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  1. Belgium Fears Nuclear Plants Are Vulnerable

    BRUSSELS — As a dragnet aimed at Islamic State operatives spiraled across Brussels and into at least five European countries on Friday, the authorities were also focusing on a narrower but increasingly alarming threat: the vulnerability of Belgium’s nuclear installations.

    The investigation into this week’s deadly attacks in Brussels has prompted worries that the Islamic State is seeking to attack, infiltrate or sabotage nuclear installations or obtain nuclear or radioactive material. This is especially worrying in a country with a history of security lapses at its nuclear facilities, a weak intelligence apparatus and a deeply rooted terrorist network.

    On Friday, the authorities stripped security badges from several workers at one of two plants where all nonessential employees had been sent home hours after the attacks at the Brussels airport and one of the city’s busiest subway stations three days earlier. Video footage of a top official at another Belgian nuclear facility was discovered last year in the apartment of a suspected militant linked to the extremists who unleashed the horror in Paris in November.

  2. Raids uncover evidence of Europe-wide jihadist cell

    In the wake of the bombings in Belgium this week — and increasing criticism of officials for their inability to thwart those attacks — police in the last 24 hours have made at least four arrests in a series of raids in Belgium and four other countries across Europe.

    New evidence shows disturbing evidence of just how big the terror network is across Europe.

    CBS News’ Allen Pizzey reports from Brussels that, as the effort to break the terrorist cell that carried out the bombings goes on, Belgian officials are coming under increased scrutiny and criticism for what is being seen as a series of intelligence failures.

    In an operation that played out in full view, Belgian police shot a man who was spotted with a suspicious bag at a tram stop Friday.

  3. Mariah Carey Cancels Brussels Show Due to Safety Concerns

    “At this time I am being advised to cancel my show for the safety of my fans, my band, crew and everyone involved with the tour.”

    Mariah Carey has canceled her upcoming show in Brussels, Belgium, out of safety concerns following the terrorist attacks on the city Tuesday that killed at least 31 people and wounded 300.

    Watch Adele Pay Tribute to Brussels With ‘Make You Feel My Love’ at London Concert

    Posting an announcement to Twitter on Friday (March 25), the pop diva wrote she would not perform at the Forest National arena on Sunday, as had been planned, “for the safety of my fans, my band, crew and everyone involved with the tour.”

  4. Belgium turns on immigrants after Brussels bloodbath as membership of far-right ‘White Power’ group DOUBLES in three days

    Belgium has turned on immigrants in the wake of the Brussels terror attack as far-right skinhead groups are experiencing a surge in popularity, promising ‘drastic action’ in the aftermath of the atrocities.

    Voorpost, a Belgian White Power organisation that is being closely monitored by security services, says its membership has rocketed following the carnage.

    ‘A huge number of people have started supporting us online. We have had more than double the number of new members in the last three days,’ Bart Vanpachtenbeke, the leader of the organisation, told MailOnline.

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    • Is it possible that these guys can take care of the real threat and not be antisemitic? I guess only time will tell.

      • Jews have to leave Belgium.
        There’s a community of about 40,000 the Jewish Agency’s been trying to coax out. I’m losing patience. It’s a constant worry.

        The last Yemenis were finally coaxed out last week, except for one crazy family who wouldn’t leave. You can’t imagine the complex logistics, the risk for everybody involved.

        Belgian police are supposed to be guarding them. But their guns don’t have bullets and they’re more MIA than not.

        Can Belgium protect its Jews? A community has its doubts
        Many feel that their government is less competent in defending civilians, Jews and otherwise, than its neighbors, including France

        • Of the 40,000 only about 15,000 are “visible” – the rest are so assimilated they’re in no more danger than any Belgian. They may as well say the shahada and go zombie like their compatriots.

          We get all the Jews at risk out: they’re just a lightning rod now, they’re in the way.

          After that, who cares whether or not a capable leader is antisemitic? Belgians are desperate – or should be.

          Too many “court Jews” – big-shots with the politicos – give eager reassurances that are hollow. The same thing happened before the Shoah. People trusted their revered rabbis, especially the sheep-like Hassidim. All those dynastic chieftains got out at the last second; their followers perished, almost entirely.
          Can Belgium protect its Jews? A community has its doubts

          […]Albert Guigui, the chief rabbi of Belgium, said that despite these apparent lapses, “Belgian authorities are now doing all they can following the trauma at the museum.” The attack on the unguarded building in 2014 prompted authorities to significantly beef up security “in an unprecedented way,” Guigui said. But asked whether Belgian authorities have the desire and the ability to stop attacks, he said: “I don’t know, I’m not a security expert. I’d like to believe so.”

