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5 Replies to “Tommy Robinson walks free!”

  1. Great news. Dismissed WITH COSTS !
    This means police or prosecutor will have to pay his lawyer’s fees and court fees.

  2. There should have been a huge crowd there cheering his release.
    I am happy he was released. It was only just. Congratulations Tommy.
    No Surrender!

  3. There really is a fight going on between the left and the right, isn’t there. If that judge had been a brainwashed left-wing zombie he would see our Tommy as a neo-Nazi whose only aim is to spread hatred and whose only motivation is fear of all things non-white. And that leftist judge would think that since Tommy is the reincarnation of Adolf Hitler, why not send him to prison with a bunch of Muslims and set him up for murder? Wouldn’t that be the right thing to do to a young Adolf Hitler? That lefty judge could be the nicest person you’d want to meet, until you get to saying true things about Islam. Then his left-wing brainwashing kicks in and he turns into a vicious lying monster. Cool, eh? It’s like something out of a bleeping Batman comic.

    But every judge in the world isn’t a left wing zombie, apparently. And most of the time, the conservative argument has a little thing called “the truth” on its side. And of all the various debating tools, being right has to be among the best…

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