state this correctly I wish the worlds media wasn’t censoring these events in order to protect the leftist politicians in our nations.

    2- We can expect a lot more of this as the Moslems flex their muscles more and more. What is scary is that most of these incidents will be unreported and that the indigenous people will be prosecuted when they attempt to protect themselves. A job the government was set up to do and is refusing to do.

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