          Guigui’s hedged response differs markedly from that of French Jewish leaders. The heads of CRIF, France’s Jewish umbrella group, have often proclaimed their “utter confidence” in authorities’ ability to combat terrorism and protect the community against jihadism.

          “I wouldn’t say I have full confidence,” said Joel Rubinfeld, founder of the Belgian League Against Anti-Semitism and a former president of the CCOJB umbrella of French-speaking Belgian Jewish communities. But after a long period of half-measures, he said, authorities took “robust steps to secure Jewish sites in 2014. It’s a positive step for which we are grateful.”
          Belgian Jewish leaders have praised the patrols and the government allocation of $4.5 million for the community’s protection. But amid reports of repeated failures in Belgian authorities’ counter-terrorist efforts, Michaeli’s dismissive attitude is shared by other Belgian Jews. Many feel that their government is less competent in defending civilians, Jews and otherwise, than its neighbors, including France.

          On Thursday, Menachem Hadad, a Brussels rabbi, told Israel’s Army Radio, “Belgian authorities have no understanding of security issues — zero.” He said soldiers posted outside a synagogue and the city’s Chabad House told him that for months, they used to guard the area with no bullets in their rifles. “It was just a show. It’s not normal,” he said.

        • You’ve got to convince the rabbis of the biggest haredi dynasties. That’s hard to do, they’re princes and they’ll face competition in Israel.
          Once they give the word, 12,000 will leave overnight. How do you negotiate with that? Mr. Sharansky delegates that chore…

          • The Human Race goes through periodic cullings and it looks like we are headed into another one. As it becomes more and more dangerous only the smart and quick will survive. In my more depressed moment I wonder if Jehovah is breeding a group of super warriors to aid him in the final battle?

  5. UN atomic chief warns on ‘nuclear terrorism’

    Vienna (AFP) – The world needs to do more to prevent “nuclear terrorism”, the head of the UN atomic watchdog has warned ahead of an important summit and in the wake of the Brussels terror attacks.

    “Terrorism is spreading and the possibility of using nuclear material cannot be excluded,” International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) chief Yukiya Amano told AFP in an interview late Thursday.

  6. War on terror taking a toll on bomb dog supply
    Relying on foreign sources of dogs to support national security is risky, expert says

    The now ubiquitous surveillance image of the Brussels suicide bombers strolling through the airport corridor is enough to instill fear in anyone with plans to fly.

    In the U.S., security officials are partly depending on bomb-sniffing dogs to thwart similar terror plots.

    Since the 9/11 attacks, the number of canines deployed to protect the nation’s busiest airports, train stations and other transit centers has surged 400 percent.

    A similar strategy is employed across the world. But the global war on terror’s ever-increasing reliance on man’s best friend is presenting a new problem — a deficit of high-quality bomb dogs.

    “More developing countries are incorporating detection dog teams into their national security plan,” Cynthia Otto, executive director of the Penn Vet Working Dog Center at the University of Pennsylvania, told Congress earlier this month at a hearing on canines used for homeland security. “The demand for detection dogs has increased to the point that the quality of dogs has suffered and the price has increased dramatically.”

  7. EXCLUSIVE – Top Jihadist Claims Islamic State Has Agents Working in Western Airports

    TEL AVIV – The Islamic State has agents working in Western airports, metro stations and “very sensitive facilities in the world,” a leading Islamic State-allied militant claimed in an exclusive interview.

    Abu al-Ayna al-Ansari, a Salafist movement senior official in the Gaza Strip, made the claim in a pre-recorded, hour-long interview to air in full on Sunday on “Aaron Klein Investigative Radio,” the popular weekend talk radio program broadcast on New York’s AM 970 The Answer and NewsTalk 990 AM in Philadelphia. Klein doubles as Breitbart’s senior investigative reporter and Jerusalem bureau chief.

    Ansari is a well-known Gazan Salafist jihadist allied with Islamic State ideology. During the interview with Klein, Ansari seemed to be speaking as an actual IS member, repeatedly using the pronoun “we” when referring to IS and even seemingly making declarations on behalf of IS.

    IS has been reluctant to officially declare its presence in Gaza for fear of a Hamas clampdown, but the group is known to be active in the coastal enclave and Ansari is a suspected IS leader. IS-aligned militants have taken responsibility for recent rocket fire from Gaza aimed at Israel.

  8. Kremlin: No Russian troops in Ukraine’s Donbass, but there are Russian ‘citizens’ – RIA

    MOSCOW (Reuters) – There are no Russian troops in the Moscow-leaning Donbass region of eastern Ukraine, and there have never been, but there are Russian citizens who stand by local residents, RIA news agency quoted the Kremlin as saying on Saturday.

    Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov was referring to repeated accusations to Moscow by Kiev and the West of its direct military involvement in the conflict between Ukrainian security forces and pro-Russian separatists in the region.

    • Thousands Of Yemenis Protest Year-Long Coalition Campaign

      Sanaa, Yemen: Thousands of Yemenis rallied in the rebel-held capital on Saturday to denounce the Saudi-led coalition that launched a military campaign against the country’s insurgents a year ago.

      The intervention in support of President Abedrabbo Mansour Hadi that began on March 26 last year has yet to deal a decisive blow to the Huthi rebels and their allies, who still control Sanaa and key parts of the country.

      “Together against the tyrannical Saudi aggression,” said a large banner in Sanaa’s Sabaeen Square where protesters gathered, as coalition warplanes flew overhead breaking the sound barrier in an apparent show of force, an AFP photographer said.

      • Hmm, in Yemen both sides are enemies of the West. At one side is Sunni Muslims supported by Saudi Arabia, at other the Shia Muslims supported by Iran. Both sides are supported with weapons, propaganda and troops. Because in Yemen there also fight some troops from Iran Revolutionary Guards, although they are usually in supportive role (advisors).

    • Greece: Agia Varvara residents protest arrival of refugees from Idomeni

      Dozens of residents of the village of Agia Varvara, near Veria, gathered outside the “Armatolou Kokkinou” military camp on Saturday to protest against the arrival of the first six buses with refugees from Idomeni.

      The local residents initially blocked the buses’ path for approximately 15 minutes before allowing them to pass through, while several pig heads were reportedly thrown on the road. Intense arguments took place between the residents and police who were deployed to prevent any violence

  9. Calais migrants using makeshift RAFTS to cross channel as Britain braces for fresh influx (express, Mar 26, 2016)

    “CALAIS migrants are now using homemade rafts to try to sneak into Britain amid warnings many are making increasingly desperate attempts to cross the Channel following the dismantling of the Jungle camp.

    French coastguard have reported a huge spike in the number of migrants being caught trying to make the crossing by water, with the Channel Tunnel and port entrances in and around Calais now extremely heavily guarded.

    The revelations come as charities revealed how ever increasing numbers of migrants are getting involved in a rush for the British border after France flattened half of the crime-ridden Jungle camp last month…”

  10. Explosion of migrant violence predicted as countries crack down on routes into Europe (express, Mar 26, 2016)

    “SECURITY officials have warned a growing bottleneck of migrants could trigger an unprecedented wave of violent riots as tension surrounding the closure of key routes into Europe builds.

    Tens of thousands of refugees are currently stranded in squalid makeshift refugee camps along the Greek-Macedonian border after the closure of the popular Balkan route into the continent.

    Bursts of violence have aready broken out between migrants and Macedonian police along the border – but police now warn this could soon rupture into all-out migrant-led riots across Europe.

    German Federal Police have offered the grave warnings about potential violent uprisings among migrants as popular routes to the “safe haven” of Germany have also been slammed shut.

    In a leaked internal report, the police said a swelling bottleneck of migrants was about to take a turn for the worse – with “hardly any attempts to swerve around the Greek-Macedonian border”.

    The report added that “refugees still rely on the Balkan route” which could mean “violent riots are more and more likely in this context.”

    Around 13,000 are stuck in camps at the border in Idomeni with a further 12,000 just a few hundred metres nearby in Thessaloniki….”

    • Break-up those concentrations NOW. Take only the women and children to decent facilities.
      Shove the ringleaders into trucks and scatter them into different areas. Kick OUT the ones printing banners in ENGLISH. (Maybe teach them some manners before they rejoin their humanitarian colleagues. Make sure they bring the message home clearly.)

  11. EXCLUSIVE: Grocer whose lorries have been hit by refugees 30 TIMES fears UK terror attack (express, Mar 26, 2016)

    “A BRITISH business which has had up to 30 lorries hit by refugees from Calais in the past year is urging the Government to increase border security to prevent a Brussels-style Islamic State (ISIS) attack.

    It comes amid reports of a large increase in migrants illegally entering the UK since the Calais Jungle camp was destroyed.

    Following a record 52 stowaways found in the back of two lorries in Kent on Wednesday, fears have arisen over Islamic extremists sneaking into the country on trucks transporting goods for the British public….”

  12. ISIS jihadis entering UK set to SOAR as France bans lorry X-rays over migrant safety fears (express, Mar 26, 2016)

    “THE number of illegal immigrants and Islamic State (ISIS) jihadis entering Britain is set to soar after French authorities banned British border guards from X-raying lorries in case they harm migrants.

