Geopolitics of Islam on the West: France, Turkey, Futility. Links 1 on May 6 – 2016

1, Turkey clearly headed for dictatorship even by admission of Erdogan

(One begins to see another geopolitical role of Islam in the region, and perhaps now in the West as well. Leaders use Islam and its activists to achieve power, and then use containment of that same Islamic barbarity as the reason to get Western and other foreign non-Islamic leaders to support them as dictator. This is in the nascent stages with Erdogan but its moving into focus. Clearly was true of Ghaddaffi, and the Saudi monarchy as well)

Erdo?an gets his wish

“Erdogan once said that democracy, for him, is a bus ride … ‘once I get to my stop, I’m getting off’ ”

Jordan’s King Abdullah recalling a conversation with the Turkish President

Tonight is H?drellez in Turkey, celebrating spring and the day on which the Prophets al-Khidr and Elijah.

Traditionally wishes come true today and it would seem that President Erdo?an’s wish for an executive Presidency has come one step closer to reality with the resignation of Prime Minister Davuto?lu.

When we downgraded Turkey in last week’s Governments and Markets update, it was primarily due to negative shifts in governance as the pressure to move to a Presidential system and crack down on the Kurds increased. We weren’t sure of the timing of these events, although key factors like the HDP being effectively banned and the President needing to assert control over more elements of the government seemed certain.

2. Obama admin draws another red line, says Syria better start removing Assad by Aug. 1

(Some symmetry there. Much of the world feels that way about Obama)

Secretary of State John Kerry just gave Syria a hard deadline for starting the political transition to get rid of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad: Aug. 1.

Kerry told reporters Tuesday that if Syria doesn’t begin the process of removing Assad by Aug. 1, there will be serious consequences, the Associated Press reports.

“If Assad does not adhere to this, there will clearly be repercussions,” Kerry said. “One of them may be the total destruction of the cease-fire and then go back to war. I don’t think Russia wants that. I don’t think Assad is going to benefit from that. There may be even other repercussions being discussed. That is for the future.”

Kerry emphasized opposition rebels will never put up with Assad staying in power.

“If Assad’s strategy is to somehow think he’s going to just carve out Aleppo and carve out a section of the country, I got news for you and for him: This war doesn’t end,” Kerry said. “As long as Assad is there, the opposition is not going to stop fighting.”

3. Islamic Council scoping sites for grand mosque in central Melbourne

(Oh goodie! Clap clap. Perhaps some Ozzie patriots can scope nearby sites for a ham and beer place)

The Islamic Council of Victoria is searching for a site for a grand mosque in central Melbourne to cater for growing demand.

Key points:

  • Demand for prayer facilities in Melbourne outstripping supply
  • Islamic Council wants mosque in Hoddle Street grid or Docklands
  • It hopes to have something in the ground in five to 10 years

The council’s president, Byram Aktepe, said the current facilities needed to be expanded.

“At the moment, the city mosque, which started with about 300 people praying on one floor, has grown to two services being prayed over three floors. So we’re talking about 2,000 people praying there,” he told 774 ABC Melbourne’s Jon Faine.

Mr Aktepe said the new mosque could be housed in an existing city building, or may stand alone.

It would ideally be located within in the Hoddle Street grid or in the Docklands to ensure accessibility, he added.

4. Attack victim claims police told her to dye hair

(If this story is accurate, it signals a tectonic level shift in the cultural/legal system in this nation. It means the onus has shifted from the guilt of the person who did a formerly criminal act, to the one who tempted that act to be done. To remove this from the sexual arena for the moment, it is no different than telling a wealthy person not to drive a nice car or wear an expensive watch as anything that happens to him as a result is his fault. This is no small shift. While vestigial components of Western judicial thought remain, they seem to be enforced mostly on the indigenous population of the Western nations and for the benefit of the new scheme of things)

The incident happened when the young woman, identified only by her first name Sabina, who lives in the capital Vienna had been waiting for a train on the S6 line at the city’s main Westbahnhof station.

