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  1. Mullah Omar’s son appointed Taliban’s military commission chief for 15 provinces (khaama, Apr 4, 2016)

    “The Taliban group has appointed Mullah Mohammad Yaqoob as the group’s military commission chief for 15 provinces of the country.

    Mullah Yaqoob is the son of the Taliban group founder and former supreme leader Mullah Mohammad Omar whose death was confirmed last year.

    Taliban said Mullah Yaqoob was appointed for the post during an extraordinary meeting organized by the Taliban leadership on Monday.

    A statement by the group said Mullah Omar’s brother Mullah Abdul Manan Omari has been appointed as Taliban’s chief for religious affairs and invitation as well as the Taliban leadership’s member.
    No further details were given regarding the exact location where the extraordinary meeting was organized as the Taliban’s main council is based in Quetta city of Pakistan…”

  2. Germany: Footage shows pool where 14 y/o boy was allegedly abused

    Footage shot on Sunday in German town of Delbruek, showing the swimming pool where a 14-year-old boy was allegedly abused by two Afghan refugees`/strong> on Friday. The matter has been passed on to the police who have now launched an investigation.

    According to the reports, two Muslims followed the purported victim and his 11-year-old friend to the changing rooms. The 11-year-old successfully hid from the alleged attackers while the 14-year-old was abused.

    Elfjähriger konnte sich verstecken:
    Männer missbrauchen 14-jährigen Jungen in Schwimmbad bei Paderborn

    Furchtbarer Zwischenfall in einem Hallenbad bei Paderborn. Ein 14 Jahre alter Junge wurde von zwei Männern nach eigener Aussage zu sexuellen Handlungen gezwungen. Einem elfjährigen Freund gelang es, sich zu verstecken.

    Bereits beim Baden sind die beiden Jungen von den beiden Männern beobachtet und angesprochen worden. Als die Jungen sich auf den Weg zu den Duschen und Umkleidekabinen machten, folgten ihn die Männer dorthin. Dem Elfjährigen gelang es, sich zu verstecken. Der 14-Jährige gab an, von den beiden Männern festgehalten und zu sexuellen Handlungen gezwungen worden zu sein.

    Anschließend alarmierten die beiden Jungen selbstständig die Polizei, die vor dem Schwimmbad zwei Tatverdächtige festnahm. Dabei handelt es sich nach Polizeiangaben um zwei Afghanen im Alter von 20 und 25 Jahren. Sie wurden noch am Samstag dem Haftrichter vorgeführt und sitzen nun in Untersuchungshaft.

  3. Morocco spy chief warns ISIS are planning chemical attacks in Europe and claims to have smashed 25 plots in the past year
    For a long time Morocco pushed their Islamists out of their country to Europe . That was their unwritten policy. Moroccan police know the Moroccan community in Europe. For a long time , there were rumors of Moroccan police infiltrating the Moroccans living in Europe, and of Moroccans doing their own operations in secret from European authorities, on the European soil . Recently Moroccan spymaster warned France before the Paris attack. So although the article seems like a speculation, the danger of attack may be real.
    Also LeMonde writes about increase of undercover police on train stations and on the trains. As the trains are major form of transportation in Europe (not like in here) that increase in French “sky marshals” may be peripherally connected to this info.

    • this article from Le Soir is connected to the above information
      On Monday, the emergency services have conducted a large scale chemical attack exercise on the stadium in Saint-Etienne.
      Following the tragic events in Paris in November and in Brussels few days ago , the French authorities fear attacks during the football Euro which will take place between 10 June and 10 July 2016.
      It is in this context that a full scale exercise was carried out on Monday in the grounds of Geoffroy-Guichard stadium in Saint-Etienne where play several matches of the European Championship. This is a simulation of etching via a drone that was performed. The goal ? See if all the emergency services can coordinate once on the ground. An exercise conducted successfully on Monday.
      This type of exercise is not a first for the authorities: “We had already prepared for that as part of the Rugby World Cup,” he noted. “We are in a plausible scenario. This is an upper bound scenario that must be taken into account. Not necessarily in the number of victims, but because it uses specialized means, “said Richard Reeve reads the Point website.
      Other simulations of the kind will be made in the coming weeks, including one in the chamber of Bordeaux on Monday evening in the presence of the interior minister, Bernard Cazeneuve, and the Ministry of Health, Marisol Touraine.
      (google translate)

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