    British border police routinely scan lorries about to cross the Channel to search for anything illegal.

    But today it emerged the French have banned guards from using the devices – which take around an hour to scan each vehicle – to scan for illegal immigrants, but they still can for illegal goods.

    Lucy Moreton, from the Immigration Services Union, said: “The French will not allow us to use them for looking for illegals.

    “They only allow us to use scanners to search for contraband, not people.”

    Following the horrifying terror attacks on Brussels this week border crossings checks have been stepped up, with freight lorries both in and out of Britain being severely delayed.

    Mrs Moreton said the stepped-up measures are only likely to last two more weeks as she questioned whether there is any political will or enough resources to make a longer-term commitment….”

  13. Boy racers jailed for eight years after killing Army major’s son in Leeds hit-and-run (express, Mar 26, 2016)

    “A PAIR of boy racers who killed an Army major’s son on a pedestrian crossing have both been jailed for eight years.

    Majid Malik and Kaiz Mahmood were racing at 80mph – twice the legal limit – when Malik’s souped-up VW Golf ploughed into unsuspecting 25-year-old James Gilbey.

    Gas worker Mr Gilbey was thrown 80 yards by the force of the impact and died instantly from catastrophic injuries.

    Malik, 28, and co-defendant Mahmood, 28, briefly stopped their vehicles but sped away after seeing Mr Gilbey’s bloodied corpse shortly before midnight on July 13 last year in Leeds.

    Malik burned his clothes and abandoned his vehicle in an attempt to evade police but was traced to his home in Bradford after officers found the car number plate at the scene….”

  14. Turkey’s Erdogan criticizes foreign diplomats for attending journalists’ trial (reuters, Mar 26, 2016)

    “Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan on Saturday harshly criticized foreign diplomats in Turkey for attending the trial of two prominent journalists charged with espionage, saying their behavior was not in line with diplomatic protocol.

    The first hearing of Can Dundar, editor-in-chief of Cumhuriyet, and Erdem Gul, 49, head of the newspaper’s Ankara bureau, took place on Friday in a courtroom packed with journalists, academics, and half a dozen foreign diplomats, mainly European, in a case that drew international criticism.

    The two journalists are accused of trying to topple the government with publication last May of a video purporting to show Turkey’s state intelligence agency helping to ferry weapons into Syria by truck in 2014.

    “The consul-generals in Istanbul attended the trial. Who are you? What business do you have there? Diplomacy has a certain propriety and manners. This is not your country. This is Turkey,” he told a meeting of businessmen in Istanbul.

    “You can move inside the Consulate building and within the boundaries of the Consulate. But elsewhere is subject to permission,” he said…”

  15. The Anti-Muslim Republican Vibe Is Getting Muslims Out to Vote

    […]Groups like CAIR and the Islamic Circle of North America are working with mosques to turn the religious places of worship into registration centers, the Times reported. Registration drives are expected to be at its peak during the holy fasting period of Ramadan in June, when attendance at Islamic centers will be high.

    WaPo – Mr. Cruz’s irresponsible rhetoric on Muslims in America

    […]The last thing the government should do is isolate and alienate peaceful U.S. Muslims. Making them feel as if they are a part of a distrusted, fringe population promotes the homegrown radicalization that now poses a threat to European nations, where integration has not occurred. Mr. Cruz’s campaign warned about “isolated Muslim neighborhoods” in Europe that have become recruiting grounds for terrorists. This is a significant problem that requires sophisticated responses there and here. Neither Mr. Cruz nor Mr. Trump has such a plan. Instead, both seem bent on making the problem worse.

    VoA – This week on the U.S. presidential campaign trail, Senator Ted Cruz suggested implementing a surveillance program of American-Muslims, citing a now-discontinued program in New York City. The proposal has outraged New York officials and Muslim Americans, who feel they are being treated as scapegoats in the aftermath of the terrorist attacks in Brussels. VOA’s Ramon Taylor reports.

    • They were always going to come out and vote Dem, they know which party will support their efforts to take over the US.

  16. Suicide bomber kills 26, wounds 71 south of Baghdad: official (reuters, Mar 26, 2016)

    “A suicide attacker detonated an explosive belt in a park outside Baghdad on Friday, killing 26 people and wounding 71, said the security head in Babel province where the bomb – claimed by Islamic State – went off.

    The blast in Iskandariya, a mixed Sunni and Shi’ite Muslim town 40 kilometers (25 miles) south of the capital, happened around 7:15 p.m. (1615 GMT) at the end of an amateur soccer game, said Falah al-Khafaji.