The 20-year-old, who was hospitalised after the attack by four men in which she was beaten and robbed, told Heute newspaper: “I felt so helpless.”

“I had been standing on the platform waiting for the train when a man came up to me and spoke to me in a foreign language. He then started putting his hands through my hair and made it clear that in his cultural background there were hardly any blonde women. I told him to go away, and for a short while he really did go away.”

“But it was only to get his pals and a bit later he came back with three others. They stole my handbag and my cards.”

[…] And her distress had turned to anger when police had told her that she should change her hair colour and should not have been travelling alone after 8pm on public transport.

5. Pope wins European Unification prize awarded to a close circle of people who basically made up the prize.

(For a good graphic on the basis for which this prize is awarded, click here. WARNING: Vulgar content ahead)

Previous winners of this prize are:

some recipients :
1999  Tony Blair
2000   Bill Clinton
2006  J-C Junker
2008  Angela Merkel
2010  Donald Tusk
2014  H van Rompuy
2015  Martin Schulz
(See graphic linked above)

Muslim women should not wear trousers, leave the house without their husband’s permission or use Facebook, according to controversial rules published by British mosques.

The Green Lane Masjid in Birmingham said that women were not allowed to wear trousers, even in front of their husbands, while the Central Masjid of Blackburn called Facebook a ‘sin’ and an ‘evil’.

One Islamic organisation also stated that Muslim women must not leave the house without their husband’s permission.

The Green Lane Masjid in Birmingham (pictured) said that women were not allowed to wear trousers, even in front of their husbands

The Green Lane Masjid in Birmingham (pictured) said that women were not allowed to wear trousers, even in front of their husbands

The controversial ruling was published this week by the Blackburn Muslim Association, an affiliate member of the MCB, telling women that they should not travel more than 48 miles without a male chaperone. A document written by a mufti at the Croydon Mosque and Islamic Centre, entitled ‘Advice for the husband and wife’, also stated: ‘A woman should seek her husband’s permission when leaving the house and should not do so without his knowledge.’

(This might be a good time to repost the excellent and frightening, John Robson video on clothes legislation)

7. On the same theme, Paris: French Muslim sent home from school over long skirt

The 16-year-old was sent home this week after her headmaster took a dislike to her skirt.
The skirt – popular among some Muslim women who cover their whole body – reportedly reached beyond her knees and down to her sneakers, reported the Nouvel Obs newspaper.
The headmaster of the Seine-et-Marne school, in the outer suburbs of Paris, reportedly deemed that the skirt “conspicuously” showed religious affiliation, which is banned in schools by France’s strict secularity laws.
A day after his prime minister resigned, Turkey’s president has spoken out against the EU’s demands for changes to terror laws. He also said Turkey urgently needs a new constitution and a presidential system.

In a speech broadcast live on television, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan drew particular attention to one of the EU requirements for Turkish citizens to be allowed visa-free travel into the Schengen area.

Erdogan said Turkey would not reform its anti-terrorism legislation for the sake of visa-free travel for its citizens to Europe.

There are five issues left out of an original list of 72 from the EU for Turkey to address. The most contentious is “revising the legislation and practices on terrorism in line with European standards.”

“We will go our way; you go yours,” Erdogan said, addressing an inauguration ceremony in Istanbul on Friday. “The EU is telling us to change our law on combating terrorism. [They] are allowing terrorists to raise tents and then [they] come with requirements.”

Erdogan was referring to a tent raised by supporters of the outlawed PKK near the European Council building in Brussels.

Thank you M., Wrath of Khan, Pym Purnell, Richard, Kathy, Maria J., and many more. 
Awareness of our issue is growing. But with it is also greater polarization.
This cannot end well.

The last word to Bill Whittle:

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  1. These articles tell us a lot about what is happening in Europe, they also beg the question if how long will the Europeans put up with governments like those they now have. The European governments can’t be so stupid as to think the European people will tolerate this enslavement for much longer.

  2. 8. People in Switzerland and Germany are celebrating and say, that’s it with VISA liberation. But I worry we might find the EU have an even more flexible spine than anyone imagined.

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