Far left wing violent extremists attack democracy at Trump rally in Costa Mesa California

1. Trump supporter beaten bloody by protestors

2. Group of anti-trump protesters threaten gastro-intestinal discomfort to the lactose intolerant

(I wonder if these left wing cultural-Marxists would be OK with it if a fat, older, white, bald man who identified as a hot young white female with a great rack were to join in. I have a feeling he would be kicked and beaten into amnesia)

3. General anti-trump rioting by people who seem to be using an EDL chant. (Unless its a generic chant)

4. More riot vids

Thanks Richard and all who sent in materials on this. More to come no doubt.

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8 Replies to “Far left wing violent extremists attack democracy at Trump rally in Costa Mesa California”

  1. The videos are disturbing enough. Can’t you writers be respectful, even if the women are idiots?
    It is denigrating to use the phrase ‘great rack.’ There are many respectful expressions you can use.
    You are perpetuating bad behavior and attitude.

    • Respect must be earned. It cannot be bestowed, at least not sincerely.

      When young attractive women go out and break important taboos only to advance a political agenda, and in stark violation of their own stated principles (notice no old fat bald men who identify as young attractive women are among that group or ever in these demonstrations) they are insisting on no respect in the precise manner you are referring to.

      Why? Because they are abusing the societal respect normally given to women because they do not do this kind of display for the purposes of leveraging power. At least not past a 1 on 1 basis.

      Once females do what they are doing, they should expect whatever mockery they get just as when contemporary ‘gay pride’ marchers walk on a public street wearing nothing but a little leather pouch over part of their genitals. This of course has nothing to do with homosexual rights just as waving your tits around has nothing to do with whether Donald Trump would make a good president.

      I save my respect for people who earn it. They deserve it. Male or female.

      • The left always thinks that women exposing themselves is going to make the rest of us support their cause. This started in the 60s with the various movements that supported destroying all morals in the West. Now they are demanding respect no matter what their actions when they show no respect for themselves or others.

  2. Those people hate America.I am an European immigrant
    Living in Orange County,I am “illegal ” because this is Mexican land …
    In a country I come from ,if I would try to cross the border
    illegally,I Could be shot by own border patrol,or jailed.
    Illegals or non illegals coming from Mexico they take advantage of this country,at work place(if you are a minority),living in apt. Complex (they brake in you apt.stilinng you Soc.sec.or in you car taking what left inside).Most of them hope California will be back to their
    Country.There are also some hard working people(mucho trabaho ,pokito dinero senior )as they say!
    I’m retired and thinking to move to another state or to go back where a came from.
    Very disappointed ,if people living in this country hate each other,kill,still,rape,living in own community (little Saigon,Korea town,china town ,etc.).speaking they’re own language ,When will they integrate in American culture?
    I wish God bless America ,wake up and take back what you ancesters fought for.

    • It use to be 2 to three generations before the descendants were thinking of themselves as Americans and nothing else. Given the way the left keeps preaching about maintaining ethnic identity and working against assimilation into the base culture it will probably take longer.

      The illegal immigration and the attitudes of the illegals are one of the reasons Trump has so much support, this election is the most important one in my life, we are going to decide if we are a nation of laws which apply to everyone or if we are a third world nation with God Kings who are not only above the law but that also write the laws.

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