    Islamic State militants, who control swathes of territory in Iraq’s north and west, were behind the attack, according to Amaq news agency, which is affiliated with the group.

    At least 60 people were killed earlier this month in an attack claimed by Islamic State 80 km further south, in Hilla, when an explosives-laden fuel tanker slammed into an Iraqi security checkpoint.

    An apparent escalation of large bombings targeting areas outside Islamic State’s primary control suggests that Iraqi government forces may be stretched thin after recent gains against the group in the western and northern provinces.”

  17. DAILY MAIL – ‘Man in White’ pictured on Brussels airport CCTV moments before bombs killed 14 is arrested and charged with ‘terrorist murder’

    Arrest warrant has been issued for new suspect in Brussels terror attacks
    Federal prosecutors say it has been issued for a man called Faycal Cheffou
    He is wanted for ‘involvement in a terrorist group and terrorist killings’
    Belgian media reports say he might be third bomber at Brussels Airport

    The Mirror -Who is Faycal Cheffou? Brussels attack suspect ‘pictured in CCTV’ is charged with airport bombing

    A Belgian film maker and journalist has been charged with terrorist murder after the Brussels terror attack.

    He has been identified as Faycal Cheffou, and has also been charged with participation in a terrorist group and attempted terrorist killings.

    Cheffou, 30, is one of six people who were arrested by police in Belgium following raids which took place on Thursday.

    The suspect, who worked as a freelance journalist, is seen in one video reporting outside a centre in Belgium for asylum seekers.

    His report is critical of authorities serving meals to the asylum seekers during hours when Muslims would be fasting throughout Ramadan.

    The video was posted on 2014.

  18. Al-Qaeda release tribute video to London law graduate and teacher who was killed fighting in Syria (dailymail, Mar 26, 2016)

    “Jabhat al-Nusra have released a tribute video in honour of a British teacher who died fighting in Syria last November.

    Known only by his nom-de-guerre Abu Baseer al-Hindi, the British man is shown working as a frontline cameraman and fighting for the al-Qaeda affiliated group in north-western Syria.

    New details have emerged about Abu Baseer, who was of Indian heritage and lived in central London. After completing a university degree in law and sociology, the Londoner reportedly worked as a teacher before leaving in early 2014 to fight in Syria when he was 24-years-old.

    For the first time, the tribute video reveals the face of the heavily bearded fighter, who previously wore a balaclava to hide his identity and protect his family.

    It also confirms that the British fighter was killed whilst filming in a battle against regime and Russian forces near Latakia…”

  19. Sweden: Cars set alight for second day in a row in Stockholm

    Vehicles were set on fire for a second day in a row on Friday evening and early Saturday in the Swedish capital of Stockholm. Local media reported that several cars were set alight in the southern Stockholm suburb of Alby on both Thursday and Friday-Saturday night.

  20. RCMP arrest 23-year-old Ontario man suspected of plotting to leave Canada to engage in terrorism

    BRAMPTON—The day after he was arrested by RCMP anti-terrorism police, a 23-year-old appeared in court Saturday to face weapons charges and allegations he was preparing to leave Canada to engage in terrorism.

    Kevin Omar Mohamed was arrested by members of the Toronto-based Integrated National Security Enforcement Team as part of an ongoing counter-terrorism investigation called Project Swap, the RCMP said.

    He was charged with possession of a weapon dangerous to public peace and carrying a concealed weapon, and Sgt. Adam MacIntosh told a provincial court judge in Brampton the investigation was probing five anti-terrorism offenses.

    While he has not yet been charged with any terrorism offenses, Sgt. MacIntosh said police have reasonable grounds to believe he would leave Canada to participate in terrorism, advocate or promote terrorism and facilitate terrorist activity.

    The RCMP is seeking a peace bond that would impose conditions on Mohamed’s conduct. Under Canada’s anti-terrorism law, police can seek peace bonds against those they suspect may be about to commit terrorism offences.

    Conditions can include staying off the Internet and surrendering passports. Peace bond cases must be approved by the Attorney General, who provided signed consent in this case. He was scheduled to return to court on Tuesday.

    “This arrest speaks to our ability to tackle a threat that is multifaceted and constantly evolving,” RCMP Superintendent Lise Crouch, the Assistant Criminal Operations Officer in Ontario, said in a statement Saturday afternoon.

    “While there was no indication of any plans for a domestic attack, we must remain committed to preventing individuals from travelling abroad to gain training and expertise that could be used in the planning and implementation of future attacks on Canadian soil.”

    The RCMP said Durham Police Services and Ontario Provincial Police played “a significant role in this case,” which they emphasized was “in no way linked to the terrorist attacks that occurred in Brussels.”

