A few more on Brussels

1. A good lecture on the basic utility of freedom of speech.

This man summarizes a lot of critical points albeit in a slightly dry way. For example he points out the common practice of dismissing those with whom we do not agree as being stupid or evil, then this is often a function of bad process and not of low intellect.

(Found at Xanthippa’s blog)

2. ISIS threatens UK with ‘harder and more bitter’ attack than Brussels as armed police take to Britain’s streets after terror group claims responsibility for bombings

ISIS has threatened to hit the UK ‘harder and more bitter’ after claiming responsibility for the Brussels bombings today.

Britain has ramped up security with armed officers taking to the streets near major landmarks, train stations and airports.

The heightened police presence comes after at least 34 people were killed and many more left injured in a series of bomb attacks inside an airport terminal and Metro station in the Belgian capital.

The explosions come just a day after the Belgium Interior Minister warned of possible revenge attacks after the arrest of Paris massacre suspect Salah Abdeslam in the city last week.

Scroll down for video at the DM

Pictured are the chaotic scenes at Brussels Airport after two explosions inside the terminal earlier today

3. Let’s flash back to January 2016 to the attack on Starbucks in Indonesia

Starbucks also shut down all locations in Jakarta 

4. Donald Trump full CNN interview on today’s attack

5. Brian Lilley on the attack

And lastly, this most excellent advert from Belgian tourism for Brussels

WOOPS! It seems they made this video private. Classic contemporary West, lie about cause then cover up the consequences of lying.

I suggest for the next tourism advert for Brussels, they use this video with a text over:

“Brussels. At least its not Detroit”

Thank you M., Wrath of Khan, actually a lot of great people with whom I lost track as its been one hell of a day and lots of people helped out today.

As a gift to the city of Brussels, Gates of Vienna made this sign which we all know will be the central part of their anti-terrorism campaign after today.

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  1. Brussels Attacks: Suicide Bombers Were Brothers

    BRUSSELS — Two brothers were identified Wednesday as the suicide bombers behind the Brussels terror attacks as the search for an on-the-run suspect intensified.

    Authorities said Khalid El Bakraoui, 27, blew himself up in the subway in the Belgian capital’s subway system while his 30-year-old sibling Ibrahim detonated a bomb at the city’s airport. Both had been convicted of violent crimes in the past and had links to one of the Paris attackers.

    ISIS claimed responsibility for Tuesday’s trio of bombings, which killed more than 30 people and injured at least 260 others.


  2. Three observations on the Brussels terror attacks and a pagan West
    By J.E. Dyer March 23, 2016

    The first observation may or may not be the most controversial. (The second assuredly won’t be.)

    It is this: the West, as it is organized today, seems to want to have the effect of the God Jehovah – almighty protection, for a people that doesn’t prioritize defending itself – without the actual God.

    Today’s West is quite determined not to defend itself. Mere common sense and practicality would suggest that the West close itself off, for now, to Muslim migration, and force open predominantly Muslim neighborhoods in the West to active policing and the enforcement of Western access and norms. Among other things, for example, no neighborhoods in a Western nation should be allowed to make the streets unsafe for unveiled women, Jews wearing kippas, gays, or any other demographic group.

    It doesn’t matter that not all those who attack gays (or anyone else) on the streets are Muslim. Of course they aren’t. What matters is that being Muslim should not immunize street vigilantes against truthful identification and sanction. The authorities shouldn’t lie to the people at large about the threat to public safety posed by unassimilated, Islamifying neighborhoods.

    The basis for making common cause with Muslims should be Muslims in the West understanding and respecting Western norms – not the other way around.


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