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12 Replies to “Details on the exploding mosque in Russia”

  1. What a stark contrast between that news story and the lying trash we are fed on a daily basis. This is a complete reversal of the Cold War, with us listening to Radio Free Russia while they laugh at how obviously pro-Muslim, left wing, and mendacious our media is.

    I loved the way they referred to the terrorists as “Salafists” rather than “youths” or “Asians” or “militants”. “Salafists” is the proper identification of the enemy. If that story was presented by any mainstream media outlet they would have spent most of their time backpedalling and dissembling and explaining how they had no idea what the motivation might be, but that it certainly had nothing to do with Islam. And gone would be the crack about their prayer books not looking very peaceful, and gone would be the obvious hostility felt against the Muslim terrorists.

    I am so sick and tired of hearing so called “journalists” make excuses for Islamic murderers. They should be despised universally, hunted like animals, and killed without remorse or pity. I don’t want to hear about how much their mothers love them or what a tiny percentage of the Muslim population they represent, or how they were driven to it by poverty or a feeling of exclusion. We need leaders who unequivocally commit themselves to exterminating these hyenas in their tens-of-thousand. I know it sounds harsh, but they’re the ones who want this, they’re the ones who started it. If they want to fight to the death, we should oblige them until they give up, or until they are all dead. So sorry…

  2. I think our next President will be doing the same as Putin, we are at a tipping point with civilization and freedom at stake, despite the best efforts of our self proclaimed elite who compose the establishment bosses of both political parties an outsider is primed to be the Republican nominee for the 2016 election. In my opinion it will be the first or second biggest landslide victory in history. The bosses of the Republican bosses are trying to sabotage him because he isn’t beholden to them for anything and is pushing the line that the US will return as a strong nation if we put American interests first, limit immigration to the number we can assimilate and to those who want to assimilate. This goes against the narrative that the left has brainwashed our political class with and they are so zombified by the brainwashing that they can’t see that he is drawing the disaffected voters to the Republican party. He is doing what the establishment has said needs to be done, build a bit tent, the problem is that the tent has a different mmessge then the elites want. The message includes the idea that the voters should have a say in how the nation is run and in the direction it is moving to.

    The unwashed masses are moving and the new nobility are afraid they are going to be kicked out of power and have to find a job, something they are (for the most part( unqualified to do).

    • Have you noticed how Newt Gingrich has kept his foot in the door with regard to the next president? Mitt’s going to disappear, Ted’s going to disappear, but Newt will still be a favorite Fox News contributor along with Rudi (who will actually be running the country) and a few others. The insiders have all got about ten minutes to fall behind The Donald before their lives as relevant voices of conservatism come to an abrupt end…

      • All well and good, but I’m not comfortable with Trump.
        People I respect are supporting Trump enthusiastically, and I wish I could. He’s simply the only one who can do the job.

        • I’m all for Donald Trump, but he really does say stuff sometimes that makes no sense whatsoever. I don’t think he has a clue about being a president. He’s a bit like the boss in Dilbert. But aren’t all bosses a bit like that? Donald Trump is the only one who isn’t afraid of political correctness and he’s got a year to figure out who Hamas is and who the Sunnis are and why Pamela Geller is right and what’s happening in Egypt and stuff like that. You’d think democracy ran a bit smoother than that, wouldn’t you…?

          I’m afraid that anyone other than Trump will just fade back into the woodwork like all the other Stepford Wives and nothing will change. Back to watching people like John Kerry going up and down those Air Force One stairs, shaming the devil with his Blarney; talking about things like “The Middle East peace talks” without laughing himself hoarse. Or the “conservative” David Cameron who just “can’t” do anything about anything. It’s just not possible, says Dave…

          No, The Donald is the world’s only hope. Let’s just pray to God he doesn’t turn out to be a malignant narcissist or a closet Democrat or anything like that..:)

          • There should be little doubt that Trump is a malignant narcissist. The problem with democracy is that 99 times in 100, the person who becomes leader wanted to be leader. So you are going to get people with a will to power strong enough to do what is necessary to become president/PM/King.
            The question is does he have principles and if so what are they.

            If we are lucky, the answer is no. Principled leaders like Obama will destroy everything that works because he feels they are somehow unfair.

            I would rather have someone who uses their office to get rich, get laid and get famous and leave actual policy to people who understand their areas of expertise like the military and so on. People who rely on the constitution and the principles upon which it stands for decision making. Then we are all OK.
            The sad thing is, they no longer even pretend to allow the office to have dignity anymore.


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