    Mohamed’s lawyer Anser Farooq said his client was a former University of Waterloo student. “He’s okay, a little confused,” he said. Peace bonds are being used increasingly by Canadian police against suspected extremists.

    Prof. Amarnath Amarasingam, who has been researching Canadian foreign fighters, said Mohamed was “Guyanese by background” and described by friends as socially awkward and always feeling out of place. On social media, where he was known as Abu Jayyid, the former engineering student wavered between supporting ISIL and opposing it, he said.

    The arrest came amid security concerns following last Tuesday’s terrorist attacks in Belgium, which killed 31 and highlighted the problem of Western foreign fighters returning from Syria to wage violence against their home countries.

    Responding to the Brussels bombings last week, Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale called Canada “fundamentally a safe and peaceful nation,” adding that, “At this moment we have no reason to change Canada’s threat level.”

    But violent extremism is a growing problem in Canada. About 180 people “with a nexus to Canada” are active in overseas terrorism — including 100 in Syria and Iraq alone, according to the director of the Canadian Security Intelligence Service.

    Another 60 have returned to Canada after engaging in terrorist activity, while 90 to 100 have not left Canada but want to, Michel Coulombe testified during a March 7 appearance before the Senate Committee on National Security and Defence.

    • NYT – In Donald Trump’s Worldview, America Comes First, and Everybody Else Pays

      Donald J. Trump, the Republican presidential front-runner, said that if elected, he might halt purchases of oil from Saudi Arabia and other Arab allies unless they commit ground troops to the fight against the Islamic State or “substantially reimburse” the United States for combating the militant group, which threatens their stability.

      “If Saudi Arabia was without the cloak of American protection,” Mr. Trump said during a 100-minute interview on foreign policy, spread over two phone calls on Friday, “I don’t think it would be around.”[…]

      • I’d love to see the countries we protect start paying us. Europe, Japan, S Korea, Canada, Mexico, the Arab peninsula countries, and the recent treaty with Iran says we’ll protect them too, if they’re attacked! We could pay off the national debt. I’m tired of living in a sucker nation.

        • Thanks to Obama they are paying the price for not having a military that can protect them, maybe after this war they will decide to pay their WWI and II war debts.

        • Technically it isn’t a treaty and isn’t binding after Obama leaves office, it was never submitted tot he Senate so it isn’t enforceable. Which means either Trump or Cruz can ignore it with no problems in blow back.

      • Make the Saudis take the horde to those air-conditioned camps in Mecca. Give them boots, send them marching into Iraq.
        There ya go, boots on the ground.

  21. DAILY MAIL – Brussels – Terror suspect shot and held by Brussels police ‘had been jailed for seven years for helping Taliban assassinate Afghan leader two days before 9/11’

    Police arrested terror suspect Abderaman A. at a tram stop in Brussels
    He was shot in leg as officers thought he was carrying a bomb in his bag
    Now it has emerged he already spent seven years in jail for Afghan killing
    Convicted of helping Taliban to assassinate Commander Massoud two day before 9/11

  22. Newsweek – Why Welcoming Syrian Refugees Makes Us Safer

    In the wake of the attacks in Brussels, some U.S. politicians are already calling for a ban of refugees and immigrants from countries in which the Islamic State militant group (ISIS) controls territory.

    Rather than justifying a refugee ban, this latest attack should act as a reminder why the United States should take the lead on welcoming those fleeing ISIS. Accepting refugees is clearly important from a humanitarian standpoint, but it is also good for America’s national security.

    1. Refugees Undermine ISIS Recruitment.[…]

    2. Accepting Refugees Deprives ISIS of Resources.[…]

    3. Refugees Counter ISIS Propaganda About the United States.[…]

    4. Accepting Refugees Undermines ISIS’s Strategy.[…]

    5. Accepting Refugees Provides the U.S. With Valuable Intelligence Against ISIS.[…]

    Americans should not view Syrian refugees as enemies, but as assets to our cause. The U.S. has much to gain by accepting them and much to lose by rejecting them. Humanitarianism is an important reason to accept refugees, but foreign policy is no less significant.

    David Bier is an immigration policy analyst at the Niskanen Center. He is an expert on visa reform, border security and interior enforcement.

    • Among that Soros-organized mob, did everyone notice the MB four-finger yellow symbol? All those “ban the bomb” symbols were handed down from the old hippies teaching subversion at university.

  23. Russian envoy estimates ISIS has 10,000 loyalists in Afghanistan (khaama, Mar 26, 2016)

    “The Russian Presidential envoy to Afghanistan Zamir Kabulov has estimated the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) terrorist group has 10,000 loyalists in Afghanistan.

    Kabulov who is also director of the Second Asian Department at the Russian Foreign Ministry has said the terror group is expanding its military activity in Afghanistan.

    “The IS activity has grown significantly in Afghanistan since summer 2014. The group numerical strength is estimated at 10,000 people,” Kabulov quoted by TASS news agency said.

    He said “The figure can continue growing, as the IS slogans and high financing are attractive to Afghan youth.”…”

  24. 15 Taliban insurgents arrested for planning suicide attacks in kandahar (khaama, Mar 26, 2016)

    “At least 15 Taliban insurgents were arrested by the Afghan intelligence operatives for planning coordinated suicide attacks in southern Kandahar province.

    The National Directorate of Security (NDS) said the Taliban insurgents were operating in three different groups and were involved in planning and coordinating suicide attacks in Kandahar province….”

  25. 20 Afghan military students sent to US for aviation trainings (khaama, Mar 26, 2016)

    “Amid efforts to boost the capabilities of the Afghan Air Force, 20 Afghan military students have been sent to United States for trainings in aviation sector.

    “Over the last week, Combined Security Transition Command-Afghanistan’s Security Assistance Office-Afghanistan’s Training Branch has sent 21 military students from ?Afghanistan? to training in the United States. One will be trained at the Ordnance Basic Officer Leadership Course, three will be trained as A-29 aviators for the Afghan Air Force, eight as A-29 mechanics and nine as C-130 mechanics,” according to an online statement by Resolute Support mission.

    The statement further added “After English classes, students will go to their respective schools for training. The mechanics, for example, will learn general safety concepts dealing with aircraft, maintenance and the flight line. They will also receive training in technical orders, aircraft safe for maintenance and inspection systems. Additional areas of training focus on hand tools, aircraft hardware, common maintenance practices, aerospace ground support equipment, and foreign object damage.”

    According to Resolute Support mission, this is the third group of A-29 mechanics and second group of C-130 mechanics to attend training in the United States…”

  26. Over 100 Taliban insurgents killed in Helmand airstrikes (khaama, Mar 26, 2016)

    “The Taliban militants suffered heavy casualties as a result of the airstrikes conducted in a bid to suppress the activities of the militant group which have been rampant in different parts of the country amid efforts to end the ongoing violence through reconciliation efforts.

    According to a statement released by the provincial government media office, over 20 militants were killed in an airstrike conducted in Marjah district on Friday.

    The statement further added a safe haven of the Taliban militants was destroyed in the air raid, preventing the Taliban militants to use the safe haven for coordinating terrorist attacks and manufacturing explosives.

    A school compound was used by the Taliban militants for the manufacture of explosives and coordinating terrorist attacks, the statement added….”

  27. 48 militants, 4 Afghan soldiers killed as violence surges in Afghanistan (khaama, Mar 26, 2016)

    “At least 48 anti-government armed militants and 4 Afghan soldiers were killed amid intensifying violence across the country.

    The Ministry of Defense (MoD) said at least 55 militants were also wounded and others were wounded during the same operations.

    According to an operational update by MoD, at least 22 of the militants were killed and 2 others were injured in airstrike conducted in Marjah district of Helmand.

    The operational further added that 15 militants were killed and over 40 others were wounded in a separate operation conducted in Khanabad district of Helmand province.

    At least 10 militants including 2 commanders of the militants group were killed in a separate operation conducted in Charchino district of Uruzgan province, MoD added.

    MoD also added that four soldiers serving with the Afghan National Army (ANA) forces also lost their lives during the same operations.

    The anti-government armed militants groups including the Taliban militants have not commented regarding the reports so far.

    This comes as the Afghan national security forces have stepped up counter-terrorism operations amid deteriorating security situation across the country as the anti-government armed militant groups have increased to their insurgency activities during the recent months.”

  28. Brussels terror suspect was jailed over Ahmad Shah Massoud assassination (khaama, Mar 26, 2016)

    “The coordinated terror attacks in Brussels has unveiled new information regarding the assassination of a key jiahdi leader in Afghanistan as a terror suspect who was arrested by police in Brussels after a dramatic stand-off at a tram stop is believed to have previously been jailed for helping to assassinate an Afghan leader just days before 9/11.

    The suspect has been identified as Abderaman A who was shot in the leg at the tram stop in Schaerbeek because he was carrying a rucksack police believed contained a bomb.

    Massoud was the arch rival of the Taliban group and was holding the last strategic stronghold in northern Panjsher province as he was assassinated in a suicide attack during an interview by militants who had disguised themselves as journalists.

    He was killed shortly before the deadly terrorist attack on New York and Washington and shortly after he paid a visit to Brussels where he issued warnings regarding the terror attack plots by al-Qaeda terrorist network.

    In his speech in European Pearliament in April 2001 Massoud “warned the US government” about bin Laden as he was on a diplomatic trip to Europe seeking financial support for his cause from the EU and individual countries.

    The UK-based MailOnline newspaper reported today that the latest revealations was made as the investigation continued into Tuesday terror attacks in Belgium at Brussels Airport and a metro station in the city, which left 31 people dead.

    The report further added that passports found on Mr Masood’s killers were linked to a Brussels-based militant cell run by Tarek Maaroufi.

    Ameroud was handed a sentence of seven years when he went on trial for his part in the assassination at a court in Paris in 2005, according to the report.

    Massoud was conferred the title of national hero following his assassination by the Taliban militnats in a bid to take control of Panjshir province which has always remained a stronghold against the foreign invasions.”

  29. Hello — how can readers share links with the blog administrator for possible sharing in the daily list? I have never figured out how to contact the site manager of Vlad Tepes. Can someone advise if posting links in the reply box, as I am doing here, is the only way to communicate with blog administrator? Thanks.

    • Basically, putting the link and a short description in a comment below the daily links post is exactly how!

      If you need to have a private communication with me, let me know in the comments and I will email you from the address you used for the comment.

      • Dear Vlad (I always wanted to write that!)
        There was a link somewhere to a Frauke Petry interview with Tim Sebastian from ‘Conflict Zone’.Her self-control was impressive,but it was tragic to see a journalist whom I had so admired when I was young, as he reported from outside the Lenin shipyard in Gdansk in the early 80s.
        It is truly shocking to see someone jump the barricade and become such an establishment tool.
        It looks like his older self would have been supporting Gierek and communism against Walesa and Solidarity.

  30. Algerian suspect wanted in connection with Brussels attacks arrested in Italy (independent, Mar 26, 2016)

    “An Algerian man wanted by Belgium in connection with the terror attacks in Brussels has been arrested in Italy.

    Djamal Eddine Ouali, 40, was arrested in the southern region of Salerno.

    Ouali was detained under a European arrest warrent in connection with a probe into fake ID documents used by the attackers behind the Paris and Brussels attacks, local media reported, according to France 24…

  31. BRUTAL Meme Reveals HARD TRUTH About Islam and Refugees

    Here’s a short history lesson on Muhammad and his entrance into Islam’s now holy city of Medina as a refugee via Eretz Yisrael:

    “Although the fact is little publicized, more than one historian has affirmed at the Arab world’s second holiest city, Medina, was one of the allegedly “purely Arab” cities that actually was first settled by Jewish tribes.

    And like the 16th Century English Protestants who financed their endeavors through the plunder of Catholic monasteries in England, the roots of Islamic anti-Semitism might be found in the initial plunder of Jewish settlements, and the imposition of a “poll tax” to fund Arab campaigns.

    Bernard Lewis writes:
    ‘The city of Medina, some 280 miles north of Mecca, had originally been settled by Jewish tribes from the north, especially the Banu Nadir and Banu Quraiza. The comparative richness of the town attracted an infiltration of pagan Arabs who came at first as clients of the Jews and ultimately succeeded in dominating them. Medina, or, as it was known before Islam, Yathrib, had no form of stable government at all. The town was tom by the feuds of the rival Arab tribes of Aus and Khazraj, with the Jews maintaining an uneasy balance of power. The latter, engaged mainly in agriculture and handicrafts, were economically and culturally superior to the Arabs, and were consequently disliked…. as soon as the Arabs had attained unity through the agency of Muhammad they attacked and ultimately eliminated the Jews.'”

    H/T ElderZ

  32. Uncle Vlad is playing all the angles. Watch out!
    Israeli, Jordanian jets teamed up to warn off Russians, king says

    Israeli and Jordanian jets together confronted Russian warplanes in January over southern Syria and warned them away from crossing their shared border, King Abdullah of Jordan told American lawmakers.

    The Russian warplanes were attempting to survey Israeli defenses in the Golan Heights, according to a report by the Middle East Eye based on Abdullah’s briefing to members of Congress on January 11.

    Abdullah didn’t meet with President Barack Obama during his brief visit to Washington, with the White House citing “scheduling conflicts” as the reason. The key US ally in the fight against the Islamic State met, however, with Vice President Joe Biden, Defense Secretary Ash Carter and Secretary of State John Kerry.

    “We saw the Russians fly down, but they were met with Israeli and Jordanian F-16s, both together in Israeli and Jordanian airspace. The Russians were shocked and understood they cannot mess with us,” the Hashemite king was quoted saying.

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